Special Monday Doom!—Sex With Trees Edition

Special Monday Doom!—Sex With Trees Edition

There is more Doom than we can handle. I’m worried if I don’t do a purge now, by end of week we’ll be overwhelmed.

Item ‘Why is my teenage girl picked on for NOT being gay or trans?’ A disturbing look at how teachers and pupils have turned tolerance on its head (Thanks for Jim Fedako for the tip.)

Bella, 13, estimates that one in eight of her year group at school have already come out as gay, bisexual or transgender

She is concerned that she’s regarded as boring for not being transgender or gay…

According to the Government’s latest Sexual Identity Census figures — which are gathered anonymously — 1.6 per cent of adult women in the UK identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual.

Although it is not tracked, it is estimated that the number of transgender people lies somewhere between 0.2 per cent and 1 per cent.

But there’s a big gap between these official figures and what we are seeing in our schools, particularly among girls who studies show are more malleable.

In particular, at some schools entire packs of girls are simultaneously declaring their insanity. Which is proof positive that it’s a madness of the crowds, supported by official government policy. Read the story for the hysteria and histrionics over those still who still embrace Reality.

Item Handshakes could be banned in British offices as survey shows three quarters of people favour a ‘no physical contact’ policy in the workplace

HR professional Kate Palmer said employers may want to ban all touching to avoid expensive sexual harassment lawsuits in the wake of #MeToo

Handshakes could be banned in the workplace to avoid confusion about what kind of physical contact is appropriate.

Employers may want to ban all touching to avoid expensive sexual harassment claims, according to an HR professional.

Kate Palmer, associate director of advisory at HR consultancy Peninsula, told Metro.co.uk: ‘Some employers may put a complete ban on physical contact.

‘Whether that’s going too far or not is a question I would pose, because it’s contextual. Does shaking someone’s hand go too far?’

The matriarchy is flexing its muscles again. Strange they are so small but yet so powerful. Modulator-demodulators will soon be indicted for sexual harassment. Laugh if you want, but men are in deep kimchi. Unless they’re solid on abortion, of course. The ends justify the means.

Item Ecosexuals Believe Having Sex with the Earth Could Save It

From skinny dippers to people who have actual intercourse with nature, ecosexuality is a growing movement taking a new approach to combatting climate change.

If you happen to find yourself in Sydney this week, you have the unique opportunity to have sex with the earth. You just need to stop by the “ecosexual bathhouse,” which is currently part of the Syndey LiveWorks Festival of experimental art. The bathhouse is an interactive installation created by artists Loren Kronemyer and Ian Sinclair of Pony Express, who described the work to me as a “no-holds-barred extravaganza meant to dissolve the barriers between species as we descend into oblivion” as the result of our global environmental crisis. But they also see their piece as a part of a much larger ecosexual movement, which they say is gathering momentum around the world.

Sex with trees has people putting themselves at risk for the ouchiest kind of splinters. And yet the climate keeps changing.

“Jennifer Reed, a PhD candidate in sociology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, is writing a dissertation on ecosexuality, and says that the number of people who identify as ecosexuals has increased markedly in the past two year.”

God made these people, they were born that way. This is a sexual orientation. You cannot object. You must not just condone you must cheerfully support. Or else you are a bigot.

Item ‘Hail Satan?’ Subject the Satanic Temple Says it’s Been Recognized as a Church by the IRS

The Satanic Temple has been officially recognized as a church by the Internal Revenue Service, three months after taking Sundance by storm as the subject of the documentary “Hail Satan?” According to an announcement from “Hail Satan?” distributor Magnolia Pictures, the temple is now eligible for the tax-exempt status given to other religious institutions.

The latest documentary by Penny Lane, “Hail Satan?” follows the history of the Satanic Temple and its colorful protests in the name of religious freedom and separation of church and state, including a push to have a Baphomet statue placed on the grounds of the Arkansas State Capitol next to a proposed statue of The Ten Commandments.

Muh freedom of religion guaranteed this outcome. But only after the fear of proclaiming Christianity.

Now I don’t think this group is any real bother, except legally. They look like they drank one too many Diet Cokes and said to themselves, as they stumbled into unfamiliar sunlight, “We’re already playing Dungeons and Dragons. Why don’t we make if official?” This is a religion of self-satisfied narcissistic nerds.

The real fear is the luciferian Religion of Man.



Caption (c. 2082): Scientists by the close of the Teens had begun to realize the enormous financial advantages of aligning their studies with politics.

Item Democrat State Representative Says Men Should Be Castrated to End Abortions, Taxed to Store Their Sperm

This is what happens when women don’t get dates and, subsequently, get power.


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