Reader Help Request: Any Companies Requiring Diversity Statements? (Please Share)

Reader Help Request: Any Companies Requiring Diversity Statements? (Please Share)

Do any companies, anywhere in the West, require Diversity or Diversity & Inclusion statements?

If you know of any, please leave details in comments below. If you’d like to comment anonymously, please use the Contact Me page. Your information will never be shared (you do not have to give your real name or email).

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There are several possibilities for these statements:

One is a condition of employment: does your company require a D&I statement, voluntary or otherwise, before you can begin work? I don’t mean whether they ask whether the employee belongs to, say, some non-procreative sexual-desire minority, or the like. I mean opinions about D&I.

A second, and I suspect more common avenue, are annual employee reviews. Do employees have to show progress or “awareness” of any common SJW topic; i.e., of “LGBT++++”, “racism”, etc. etc.? Do employees get HR or employee review credit for attending any kind of D&I “training”?

Many companies, such as Goldman Sachs, have programs for, say, perversions (see this link for one). I don’t mean the presence of these programs per se. I want to know if employment prospects are officially enhanced by attendance at these events.


We have seen D&I oaths before: University of Cincinnati Will Require Diversity Oath of Professors, Staff, The Week In Doom — Diversity Statement Edition, and so on.

So far as I know, these oaths are only to be found at Indoctrination Centers, i.e. universities and I imagine certain NGOs.

Here is another example, penned by a scientist who fled Australia for China where, he swears, he has more freedom. “‘I left Australia because I am fed up with seeing job and grant opportunities dwindle for real astronomers,’ he says.”

“The political climate in Australian universities was one of the main reasons why I left,” says the astrophysicist.

“It’s very hard to find a tenured job in astronomy if you don’t belong to a protected group (alas, I am a white hetero Christian male, bad luck!) and/or you don’t do enough visible activism (or at least enough virtue signaling) for a number of green-left issues. In China, it’s highly likely that Chinese astronomers are subject to the same political interference from the Communist Party, but at least a foreigner like me is left alone, and I can do astronomy in peace, without wasting my time with diversity initiatives. And I see first hand that astronomy jobs are still given to the best candidates regardless of gender, ethnic origin, etc. Unlike my Australian boss, my current Chinese boss has never berated me for not being socialist enough…

“There are many levels of discrimination. At one level, you have an increasing number of jobs, fellowships and grants officially reserved for women and ‘first nation’ people. At another level, for jobs open to white males, there will be special clauses in the application to make sure the candidates are sufficiently woke. For example, you’re required to write a ‘diversity statement’—which is nothing more than a pledge of allegiance—to illustrate how you have shown ‘leadership’ when it comes to diversity issues in your previous jobs, your teaching and your research (organizing workshops, writing reports, giving talks for women-only audiences, etc.)” [emphasis mine].

These are the kinds of statements I meant above.

Again, and regular readers know I rarely ask this, please share this post so that we can get some kind of sample. Use the share buttons below.


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  1. Hello Doctor Briggs,

    I wrote a post about this a few years ago, your spam filter won’t let me post the link. But the title was “passing progressive litmus tests as a prerequisite for employment”

    In this case, they were a bit more subtle in their approach. As I describe, they wanted a couple of essays. And in one they obviously wanted to see you virtue signal about the poor illegal immigrant children in a fake newspaper article. Clearly if you said anything bad about illegal immigration in this essay you weren’t going to be getting the job. This company did not work in the media or news, was not an ngo, and their business had no relationship with illegal immigration. they were a technology it/service company.

    I can email you the specific company if you are interested in knowing who and where they are.

    Its not a diversity statement, but it might as well be.

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