The Equality Act That Isn’t — Guest Post by Gaudia Certaminis

The Equality Act That Isn’t — Guest Post by Gaudia Certaminis

Government has a genius for obfuscating the intent of legislation. The most famous example is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. On the surface, even cynics would have to admit that it sounded great—a guarantee of a high level of health care that wouldn’t put patients in the poorhouse. Contrary to how the act was advertised, the consequences were that citizens had to “pay a fortune for the privilege of not having health insurance.”

There is a bill in the batter’s box in House called the “Equality Act” that may be voted on as early as this week.

What could be better than equality? Equality is just a better word for “fairness,” isn’t it? Americans are already “equal under the law” and in theory we are acquainted with equality and its benefits. But why oh why do we need another law? And why do we need a law that reads specifically: “To prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation, and for other purposes.”

The Civil Rights of 1964 did include sex along with “race, color, religion…or national origin” but the frame was to end segregation in in public places and employment discrimination. (There are no legal protections in the US for political affiliation.)

The lawmakers have learned something in the last 55 years. It is much better to have a blanket ban on “discrimination” no matter where it occurs, right? The workplace is no longer a sufficient arena to snuff out inequality. It is much better for the government to have a legal way to worm itself into every facet of the citizen’s life so they can beat down behavior they deem as problematic. Both the citizen and his children are not immune from from the suffocating embrace of the lawmakers.

A key phrase in the act is “gender identity.” Ah, gender identity. If a man wants to wear a skirt or if a girl wants to pretend she is a straight male, yay. Of course we don’t anyone to feel “uncomfortable” as a result of their bad decisions. We have to look at a person who is clearly a biological man, but then be forced to use this person’s “pronouns” even if they do not line up with his physical being. If we do not use the correct pronouns, we will be guilty of “discrimination” and could be summarily charged.

This is already happening in the UK and Canada.

The Act will not be confined to the use of pronouns. Consider dating sites. Suppose a trans woman (who is a biological male) would like to court a biological woman. Suppose further that the biological woman is a lesbian. Now, can the lesbian turn down the date with the trans woman on the basis of this person’s gender identity? On the basis of this legislation, no. It is no longer “bake that cake” but “date that fake.”

Gender identity/gender confusion among children is a burgeoning public health crisis. Children as young as three, but most likely school age, are being coached and coaxed by teachers, counselors, so-called health care professions, and sometimes parents to actively change their gender identity. This law makes no provision for age, and could very well be a carte blanche to sterilize legions of minors—leaving parents who are critical of gender therapy and medical intervention helpless to protect their children. A father in Canada who maintained that his daughter (who was being injected with testosterone without his consent) was a biological female was recently found guilty of “family violence.”

The “Equality Act” has amassed 240 sponsors in the House. And this isn’t the first time a bill of this nature has crossed the threshold of this august body. In 2018, a nearly, if not identical bill gathered 201 sponsors. It’s gaining momentum, and if it does not pass this year, there is always next year.

When it comes to government, no bad idea ever truly dies.

If a bill of this nature passes both the House and the Senate and lands on President Trump’s desk, it is likely that it will be vetoed. But, were another person sitting in the chair at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., she probably could not sign the Equality Act fast enough.

Here is the Petition to Remove Gender Identity from Equality Act.

The signatories include Families, Physicians, and Therapists of Gender-Confused Children, but it appears anyone who is concerned with the consequences of this legislation can sign.


  1. Briggs

    If this act passes, which is admittedly unlikely, we are doomed. Equality is poison, and to have it administered by law means certain death.

  2. Leo

    Free men aren’t equal, equal men aren’t free.

  3. DG

    I agree Briggs. This is about more nonsensical government control. Good post Gaudia

  4. The government has no right to demand that I, a private citizen, treat everyone I meet equally.
    If the government can mandate this, then the Constitution has no meaning, and it’s time to implement the 2nd Amendment.

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