The Week In Doom — We Are All Seattle Now Edition

The Week In Doom — We Are All Seattle Now Edition

Item KOMO News Special Seattle is Dying KOMO

If you were at all sanguine about the future, I beg you will watch this video.

Item Inside the online community facilitating the gender transitions of 5-year-olds

Yes, there are actually parents who are dumbfounded and confused when their five-year-old children don’t take to wearing fake penises, or tucking their real ones.

A watchdog group called 4thWaveNow is raising awareness online about “the ever-accelerating medical and media fascination with the phenomenon of ‘transgender children.'” This week, the group released screenshots from a private Facebook group called Parents of Transgender Children, which expose multiple conversations surrounding the practices of “packing” and “tucking” for supposedly transgender children as young as five years old.

Some conversations involve parents expressing confusion at their child’s lack of interest in prosthetic penises.

“My kid doesn’t seem that miffed about not having a penis, which frankly throws me off a bit,” one reads.

Others simply ask for recommendations for the best “age appropriate” fake penises for their young children, as well as for “stand-to-pee” (STP) devices.

It should be no surprise that it is parents, and women especially, who are driving World War T (Steve Sailer’s coinage). This being so, it is not likely that homeschooling will be a general solution from escaping the madness. A better idea is to go back to the wisdom of the ancients, like St Paul. Women’s liberation (from Reality) is a failure.

Oh, you may not agree. But just wait until they come for your kid, or your grandchild.

Item Colleges Face a Barrage of Questions About How Much They Pay Diversity Officers (Thanks to Kent Clizbe for the tip.)

Last fall the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill received a public-records request for the salaries and benefits of the chief diversity officer and her staff from a man named Connor Kurtz…The records he sought revealed salaries totaling about $700,000…

The critics point to the total compensation bound up in diversity offices — which can run into the millions — and call that spending wasteful and ineffective. What’s more, they say it’s causing tuition costs to rise…

Some argue that colleges shouldn’t pay attention to the complaints of conservative ideologues, especially those who try to spin information solely to provoke outrage…

So last year UNC officials got to work, reviewing research and commissioning an outside firm to prepare a report. It found $16.6 million in total spending on equal opportunity and diversity across the 17 UNC campuses, including $14.7 million on salaries. About half of that money was going toward compliance with federal and state laws, the report estimated.

The article recalls this tweet (salaries at UM of all the god Diversity offices).

Sacrifices to lesser gods in Rome amounted to less than this. If Diversity is such a strength, why is it that it’s so expensive and must be enforced by the rod?

Item Belgium Euthanizes Over 1,000 Patients Every Year Without Their Consent

An article by Simon Demeulemeester and Jeroen de Preter published in The Knack last year concerns comments by euthanasia doctors Marc Cosyns and Wim Distelmans. In response to Ivo Poppe, a nurse who admitted to killing 10 — 20 people, including his mother, Cosyns told the Belgian media that each year there are 1000 assisted deaths without request.

Cosyns only restated the data from a study published in the NEJM (April 19, 2015) indicating that 1.7% of all deaths (more than 1000) in the Flanders region of Belgium, were hastened without explicit request in 2013.

An earlier study found that 1.8% of all deaths in the Flanders region of Belgium were hastened without explicit request, in 2007, meaning that the problem has been consistent.

Now you might be thinking, “What’s the big deal, Briggs. They’re only Belgians.” And you’d have a point. But let me remind you from whence comes some of the world’s greatest beers. We’d miss it if it were gone. And now we’re going to suspect cheaper Soylent-type ingredients will be used.

Anyway, once executioners in hospitals start killing the weak and infirm here in these once-United States, there will always be consent. No accidental or non-consensual killings for us, no, sir! Everybody that gets it will have it coming.

Item Israeli Rabbis Are Using DNA Testing To Police Civil Rights. This Shouldn’t Shock You

On Tuesday, Judy Maltz reported in Haaretz that the Israeli Rabbinate, which controls conversion, marriage and divorce in Israel, is using DNA testing to verify a person’s Jewishness. Since a person who isn’t Jewish can’t marry a Jew in Israel, which has no civil marriage, the rabbinate is using the DNA test to deny people they consider non-Jews the civil right of marriage…

But the revelations about rabbis using DNA testing have a political component, too. For this is also part and parcel of a rightward turn Israel has fostered under the leadership of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a turn that has Israel increasingly embracing ethno-nationalist policies.

And where ethno-nationalism goes, there follows the policing of bloodlines, of who is in and who is out, who is us and who is them.

We talked before about how much Israel learned from Germany and Russia, but perhaps we forgot what good students some Jews can be. I wonder if the Semites are classed as Jews, but the Turkic blood line (the Khazar converts) aren’t? I’d hate to be the guy in charge of ethnic purity. Seems like a mess to sort out.

Item A quantum experiment suggests there’s no such thing as objective reality

Winner of the Self-Refuting Headline of the Week award!

Item Devout Catholic ‘who used wrong pronoun to describe transgender girl’ to be interviewed by police

A devout Catholic and mother of five has been asked to attend a police interview after being accused of using the wrong pronoun to describe a transgender girl.

Caroline Farrow, was contacted by officers from the Surrey force to inform her they were investigating an allegation that she had made transphobic comments on Twitter.

