The Week In Doom — You Will Love Butt Brother Edition

The Week In Doom — You Will Love Butt Brother Edition

Item Blurred lines: A pregnant man’s tragedy tests gender notions

When the man arrived at the hospital with severe abdominal pains, a nurse didn’t consider it an emergency, noting that he was obese and had stopped taking blood pressure medicines. In reality, he was pregnant — a transgender man in labor that was about to end in a stillbirth…

“The point is not what’s happened to this particular individual but this is an example of what happens to transgender people interacting with the health care system,” said the lead author, Dr. Daphna Stroumsa of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

“He was rightly classified as a man” in the medical records and appears masculine, Stroumsa said. “But that classification threw us off from considering his actual medical needs.”

The woman pretending to be a man was “rightly classified as a man” said the doctor. The doctor.

Well, some “doctors” execute their patients, either when the patients are coming or going, and still more mutilate their patients, as long as the patients request it—and can pay. And many more said eat margarine not butter, folks who also say “Yes” when a patient asks whether this new drug is right for them.

Current Year Hippocratic Oath: First check the zeitgeist.

It’s past time to stop the automatic respect given to a man who has “Dr” in front of his name.

Item Miami Springs Now Has Florida’s First Transgender Lutheran Pastor

On a recent Sunday in April, Rev. Kit Robison delivered a sermon about the commandment to love God and your neighbor as yourself. For a long time, Robison told parishioners, she struggled with the last part of that edict: to love herself.

At the end of the service, Robison called her wife, Christa, up to the pulpit. Then the pastor announced to the attendees of Grace Lutheran Church in Miami Springs that she is a transgender woman.

“What you see in front of you does not match my self-understanding,” she said. “In my self-understanding, I am a woman.”…

While some Christians believe being transgender goes against God’s word and biblical principles, Robison dismisses those notions and says her change is fully in accordance with God’s will.

“God does not make mistakes, and he didn’t make a mistake with me. God made me a transgender woman,” she says. “I now have the gift of knowing the experience of both my male and female church members, and I can minister better to both.”

God also made necrophiliacs, murderers, masturbators, and mimes. God doesn’t make mistakes!

The key line, ladies and gentlemen? In my self-understanding.

You are what you believe you are, and everybody else damn well agree. You, dear reader, must participate in whatever madness every fool invents. This is tyranny.

No, I mean it. Tyranny. Freedom is defined as being able to do what is right. Being forced to agree with what is false, as in tranny madness or gmarriage et cetera, is to do what is wrong under duress. In other words, tyranny.

Still not convinced? How about this next item?

Item ChristianMingle loses lawsuit, must now include gay singles, an online dating service for Christian singles, must start allowing people to seek out same-sex relationships under a judge-approved settlement.

ChristianMingle only required new users to specify whether they’re a man seeking a woman or a woman seeking a man. Two gay men filed class-actions claims against the site’s owner, California-based Spark Networks Inc., claiming that the site’s limited options violated California’s anti-discrimination law, The Wall Street Journal reported.

State law requires businesses to offer “full and equal” accommodations and services to people regardless of their sexual orientation.

Two narcissistic faqqots, who apparently did not even need the site’s services, decided to sue because they couldn’t bear to have anybody condemn their “lifestyle which will send them into everlasting punishment.

The saddest part of the story is the company submitted instead of closing down.

You will submit. You will bake the cake. You must love Butt brother.


Item Healthcare worker, 46, tied to a THOUSAND unexplained deaths of elderly patients in Texas is charged with smothering 12 women with a pillow

Demons are real. Not metaphorically real. Real real. Whether this man is obsessed our outright possessed, it is demonic.

Item Today’s image is from ModoBag, the final and complete proof of our doom. It is luggage on which you can ride through the airport.


  1. Larry Geiger

    “Grace Lutheran Church” in Miami Springs, FL is an ELCA church. Which means that it’s Lutheran in name only. There are no women pastors in the LCMS (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.

  2. Larry Geiger

    Motobag? Is the bag what they are riding on or are those the bags sitting on the suitcases?

  3. Sheri

    Apparently, you cannot fix stupity and it is spreading.


  4. Sheri

    In addition, we need a designation “mutiliated female now pretending to be a male who kept her uterus because she really didn’t want to be a true ‘he'”. That would clarify the insane “pregnant male”.

  5. Like Sheri said.
    When I read transgendered woman I assume, she’s really a woman.
    That’s what the words say.

  6. Mike Ozanne

    “Today’s image is from ModoBag, the final and complete proof of our doom. It is luggage on which you can ride through the airport.”

    why on earth would you waste your baggage allowance on a battery, motor and frame reinforcement??

  7. c matt

    God does not make mistakes

    No . . . but humans sure as hell do.

  8. c matt

    So is the transgendered woman (a man) married to a wife – which I assume to be a woman – simply a fake lesbian? Should heshe really earn intersectionality points? I propse new pronouns – heshe (man who thinks he’s a woman) and shehe (woman who thinks she’s a man). If only Dr. Suess were still around to pen a short story on it fopr the chirrens.

  9. c matt

    I guess Christian Singles must be based in CA? One more reason not to live there.

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