Witchcraft Is Spellbinding To Our Elites

Witchcraft Is Spellbinding To Our Elites

Many will argue it was inevitable that women’s “liberation” would give rise to witchcraft. Women have a greater need than men for the emotional, especially in matters of love and simulations of the same.

Disagree? Here is the rebellious New York Times printing a moist pean to witchcraft “Here’s What Being a Witch Really Means“, in which a lady goes on at length describing her many attempts at manipulating emotions.

“Most of my early spells were focused on boys I had crushes on, desperately hoping to make them love me back. (These spells usually called for ingredients like rose petals or fresh cinnamon, but I’d often improvise with whatever I found around the house, such as Sweet’N Low.).”

How adorable.

There was the spell I did for Rebecca, my older sister’s friend, who was hiding in my room during a house party, lusting after some guy who was downstairs. I lit some candles and did some incantations: “Oh kindle the fire of his heart!” I chanted, while trying not to kindle the fire of my suburban bedroom.

Then I sprinkled her with some “love powder” that I’d bought at a New Age shop and sent her on her way. They made out an hour later.

The witch goes on to describe other hook-up spells. And then others “on helping [her] become a more purposeful and compassionate person.”

She admits “The proliferation of ‘HEX THE PATRIARCHY’ placards fills me with particularly witchly glee”. It follows her meddling with bats wings usually goes toward “working to subvert the corrosive narrative of sexism, racism, queer-phobia and xenophobia.”

Next, a fawning Time article. Yes, Witches Are Real. I Know Because I Am One. See if you notice a common theme.

There is also a chance that she is you, and that “witch” is an identity you have taken upon yourself for any number of reasons — heartfelt or flippant, public or private.

Today, more women than ever are choosing the way of the witch, whether literally or symbolically. They’re floating down catwalks and sidewalks in gauzy black clothing and adorning themselves with Pinterest-worthy pentagrams and crystals. They’re filling up movie theaters to watch witchy films, and gathering in back rooms and backyards to do rituals, consult tarot cards and set life-altering intentions. They’re marching in the streets with HEX THE PATRIARCHY placards and casting spells each month to try to constrain the commander-in-chief. Year after year, articles keep proclaiming, “It’s the Season of the Witch!” as journalists try to wrap their heads around the mushrooming witch “trend.”…

The witch is a notorious shape-shifter, and she comes in many guises:…Sometimes she’s a he.

Tranny witches? Does that prove the patriarchy was hexed, or does it mean the patriarchy is stealthily taking over witchcraft?

Finally—and this is the same week, friends—the Los Angeles TimesThe working witches of Los Angeles just want you to be your best self.

Today’s working witches, whose prominence is growing thanks to social media, primarily see themselves as healers. They help clients who are struggling to cope with life’s hurdles — heartache, aging, misogyny, work stress — and who find that more culturally accepted remedies, such as therapy and meditation, aren’t enough.

Misogyny? One would guess that ailment would be at a minimum in matriarchies like ours. Matriarchy—not patriarchy. Any civilization that allows women to choose to kill their offspring can’t in any sense be called a patriarchy. The hexes have worked, the switch has been made. All that’s left are mop-up operations.

Witchcraft is therefore an assertion of the growing influence women have on those outside their families.

“Interest in witchcraft waxes and wanes, but it is waxing, again, particularly among young women,” says Helen Berger, a professor at Brandeis University who has been studying witches and pagans for 30 years.

At least half a dozen books on witchcraft have been released in the past six months alone. Museums and universities like LACMA, UCLA, UC Berkeley and Smith are inviting witches to lecture and lead workshops on their campuses.

Are they indeed. Well, it must be so, since the media never lies, exaggerates, or omits.

At The American Interest (noting and not encouraging the phenomenon) we learn that AOC shared her “her entire birth chart with what can only be described as Astrology Twitter.” Then this happened:

Astrology Twitter went wild. So did the mainstream media, with outlets from Vox to The Cut to Allure speculating about what Ocasio-Cortez’s astrological chart could tell us about her fitness for political office.

They say “Progressive occultism—the language of witches and demons, of spells and sage, of cleansing and bad energy, of star and signs—has become the de facto religion of millennial progressives: the metaphysical symbol set threaded through the worldly ethos of modern social justice activism.”

Take Jex Blackmore, “a self-proclaimed Satanic feminist” who boasted “We are going to disrupt, distort, destroy…We are going to storm press conferences, kidnap an executive, release snakes in the governor’s mansion, execute the president.” Executions done in the name of progressivism are spiritually fulfilling.

There are many others. Their number is growing. It appears our leaders want them to grow.

It’s perhaps not a coincidence (not all conspiracies are theories) major media organs are pushing witchcraft simultaneously.

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  1. Michael Dowd

    Wonder if Pope Francis would approve of dialogue with witches? Seems like the ecumenical thing to do.

  2. Withrow Legge

    Burn the witch!
    Or rather all of them.

  3. Michael Ozanne

    I can call spirits from the vasty deep.
    Why, so can I, or so can any man;
    But will they come when you do call for them?”

  4. Nate

    Come, come, no more of this unprofitable chat.


  5. Wicca is the religion of homosexuals and other mentally deranged people, mostly women. It has been from the beginning back at the end of the Hippy era.

  6. Michael Ozanne

    In faith, my lord, you are too wilful-blame;

  7. Dan Schnittker

    Article begins ‘many argue women’s lib gives rise to witchcraft’. Rebel priest Jules Gomes has written a bunch about how it is witchcraft, Gnosticism, occult, that have given rise to women’s lib, i.e. feminism of the anti nature, anti truth variety.

  8. Uncle Mike

    For what it’s worth, the governor of Oregon, Kate Brown, is a Wiccan. She is also famously bi-sexual — indeed that was her principal qualification for the office. She has no other accomplishments.

    Sadly, she has a husband of some sort, and a stepson, who himself is famously a high school dropout. When the question of Oregon’s dropout rate (highest in the nation) was raised at a campaign debate, Kate proudly announced that her stepson finally got his GED.

    There is a level of deep degeneracy in our Ruling Elite that is tragic to some (like myself — I can only imagine what the poor kid has gone through) and a badge of honor to others (Kate’s supporters). More doom and gloom as we spiral downwards…

  9. c matt

    casting spells each month to try to constrain the commander-in-chief.

    All they have to do is vote Dem or GOPe. Congress will do the rest.

    And bat wings!?! Have they no shame? Couldn’t she use a vegan alternative and spare the buggers? PETA will hear about this.

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