Mrs Farrow is being investigated for a possible hate crime under the malicious communication act, an offence that carries a maximum two-year prison sentence.

By “wrong” pronoun, the debased police of course mean correct pronoun. You may scoff at the idea of Satan and demons, but any culture that makes calling somebody the “wrong” pronoun a criminal offence is demonic.

It makes you sort of glad England is welcoming its own invasion.


  1. Sheri

    “Oh, you may not agree. But just wait until they come for your kid, or your grandchild.” People would have to care about their kid or grandchild for this to matter. I see no evidence thereof. Children are nothing but means to an end—getting a political point made as with climate change, or your 15 minutes of fame turning Mark into Susan and Judy into Roy against their will (they have to shut up and stop ruining mommy’s fame, the little ingrates). Yes, women have ruined the world and sent their offspring to hell on earth, but they DO NOT CARE. Women are mean, selfish and ruthless unless reigned in by men (see Adam and Eve) and men took a vacation and let the world literally go to hell (again, see Adam and Eve). It’s not like no one could see this coming and it’s not like many took action. Freedom and adulthood are so hard, so slavery, brutality and eternal adolescence is our future.

    Can’t say as I care much about England or Europe anymore. They DEMANDED their countries be destroyed and their lives made nightmarish. They demand Sharia law, violence, and to be ruled by tyrants. How can you educate or help people who passionately WANT to be slaves and live in a nightmare?

  2. Most women never truly mature. They remain entirely self centered and somewhat childish their entire lives. The better of them extend “self” to include their children, but that sometimes takes on its own pathologies.

    This is why they should never be allowed to vote, hold public office, or be allowed into the military services.

  3. WTF? I traveled to Seattle in 1976 the place was a loonie bin of post summer of love casualties then. Drug induced psychological impairment is reason enough to just…. Who gives a shit? just let each urban area stew in its own crap pressure cooker. “BOOM BOOM BOOM OUT GO YOUR LIGHTS.”
    All you draft resisters ya made a big mistake.
    No amount of college deferred money earnings will protect you from what is coming. There will be an Elba for you. With nothing to return to once the crisis boils over.

  4. Sander van der Wal

    And this is not ‘Evolution in Action’?

  5. Patrick healy

    Would it be delicate to ask which political party is in charge of the Seattle asylum?

  6. Milton Hathaway

    Seattle is an odd place. They despise their cars, and spend enormous amounts of money on mass transit that is underused, while traffic continues to worsen. Meanwhile, they adore their homeless, and take the concept of enabling to places no one with a lick of common sense (or true compassion) could possibly recognize.

    I once took a class in identifying wild mushrooms, taught by a biologist, who explained that mushrooms were little chemical factories, and that there was no safe way to test an unknown mushroom’s toxicity to the human body. The genera and species had to be learned and identified one by one, and the dangerous look-alikes had to be learned as well. I then asked the obvious question – how did we learn which mushrooms were poisonous to begin with – human experimentation? The answer was that there has never been a shortage of self-experimentation results to document, and the self-experimentation has continued unabated, with a seemingly endless list of uncoerced test subjects donating their lives and livers to the cause.

    So one could say that the self-experimenters perform a service for the rest of us. There are negative consequences, though. For example, a self-experimenter with a destroyed liver will typically jump to the head of the transplant list, since their health is otherwise generally excellent, so someone else on the list gets bumped.

    What do mushrooms and Seattle have in common? Human nature, and the observation that humans seem to have to learn everything the hard way. In this analogy, Seattle is the self-experimenter, and the mushrooms are socioeconomic systems, and the homeless are the early collateral damage.

    We can try to help Seattle see the error of it’s ways (although prospects of success appear dim on that front – they first have to admit that they need outside help). But we should definitely learn from Seattle’s mistakes and strive not to repeat them.

    The battle of our times is to keep the liberals from experimenting with their socialist agendas on a national level. Liberalism and socialism cannot survive accountability, and the only way to enforce accountability on them is to keep experimentation very localized.

    The next time you talk with your friend from Seattle, consider saying “Thank you for your service.”

  7. Seattle has always been insane, from its very founding. It used to be a fun place to visit, though.

    A previous mayor refused to allow salt to be spread on the roads after a snowfall, because “it would be washed into the sea and make the ocean salty”.

  8. I was just watching that Seattle video, word spreads quickly!

  9. Gary

    DNA testing to verify a person’s Jewishness? Good thing that technology wasn’t available when King David’s great-grandmother, Ruth (a Moabite) got to marrying Boaz.

  10. Sylvain Allard


    This rabbi is better be careful what he wishes for.

    From my teacher of Jewish history, Yakov Rabkin, stayed in class that the closest people to ancient Jews are the Palestinian. They are the one that mixed the least with other people.

  11. Joy

    Perhaps she was a trilobite?

  12. Gary


    Ruth wasn’t quite that ancient.

    Seriously, the story of Ruth is a marvelously crafted short story worth study with a good commentary.

  13. Joy

    Since you said it and she is mentioned in Keats ode To A Nightingale, she must be worthy. The word/name, is only used nowadays in its opposite meaning.

    Going to listen again to Ruth.

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