Who We Are, And Who We Are Not — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

The article “The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses“, by Eran Elhaik only now pooped into my Inbox. It came out in 2013, just when my book was published.

They both tell the same story and come to the same conclusion. They confirm the “Khazarian hypothesis”, which is “that Eastern European Jews descended from the Khazars, an amalgam of Turkic clans that settled the Caucasus in the early centuries CE and converted to Judaism in the 8th century.” It makes me feel vindicated.

Non-Christian Scientists have entered the arena of a heretofore taboo subject. And amazingly, they have unknowingly aligned themselves with their erstwhile enemies, Holy Rome. Or, at least, Historical Rome. Versus Hysterical Rome, the birthplace of modern Malthusianism and the Club of Rome.

The naysayers have their statistical-methodological complaints about such studies. But the fact remains that Elhaik’s opponents, who like Elhaik are all Jewish, cannot explain where all the Jews of Europe came from, numerically speaking, if they didn’t come from Khazaria. Their Rhineland hypothesis requires incredible feats of fertility, for hundreds of years on end, with absolutely no evidence of such an incredible happening.

What is this taboo of which I speak? And what does this article have to do with that same subject? Wait, first let’s look around to see who is listening. You can’t be too careful, you know! The taboo, of course, is the most-deadly of all: Anti-semitism.

What does Scientific Rome (and Elhaik’s article in particular) have to say about this dark subject that could possibly be different from the past century of calumny for anyone who failed to bend the knee to the edict of political correction? How could anyone (Jews included) have the chutzpah to question modern wisdom?

Here it is: science has now confirmed (to the extent anything is certain in this insane world) what some of us already knew. Some people, and maybe all of us, aren’t who we say we are. Yes, and this conclusion has been reached through the rigors of the priesthood of the gods of Science! It is enough to make one faint. Identity Theft, writ large. The hijacking of entire peoples, and their actual past.

Who else are not whom they claim to be? Is it the Irish? No, but that’s always a good guess, because nobody will admit to being their ancestors. [Editor’s note: recall Watt is Welsh.] What about the British? Well, you’re getting closer. After all, the Anglish always enjoy dressing in British drag, even though they are the polar opposites. But me and mine have always known that the Anglish bastards only claim the name when it suits them. Which is quite often. Especially their Saxon royalty and their claims of royal ownership of my island. To Hell with them.

Let’s start with a couple of easy examples of national identity theft. You’ve heard of the British Israelites, right? No? Well, you’re young, but you can look it up. Read my book. Or Wikipedia. The British Israelites are the people (many of whom occupied high places in the Empire) who claim that the Anglish (in British dress) are really the descendants of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. But they’re no more Jewish (or British) than the man in the moon. That hasn’t stopped them in their drive for Empire. And the British Commonwealth was actually a pretty good run at the title. But again, Scientific Rome has put the nix on the idea of the 10 Tribes making their way intact to Albion. Or anywhere.

Now, what about the Israelite British? Look closely at that name. You’ll never see it anywhere but here. Tough you’ve probably heard of them under another name. You know, all those Chosen Ones who claim that, regardless of their genetic and cultural heritage, they are actually British? You know, Lord Rosebury and his friends. Yes, the Lord who married Hannah de Rothschild, the daughter of Meyer Amschel de Rothschild, in 1878.

These are the people who, despite their matrilineal heritage, claim to be authentically British. This, despite the fact that they are no more British than Churchill, that mongrel dog. The true Brits are the remainder of Arthur’s legions, known as the Welsh and the West Welsh (Cornish) today. You know, the last ones that stood up to the Anglo-Saxons way back when. The bastards who stole my island. And yes, I want it back. But I’m not holding my breath. Yes, I know, you’ve never heard of any of this.

Let’s plunge on. Have you ever heard of the Palestinians? Can you tell me who they are? No, I mean, who they actually descend from. Don’t tell me the Arabs. That’s a racial classification. And it’s wrong. Tell me who they came from, specifically. Let’s ask some experts.

First is Paul Wexler, a Hebrew. Paul wondered about this same thing: who are the Palestinians? And Paul decided that something was weird about the common understanding of things.

Being a linguistic savant, he went on a little journey, which took him throughout Palestine. He wrote an interesting little book about it (cited in my book). Then there is another savvy Jew, Arthur Koestler, who wrote The Thirteenth Tribe. He apostasized from the Bolshevik Faith with his other incredible book, Darkness at Noon.

Let’s also remember Shlomo Sand (another non-Jewish Jew) and his great work, The Invention of the Jewish People, and his follow-on, The Invention of the Jewish Nation.

All three of these guys, Wexler, Koestler and Sand, were cited in Elhaik’s study. And in my book. And we’re all in agreement. What do we agree on? Simply this: everything the world knows is wrong. Well, almost everything. But close enough for horseshoes.

