What’s With The Sudden Push Against Meat?

What’s With The Sudden Push Against Meat?

Lots of animals eat nothing but or nearly all meat and suffer no ill effects because of it. Man, an animal, eats a lot of it, too, and the evidence is that a meat-based diet is good for man. And, vice versa, that an entirely plant-based diet is not so good. An all-veggie diet becomes more and more dubious for animals who are more designed (by evolution or whatever) to eat meat.

Of course, it matters where the meat comes from. It’s right to be suspicious of whatever it is processed food companies push as meat (to man or beast) in raw or cooked forms. Surely at least some of that stuff can’t be good to eat. I don’t know of anybody who disagrees with that, so we’ll let it pass.

Quality meat, including that which you stalk, kill, and process yourself is exceptionally healthy. Meat produced by many quality farmers might be second best, not for the quality of the meat, but because the thrill of the hunt is missing.

Even with all this good news, there is an increasing push by our elites against eating meat. Why?

There are, as I see it, two thrusts: (1) Meat should not be eaten because animals are people, too, and (2) meat is bad for “the planet”.

Now (1) is just silly. If we ban rising up, killing and eating, because animals must die, and animals have “rights” (or whatever), then we’d have to police the entire animal kingdom to stop the relentless, continuous, bloody red slaughter. Didn’t anybody pay attention to those nature documentaries? Meat-eaters rule. It is an ineradicable built-in fact of our fallen world that in order for some animals to live other animals must die.

It’s organizations like PETA who push bans on man eating meat. They argue it would make men manlier. Yet who would want to look like the PETA fellow in the picture heading this post? If you can stomach it, they have an entire video (complete with lousy music) with him and others in it.

Strange PETA would claim celery makes men manly, especially in a climate that condemns masculinity. All elites say it’s “toxic.” Increasing masculinity would thus increase toxicity. Thus we’re right to doubt PETA is telling the truth about wanting more manliness. Incidentally, the Babylon Bee wins the best headline: “Least Masculine Society In Human History Decides Masculinity Is A Growing Threat“.

Push (2), where meat must be eschewed and not chewed because it is “bad” for “the planet” is being backed by organizations like Kellogs. It is probably just a coincidence companies who back the organization pushing veganism do not sell meat. Anyway, somehow man eating meat will harm “the planet”, but that other animals eat meat won’t.

The organization that wants you to buy the products by global food companies because these products are supposedly better for “the planet” is EAT: “a global, non-profit startup dedicated to transforming our global food system through sound science, impatient disruption and novel partnerships.”

Impatient disruption?

Don’t we hear that kind of thing from social justice warriors? Answer: Yes, we do.

EAT says don’t eat meat. “Human diet causing ‘catastrophic’ damage to planet: study.

It is, as it should go without saying, impossible that eating meat will cause “catastrophic” damage to “the planet.” The planet will be just fine, and will survive whatever it is we might be able to do to it. We, however, may not survive what our elites want us to do to each other.

EAT says their planet-saving ” diet allows for about seven grammes (a quarter of an ounce) of red meat per day.” That’s about as much meat as you can balance on your pinkie fingernail, maybe less if you have large manly hands like I do.

Even this won’t save us, say these scientists. “‘We can no longer feed our population a healthy diet while balancing planetary resources,’ said The Lancet editor-in-chief Richard Horton.”

This is like saying “It’s us or the planet, and I choose the planet.”

It again should be obvious and go without saying that if so many people are so sick because farming practices are so bad, that the mostly veggies and carbohydrate processed food diet they’re taking is much more likely a culprit than unprocessed meat. So why not fix that problem? Stopping eating the vast majority of products grocery stores sell in the middle aisles would fix health and bad farming practices, too, since there would not be a need for all processed grains and oils and low-quality meat. Do you think we can get woke corporations and scientists to back that kind of initiative?

And incidentally, if we care so much about farming, do we really need to grow corn for the express purpose of turning it into automobile fuel?

Well, you can shrug all this EAT stuff off as the nonsense it is. But then don’t claim surprise when laws based on their “scientific” findings start being passed. And you’ll start seeing the media pushing the idea that health is right wing and white supremacist.


  1. Sheri

    NEITHER is the correct answer. In order to easily control a population of slaves to the dictator, ALL inclinations to kill or fight back are necessarily destroyed. It’s easier that way. The idea: Be a vegan, be a citizen of North Korea under a brutal dictator. It’s really simple to understand.

  2. Per

    Sheri, I fully agree. I can’t think of any societal fad that doesn’t result in weakening our ability or will to defend ourselves and America.

