This Week In Doom — Men Can Have Abortions Edition

This Week In Doom — Men Can Have Abortions Edition

Item Northam on Abortion Bill: Infant Could Be Delivered and Then ‘Physicians and the Mother’ Could Decide If It Lives

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D.) commented Wednesday about a controversial 40-week abortion bill and in so doing said the law allows an abortion to take place after the infant’s birth.

“If a mother is in labor, I can tell you exactly what would happen. The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother,” Northam said, alluding to the physician and mother discussing whether the born infant should live or die.

Please re-read this essay about women’s “rights”.

Item Man interrogated by police for liking a ‘transphobic’ tweet

Harry Miller, who believes ‘trans women are not women’, says the formal probe by Humberside Police was into his ‘thinking’ and his reasons for liking the limerick on Twitter. The limerick referred to trans women as ‘stupid’ and made comments about vaginas and ‘synthetic’ hormones.

Mr Miller, who used to be a policeman, says an officer told him he was investigating reports of a hate crime. ‘Cop said he was in possession of 30 tweets by me,’ he recalled on Twitter. ‘I asked if any contained criminal material. He said “No.” ‘I asked if any came close to being criminal and he read me a limerick. Honestly. A limerick. A cop read me a limerick over the phone.’ After telling the PC he did not write the limerick, he reportedly said: ‘Ah. But you liked it and promoted it.’

He concluded: ‘It’s not a crime, but it will be recorded as a hate incident.’…

‘Lastly, he told me that I needed to watch my words more carefully or I was at risk of being sacked by the company for hate speech.’

Urgent reader task: Anybody know what the limerick is? Will post it in next Doom.

Reality, as we have long stressed, is now illegal in many venues. Speaking of Reality is a ‘hate’ crime. Threatening and carrying out violence on those who admit Reality is, as it does not need saying, an efficient method to silence.

Item 9 Arrested In Climate Change Protest At Rockefeller Center: Cops

A banner draped across a statue at Rockefeller Center read “climate change=mass murder.”…

The demonstration at Rockefeller Center was staged to protest climate change. Photos posted to social media showed protesters participating in a “die-in” at the ice skating rink. Photos also showed a banner draped across a statue at the rink that read “climate change = mass murder.”

The Facebook event for the protest, named “Rebellion Day One,” says the goal of the group organizing the protest — Extinction Rebellion — is to get to net zero emissions by 2025 by participating in mass civil disobedience.

I am saddened to report to you that this was not a real die-in, but a simulated die-in. These millennials have no commitment. Let’s all encourage them to do better next time!

Item The World Health Organization Says “Men” Can Get Abortions

he World Health Organization (WHO) has issued medical guidance on abortion intended to reflect the latest scientific evidence in the field. However, its most apparent change was cultural rather than medical. This new report began by insisting it is not only females who can become pregnant, but so can women who think they are men, that is, “those with varying gender identities.”

The guidance further stated that abortion must be provided in a manner promoting health and human rights “including sex and gender equality,” implying a sharp distinction between the two….

If a healthcare employee objects to abortion as a matter of conscience, the guidance offers only the suggestion that task-shifting to nurses, midwives, pharmacists, and other health care employees might “reduce the burden” and ensure abortion access is unimpeded. In an earlier 2012 technical and policy guidance on “safe abortion,” WHO instructed that conscientious objectors must provide a timely referral. If this is impossible, WHO insists the objector “must provide abortion to save the woman’s life or to prevent damage to her health.”

Since killing the lives inside would-be mothers is the goal of abortion, it is, of course, impossible not to damage the health of these lives.

Item Proposed law would make animal cruelty a felony across the U.S.

Two members of the U.S. House of Representatives re-introduced a bill last week that would make malicious acts of animal cruelty a felony nationwide. A person convicted of the crime could face a fine or up to seven years in prison, or both.

The bill, known as the Preventing Animal Cruel and Torture (PACT) Act, is co-sponsored by Democrat Ted Deutch and Republican Vern Buchanan. PACT would criminalize “crushing, burning, drowning, suffocating and impaling animals.” The measure would also address bestiality and other attempts to sexually exploit animals.

It is, of course, a good thing to criminalize bestiality, but not if it’s done for the wrong reason (“…the final treason”). It should be illegal because it goes against man’s nature, not because it frightens the horses.

Here’s a law they’ll use, we might guess, to start banning some meats. Not immediately. But it will be judged this or that farming or slaughter or hunting practice is cruel. And what is cruel will slowly expand to acts such as axing a turkey’s head or placing a bullet between the ribs of wild animals. Maybe these pushes stall at first, but PETA-type organizations will absolutely attempt to use the law as a wedge.

And then comes animal “rights.” It will be call the “true equality”. Wait and see.

