Jews Tell Christians & Muslims To Put Trigger Warnings on Bible & Koran

Jews Tell Christians & Muslims To Put Trigger Warnings on Bible & Koran

Some Jews asked Christians to stamp the following warning on all Bibles: Warning: Jews Have Rejected Their Messiah. And they asked Muslims to insert this bookplate into every Koran: Muhammad Was Not A Jew. (Thanks to Mark Charters for the tip.)

Christian leaders, famous these days for knuckling under to demands from the non-faithful, have not yet announced free rubber stamps with the mandatory message will be passed out at Sunday services. But look for it soon.

The only Muslim leaders to respond thus far said things along the lines of “Pass the strop”.

Kidding! I’m only kidding. The real story, according to one source, is that “Jewish leaders are calling for new editions of the Bible and Koran to carry warning messages which highlight anti-Semitic passages in the holy texts.”

The recommendations have been made in a new document called ‘An End to Antisemitism! A Catalogue of Policies to Combat Antisemitism’.

It was produced following an international conference organised by the European Jewish Congress, at which academics gathered to discuss how prejudice and discrimination can be tackled.

Incidentally, though we (and the Encyclopedia Britannica) have noted before that not all Jews are of the Semitic race, and not all of the Semitic race are Jews, calling something “anti-Semitic” is a misnomer. We lose track of what has been done. Let’s say what we mean.

Now I need hardly point out—though, this being the internet, you never know—that since the Christian Bible is sacred scripture (most translations, anyway), containing both the Word of God and a record of actual historical events, and if there really are anti-Jewish passages in the Bible, then it turns out Reality Itself is anti-Jewish in these passages. There is no thus no reason to label them as such.

I think our Muslim brothers would come to a similar conclusion.

It is true Jews reject scared scripture and the Koran, but that is so much tough luck for them. Not for us.

Just as it is tough luck for Christians when it comes to criticizing the Talmud. That fine book, which all Christians and Muslims reject, in some of its editions, has Our Lord stewing for all eternity in excrement. Charming.

There is lots of scathing talk about these passages, as you can imagine, some of which veers off target (for understandable reasons). So let’s hear from a sober source, Peter Schäfer, “Winner of the 2007 Distinguished Achievement Award from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation”, professor of Judaic studies, and author of Jesus in the Talumd (Princeton University Press).

Scattered throughout the Talmud, the founding document of rabbinic Judaism in late antiquity, can be found quite a few references to Jesus–and they’re not flattering. In this lucid, richly detailed, and accessible book, Peter Schäfer examines how the rabbis of the Talmud read, understood, and used the New Testament Jesus narrative to assert, ultimately, Judaism’s superiority over Christianity.

The Talmudic stories make fun of Jesus’ birth from a virgin, fervently contest his claim to be the Messiah and Son of God, and maintain that he was rightfully executed as a blasphemer and idolater. They subvert the Christian idea of Jesus’ resurrection and insist he got the punishment he deserved in hell–and that a similar fate awaits his followers.

The deserved punishment was the heretofore mentioned boiling for eternity in shit.

The newspaper cited above continued:

There are several themes in the New Testament that have come under fire for their use as justification for anti-Semitic attitudes.

These include the blame of Jews for the death of Jesus and the seemingly stubborn nature of the Jewish people and their disloyalty to God.

Having God the Son boiling in shit can, and I believe accurately, be described as evincing a “stubborn nature.”

The newspaper goes on with some cucking by—you’ll never guess who—Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby (and others), which can be ignored. Except as grist for the probability calculation that the Church of England will voluntarily use the “anti-Semitic” warnings (not low, I think).

The Jews who want the warning said:

God’s revelation is thus marred by human fallibility. Beginning with the New Testament, divine revelation expresses itself in Christian holy texts that also express a form of hatred.

‘The manifestations of this hatred resulted in a tradition of antisemitism that gave moral legitimacy to crimes against the Jewish people, the epitome of which is the Shoah.’

We can ignore the false and idiotic insinuation that Christians caused the Holocaust (but don’t forget the crime of Resurrection Denial), and focus on the revealed stubbornness of disloyalty to God where the Jews say “God’s revelation is thus marred by human fallibility.” Is it, though.

Further, Biblical (and Koranic) passages disliked by this panel of Jews are to “to be identified and rejected” (my emphasis).

This means we are to take as superior the reasoning of these non-Christians over the words of scripture.

My conclusion is that I reject our Jewish brothers’ suggestion of trigger warnings.


  1. imnobody00

    It is not only that the Talmud is full of attacks against Jesus. It also includes attacks against Christians. But this news is not an anecdote. We are slowly going towards a ban on Christian religion by our masters.

  2. trigger warning

    There is a small segment of virulently anti-Christian, usually cultural and Progressive as opposed to religious, Jews in America. Many seem to have latched on to the Dominionism conspiracy in its many guises (e.g., Ted Cruz, Jerry Falwell, Tea Party, capitalists, “patriarchialists”, “factory” farmers, loggers, recycling refuseniks, etc), aka “Christian sharia”.

    Fun to watch, IMO.

  3. Nate

    Judeochrist would be proud. I never, ever, have understood the evangelical and mainline protestant’s embrace of Judaism.