What is Palestine? You know, that Roman name attached to that silly sliver of land that’s caused all of those Caesars all those headaches. Well, Palestine is a made-up name. A name that tried to erase the previous names of Galilee and Judea and Samaria, which erased the name of Canaan. Just like Aelia Capitolina was the Roman attempt to erase the name of Jerusalem after Titus leveled the joint. That’s the whole point of this article: if the public doesn’t like something, just re-brand it, and then they will buy it like hotcakes.

Let’s get back to Wexler. He wondered about the names of people and places throughout the Levant. Yes, one of the other names for Palestine. Wexler did some digging and found that the modern names for all those modern Palestinian people and towns and villages throughout the Levant were actually Jewish names that had been bastardized over the centuries. The centuries of Muslim domination. The centuries that began with the then-current occupants (Christians and Jews alike) being given the peace-loving choice of Islam: convert or die. Or, if you want what’s behind Door Number Three, the Jizyah Tax. You can keep your faith, you infidel, if you keep it private, and pay the tax. Let’s see how long your progeny can keep your faith when you pick that door. A millennium later, take a look. They’re all Muslims. Jewish Muslims, to be exact.

In other words, Sabra, the Palestinians (for the most part) are of Jewish descent. And of coerced Muslim conversion. Here’s the funniest part. Since the beginnings of the Zionist Movement, they have been displaced by Khazars from Central Asia who claim ownership of Palestine based on their supposed Abrahamic roots! This wasn’t my idea: it’s Wexler’s and Koestler’s and Sand’s. And Elhaik’s.

Any other big cases of national identity theft on the horizon, Komrade? Actually, yes. Perhaps the most bizarre of all. It is the case of the Russians. Of course, you knew this had to end with Russia, da? And why not? After all, they all believe it. The only problem here, you silly muzhik, is that there are no real Russians. Nope, none at all.

No Russians? What can this mean? It’s simple, my friend. Their real name is this: Slavs. And their identity was stolen by the Rus’. The descendants of Rurik, the (Swedish) Varangian Viking prince. Oh, and yes, by the Khazars. The same guys that stole Scythia and then decided to convert to Judaism. We know them as the Ashkenazi Jews. Vikings from the north, Scythians from the south. The hammer of Thor, the sickle of Scythia. Now do you understand that Red Flag? Those two have alternately ruled ‘Russia’ since the 800’s. Except for the Mongols, who had a nice little run for 200 hundred years. Everyone has ruled Russia except the Slavs.

Who are those people who call themselves Russians today? They are the same as they were at the time of Caesar Augustus. They are the slaves of the east. They serve the Caesars (and Khans) who have captured them. And so, linguistically, those whom Caesar knew as ‘the Sclavus’ have become ‘the slaves’ of the Eastern Caesars (Tsars) unto today. Today, they serve the Emperor of the Third Rome. That would be Vlad Putin, of course. And they are still in thrall to the legend of their name. A name that means something entirely different to them than to the idiots in the West today.

Slav means The Word to these descendants of Japheth. It means the word Glory. The word by which they claim the world will be redeemed. This redemption will be delivered via the Orthodox Church. Why? Because the Slavs are the only vehicle left for the Orthodox rebellion against Holy Rome. And if the Slavic people are willing to be used, in their thrall to their ancient Pagan beliefs, why wouldn’t the Orthodox use them? Why not take advantage of a spirit of political rebellion that rejects the West as being oppressive to the East? It’s so easy to substitute a false religious objection for a legitimate political objection. Especially when the two are so closely intertwined. That political/religious rebellion came when the Patriarch Photius, in 860, repeated those infamous words, ‘I will not serve‘. In reality, he was speaking against the Emperor as much as the Pope. Why? Because he was neither, but wanted to be both.

Once again, a people confuse their King with their High Priest. Jews did it. The Imperial Romans did it. The Greco-Romans did it. The Anglo-Americans have done it. And, of course, the Slavs have done it. They have all given their Kings the allegiance they owed their true High Priest. How? By giving their spiritual allegiance to the leader of a nationalistic church that is subservient to the Emperor-of-the-moment. And the results have always been the same: slavery. Slavery to an Imperial vision that is completely at odds with their national origins. A slavery that is entirely at odds with their spiritual origins.

That statement is at the root of all of mankind’s history unto today. I will not serve. Anybody. And that history is at the root of Western degeneration, from the time of Luther and Henry, unto today. But meanwhile, in their desire to resist Western domination, the ‘Russians’ of today have made themselves the slaves of the Eastern Emperor, who carries this standard of rebellion against the West. Truthfully, they should indeed resist the leprous body of the Imperial West of today. But because everyone tends to confuse Imperial Rome and Holy Rome, they continue to confuse when it is licit to resist a corrupt temporal power and when it is licit to reject a bad spiritual power.

