The Week In Doom — Diversity Statement Edition

The Week In Doom — Diversity Statement Edition

Item More Colleges Are Asking Scholars for Diversity Statements. Here’s What You Need to Know (emphasis mine)

The statements tend to be one page, maybe two. In them, scholars are supposed to explain how their experience can bolster institutional efforts to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion. Colleges are under increasing pressure to increase access and completion rates for students from underrepresented backgrounds, the thinking goes, so they should hire faculty members who understand their role in improving those outcomes…

Rodrigues…[is] concerned about how search committees will evaluate the statements. She also worries about backlash. Committee members who are skeptical of intentional efforts to promote equity in the academy might even penalize her.

She’s worried there will be a backlash for being too devoted to Diversity!

By requiring them in the hiring process, colleges can signal to scholars of color elsewhere that they are trying to diversify their mostly white faculties. And requiring them for tenure portfolios can prompt faculty members already at a campus, particularly white academics, to think about how they might help create a more welcoming culture.

Diverse means, as we all know, non-white-male. But it also means more, as we’ll see below.

Think: if these oaths are not to enforce ideology, why have them at all?

Recall too my prediction that requiring Diversity oaths will move beyond universities and (publicly) into the corporate world this year.

Now this was from the Chronicle of Higher Education, and it’s behind a paywall. Searching for it on the standard SJW search engine led to a series of boxes of common questions, which the search engine was kind enough to list.

For instance, the first question was “How long is a diversity statement?” Answer (and these might be subject to change and search engine quirks):

2. Length: Schools vary in their length requirements for both the personal statement and the diversity statement, but in general a personal statement should be two to three double-spaced pages, while a diversity statement is usually significantly shorter. It’s often just one double-spaced page — sometimes a bit longer.

Diversity statements are now so routine the answer is banal, and like that for “How long should I leave an apple pie in the oven?”

If you click on the search engine’s question, it provides several more questions.

Like “What is a diversity response statement?” Answer:

The goal of the diversity statement is to show how your past experiences have made you a diverse candidate, and how you’ll apply that diverse perspective at your target institution in your future research and teaching pursuits. You can achieve this goal by showing how you’ve overcome a struggle in life.

From this we learn Diversity means struggle.

“What are some examples of diversity?” Answer (ellipsis original):

Diversity consists of all the different factors that make up an individual, including age, gender, culture, religion, personality, social status and sexual orientation. … Usually, cultural diversity takes into account language, religion, race, sexual orientation, gender, age and ethnicity.

From this we learn that which you lust after is Diversity.

“Why is it good to have diversity in the workplace?” Answer:

Diversity in the workplace is important for employees because it manifests itself in building a great reputation for the company, leading to increased profitability and opportunities for workers. Workplace diversity is important within the organization as well as outside.

From this we learn Diversity is pure politics. It is pure politics because the only good it does is “manifesting” a “great reputation”. And, they imply, the great reputation leads to “increased profitability and opportunities”.

“What is an inclusion statement?” Answer (ellipsis original):

The goal for each program, chapter or league should be to become an organization where diversity and inclusion are a fundamental part of the values and culture of the program. … Nearly all successful organizations have an inclusion statement or philosophy that establishes the platform for their values and identity.

From this we learn nothing new: Diversity and Inclusion are pure politics.

“What does commitment to diversity mean?” Answer (ellipsis original):

A real commitment to diversity means having diverse leadership. … Minorities who have the same level and quality of schooling as their non-minority peers are falling out of the leadership pipeline.

From this we learn that minorities at the same level and quality of schooling are not, presumably, as good at getting into the pipeline as non-minorities. So they must be crammed in regardless.

“What is statement of contributions to diversity?” Answer:

The purpose of the statement is to identify candidates who have the professional skills, experience, and/or willingness to engage in activities that will advance institutional diversity and equity goals.

From this we learn that those who are unwilling to play along with the politics of Diversity will find themselves unidentified. And therefore without jobs.

Item Prison slave labor: hey, if it’s woke, it’s fine.

Item “Compared to 2016, significantly fewer Americans feel that political violence is ‘not at all’ justified–with the largest decreases observed among liberals, democrats, moderates (wtf), and independents.”

Won’t it be a surprise when the blows begin. Here’s one fun example.

Item We are officially the stupidest civilization in all of human history

Adidas has pulled a sneaker it was selling in honor of Black History Month after the all-white running shoe was slammed on Twitter.

Has nobody noticed the February snows yet? And from the Update at the bottom:

So, should white boys still be allowed to share their “opinions”? Should we be forced to listen? In honor of Black History Month, I’m gonna go with a hell no.

Black privilege is not being put to good use. Look for it coming to an office near you.


  1. Sheri

    “You can achieve this goal by showing how you’ve overcome a struggle in life.” I believe that translates to we want failures who were bailed out by someone else as our heros. Trolling for failure. How quaint. Try looking for successful people to model after, you flaming morons.

    Yes, we are indeed at least one of the stupidest civilizations of all times, and sadly, the loss of natural selection will lead to massive death and destruction on a scale heretofore unseen, mostly of the stupid that were so amply rewarded with stupidity training and lifetime slavery by their overlords, the slavemasters they stupidly worshipped in a way most resembling that of the North Koreans*. In the end, the stupid and lazy die in a very horrible way. Remember, nature does not care and when stupid runs rampant, nature will correct the problem.

    *Sentence construction based on current diversity requirements, where the longer and more rambling, the more points one scores for “diversity”. I’m putting that in my diversity statement, along with my Native American roots.

  2. The tree of liberty will be nourished soon, and the more idiotic and reality-averse among us will be no more. It’s just a shame that they will take so many others with them.

    We fought WWII with a population of 120 million white people. We can most surely recover from that again.

  3. bob sykes

    Ohio State has required these statements for some time now. The University also requires that candidates provide proof of their previous diversity activities, including references.

    Ohio State has also advertised minority only/women only faculty positions for the last few decades. Even if hired, white men are held to much higher standards than POC and women.

    You might also note that several agencies of the federal government direct their research funding preferentially to POC and women, which enhances their prospects for promotion and tenure.

    The institutional corruption finally led me to quit as my department’s P&T chair, and I retired from OSU a few years later, happy that most of my career had been spent in a relatively honest system.

    There is no place for a white man in the modern university, and there is no need for a university degree to have a comfortable, productive life.

  4. Nym Coy

    I contribute to intellectual diversity. I am a rare high IQ individual, likely of higher intellectual capacity than everyone in the biology and economics departments. (Social sciences and education go without saying.) I have suffered greatly filling out these retarded essay questions.

  5. Ray

    “Diversity in the workplace is important for employees because it manifests itself in building a great reputation for the company, leading to increased profitability and opportunities for workers.”
    Now that is pure crap. Years ago I read a study on diversity put out by an organization that promoted diversity. They admitted that diversity did not benefit the bottom line and in fact had costs because you needed a diversity bureaucracy and that raised your overhead. The best that could be said of this diversity study is that it damned by faint praise.

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