Register Your Predictions For 2019!

Register Your Predictions For 2019!

As has been our tradition these many years, it’s time to register our predictions for the coming year. We look at how well we did last year tomorrow.


  1. Number your predictions, using numbers, like this.
  2. Limit your predictions to 5, a number less than 6 or more.
  3. No sports. Since it became woke and fully corperatized, it’s boring. Have you ever heard sportsball talk on the radio? I’d rather listen to a Nancy Pelosi speech.
  4. Be specific and provide a way to verify your projections.
  5. Not only be specific, but feel free to attach a probability word (numbers are next to useless for scenarios/forecasts/predictions of our kind).
  6. Verified predictions of our coming Doom will receive very little weight, because we all understand that the end of the year will be worse than the beginning, and likely much worse: motus in fine velocior. Verified predictions of precise Doom receive high weight. Example: Donald Trump announces he will undergo sex “reassignment” surgery—and then he does it.

My attempts last year stank. But error does not slow me down. Here are my forecasts, numbered using numbers, and using numbers less than 6. I may add to these throughout the week as my intelligence and perspicacity grows.

My guesses:

  1. Trump will survive an assassination attempt. I think this has low probability (given many unarticulated reasons) for 2019, but modest for 2020. It edges past 50-50 if he institutes any policy perceived as against sexual deviancy or in forswearing all foreign entanglements.
  2. We will see among the evil chattering class at least seven strokes, a good dozen heart attacks, a burst spleen or two, and maybe even a suicide after the notorious RBG at last arrives at her fiery final destination and it is realized Trump gets to name another SCOTUS nominee. (Not, sadly, that the first two were in any way reactionary.)
  3. We will see a noticeable surge in dietary advice, recommendations, arguments, media harassment and government propaganda about “healthy” plant-based diets. Take this move by Panera Bread, a company that makes a good profit from same. More ominously, animals will begin to have legal “rights”, a metaphysical impossibility. Well, so is same-sex “marriage”, “transexuals”, atheism, etc., so impossible is no limitation.
  4. Every single day, save Sundays, there will be at least one media outlet running an “impeachment” story. This will fade to near 0 after stories on 2020 election begin. That the vast majority of people have no idea what this word means (few to none recall Bill Clinton was impeached), will in part account for the onslaught.
  5. Universities are increasingly requiring diversity statements for hiring and promotion. These oaths of fealty to ideology will begin to be required for top positions at corporations. There will be at least one such announcement or story on this in 2019.

Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Enter your sagacious foresights now! Send this post to friends who are always bragging about how great they are at knowing what is to come. Time to put up or keep quiet.


  1. Richard Hill

    1. A significant new power source such as fusion will be discovered.
    2. The NYT will become pro-Trump.
    3. It will become fashionable to worry about lack of male primary teachers.
    4. China will be accused of chemically brain-washing Muslims.

  2. Michael Dowd

    1. Trump popularity improves year end 2019 vs. 2018.
    2. Dow Industrial Average up year end 2019 vs. 2018.
    3. Pope Francis is asked to resign by College of Cardinals but refuses.

  3. Dan Diego

    1. The impeachment process will be initiated and passed by the House. However, once considered by the Senate in a trial presided over by the Chief Justice of the SCOTUS—
    with the 100 Senators serving as the jury—they’ll be unable to vote in favor of conviction by a 2/3 supermajority vote (67 votes), and the Good Guys in the Senate will slap each other on the back and chuckle at the sad attempt.

    2. The Stock Market—especially the S&P/Dow—will continue on its roller coaster course but end the year higher overall. Because, after all, this is America we’re talking about.

    3. The USA will continue on a sad course of bitter division, implemented by obama, inc. There will be no resolution, though several high profile cases will be decided at the SCOTUS. The number of police officers killed in the line of duty will continue increasing. The DOJ will step in and intervene, a la Ferguson, in at least one high profile case.

    4. Congress will punt on the border/caravan/asylee/refugee issue— and the Roe v Wade case, as well—kicking the proverbial can down the road.

