Special Mid-Week Doom — All Israel All The Time Edition

Special Mid-Week Doom — All Israel All The Time Edition

Item Nearly 400 Lawmakers Call on Trump to Address Threats in Syria

Dear Mr. President:

At a time of grave insecurity in the Middle East, we are deeply concerned about the role that terrorist and extremist groups and U.S. adversaries continue to play, particularly in Syria…including assisting our ally, Israel…armed drone infiltrated Israeli airspace…dozens of missiles toward Israel from Syria…complicating Israel’s ability…potent threat to Israel…missiles at Israel…strike anywhere in Israel…between Israel and Syria…Israel also recently discovered…made their way into Israel…intentions of kidnapping Israeli soldiers…strengthen Israel’s security…Israel’s right to self-defense…support Israel’s ability…support Israel’s right…the United States and Israel…ensure that Israel…isolate and weaken Israel…threaten and challenge IsraelIsrael’s border…growing threats to U.S. interests, Israel, and regional security…

This is a summary of a one-page letter from the House’s Committee on Foreign Affairs page, with grants provided by AIPAC.

Kidding about AIPAC! Don’t sue!

Item Stormzy should replace Mozart in UK music classrooms, study says:Popular modern genres like grime and hip-hop are said to remain completely absent from most UK classrooms

National charity Youth Music has said the curriculum needs a major shake-up to improve levels of attendance and aid the development of disillusioned youngsters, with the more than 200-year-old symphonies of the Austrian composer unlikely to ever find a place on their Spotify playlists.

More popular modern genres like grime and hip-hop are said to remain completely absent from most UK classrooms, despite artists like Stormzy using his work to address social issues.

Music has almost circled back to its beginnings when beating two sticks together was considered novel. Now we have the same set to obscene lyrics, all modulated through robotic electronics. Because this is what sells, and what sells is what should sell, because what people want is what people want, therefore what they want is good. Diversity is our weakness.

Item Dogs Not Welcome: Growing Calls By Muslims To Accommodate Their Hatred Of Dogs

CTV of Vancouver reported that numerous flyers had been posted at a local park which read, “Many Muslims live in this area and dogs are considered filthy in Islam. Please keep your dogs on a leash and away from the Muslims who live in this community.”…

He cites a case in which a Dutch Muslim politician called for dogs to be banned in The Hague, one of the Netherlands biggest cities. Banned?

According to the Gatestone Institute:

In Spain, two Islamic groups based in Lerida — a city in the northeastern region of Catalonia where 29,000 Muslims now make up around 20% of the city’s total population — asked local officials to regulate the presence of dogs in public spaces so they do not “offend Muslims.” … Muslims said the presence of dogs in Lerida violates their religious freedom and their right to live according to Islamic principles.

After their proposals were rejected by local politicians, an epidemic of dog-poisonings followed.

Woof! Notice who is always asked to be accommodating and who is not. Diversity is our weakness.

Item South Korea discovers smuggled human flesh pills

South Korean authorities seized more than 2,000 human flesh pills smuggled from China.

A total of 2,751 pills filled with human flesh had been smuggled from China between 2015 and August this year, according to the Korea Customs Service, in a report submitted to National Assembly, Yonhap News reported.

Human flesh pills are made of dead human fetuses or infants and wrongly known to boost stamina and cure cancer, serious diabetes and incurable diseases. They are smuggled in suitcases or via international mail to South Korea and sold on the black market.

This report, now a bit old, is from UPI, and thus is not considered “fringe.” One wonders how much of this Planned (Un)Parenthood does.

Item What can be done to stop the criminalization of black girls? Rebuild the system

Black girls are being criminalized at alarming rates. Experts say there are ways to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Black girls don’t misbehave more than white girls, yet in every state across the country they are more likely to be disciplined in school and often receive harsher penalties for the same infractions, experts and researchers have found. They are “dress coded” more frequently than white peers and often viewed as hypersexualized and “adultified” at an early age…

But advocates and researchers say there are ways to close that gap – and to make sure that black girls are not being pushed out of school and into confinement.

Those remedies include launching restorative justice practices, creating diversion courts, remaking the educational and juvenile justice system and — as the Office of Civil Rights recommended in closing its Fort Bend investigation last summer — revising the disciplinary codes to define infractions and procedures more clearly and developing a training program for staffers who enforce discipline…

Under the LEAD program, a joint initiative by the city of Houston and Harris County, campus police and administrators are encouraged to refer students for support services instead of arresting them for non-violent offenses or enforcing punitive discipline.

The statement that “Black girls don’t misbehave more than white girls” is not due to an objective measure, but the result of theory which insists on Equality. The higher “arrest” and punishment rates of black girls is an objective measurement.

Failing to punish black girls will, of course, work in the sense of making equal the statistics of punishment, pace “In the Oakland Unified School District in California, the use of restorative justice was credited with helping reduce suspensions from 34% to 14% over two years, bringing down the rate of chronic absenteeism and eliminate disproportionate suspensions of black students in the schools where it was used.”

This must be true: if you do not suspend, suspension rates must necessarily decrease. The “problem” is therefore solved.

Item Facebook plans to launch ‘GlobalCoin’ cryptocurrency in 2020: Mark Zuckerberg met governor of Bank of England last month to discuss decision

Click “I renounce my beliefs” to retrieve your funds…


  1. RE: Threats in Syria….

    Exact same scenario on “threats from Iran.” Just a little bit more blatant in the American obeisance to our foreign masters:

    “At a recent meeting of the Republican Jewish Coalition, Mr. Trump pulled Mr. Adelson aside and asked how he thought Mr. Bolton was doing, according to a person briefed on the conversation. Mr. Adelson said that if Mr. Trump was happy, then he was happy.”


  2. RE: Muslims imposing dog standards on the European communities in which they live

    Can you believe they’ve done the same thing in the USA? For decades.

    There’s a place in NYC, Williamsburg, where the robe-wearing, head-covering bearded Islamics force American citizens who pass to follow their arcane religious rules. Dog restrictions are the least of the impositions these chanters make on non-Islamics. Barbarians!

    They are only allowed to use “religious approved” cell phones! Barbarians!

    They impose their woman-hating “modesty” requirements on others! Barbarians!

    They force women to ride in the back of public buses. Barbarians!

    They “tolerate” those outside the Muslim community–only if the outsiders respect their Islamic values.

    The community is enmeshed in child sex abuse, bribery, and worse.

    The nerve of these medieval barbarians!

    Here’s a great video on these bearded barbarians:


    Oh, wait…must be some misunderstanding…

  3. Sander van der Wal

    Time to introduce a new acronym: DINO, Dutch In Name Only.

    This could be getting interesting, as the PvdD, the Animal rights party who clashed with said DINO politician, is becoming more and more popular in Holland. They even kept their European Parliament seat, unlike both the SP (Socialists) and the PVV, Geert Wilders’ party. It is a party for the well-to-do, and there are a lot of such people in The Hague.

  4. Gary-in-Erko

    This blog has recently taken up a fixation on Jews.

  5. junkdna

    gary ecko

    who said anything about jews?

  6. Gary: I will refer you to the news. These are pretty blatant attempts by Jews to dictate US policy and eliminate the 1st Amendment.

    America must defend Israel from international criticism. https://www.timesofisrael.com/us-house-passes-repudiation-of-un-security-council-resolution-on-israel/

    America must defend Israel from not making money off Americans.

    America must defend Israel from American criticism. https://www.jns.org/house-resolution-introduced-rejecting-anti-israel-and-anti-semitic-sentiment/

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