  3. Clay Marley

    I suspect the rise in condemnation of meat products is partially a response to the rise in popularity of low-carb diets: Paleo, Keto, and carnivore. People are getting healthy after decades of increasing metabolic disorders including T2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and other inflammatory or immune system disorders. Discovering that the science actually supports a low-carb diet is subversive.

    We’ve been told by government approved consensus science for the last 40 years, that high fat, especially saturated animal fat, and cholesterol, is bad, high grain consumption is good. How this came to be is a sordid tale very analogous to the story of how global warming came to be: weak studies, a charismatic scientist, senate committee under pressure to produce something, precautionary principal, groupthink, special interests, and burying studies that are contrary to the dogma.

    Take a look at charts showing the increases of obesity, T2 diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, etc. in Western countries. The rates within the population began to increase dramatically around 1980. The McGovern committee demonized fats in 1977, and the Food Pyramid came out in 1980. Then of course, Big Food promptly responded with “heart healthy” and “low fat” highly processed foods, containing mainly grains, sugars, and so called vegetable oils. People have been eating as they have been told for decades, and suffering for it.

  4. Hoyos

    1 Tim 4:3 springs to mind.

    The ketogenic diet was invented basically to get the benefits of fasting for people who couldn’t fast. I think it’s fascinating how fasting itself has started to get back in vogue with excellent evidence to back it up (Michael Mosley did a special on the BBC about it that was great). For some populations keto and/or fasting seems like a literal lifesaver.

    Don’t really buy into “grains are evil”, think that’s an overreaction and research about gut health show some really positive things with fiber consumption (basically your good bacteria eats it). Almost nobody follows the official guidelines anyway, so I don’t really see whole grains as the culprit. Think about it, is America fat and weak because of too much oatmeal? C’mon.

    Attacking meat and fat is the problem. We eat way less of it and have way less fresh fruit and vegetables because the number of wives cooking in the home has fallen off a cliff. Protein, fat, fiber, and antioxidants from food have fallen off a cliff, as has our general health.

  5. Faith

    Exactly right, Hoyos. “We eat way less of it and have way less fresh fruit and vegetables because the number of wives cooking in the home has fallen off a cliff.”

    The aroma of a meal cooking arouses the senses and prepares the body to digest. Meals used to takes up to 2 hours or more to prepare filling the house with salivation-inducing and stress-reducing smells. People ate together at the dining table. They had been mentally and physically prepared to eat. Digestion is a process that starts before one eats. Cooking is a process that starts before one cooks – with planning and shopping. This all takes time – time which women no longer have as they have given up theirs in exchange for the root of all evil.

    It’s not the planet that is in danger because people eat meat. The people (especially the children) are in danger because they have swallowed satanic lies like Feminism.

  6. Hoyos

    Faith, I count myself extremely fortunate that I had a stay at home mother who really cared about this sort of thing, to this day I just don’t eat as well, and to this day, after having eaten at some extremely fine restaurants world wide, my favorite dish remains her beef and vegetable soup.

    The increase in quality of life coming from a loving, intact, family cannot be overestimated.

  7. Sander van der Wal

    In Holland we have the same push against meat. Which started a few months ago, I believe. Which is bloody ridiculous as Holland exports 3/4 of the meat it produces to other countries. Apparently we have become vegetarian so the Germans can keep eating the stuff, or something like that.

    It is all part of a push to reduce CO2. Other insane proposals from the current government is to stop using natural gas for heating and cooking purposes, but to keep exporting it to other countries, and to start using heat pumps for centra heating. These things are so expensive you need a second mortgage, there are way to few people to install them, they do not work in most older houses, and these system makes so much noise that cities will become unlivable because of that.

  8. Gary-in-Erko

    Religions have food regulations, so secular atheism needs to regulate foods as the next phase in their usurpation of the role of religion in society. They’ve successfully invaded the domains of biological sex and marriage, of childhood and family, and turned talking about the weather into a universal cult worship. I wonder what will be next?

  9. Uncle Mike

    Cows don’t make CO2. It’s the microbes in their gut that convert the photosynthetically fixed carbon in grasses to CO2. Without the cows, the grasses would still rot aerobically and still produce CO2. The cows are just one pathway; there are others. Grass doesn’t build up into coal beds for gosh sakes. So the cow/CO2 malarkey is fake news.

    Warmer is better anyway. Why do the libtards hate warmth? Might as well ask why they like to rape children and then throw them into woodchippers. The whole world is crazy…

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