    5. The USA will make significant strides on the international front; improving relationships with China and North Korea and recognizing Palestine as a legit state.

  4. Red Forman

    1. Fault lines will become externally obvious between the progressive and orthodox factions within the Roman Catholic Church. Words not commonly heard for a long time will start squeezing though the Overton window: “anathema, heretic, antipope, etc.”

    2. All existing Christian denominations that maintain an orthodox faction will begin to internally polarize over racial and sexual issues. The effects will be chiefly observable in their various leadership assignment processes.

    3. The demographic effects of homeschooling (in college admissions, hiring, mate selection, religious landscape) will begin to show, but will be less obvious than the attempt by everyone else not to notice.

    4. Christian Healthcare sharing services will begin to be a cultural force. Decoupling health insurance from the corporate job will permit Christians to begin moving toward enclaves. The early stages of this will not be on the news.

  5. Shecky R

    1) Trump & Pence both out of office before end of August and President Pelosi sworn in. (Until then, Putin & Netanyahu continue to wrestle over who gets to control Donald.)

    2) Mark Zuckerberg ousted or resigns as CEO of Facebook before year’s end.

    3) Dow Jones Ave. settles between 16,800 and 18,200 in first half of year before rising again.

    4) George and KellyAnne Conway remain married through December 31, but KellyAnne not employed in Gov’t. at end of year.

    5) Google patents a viable, mass-marketable jetpack for consumers.

  6. Jim Fedako

    1. RBG retires
    2. US troops remain in Syria
    3. No wall is built, or even started
    4. Trump remain president
    5. International trade wars escalate, with Trump the escalator-in-chief

  7. DAV

    0. Fox News channel will have on of the worst New Years eve broadcasts; CNN will provide the best with a plastered Anderson Cooper — oh, wait!

    1. Pelosi will see to it that Trump is not impeach (a la Bush)
    2. Trump will get border wall funding
    3. RBG will be replaced
    4. at least 1/2 of my predictions will be correct

  8. Uncle Mike

    1. The US House will impeach Trump, the Senate will convict him, and he will be removed from office by armed US Marshals. Michelle Obama will emerge as the next Dem candidate for POTUS.

    2. Wars will rage across the globe, and multitudes of innocents will slaughtered by bullets, bombs, and poison gas. The Elites will cheer the bloodshed from their ivory castles while the angels weep. {probability = 100%}

    3. The economy will careen into the Next Great Depression. Birth rates will plummet as electronic devices neuter the population. People will discover that they cannot eat their smart phones, and cannibalism will become epidemic.

    4. At least 4 (four) states will enact carbon taxes as the grasping kleptocracy fleeces the sheeple for whatever remains. The Deep Dark State will claim that carbon taxes will prevent hurricanes and forest fires, but they won’t, and 3 (three) more western cities will burn to the ground.

    5. Global temperatures will fall as neo-glaciation accelerates. Wiccan Gaians will celebrate the oncoming next Ice Age stadial as the righteous wrath of their Goddess. The human species deserves no less, they will proclaim.

  9. Sander van der Wal

    1. Facebook will loose 30% of its users during 2019, worldwide.

    2. We will know the true nature of Q before the end of the year.

    3. The Yellow Vest movement will grow in Europe.

    4. Merkel will resign before the end of the year. Macron will not.

    5. Trump will get the money to build the Wall.

  10. wjb

    1. Economy will not collapse or enter a recession. It will only become stronger.

    2. Facebook will reverse it’s descent and stock will go back up. It will continue to leech data from users, but no one will care. They will be more careful about getting caught.

    3. A piece of art (book, music, etc) will be celebrated until it is revealed a computer created it.

    4. Minimalism will die. New coffee shops, retail stores, and restaurants will embrace a baroque style. Design will become complicated and ornate. Articles in the NYT and WSJ will proclaim lavish decor to be “in.” Stores/businesses currently embracing minimal style will close at greater rate.

