UFOs: Solution Of Fermi Paradox Or One-World Government Wedge? Update

UFOs: Solution Of Fermi Paradox Or One-World Government Wedge? Update

UFOs–in the public imagination, at least—came in four waves. Although there were other incidents well before this time, and in many places, the first big push in the States was the 1950s.

The UFO that crashed in Roswell, suspiciously close to nuked-up military bases, was officially called a weather balloon.

There was more than Roswell: sightings proliferated. Hollywood noticed. The movies painted the aliens’ presence as an initial arrival. The stories suggested aliens were around before this, but the time had come (in the minds of the aliens) for a serious investigation of these curious humans. The entities piloting the craft had a range of motivations.

Many were up to no good. These aliens were beaten off. Some came to warn us we were up to no good. These aliens were heeded, more or less. If you’ve never seen 1951’s The Day The Earth Stood Still, see it. A flawed but brilliant movie.

Our efforts as a race must have paid off, because UFOs went quiet until the 1970s. That’s when abductions hit the social consciousness. Barney and Betty Hill were a cause célèbre. Hollywood, that master propaganda engine, answered again.

The aliens, the scripts told us, had stepped up to a reconnaissance-in-force. Again, the behavior of these creatures was everything from hostile to beneficent, but those that were hostile might have been so because they were misunderstood by us. We are mean and racist.

It was more than Hollywood. The government knew about UFOs, and openly investigated them in such efforts as Project Blue Book (which had really closed up shop by 1970).

Again a period of silence followed, until the aliens returned in the 1990s, this time with shiny new probes. Harvard professor John Edward Mack took reports of abductions, and encounters of an intimate kind, seriously. Harvard is, of course, a government entity in a very real sense.

Naturally, Hollywood sought to make a buck—or push a view. This time it was more TV than the movies. Setting up “bases” or “colonies” is the next step after a successful reconnaissance. The aliens were now here. They were among us. It became clearer that the some aliens were here for our benefit, and that they themselves had their own enemies.

Repeating the approximate twenty-year pattern, there was once more a period of silence. Bringing us to today. UFOs are back!

We now have video of actual UFOs. Not out-of-focus photographs taken by farmers in fields, but official high-tech images taken by naval pilots. With these pics comes official acknowledge that these are real phenomena.

The Washington Post, another government agency in the same vein as Harvard, wants us to know the new wave is seriously serious. “UFOs exist and everyone needs to adjust to that fact: UFOs are not the same thing as extraterrestrial life. But we should start thinking about that possibility.” It is likely not insignificant that the author of this piece is “a professor of international politics at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.”

Before we come to that, look at this tweet:


If you can’t read the tweet, it says “More likely reality: They are MAKING UP the existence of UFOs in order to execute the biggest false flag of all time and usher in the One World Government they’ve been itching to establish for over a century. I’ve been predicting this one for over a year now.”

Before you poo-poo this theory, Remember the Maine! Then look at what the Post said:

One of the gutsiest working paper presentations I have witnessed was Alexander Wendt and Raymond Duvall presenting a draft version of “Sovereignty and the UFO.” In that paper, eventually published in the journal Political Theory, Wendt and Duvall argued that state sovereignty as we understand it is anthropocentric, or “constituted and organized by reference to human beings alone.” They argued that the real reason UFOs have been dismissed is because of the existential challenge that they pose for a worldview in which human beings are the most technologically advanced life-forms:

“UFOs have never been systematically investigated by science or the state, because it is assumed to be known that none are extraterrestrial. Yet in fact this is not known, which makes the UFO taboo puzzling given the ET possibility…. The puzzle is explained by the functional imperatives of anthropocentric sovereignty, which cannot decide a UFO exception to anthropocentrism while preserving the ability to make such a decision. The UFO can be ‘known’ only by not asking what it is.”

And “discussion of actual UFOs has been the topic of some serious mainstream media coverage. There was the December 2017 New York Times story by Helene Cooper, Ralph Blumenthal and Leslie Kean about the Defense Department’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, which was tasked with cataloguing UFOs recorded by military pilots. DoD officials confirmed its existence.”


What appears to be happening is that official organs of the state are now acknowledging that UFOs exist, even if they are not literally using the term. They are doing so because enough pilots are reporting UFOs and near-air collisions so as to warrant better record-keeping. They are not saying that these UFOs are extraterrestrials, but they are trying to destigmatize the reporting of a UFO.

