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The government doesn’t have a monopoly on research funding. But if you add in the funds of so-called non-governmental organizations—which, as has been noted, announce by their name that they are governmental organizations after all—the true monopoly emerges.

He who has the gold directs the research. And we’ve seen where that leads. It’s not that money is bad per se, but when the organizations that are doing the big spending are evil or have intemperate goals, the money turns to dust.

Add to all that the rampant scientism which grips the Western mind and you have some pretty deep kimchi.

We can dig ourselves out, at least a little, by funding our own dissident work.

Now I have a lot of sharp readers and they send me many suspect and nonsense studies to comment on. The outrageously bad papers take only a short time to read and write about. But the most deceptive, best-backed ones (such as PM2.5) can take tons of effort.

If we want to put the sting on these, it’s going to take some real backing. Consider sponsoring your own counter-study.

Contrary to what you’ve read, I have never taken any form of consideration from an energy or tobacco company. Not that I wouldn’t have, but it’s never been offered.

Alone Ourselves

A whole slew of sweetheart supporters of this no-ads-save-for-this site contribute a couple of bucks a month or make one-time donations. These thrill me no end and they provide true independence to your host.

These funds goes to the web-hosting fees and that sort of thing. Some of it goes to cigars and cheap red wine.

I’ve fixed up the donation page; moved it to a new platform. It allows credit card or PayPal. It appears to work, but if not, let me know.

And look! A button is here, too!



The on-line class in predictive methods is there, in words and code. If you don’t yet own a copy of this master piece, why, I feel sorry for you.

Perhaps the class begins too far downstream, however, and it would be better to begin at the beginning with this award-eligible book. I’ve been meaning to do a re-write and second edition, adding homework questions at chapter ends, so this would spur me into action.

So I’ve been exploring a camera of some kind to do what I’m always blah-blah-blahing about: creating the dissident university. In micro form—so far.

Now I have as much experience with photography and video as your typical SJW does with Reality. I have nothing along these lines. I welcome all suggestions.

I had my eye on this setup, a Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR Camera with a suite of whatnots. I’ve seen some reviews saying it works well for vlogging, and it somewhat portable, a requirement. I certainly don’t need anything extra-super fancy.

Regular readers will recall some video experiments, mostly dismal. Much of the dismality (you heard me: dismality) was the result of laziness, and my failure to write a script. That much I know how to fix.

I’m on KDE Linux and used kdenlive. I don’t have a large machine (wee 8GB laptop), so can’t do mega video editing. But this seems to work for me. If you know of better, chime in. I am a complete newbie here.

New Book #1

It’s done! The one on “popular fallacies.” I am now looking around for publishers. I was shot down about a year ago at Regnery, which was my fault. The title I used was rotten and would have begged people not to buy the book.

That was the title, incidentally. Popular Fallacies: The Bad Arguments We Love.

I still cringe looking at it, for it is nothing like those perennial tomes with lists of Latin false syllogisms. These are good books, but one would never call them rousing. Mine will certainly perform that function, if nothing else.

Subtitles I don’t love, and the new title is without one. It might not survive without this unnecessary appendage after the book meets a marketing department.

What is the new title? Ha! Wouldn’t you like to know!

New Book #2

It’s not done! It’s barely past the title stage. The subject is scientism.


  1. Ignore the major publishers. Get in touch with some of the small houses that work directly with Amazon for Kindle versions, and maybe a print-on-demand version. Castalia House might be worth a shot. Asking doesn’t cost anything.

  2. Gary

    You might consider a GoPro Hero 7 for vlogging. Very portable. HD video. Records sound reasonably well. Has a voice control option (set of commands it recognizes). Waterproof. About the same price as the Canon.

    New Book #1 title suggestion: You’re Wrong!
    It’s short and snappy and people hate to be wrong so they will be provoked to look into the introduction, which of course must be short and snappy and equally provocative so they will buy it.

  3. Jim Fedako

    You need to start monetizing your site.

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