  11. Plantagenet

    1- There will not be a no deal Brexit and Theresa May and her government will survive.
    2- Justin Trudeau and his government will lose their majority and only survive as a minority, or coalition.
    3- The next nominee to the Supreme Court of the United States will be female, social conservative, and Catholic.
    4- The Anglican Church of Canada will vote to recognize “gay marriage”. It will also try to keep hold of Anglo-Catholics and other conservatives by passing some form of “protection”. Numbers will drop…again!
    5- Predictions of a recession will be common by the fourth quarter, though it will not take hold till 2020.

  12. Sir John A.

    1. Never mind Brexit – one of Hungary, Poland, or Czechia starts making noise about leaving the European Union.

    2. Jordan Peterson becomes a media darling as the MSM figures out that they can make more money by holding him out as a prophet instead of a heretic.

    3. Justin Trudeau is re-elected in Canada, likely with a majority, and the national NDP party gets clobbered. Canada will be back to its two-party system again: (il)Liberal and Conservatard.

    4. China will advocate in the UN for reductions in sanctions against North Korea. China will also provide economic aid to North Korea. All at the same time the media in the US attacks Trump for his tactics with Kim-Jong Un.

    5. SJW’s in North America will protest when the New Zealand national rugby team performs the Haka at the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan, citing cultural appropriation.

  13. 1. Unhinged PC-Progressives in Congress, aided and abetted by the PC-Prog media, will launch multiple investigations of Trump, Trump’s family, Trump’s businesses, Trump’s associates, and other aspects of Trump’s life. These investigations, and the clearly unhinged nature of the Democrat Congress and their media enablers, will increase Trump’s support among the majority of Normal-Americans, compared to the end of 2018. Measure: Gallup Presidential Approval Poll, whites: Dec. 30: 49%

    2. Unhinged neoconservatives will continue to push for American participation in more wars, in more countries, to aid their foreign sponsors, with no American interests at stake. Measure: Diatribes for more wars, in more places in the NYTimes, Washington Post, Wall St. Journal, National Review, and other neocon publications.

    3. The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives will spend massive amounts of resources celebrating and announcing various “firsts” associated with their members’ ethnic/sex/race/religious backgrounds. Measure: Number of “firsts” announced will exceed 10.

    4. American citizens will continue to die at the hands of illegal aliens. Measure: Number of American citizens murdered by illegal aliens.

    5. The campaigns running up to the Democrat primaries will be disgusting media love-fests, slobbering over mediocre nothings due to their PC-Progressive demographic characteristics. A multi-billionaire, man of the people, will dominate the money and influence race, and will lead at the end of the year. Measure: Polls of Democrat primary candidates as of Dec 31, 2019.

  14. Sylvain Allard

    1. If there’s an attempt on Trump life the culprit will when of his base tire of winning nothing.
    2. Muller will deliver proof of a qui pro quo between Trump and Russia.
    3. The supposedly fake dossier will be proven to be mostly accurate in court. Though it’s already mostly proven accurate.
    4. Trump will end-up in jail thoug for his criminal enterprise, call it karma for all his victims (those entrepreneurs lead to bankruptcy and those you got trapped in his scams).

  15. Rivercity

    I’ll try to limit my predictions to things that can easily be judged…
    1. The President will declassify the FISA warrants that are central to the special prosecutor’s investigation.
    2. There will be a ‘hard’ Brexit for the UK. The EU will not offer a solution for the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland.
    3. RBG will remain on the Supreme Court until she dies sometime in 2019.
    4. US will withdraw the majority of troops from Syria and the total number of US troops overseas will be less in 2019 than in 2018.
    5. Antifa activity will result in multiple deaths.