This, after all, is simply the same excuse the Samaritans used to resist the High Priest in Jerusalem. Sure, political resistance is often sanctioned by God, as it was with the Samaritans and their King Jeroboam. When you go one step further and resist his appointed High Priest, you cross the line. The line which will cause your loss of freedom, both politically and spiritually. This is what has happened all throughout history. Why? Because mankind always mixes the roles of Caesar and Messiah, and there is never a happy ending when this occurs.

Therein lies the danger. We have confused our own identity. Whatever our own national identity is (or was), we have lost sight of the fact that our real identity is as a citizen of Heaven. Yes, we have all been led astray by our temporal leaders. Leaders who are always willing to comingle our ideas of our spiritual and temporal heritage. The one is eternal, the other is not.

The Jews lost their national identity when they claimed Caesar as their king, while rejecting their own High Priest. The Greeks lost theirs when they took up the mantle of Imperial Rome, but followed Photius into the schism (and then heresy) of Eastern Orthodoxy. The British lost their identity when they followed King Henry into the abyss of schism (and now heresy) of Western Orthodoxy. The Russians lost their identity when they took up the Orthodox vision of Third Rome as expressed by their pagan Viking Overlords. Americans lost theirs when Lincoln led us unto national destruction, while quoting his Puritan scriptures.

We have all lost our national identity. All of us. But ultimately, it doesn’t matter. Why?
Remember, at one time we were all of one tongue. One nationality. It was the time before the Tower of Babel. Before the division of mankind into the 72 nations of the earth was done by God. This division was a blessing meant to keep us from imagining and acting upon a vain thing. From imagining that we could vault into the heavens without dying. From imagining that we could escape our sins without remorse. Our separation into separate nations was God’s means of keeping us from working, as one, to reject the original purpose of man. That purpose? To glorify God.

Now, here we are, re-assembling under the shadow of The Tower. All nations having lost their God-given uniqueness. All nations re-assembling under the unifying tongue of the digital world. All nations working towards the vision of a single global identity. All nations at war against God.

We’re finally at the end of the trail. Or, actually, the beginning. The beginnings of Paganism, and the first Pagan, Nimrod. The man who built the Tower. The man who commanded the allegiance of (almost) all men. Back when all men spoke with one tongue. And all heard with one ear. What was it they heard, when Nimrod spoke to them?

The story of how all the ancient fathers (Adam, et al.), had become gods, and they had taken their position in the skies above. Yes, they had become the stars and the planets that guided all men on earth. And here was the part that solidified Nimrod’s power. He told the people that they, too, could join the pantheon of the skies without having to die. All they had to do was to build the tower into the skies. And thus, enter the pantheon.

Now, again, here we are, still back in Iraq. Back in the shadow of the Tower of Babel. And what is it that we are doing there? We are imagining a vain and wicked thing.

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  1. To me, this is Mr. Watt’s most entertaining story yet. Such a fertile imagination the man has. Now if only he, like the inestimable Mr. John C. Wright, would just learn to edit their works into a shorter form, I would be more likely to read them. Alas, both seem to be enamored of their cleverness, and the sound of the keyboard.

  2. British history –
    The British Isles were originally settled by the Atlanteans. After their destruction, the lands were resettled by XXX, who were then conquered by XXX, etc. They were conquered by the cart people, who were then conquered by the beaker people, etc. They were conquered by the Picts, who were then conquered by the Celts, who were conquered by the Romans, who were conquered by the Germans (Angles, Saxons, and Jutes), who were conquered by the Norsemen, who were conquered by French Norsemen.

    They are now being conquered by the Pakistanis and various tribes of Africans, and currently owe fealty to Brussels.

  3. As usual, way too much detail! And not really sure what the point is….?

    It seems that this could be taken as the thesis statement:

    “All nations having lost their God-given uniqueness.”


    But so what? Obsessing about Germanic tribes invading the British islands 1500 years ago is not very productive. Interesting, but unhelpful.

    Pick ANY region of the world–say modern Rwanda. There are multiple tribes, ethnic groups, religions, and other identity clans vying for power and control of resources. They have been for millenia. They slaughter each other. They fight. They claim the high ground. They clamor for American assistance on the side of the right and the holy.

    All this history could be useful.

    What is the take away for us, Americans, today?

    How about extrapolating a lesson for America?

    Here it is:

    The world is full of millenia-old local, regional, and continental conflicts between tribes, people, nations, religions, ethnicities and other identity groups.

    They all have long and complicated histories of conflict. They have all slaughtered each other for thousands and thousands of years. They all justify their slaughter with their own stories.

    Action Item for America:
    Their conflicts are NONE OF OUR BUSINESS. The USA should never allow ourselves to be manipulated into supporting one or the other side in any of these grudge-matches.