Still, the very fact that this step has been taken somewhat weakens the Wendt and Duvall thesis. This was always a two-step process: (a) Acknowledge that UFOs exist; and (b) Consider that the UFOs might be ETs.

So far, Hollywood (as far as I know) hasn’t had time to work on this new wave. We might guess they would show us the aliens are now about to openly reveal themselves.

Finally we arrive at the Fermi “paradox” which says, more or less, that given evolution creates life, and the universe is big, it should be full of aliens which should by now be here; but they aren’t here, says Fermi. Hence the paradox. UFOs solve the problem.

Yet so does a false flag solve it. It would be the ultimate weapons-of-mass-destruction ploy. Submit or they will destroy us! It’s for your own good. Yet, if the government did say aliens are our new masters, would you believe them?

On the third hand, another solution is that Fermi’s premises are wrong, that we’re alone, and that UFOs are mundane.

Update The stories keep comin’! Former Head of Pentagon’s Secret UFO Program Has Some (Strange) Stories to Tell…”to overcome long-standing stigmas and talk more openly about these mysterious aircraft, some of which may pose a bigger threat than we realize…”

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  1. See the plot of “The Watchmen”. Or the classic Outer Limits episode (directly referenced in the comic book version of The Watchmen), “The Architects of Fear”.

  2. c matt

    On the third hand, another solution is that Fermi’s premises are wrong, that we’re alone, and that UFOs are mundane.

    But I thought that was the whole point of Fermi’s paradox – that because they are not here, and given the age/expanse of the universe they should be, the only logical explanation is we are alone.

  3. c matt

    Oh, come on – no government has ever used a fabricated existential threat to increase its power over citizens. Unheard of. Next you will be mumbling about mushroom clouds or gerbil worming or something.

  4. c matt

    Of course if they all look like Battlestar Galactica Number Six, I, for one, would welcome our ET overlords.

  5. Ye Olde Statistician

    Where did Wendt come up with the notion that human technological superiority in the universe was the ‘dominant worldview’?

  6. Gary

    Briggs, Klaatu wants to know why you think TDTESS (original version) is flawed.

  7. DAV

    Speaking of. Klaatu, the recent discovery that “Klaatu barada nikto” is interstellar SMS shothand for “Stuck in traffic. Be home late. Don’t wait up” is proof that aliens aren’t any more advanced than we are else why the shorthand?

    Additionally, Gort was actally a being named Martin who self-identified as a robot. Further proof of non-superiority except in the Virtue-signaling sense.

  8. DAV

    Tucker Carlson intends to devote his show entirely to UFO’s tonight or so he’s said.

  9. DG

    A very good and interesting article!

    It wouldn’t surprise me if UFO sightings and other things were being fabricated to some extent to push a type of globalist agenda for a world government. I had the impression of an underlying subtle argument, message or justification for a world government from the Independence Day films – or at least that was my impression. And there have been thinkers like Bertrand Russel that thought that a world government would be a good thing and would be something that would prevent wars and keep the peace among nations. However, I think a world government is a bad idea altogether because of the amount of power that can be potentially given in a world government and thus the greater possibility of widespread abuse of power.

    As for the “Day The Earth Stood Still” film I agree it’s a very well done film from the 1950s. I’ve seen it and I actually own a DVD copy of it. It’s an enjoyable classic sci-fi movie. I wouldn’t bother with the new 2008 re-make of the film. I made the mistake of seeing the remake of it in the theater some years back and it was poorly scripted and was very boring to watch. Hollywood, in my opinion, generally doesn’t have an imagination these days. Nonetheless the old 50s sci-fi film is worth watching.

  10. DG

    @ kawaii_kike,

    I’ve heard of that theory before – that some of the apparent UFO/alien “encounter” claims may be actually demonic or so-called paranormal activity. I’m no expert on any of these claims or subject-matter altogether. But years ago I talked with some friend that had done some research on UFO and alien claims and such and such and he thought that some of these claims can be explained by demonic activity. He made the note that some of the people that have made claims of encountering an “alien presence” were also known to be involved in occult practices. The man that I talked to, said that originally he believed in extraterrestrial encounters and alien UFOs and after doing some thought and research about it he later became a skeptic of it. I’m also a skeptic of alien claims myself not because I think it’s impossible for there to be intelligent life on other planets but because it’s rather vague and left unexplained on how and where these aliens would be coming from in the universe and how they would be able to encounter us in the first place.

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