Last Of The Summer Whine

Last Of The Summer Whine

Summer is over
This is the end

The ring-necked plover
Is back in his bed

The lake is still warm
The water yet inviting

But it’s not good form
And it’s no help citing

The gorgeous shore’s charm
When I should be writing

It does no good whining
It can make you berserk

I should learn better rhyming
And get back to work

So Long, Up North!



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  1. Plantagenet

    So I returned from Europe to get ready for the start of the academic year and lo I was greeted with this;

    “Anglican Church rejects gay marriage”, and similar headlines. Actually the vote took place in early July so I had to look for it. The draft proposal for the change originated in 2013. It was accepted at General Assembly in 2016, and therefore was on the agenda for a final vote in 2019. In order to pass it required a two-thirds majority in 3 votes, laity, clergy, and bishops. The final vote was;
    Laity-80% in favour of gay marriage 20% opposed
    Clergy-73% in favour 27% opposed
    Bishops-64% in favour 36% opposed

    Yes it was defeated by 2% of the bishops. What Monty Python might have called “ A wafer thin margin”

    Will it stand? It would appear that another vote cannot be held for 3-9 years depending on the intricacies of the churches procedural rules, which are not clear to me. However the vote was met with such emotional fallout I wonder if it will be allowed to stand for very long.
    Is it really representative? The implication that three quarters of the laity and clergy are in favour strikes me as unlikely. It would be interesting to see just who gets into General Assembly.
    Whither the Anglican Communion? Actually the majority of the church is now based out of Africa and Asia and is very conservative so who knows. It will be a tough time for individual parishes to decide where they stand moving forward.

  2. Plantagenet

    Sorry more in the spirit of today’s post;

    Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May
    and summers lease hath all too short a date

    Good ol Will, he really does have something for every occasion!

  3. C-Marie

    Poems….I love many….and here is one of mine!

    My Little Boat by Claudia-Marie March 10, 2019

    The tomorrow of yesterday has come,
    And I am abiding in the Son,
    Whose ways enliven all of my days,
    To take on the struggles of each wave,
    Of pain and sorrow, of joy and hope,
    As He captains me, in my little boat.

    God bless, C-Marie

  4. Uncle Mike

    Late August summer on God’s own farm
    Corn ears swelling in the afternoon sun
    Cantaloupes watermelons lilies unfurled
    Dog splayed in the shade dreamin of squirrels

    Too many tomatoes what can you do
    Sauce em freeze em squeeze em into juice
    Open the windows for the evening cool
    Days are getting shorter soon night will rule

    Another summer going going gone
    Here’s hoping that I’ll see another one
    One more summer that’s all I ask
    May I survive the winter before I breathe my last

    You can have the Fall, take the Winter please
    Spring is for the lovers whom hope may seize
    But I’ll take Summer any day of the week
    Warmer is better for this old geek

  5. C-Marie

    Oh!! I love this one, dear old geek, Uncle Mike!! I am old, too…75!!
    God bless you, C-Marie

  6. Frederic

    Oh those rides across the river where the shallow stream runs wide
    And the sunsets beams were glossing strips of sand on either side
    We would cross the sparkling river on the brown horse and the bay
    Watch the willows sway and shiver and the trembling shadows play
    Tis a memory to be hoarded oh the foolish tail and frond
    Till another stream be forded and we reach the great beyond

    Breaker Morant

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