  16. Milton Hathaway

    1. By April 15th, Trump negotiates a trade deal with China. All tariffs dropped.
    2. {censored; you can’t predict stuff like that here}
    3. {not that either}
    4. {nope}
    5. {hell, no!}
    6. DJIA crosses 28k by June 15th, and 30k by November 15th.
    7. Citing evidence that the MSM has become indistinguishable from a political party, SCOTUS rules unconstitutional any and all limits on political speech or campaign spending by any entity.
    8. Rap music goes the way of disco

  17. Sylvain Allard

    ”5. Antifa activity will result in multiple ”

    Compared to the numerous death already cause by the alt-right, white supremacist.

  18. LaughibgAtLibs

    Sometimes there’s just not enough tinfoil…

  19. Larry

    1. The delivery business (UPS, FedEx, etc.) will continue to prosper.
    2. More malls will bite the dust.
    3. More illegal aliens will enter through our southern border.
    4. Grocery stores will continue to sell firewood bundles for those cool evenings.
    5. BBQ will remain a southern (and Kansas City) favorite.

  20. GamecockJerry

    1. The SC hearings to replace Notorious RBG will make the Kavanaugh hearings look like Meghan’s royal wedding.
    2. Gold will rise above $1,500. Dow will be down again this year.
    3. The Trump tweet storm after the Mueller report shows no collusion – but lots and lots of petty BS from the Deep State FBI/DOJ – will be breathtaking and cause Romney to crap in his magic underwear and write another doofus op-ed in the Bezos rag.
    4. Troop levels in Syria, Afghanistan and S Korea will be cut in half.
    5. Hellary will attempt to enter the Dem Pres race.

  21. Nate

    1. US astronauts return to the ISS in a SpaceX dragon crew capsule.

    2. A major killer disease has a breakthrough cure discovered – one of the cancers, heart disease, dementia, or diabetes.

    3. Dissident right websites will continue to operate and gain readership as measured by Alexa. Sites such as vdare, unz, taki’s, the z man, and our esteemed host will see readership rise. Is this considered a dissent right site?

    4. Earth will continue on its lazy course around the sun, and we will all be here to laugh a our silly predictions from last year when 2020 rolls around. Thanks for doing this every year!

  22. Sylvain Allard

    “2. A major killer disease has a breakthrough cure discovered – one of the cancers, heart disease, dementia, or diabetes.”

    Already happened. It was recently discovered that white cells can be injected in any host withou any rejection attempts or effect from the host.

    If someone as cancer and that there are white blood cells that can combat it. An individual will be able to heal from it quite easily.

  23. John Francis Opie

    1) High and increasing levels of government debt will make it impossible for central banks in Europe and Japan to raise interest rates meaningfully (greater than 75 basis points in 2019) in 2019. The Fed will raise interest rates at least two times in 2019, worsening government financing of the US government debt. As a result, higher US yields will start to distort capital markets, leading to a worsening of the US terms of trade as the US dollar increases in value.
    2) The “deep state” will prevent President Trump from achieving any additional campaign promises out of a sense of spite and entitlement.
    3) In Germany, the AfD will continue to post gains in polls while at the same time becoming unable to enter into any meaningful local government coalitions (greater than 250k population) due to rejection by the established parties.
    4) Neither railguns, battlefield lasers (non-naval) nor hypervelocity missiles will reach the field except as propaganda exercises. Naval lasers will remain test-bed fieldings for proof of principle.
    5) There will be no major war with one of the three major nuclear powers (US, China, Russia).

  24. Phil

    1. The Northern Ireland issue surrounding Brexit will be resolved without too much consternation. The posturing on the pro-EU side will be dropped and this will lead them to realise a ‘no border’ solution is the only workable one.

    2. The Tory party in the UK will either put a pro-Brexit person in the PM’s chair or it will experience turmoil or collapse.

    3. The London housing market will continue to decline – THAT’S RIGHT BRIGGS, IT’S CURRENTLY DECLINING.

    4. Facebook will come under increased scrutiny from both Wall Street and from legislators.

    5. The progressive Democrats will find the candidate that they are going to rally around – most likely Warren or Sanders – and this person will receive perpetual glowing media coverage (thereby eclipsing the same media’s coverage of these candidates in the previous election cycle).