    Let them sort it out. Let them swim in their own blood. Let them hash it out. No American blood or treasure.

    That should be the moral of your long and convoluted story.


    Briggs, any comment on the above article? If you have the time?

    Regardless, I would like to propose a modest defense of the Anglish though I fear the retaliation of the venerable Ianto (presumably consisting of close harmony singing and other dark Welsh strategems of war).

    The Anglish have gotten God’s word into more hands than anyone else in history. God honors those that honor Him, and the Anglish certainly honored God’s word, it appears. The growth in power and influence created an empire that while certainly not innocent was also inarguably the most benevolent empire in history, where even it’s former colonies don’t seem to harbor much of a grudge. This coincided with a period of publishing and translating more Bibles than any other effort in history.

  5. Anti-Semitism means being against Jews because they are Jews. Whether they are the same ethnic group living in Israel while Christ walked the Earth, or some people who converted to the Jewish faith later does not matter. The problem with Anti-Semitism is that the reason is wrong. People should be your enemy because of what these people themselves are doing, not because somebody else has been doing something.

  6. I would be curious to know the author’s response to this:

    “A 2013 trans-genome study carried out by 30 geneticists, from 13 universities and academies, from 9 countries, assembling the largest data set available to date, for assessment of Ashkenazi Jewish genetic origins found no evidence of Khazar origin among Ashkenazi Jews. “Thus, analysis of Ashkenazi Jews together with a large sample from the region of the Khazar Khaganate corroborates the earlier results that Ashkenazi Jews derive their ancestry primarily from populations of the Middle East and Europe, that they possess considerable shared ancestry with other Jewish populations, and that there is no indication of a significant genetic contribution either from within or from north of the Caucasus region”, the authors concluded.”

  7. Kyle-
    I believe that article you cited was the ‘nay-sayer’ study Watt mentioned, and it uses rather circular logic. That is, ‘if we can’t believe your numbers, then ours must be true!’ Here’s a more recent update on the issue that provides another angle (Yisddish-speakers) that buttresses the Khazar thesis. At least, North-East Turkey is a lot closer to Khazaria than Eastern Europe is.

  8. @John Having a close genetic relationship with other near Eastern peoples kind of makes sense either way. If Ur of the Chaldees is Edessa, and Ashkenazis have a close relationship with neighboring Kurds, that kind of draws the connection to Abraham.

    That being said, I’d love to see Briggs himself weigh in, because I’ve had some statistics, but I know he’s got a serious handle on it.

    Love the Barbarian Bible and Ianto Watt, but the Khazar thing is just not something I’m sold on.

  9. These fanciful tirades from Ianto Watt are like supplementary footnotes to the wildest propositions of Velikovsky. Why are the published, and why here?

  10. Ashkenazic Jews inherited about 50 percent of DNA from the Middle East but 0 percent of DNA from medieval Turkic or Central Asian peoples. Many specific Ashkenazic Y-DNA lineages within the haplogroups E1b1b, J1, and J2 have deep roots in the Middle East, and some of them are specifically Levantine clades that originated from ancient Israel. Ashkenazic Jews, Sephardic Jews, Italian Jews, and Romaniote Jews genetically cluster closely in autosomal DNA plots. There is only a small amount of Caucasus input, yet from the southern Caucasus, not the northern Caucasus. Details are in Chapter 10 of my book “The Jews of Khazaria, Third Edition” as well as Erik L.’s blog

  11. Not really sure what the point is. Surely the genetic makeup of various Jewish groups is irrelevant. It is what they believe, and the adherence to a cultural norm that is important. After all…why does this need to be repeated…anyone can become Jewish if they choose and many do. Their background is immaterial.

    Be that as it may look Watts both my parents families are Scots and it’s our island! We allow you and the Cornish to assist us despite the fact you have not been given a good injection of Viking blood and influence! Don’t make us come down there!

  12. It is Rome who is in schism with the councillor, not papist, Holy, Apostolic and Catholic Orthodox Church.

  13. It is rare indeed that I get a good, hearty laugh out of this Briggsian outpost of strange people, but here is a bursta from Hoyos:
    [quote:] “Regardless, I would like to propose a modest defense of the Anglish though I fear the retaliation of the venerable Ianto (presumably consisting of close harmony singing and other dark Welsh strategems of war”.[/quote]

    Well, I’m not much disposed to propose a “modest defense” of either as the apparent Anglish went out for usurious profit for their non indigenous bankster buddies and the Welsh went into the mines inspired by a fraudulent interpretation of a false translation of Scripture to generate usurious profits for the same foreign interests.

  14. Re “both my parents families are Scots and it’s our island”, perhaps I can anticipate Mr. Watt’s reply?

    Surely it’s a question of which island? “Go back to Erin, mavourneen …”

    Sorry for the irrelevance.

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