  4. Joy

    I call Briggs posting of the now listed June 11th post, one week prior to the synagogue killings, only a few weeks ago, cowardly and shoddy.
    The reason the date is memorable and checkable is indeed, because there was a mass killing the following Saturday which fixes the entire episode in my mind.

    It was removed and replaced with a different post. To then be ignored as if it never happened in gas lighting style.

    I have suspected for a long time that the page some see, is not identical to the ones others see.

    I didn’t read today’s post, as I didn’t click the link on the now June 11th one. Precisely because the content of information and the sources are simply unreliable from this author. Comments and blog titles are the test, for me, as whether or not to read the articles.

    Claiming some ‘satire’ or bait and switch trick as an excuse is shoddy. In particular, it’s poor for someone who wants his word to be taken seriously and for someone who is attempting to speak for the Christian church. You appear to be batting for the other side! The dark one.

  5. Kathleen Reeves

    “Trigger warnings etc.”
    If Holy Scripture is offensive to Jews, no one is forcing them to read it. It is of exquisite irony , that they are either unaware or ignore how many Christians work and honor Israel–even “pray for the peace of Jerusalem” as this Catholic does. And considering how the Lord God begs His chosen people to return to Him from endless apostasy over and over in the Old Testament, it takes a lot of nerve. But then, surely, they wouldn’t deny that they have a lot of that!

  6. Joy

    “Judeochrist would be proud. There is no such person. You lie, that people claim there is.

    I never, ever, have understood the evangelical and mainline protestant’s embrace of Judaism.”
    Probably, your confusion comes from the fact that there is no such thing, except in your estimation.
    Political activism and Christianity are not he same thing.
    Fundamentalists, like you, think they are.
    There is no ’embrace’, there is tolerance.
    Christ rules in the heart. Not in. Israel or any silly fundamentalist or radical catholic’s idea of the messiah. Fretting over Israel reveals a lack of understanding.
    Fretting over war or threat of war is another matter. Anyone can do that and again, they don’t have to be Christian. No sensible person wishes for war.
    Start reading the New Testament!

  7. Previous comment on the tiresome, sophomoric claim that “antisemitic” should not mean anti-Jew:

    As to the treatment of Christians in the Talmud, well, to falsely claim to be the messiah is a grave blasphemy, so what do you expect? Of course, to actually be offended by such a claim is perhaps even sillier than to believe it.

  8. Joy

    This song captures the essence of the spirit in which Christians view the ‘embrace’. Atheists would laugh for its patronising foolishness. Why Christians should be surprised or disappointed is a good question.
    Katherine Jenkins – O Come O Come Emmanuel

    Or read Romans chapter 11.
    If some Jewish person wants me to stamp a bible, which I doubt they do, I’d say there’s no need, I already know. It’s old news.

  9. Uncle Mike

    Christ died for all of us, the whole of mankind, believers and non-believers alike. No one is excluded from God’s love.

  10. Mark

    Beginning with the New Testament, divine revelation expresses itself in Christian holy texts that also express a form of hatred.

    Ye that love the Lord, hate evil

    A righteous man hateth lying

    Thou lovest righteousness, and hatest wickedness

    Hate the evil, and love the good

    Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good

    These six things doth the Lord hate, yea, seven are an abomination unto him

    Sounds like some pretty clear evidence that good Christians should always have hate in their hearts. Or are these people saying we should not hate evil? All this anti-hatred rhetoric sounds revealing if you ask me.

  11. Joy

    Mark, you are mistaken.
    Evil is not a person. Evil is done by people.
    Evil is a spirit or a lack of holiness, dependant on your view and life experience, it seems.
    There is no hiding place for hating without a cause. See the sermon on the mount.
    “Do not resist evil” (*that is done to you) Turn the other cheek. )
    It takes nerve to do that.
    God loves everybody and calls us to do the same. If God loves everybody, as we are made in his image, would you hate something that God loves?
    It is an appeal for compassion and understanding.

    When we hate, it isn’t God’s fault.
    Nobody is perfect but everybody is loved.

  12. Joy

    …and sorry, but,
    because of all that, there is hope. Which was God’s message two thousand years ago.

  13. Mark

    Evil is not a person. Evil is done by people.

    The bits I quoted were to hate evil, not people. That said, the full version of the last bit I quoted goes on to say:

    “A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.”

    Ie specific people, not just acts or beliefs are hated by the Lord. Sure its because of what they do, but unlike the other things in the list, it specifies people (“witness” and “he”). Unless Proverbs 6 is wrong of course 😛 …

    Finally, my understanding is that the “turn the other cheek” bit is rather more restrictive than anh kind of blanket “do not resist evil” shtick:

  14. It’s almost as if the Jews want us to hate them.
    And then they wonder why some people hate them.

  15. Joy – Why do you think that anybody else believes you, or really cares what you have to say? Please “shout wolf” some more. I think a couple of people may not have heard it a thousand times yet.

    I do have a real question for you, though. Now that “Journolist” is defunct, where do you leftists go to get your daily programming instructions?

  16. Gary-in-Erko

    Christianity and Islam both have a big problem regarding Judaism. They both have theological need to disparage Judaism in order to grant themselves their own legitimacy.

  17. Uncle Mike

    I heart you, Joy. Looking forward to hugging you in Heaven.

  18. Joy

    Ah Uncle Mike. I will look forward to that. What a lovely thing to say.

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