Item Financial Blacklisting: NewsGuard Advises Advertisers to Avoid Pro-Trump Media

NewsGuard, the news-filtering browser extension recently partnered with Microsoft and run by neoconservatives, Obama-Clinton alumni, and other assorted Trump haters, has advised advertisers to withdraw their business from websites on its blacklist of “unreliable” news websites — a list that includes Breitbart News, The Drudge Report, and the Daily Mail.

Labeling Drudge and DM “right” wing is amusing, so let’s first chuckle. The real meaning is the media on the dissident right is going to have to find another way to fund itself than via advertising. Most capital is now woke. Ads therefore are out. We’re going to have to self fund.

Item Catholic Church in Texas Names Nearly 300 Priests Accused of Sex Abuse

The Roman Catholic Church in Texas on Thursday released the names of almost 300 priests who it said had been credibly accused of child sex abuse over nearly eight decades.

Not that these largely homosexual predators are innocent, but I’m struck by how the phrase credibly accused entered our vocabulary so quickly as a synonym of guilty.


  1. John B()

    Limericks about the incident but not the original:

    kate styles
    kate styles
    Jan 23
    Replying to @HarryTheOwl
    Cops tell Harry the Owl it’s a crime
    That hate speech can be found in a rhyme
    To like or retweet it
    Makes Harry complicit
    The thought police venture online
    Rachel Rooney
    Rachel Rooney
    Jan 23
    An officer from Humberside
    on reading a limerick cried
    ‘Your thinking is criminal
    unless it is liminal
    in the ways that the PC decide.’
    Kara Van Park ??
    Kara Van Park
    Jan 23
    Authorities turning the screw
    to those daring an alternative view
    you think that you’re scary
    but you should be quite wary
    there’s a lot more of us than of you

  2. Keith Buercklin

    What will the federal law against animal cruelty do to the mousetrap, bugspray, and flyswatter industries?

  3. John B()

    From Louder with Crowder (who broke the story for The Blaze”:

    Citing 30 potentially offensive tweets, the PC singled out a limerick Mr Miller had retweeted which questioned whether transgender women are biological women. It included the lines: “Your breasts are made of silicone, your vagina goes nowhere.”

    First of all, on behalf of Louder with Crowder, I’m so sorry we’ve yet to offer you TrannyPoems, TrannyLimericks or TrannyStoryTimeRhymes. I’ll do my best to amend what I consider to be a cultural travesty.

  4. The Left is rooted in unreality. They must force unreality upon everyone else, lest their world view be challenged. They are so fragile that the slightest bit of reality can shatter their entire belief system. Therefore, they war against reality itself.

    The Left has two primary sins. They deny God. And they deny reality. These are, of course, two sides of the same infernal coin.

  5. DAV

    Gov. Ralph Northam’s comments and position are appalling.

    He literally went on about deciding to kill an already born infant and few on the caring Left said anything. They are now calling for his resignation — not for what he said this week but because he wore a silly costume once in college. Comments about killing OK; wearing costumes much worse.. At least the Left knows its priorities. For once they haven’t blamed this on Trump.

    I won’t be surprised to find some weird French Canadian dropping by to regale us with the fun things and wonderfulness of late term abortions .

    Gotta wonder where the future cutoff age will be. Will late term abortions below the age of 50 become the norm?

  6. Ye Olde Statistician

    300 “credibly accused” over 80 years equals 300/80=3.75 perps per year.

    The 2007 Associated Press investigation identifies 2,570 public school teachers who, from 2001 through 2005, had their teaching licenses “taken away, denied, surrendered voluntarily, or restricted” as a result of sexual misconduct with minors—an average of 514 per year.
    –Nussbaum and Nussbaum, reviewing Marci A. Hamilton’s “Justice Denied”

    Meanwhile, around 66 percent of those who sexually abuse children are parents, other relatives, unmarried partners of parents, friends, or neighbors, and that only 0.5 percent are “professionals.” Clergy are a subset of “professionals,” and Catholic priests are a subset of clergy. In Child Maltreatment 2006, a report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

  7. Sander van der Wal

    Regarding the limerick, if a real woman has fake boobs, does that make her a tranny too?

    Asking for a (girl)friend.

  8. Bob Mounger

    I guess at this point NY & several states have adopted the position that until the umbilical cord is cut, a baby is no different than hamburger.

    I suppose it is only a matter of time until they start opening the pertinent restaurants…

  9. W.r.t. the animal cruelty piece, I note that in the “philosophy” article that I sent you, they refer to “non-human persons” and, in fact, place them above newborns insofar as right to life is concerned.

  10. Jim Fedako

    Hmmm …

    Am I justified in shooting my barn cat when it tortures — not just kills — field mice?

    If men can have abortions, right to life legislation can np longer be considered a war against women.

  11. acricketchirps

    There was no limerick. Just some bad, bad doggerel.

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