Transgender Madness Update

Transgender Madness Update

It is impossible for a man to become a woman. It is possible, and growing more frequent, for a man to pretend to be or to believe he is a woman. It is even more possible for him to do so in a society that convinces him it is a good, even noble, but certainly possible idea. Which is to say, a society that has lost its way.

That a man cannot turn into a woman was always obvious throughout all human history, a truth just as obvious as that sun is hot.

It is still obvious, to those who care to think about it. If you want the “science” (the scare quotes denoting this field of human endeavor is now as corrupted as any other), you can read the report Sexuality And Gender, 143 pages of showing it still takes two to tango, that nobody is born “gay” or “trans” or (although they don’t say it) necrophiliac or pedophilic. Therefore, since none of these things are innate, they must be learned.

If they are learned, they must be taught. And if they are taught, somebody has to do the teaching. Who is that?

Increasingly, all of us. Or so is the conclusion reached after reading PRRI’s new survey on “America’s Growing Support for Transgender Rights“.

“More than six in ten (62%) Americans say they have become more supportive toward transgender rights compared to their views five years ago. By contrast, about one-quarter (25%) say their views are more opposed compared to five years ago.”

That one-quarter probably represents the winnowing effect, the “radicalization” produced as the meek are strong-armed into abandoning Reality, leaving the most stalwart behind. Plus the increasing requirement that everybody express an opinion on the subject.

“Conservatives” and white evangelicals—and not, sadly, Catholics—are the most Reality-based; 37%-43% opposed. “Liberals”, obviously, the least. Yet still some 10% of them, probably all old, still retain their reason.

A clear majority of all except Republicans support allowing men who believe they are women access to nuclear and other advanced weaponry. Republicans were at time of the survey at 47%, up from 37% just two years ago, so the majority may already be here.

Same kind of numbers about allowing men who think they’re women into ladies’ shower rooms, but this is not yet a majority.

Just over half (55%) of Americans believe there are only two genders, including 43% who say they feel strongly about this. Four in ten (40%) Americans believe that there is a range of possible gender identities, including nearly one-quarter (24%) who say they feel strongly about this.

Just over half of Americans are still sane. The rest have succumbed to the endless propaganda pushed by our leaders (in corporations, media, and government). This includes those in the “I F[——]g Love Science!” crowd: see Researchers Don’t Believe Scientific Sex Exists.

The current survey finds majorities of Americans consistently oppose religiously based refusals to serve gay and lesbian people across a range of public actors and institutions: by small business owners (57%), licensed professionals (67%), adoption agencies (60%), and companies providing wedding services (55%).

Add to that the Voting Fallacy, which says that once a majority believes an act is moral or good, that act becomes moral or good, and we’ll soon see religious coercion. Yes, religious. The Perversion Puritans will mandate non-freedom of association. Well, the Constitution died long ago.

The Church has stepped into the fray with the document “Male and Female He Created Them“—which oddly doesn’t quote from “There are not such things as gays“. The document uses too many words, and is somewhat meek, in the manner of a right-handed-man entering an arm-wrestling contest as a southpaw.

Some critics take that farther and say the Vatican is cooperating in neo-paganism. Says Dr. van den Aardweg:

Basically, it is an ideological document. It is not specifically Catholic, in spite of some lip service. It essentially makes a plea for a kind of atheist-humanist/socialist sex education, presented as more or less Catholic. It gushes over the boons of a social model of sexual education monitored by “professional experts” on the basis of naively supposed ever-deepening insights into sexuality in the current human sciences. It represents the kind of illusionary and sentimental talk about education and “affectivity” characteristic of the immature and superficial humanistic psychology of the 1960s, but now proclaimed as ‘higher wisdom’ by a Vatican Congregation whose members run half a century behind the times. It is ‘dialogue’ and ‘listening’ and ‘openness’ all over again. But no listening to the divine teachings of the Catholic Church on sexuality, marriage and the family (for these seem in need of ‘restructuring’).

