Pope: Support One-World Government (And Corporations) Or Die

Pope: Support One-World Government (And Corporations) Or Die

Quick! Dig into those couch cushions, sneak into the kids room and hack into their phones for their Bitcoin addresses, open a front-lawn gluten-free shaming station to fine passersby for not wearing Pride pins. Do anything!

“Dear friends, time is running out!”

That’s not me. That’s Pope Francis. The (second) exclamation point is Vatican-stamped official. Hence our urgency.

Don’t let it be said the Holy Father is a rank, unthinking alarmist and that he doesn’t have a sense of humor about the subject, for he opened his latest speech on “climate change” with the words, “I extend a warm welcome to all of you on the occasion of this Dialogue…”

It’s true that without carbon dioxide there would be no (as in none) plant life, and that plants are almost completely made of CO2 and water, and that the more CO2 there is the better plants do, and that it is impossible carbon dioxide is a pollutant, that therefore we ought to ban, tax, and regulate carbon dioxide because a “radical energy transition is needed to save our common home.”

The implication is clear. If we don’t have this radical energy transition, our common home will be destroyed. “This is no exaggeration,” says Francis. This is a “climate emergency.”

We therefore have to fork it over to the Tom Steyers of the world who are selling hideously expensive global warming “solutions”, like those enormous pin wheels that make the land look like it has leprosy. Still, just as we are forced to suffer gazing at award-winning architectural monstrosities so that the feelings of the elite aren’t hurt, we’ll have to learn not to squint when we walk by these vertical food processors whirling above us. If we don’t, the planet is doomed.

That the Tom Steyers of the world grow rich saving the planet, and we grow poorer, is a price we should gratefully pay.

In that same way, we must, as the Pope said a few years back, and as he echoed in his new speech, back a one-world government. Even if a one-world government doesn’t reduce global warming, think of the savings in paperclips alone as the bureaucracies of the world unite.

Many have heard the Pope on this question. Here is something from one of the usual suspects: “Open Borders Must Be Part of Any Response to the Climate Crisis” with the horrifying subtitle “The alternative is the death of millions and a world fractured by nationalism.”

Open borders are a theorem of one-world government.

“Borders, like nations, present themselves as natural and eternal. They are neither, but movement is. Humans have been on the move for hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions of years.”

Except for certain countries, of course, the writer advocates opening all borders.

Some of the individuals who have profited most from the creation of the climate crisis are the same ones demanding that the fictional boundaries that disfigure the planet be reinforced with a violence that is all too real.

By “all too real” he means “imagined.” But the imagination is powerful, a place where the most insane things can happen. So it’s racist not to open borders. Anything short of that is to “rehabilitate the concentration camp as a viable form of housing for children.”

Corporations, which are everywhere merging into government, should not be neglected when considering who gets our money. Here is an item from the New York Post (print edition): “Meal Threat to Climate.”

Home-delivered meal kits come wrapped in layers of plastic, but they may be better for the Earth than those that are home-cooked.

A new study finds that shopping for and cooking your own meals produces 33 percent more greenhouse-gas emissions than ordering prepacked meals kits.

Yes, you’ll save money and live healthier and longer by cooking your own food from raw ingredients. But if you pay the 1,000%-or-so markup to have your chemical-laced meal “kits” home delivered, you’ll save the planet!

It is not a coincidence that your money goes to a woke corporation. Corporations hire experts. Experts, by definition, know more than you do about the kind of food you should eat. They’ll use the funds for good. They want to save the planet more than you do. Why? Because woke corporations are earnest.


  1. Michael Dowd

    Brave New World blessed by His Holiness (whole lot less).

  2. Faith

    Dear Briggs, you brighten my day with your wit and brilliant sarcasm. It is easy to become despondent over the power these maniacs wield but God is laughing at them and he sends His messengers such as yourself to remind us of it. Thank you.

  3. Nate

    The wife insisted we try Hello Fresh meal kit delivery. (at the time I think it was like $20 – $30 per box).

    After a week of them I was like, okay, so I can go to the supermarket or Walmart, and get all this stuff for 1/5 the price. *And* the food will taste better. *And* there’s not all this trash from the packaging to throw away.

    Stuff like this exists because the older generations have *COMPLETELY* failed to properly teach the millennial generation basic life skills (it is worse with the later millenials). Boomers love to blame millennials for all our failings, but do you blame the dog when it pees on the rug if you never house trained it? Women who didn’t teach their daughters (and sons, for that matter) how to cook because you were too busy working a soulless corporate job and eating out all the time are now “shocked, shocked” that Susie has no idea how to roast vegetables and braise meat. Susie can’t use a needle and thread, let alone a sewing machine. Brad makes hockey pucks on his grill whenever he makes burgers, and can’t even change the oil in his car (let alone do any even *basic* repair).

    Sure, there are exceptions. But the general case is one of severe parenting failure.

    Some woke corporation realized that there’s an innate human desire to make tasty food for one’s family, and figured out how to make the most cash out of it. Rediculious? Sure. But expected, given the destruction of our culture by the flower children of the 60’s.

  4. Michael Ozanne

    So Dr Briggs, is it time to become a Baptist?? 😛 🙂

  5. Briggs


    No, sir. A flawed father is still a father.

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