This Week In Doom — Manliness Is Now A Sickness Edition

This Week In Doom — Manliness Is Now A Sickness Edition

Item The APA now defines manliness as a mental malady.

You wondered what the practical effects of SJWs taking over universities would be. Well, this is as practical as it gets. Since it’s the professional psychological organizations that get to say what’s nuts and what isn’t, and professionals are mostly lodged in social justice towers, isolated from Reality, whatever they say goes. All the higher authorities, like lawmakers and judges rely on what they say. Try getting a word otherwise into their journals. And if you can’t get a word in, what you say doesn’t count, not professionally.

Wright: “Reading through the document you will also see how these terms are connected to the broader feminist conception of patriarchy. Men benefit from, and are victimized by, this omnipotent invisible force that magically shapes their lives.”

The ideology that appears to be driving the academic shrinks is toxic feminism.

Wright (ellipsis original):

I could go on but I want to turn to the consequences of labeling traditional men as toxic. Understand that this document carries the weight of scientific authority. It will be used in the training of clinical psychologists, it will be used to justify programs that target boys who show signs of impending traditional masculinity, and it will be used to justify restrictive policies towards men. Think of how universities, especially the diversity czars, will use this, how the courts will use this in custody hearings, and how workplace training and policies will be affected. The @APA has, in essence, justified… no, it has encouraged, discrimination against men who hold traditional views of masculinity.

Link to APA report.

You laughed when I suggested dropping large rocks from space on colleges, but if we don’t now defund, depopulate, and delegitimize our traditional higher educational system now, we’re soon going to be in really deep kimchi. Because nobody knows how or has the guts to say no to SJWs.


  1. Michael Dowd

    “Because nobody knows how or has the guts to say no to SJWs.”

    Exception: Dr. Jordan Peterson

  2. Sander Van Der Wal

    Agree & amplify. Men in ‘traditional male’ occupations like fire fighters, soldiers, policemem, rescue workers, etc etc etc should turn in sick and demand immediate therapy, paid for by the government. No soldiering, fire fighting, rescueing etc etc etc until they are all cured.

  3. trigger warning

    The clinical psychology profession is heavily dominated (in deed as well as raw numbers) by women – slightly more than 75% of new doctorates are, uh, “earned” by women, according to the APA. Even black players in the NBA do not enjoy a majority that large. When one includes the more easily attained pseudo-psychological degrees like PsyDs and ed psych, the numbers are even more overwhelming (cf. Palo Alto “University”)

    Store that indelibly in your hippocampus. 😀

  4. Jim Fedako

    Why is it only applied to cis-males? Can’t these folk keep their narrative straight?

  5. amirlach

    No Toxic Femi-NAZI’s gets to tell me who or what I “self identify” as.

  6. Faith

    It is already too late. The plan is proceeding apace. At the end it speeds up.
    Our Lord warned us: “And as in the days of Noe, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.”
    As in the days of Noah? Longstanding:
    Cannibalism (Senomyx and out and out satanism)

    Our Lady of Good Success warned us as did all the Apparitions of the Blessed Mother. Pray for the courage to suffer.

    However we must remember what Jesus told us: “These things I have spoken to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you shall have distress: but have confidence, I have overcome the world.”

    PS Jordan Peterson is a shill for the UN (if you check the document his name is on p92 not p93)

  7. DAV

    pseudo-psychological degrees

    I think you meant pseudo-degrees like those in psychology. Psychology is more on par with astrology.

  8. trigger warning

    Can’t say I disagree, DAV, except for the observation that astrology, aka “the dartboard”, enjoys a better success rate.

  9. Sheri

    Obviously masculinity is not toxic or the cowards wouldn’t be hiding under their desks when the toxic feminists come in and skewer them. I blame men as much as women for this.

    Oh, and guys, pretty soon you lose those “family jewels” and get drugged because all the toxic feminists really need are the contents of those “jewels”. Hope you’re looking forward to becoming a eunuch. (Laugh if you want—it won’t be funny when you’re dragged from under your desks.)

  10. Michael Dowd

    Men have been beaten up enough. If anything they need to be encouraged to develop their strengths as Dr. Jordan Peterson is attempting with his ’12 Rules for Life– a self-help book from a culture warrior’.

    If we are honest it is feministic women who are on the rampage, lashing out, playing the victim and seeking recompense against men often for actions they themselves encourage, who are to

    Most women’s long term happiness is in being wives and mothers, not in competing with men in the workplace. Women should play the role for which they were made and rock the cradle that rules the world.

    They definitely should not resort to underhanded tricks like orchestrating the new guidelines for treating male pathology from the American Psychological Association. Women have a powerful role to play in this world, they should get back to playing it.

  11. Nate

    @Michael Dowd – Peterson has all the indications of a wolf in sheep’s clothing, another Deepak Chopra. Basically Oprah “For Men!” While you are correct in some of your statements, pushing Peterson’s a bad idea.

    I was taken in for a little bit at first because on the surface what he says sounds okay, but when you actually dig in and listen to what he says very closely, much if it is bafflegab. He’s a man of the left. He’s just upset that things have gone ‘too far’ to the left, too fast. The 12-rule path is full of half-truths, which are often worse than lies. The initial ‘rule’ itself sounds fine on its face (usually), but in his explication of the rule he ends up appearing to argue for something much different (and worse). There’s even a book on the subject, called Jordanetics, by Vox Day, who dismantles Peterson pretty well and exposes the Gnosticism of his pseudo philosophy.