He has a point. It isn’t until eleven pages in that any criticism of “gender theory” begins, and begins with these watery words “Nonetheless, real life situations present gender theory with some valid points of criticism.”

Why the Church lost the ability to say this is right and this is wrong is, however, a story for another day. At least here they do back in, but shyly, into saying transgenderism is wrong.

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  1. Psychologists and psychiatrists are insane, and are attempting to take the rest of society down with them.

    As far as homosexuality goes – some are born, many more are made. Why do you think they’re pushing so hard for pedophilia now?

  2. DG

    Yep a biological man cannot be a woman and vise versa. That’s simple science and logic right there. Unbelievable that this is even an issue. But the left has gotten more insane over the years to the point where many leftists seem okay with promoting mental illness.

  3. Gail Finke

    Two and two is whatever the Party says it is.

  4. Sheri

    “That a man cannot turn into a woman was always obvious throughout all human history, a truth just as obvious as that sun is hot.”

    Not exactly. Therianthropy was part of many ancient “primitive” religions (That progresssives now seem to embrace these religious beliefs with open arms was once called hypocrisy. Now, what one mocked yesterday may prove useful to push today, you know). Not true male to female or female to male transitions, but the belief in shape shifting, which is all so-called transgenderism is, with surgical butchery providing the external trappings. (I can’t wait for the “Furries” to get surgical butchery to provide their external trappings.) Humans are definately devolving.

    I must say I find it endlessly entertaining to listen to someone mock Christianity and then embrace fully a primitive variant of therianthropy. Their blindness is stunning. I often am amazed these folks breathe on their own.

    (BTW, “woke” is actually code for “psychotic”.)

  5. trigger warning

    Gender is for nouns. Sex is for mammals.

  6. Thank you, trigger warning. There are three genders, which are: masculine, feminine, and neuter. Those apply to inanimate objects or concepts, such as parts of speech. Sexually reproducing organisms have two sexes. These are male and female; which may be separate beings or separate parts of the same being. For mammals, these are separate beings. Anything else, for a given species, is an accident. Accidents don’t change natures.

  7. Thiago

    trigger warning is correct. If you’re ascribing gender to people, you’re already losing.

  8. c matt

    there is a range of possible gender identities

    Could be the way the survey was worded. “Identity” is kind of an amorphous thing. Some who responded positively may have interpreted “gender identity” as what the subject whacko thinks about itself. It is true that there are whackos out there who believe in a range of possible genders, and therefore answering in the affirmative simply means you recognize there are whackos out there. At least, one can hope that is how the question was interpreted.

  9. swordfishtrombone

    Not again! You spend more time obsessing over LGBT issues than most LGBT people do.

  10. Gail Finke

    Yes I know that. It’s a literary allusion.

  11. Leo

    Here’s some extra text so that the comment is long enough.

  12. Russ

    @Briggs The “endless propaganda” you suggest the masses have succumbed to, includes the polls themselves.

  13. Hoyos

    Swordfish, it’s pride month. The article is what’s called “timely”.

  14. Michael Ozanne

    “Yep a biological man cannot be a woman”

    Yes he can, although Swyers Syndrome and Androgen Insensitivity are quite rare….

  15. Dave

    “Science” says that we can’t change which sex we’re attracted to, but we can change which sex we *are*. “Science” murdered science and now wears its corpse as a skin suit. But we know the Arctic will be ice-free by 2010 because science says so.

  16. Howard

    “Your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, goeth about seeking whom he may devour. ” — 1 Peter 5:8
    “Now just imagine how it feels
    When first your toes and then your heels,
    And then by gradual degrees,
    Your shins and ankles, calves and knees,
    Are slowly eaten, bit by bit.” — Hilaire Belloc

    It’s bad enough this is happening. We don’t need the gruesome details.

  17. swordfishtrombone

    @ Hoyos,

    “Swordfish, it’s pride month. The article is what’s called “timely”.”

    What was the excuse last month?

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