  25. Anon

    Preface, not a prediction. FYI Trump has survived 1+ assassination attempts. I think news of these attempts will continue to be kept private as the enemy doesn’t need to know that we know. Don’t forget he has private security and is not at the complete mercy of the Secret Service (cf. JFK/Dallas). Also don’t forget if “news” of an assassination attempt hits the press, they will likely celebrate the likely perpetrator/s and not the intended victim. So, better it’s quiet.
    1. GWB, or Bush Jr., has 1) decided to turn evidence on the so-called “deep state” (feel free to use any term of your choice; the meaning is the un-elected “leaders” of the formerly free country known as U.S.A.) or, 2) as a result of 1) or independently of 1) turn up dead and will be celebrated to a revolting degree by the mainstream media.
    2. This is more wishful thinking that a prediction: a true accounting of the sex fund payouts that Congress doles out with U.S. taxpayer monies.
    3. Doom will fall on tech lords, like Dorsey, Zuckerberg, et al. I’m not sure what form this will take, as a cratering of stock or their outright removal or the declaration that their services are a “public utility.”
    4. Ms. Markle may no longer find herself welcome or a part of the House of Windsor, even with certified royal issue. The negative press is starting, and it will not relent. Standards must have plummeted or perhaps QEII wasn’t paying attention.
    5. The end of the pontificate of Francis. Not sure how, death or resignation, but his mere presence is renting the Bride of Christ.

  26. The Congress, on its first day, began the march to realize the prediction:

    “3. The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives will spend massive amounts of resources celebrating and announcing various “firsts” associated with their members’ ethnic/sex/race/religious backgrounds. Measure: Number of “firsts” announced will exceed 10.”

    Trumpeted in more than one media outlet:

    “Already the first female House speaker in history, Pelosi now becomes the first woman to hold the job twice…”

  27. Jim Fedako

    Kent —

    She is also the first female speaker who, by taking the seat a second time, effectively denied the seat to a second woman. Convoluted, but a first nonetheless.

  28. Jim,

    Yes, sir. That’s exactly my prediction–that the media will continue to manufacture, celebrate, publicize, and shove down our throats heroic “firsts” for the PC-Prog Congress.

  29. John Moore

    1) Trump will be impeached but not convicted

    2) Russia will attack the Ukraine without hiding behind “little green men.”

    3) Mitt Romney will stumble, biting off his tongue. Okay, that’s a wish, not a prediction.

    3) (for real) Mueller will issue his report, and there will be no collusion with Russia in it. Democrats will ignore it.

    4) A new sexual/gender “oppressed” group definition of some sort will appear, and anyone not immediately praising it it will be viciously attacked

    5) The stock market will close lower at the end of the year than at the start (and yes, we *did* have a correction in 2018)

  30. HGS

    1. Politics. UK gets a new conservative PM. USA keeps Trump and gets a wall.
    2. Economy. USA dollar and GDP and employment stronger. EU Euro and GDP and employment weaker.
    3. International. Trump and Chinese talk tough but make a liberal (i.e. weaker barriers) trade deal. Also Trump calms Putin/Russian anxiety syndrome (I know this cannot be measured).
    4. Church. Anglicans formalise the split between the progressive centred at Canterbury verses the several orthodox groups, to be centred on Jerusalem. The Pope informs the world that he is really a good guy.
    5. Science and Policy. To save the planet from warming, both Australia and NZ effectively ban usual farming practices of using herbicides, fertilisers and animal medicine. (Big call but it is coming).

  31. “3. The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives will spend massive amounts of resources celebrating and announcing various “firsts” associated with their members’ ethnic/sex/race/religious backgrounds. Measure: Number of “firsts” announced will exceed 10.”

    In Most Diverse House, Aides of Color Join the Ranks of ‘Firsts’
    For the first time, over a dozen top aides — from the speaker’s national security adviser to the majority whip’s chief of staff — are racial minorities.

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