    Quick summary of the breakdown of the titles of the 12 rules versus what is *actually* being said in the details of each chapter.
    “1. Stand up straight with your shoulders back.
    Translation: Be mediocre.

    2. Treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping. (Why won’t you just take your damn pills?)
    Translation: God is the balance between Good and Evil.

    3. Make friends with people who want the best for you.
    Translation: Leave the wounded behind to die.

    4. Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today.
    Translation: Your head is the only truly safe space.

    5. Do not let your children do anything that makes you dislike them.
    Translation: Do not excel, because excellence endangers the balance.

    6. Set your house in perfect order before you criticize the world.
    Translation: Inaction is always preferable to action.

    7. Pursue what is meaningful (Not what is expedient)
    Translation: To reach Heaven above, you must descend into Hell below.

    8. Tell the truth–or, at least, don’t lie.
    Translation: You can speak a new world into existence through your lies.

    9. Assume that the person you are listening to might know something you don’t.
    Translation: Dominate the conversation and control the narrative by keeping your mouth shut.

    10. Be precise in your speech.
    Translation: Transcend the material world and very carefully choose the words that will alter this reality.

    11. Do not bother children when they are skateboarding.
    Translation: Heal the world by assimilating its evil.

    12. Pet a cat when you encounter one on the street.
    Translation: To lift the world out of Hell, you must be willing to accept its pain and suffering into yourself.”

  12. Michael Dowd


    Don’t agree at all. The 12 Rules are most useful. As someone with 11 kids and 7 sons I think his suggestions are helpful having done much the same with my kids.

    I think of Peterson as a crypto Catholic who is doing something positive to make the world a better place. I think he would make a great Pope certainly better than most of the current Cardinals. His series on the Bible is outstanding as well as his lectures.

    Someone wrote me that Peterson was an anti-white globalist under the control of George Soros. Why are so many afraid of Jordan Peterson? The New York Times seems to hate him. To me this makes him saintly, someone to whom we should listen.

  13. Michael-
    Jordan Peterson is unquestionably a Leftist. He has merely assumed the role of controlled opposition. He disagreed with the Leftist hive mind on one single issue, for a few months, and then relented. This makes him a conservative rock star?

    He is being supported by the Left, and held up as an exemplar of what we should be by our enemies.

  14. Michael Dowd

    What you talkin’ about McChuck? Jordan is part of alt-right on dark web. Leftists hate him. Haven’t you checked the videos where is being attacked especially by feminists.

    Please give me an example something he has said that is Liberal.

  15. DAV

    Michael Dowd,

    MChuck is a JMJ wannabe without the style.

  16. Nate

    Michael, Peterson is a Jungian, and certainly not a Christian. We are to *reject* evil, not ‘integrate’ it.

    He’s a spiritual charlatan, providing easy answers to folks and doing it in a way that lets you decide exactly what you think he means, because he does not speak in clear language.

    What, for example, does this mean (from Maps of Meaning pg. 306):

    “Why hide from God? How, under such conditions, could we not hide? Survival has become terror and endless toil – necessitating discipline, compelled by burdensome wisdom, rife with intrapsychic conflict, motivated by anxiety, instead of spontaneous natural activity. We remain eternally hung on the cross of our own vulnerability.”

    The diagram on that page describes the “Sexual” Creative union between Yahweh and The Void. None of this is Biblical and falls nowhere in Orthodox Theology.

    An excellent critique of Peterson here.

    “Jordan Peterson appears very profound and has convinced many people to take him seriously. Yet he has almost nothing of value to say. This should be obvious to anyone who has spent even a few moments critically examining his writings and speeches, which are comically befuddled, pompous, and ignorant. They are half nonsense, half banality. In a reasonable world, Peterson would be seen as the kind of tedious crackpot that one hopes not to get seated next to on a train.”

    As I said before, I was duped too. It’s hard to come down and say you were wrong about something that seems ‘so right’.

  17. Michael Dowd

    Thanks Nate. I have not come to your conclusion. JP has said nothing–in my opinion of course–that causes me to question the Catholic faith. He merely brings a different perspective. One of the things I like is that he seems to be on a learning curve towards a Thomistic understanding of Catholicism. I know some of what he says is vague but I think his overall direction is towards the truth. One of the aspects I really like is his scientific basis for making statements about human psychology.

    I got on to Jordan via ‘deus ex machina blog’ which I find particularly helpful versus most of what we hear from the Church is Vatican II garbage. Other featured intellectuals on this blog are: Dr. Steven Turley, Stefan Molyneux and Dr. Duke Pesta.
    Now none of them are Roman Catholics but closer to Traditional Catholicism than say, Pope Francis and most Bishops.

    I simply can nothing wrong with anything these guys are talking about. It is the modern Catholic Church theology that I think is nonsense.

    Thanks for taking the time to write.

  18. Michael Dowd


    Here’s my bottom line. I see the JP et al mentioned above as heroes of our time publicly trying to confront the falsehoods and evils of our time in religion, politics and philosophy. I don’t care if they exactly reflect the teaching of the Catholic Church. On the other hand I see the Catholic Church as promoting the evils of our time especially since Pope Francis came on the scene as an apostle of Globalism, Protestantism, and Communism. The Catholic Church has become an enemy of truth and salvation.

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