Diversity Is A Money-Grubbing Con

Diversity Is A Money-Grubbing Con

Colorado College doesn’t have enough “Diversity.” They want it; they need it; they pine for it. They lust and fantasize about it the way a teenage boy does about girls.

So keen are they on Diversity, that starting next year the college will begin a test-optional admission policy. Students will no longer be required to submit SAT or ACT scores. They claim eliminating this evidence of performance will “increase the diversity of its student body.”

It will.

The tacit argument, nowhere explicitly stated in their press release, is that blacks score worse than Asians and other groups. If the college used a merit-based selection process, not enough blacks to achieve DIVERSITY would make it, or are making it. The nirvana of DIVERSITY is when nary a of-no-color face is seen or even thought of.

Colorado College is forbidden to use race in an outright open manner. If it could, it could solve its diversity problem by handling Asians and other groups with this simple question: “Are you Asian or of-no-color (Y or N)? If Y, please apply elsewhere.”

But, no. They would never go that far. Not because an All-Diverse student body wouldn’t make them shiver in delight. If they reached the acme of Diversity, CC administrators would black their faces, hop on planes, and brag to all the other campus leeches at leeching conferences about how Diverse they are.

They’d have to fly coach, though.

If colleges only accepted the diverse and ignored Asians and of-no-colors, the lovely flow of green would cease.

Colleges and universities want blacks and other of-colors because these folks have color, yes. But their lovely dark shades are not the primary reason why administrators want more of them.

For the love of money is the root of all evil.

Colleges and universities are running out of of-colors and Asians. There are too many colleges and not enough bodies to fill them. If there aren’t enough bodies, there isn’t enough cash in the form of government-backed loans coming in. And if there isn’t enough cash coming in, there’s no way to pay all those administrators.

Sure, they can and will fire some professors, hire adjuncts, and skimp in other ways, like stop buying books. But this will only get them so far.

There are only two solutions: fire administrators, or increase the number of students.

The first is no solution at all and is anathema. Firings administrators goes against the very purpose of universities, which is to hire administrators. After all, where else besides government could these fine people find employment?

More students are needed. Hence all the pools, climbing walls, carpeted playrooms and the like. Bigger universities speculate by placing ads for students in foreign countries. This works. Unfortunately, it works best in places like China and Korea. You don’t see Cornell putting up billboards in Zimbabwe (motto: True Diversity). More Asians. At least they’re rich Asians. They pay higher tuition rates, and many even pay cash. Lucrative!

Not-so-rich colleges have to make do with the native population where Asians and of-no-colors who want to go and can are running out. Solution? Increase diversity. Calls for increasing diversity are thus calls to increase the cash flow.

This is why colleges have not one, but a dozen, or even more, offices and departments and deans and administrators of diversity. They are all devoted to bumping up the number of students, and to keep the gold from departing.

It’s not enough to get the blacks in the door. Universities have to keep them the full four (or four-plus) years. It’s not efficient to have a student come for just one year. The marketing costs of bringing them in are barely covered, if at all. Those diversity officers don’t come cheap (which is why tuition soars).

Colorado College discovered a way to reduce recruitment costs. Admissions are now basically two-tired. Of-no-colors and Asians will still submit test scores, and be judged by them, but the “strengths beyond their test scores [will be] considered” for of-colors. In other words, as long as their loans come through, they’re in.

This approach must necessarily spread.

Diversity, then, is largely a scam, a ruse. It relies on idiot true believers who screech so loud that few can find the silence to think through the problem. Administrators think they can contain the fire they started, and maybe they can. Fires have a way of jumping fences, though, as happened at Evergreen.

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  1. DG

    Fine with me if the college doesn’t regard the act and sat standard tests. But not for diversity reasons, but rather because those tests are pointless and a waste of time and don’t hardly tell anything what a person knows and how they will do in college.

  2. DG

    * hardly tell anything * what a person knows..etc. Yeh

  3. DG – Passing the ACT is a test of basic knowledge and comprehension of the English language. These things must not be assumed to be present in most high school graduates in current year America. There’s a reason why the kids call it Clown World.

  4. Tym Onz

    Many HBUC’s have been in on the MONAY con for decades. At the opening convocation for 1989, the freshman students were told, factually, that by end of the first term, half of them would be gone and, by the end of the second term, half of that half would be gone. Well, dur! They recruited from every major inner-city in the country…fixed them up with the Federal money, brought them in, washed them out, kept the money, Rinse/Repeat. Oh, and, the admins were ALWAYS quick to tell all the illiterate washouts that THEY threw away their chance for a college opportunity by not trying hard enough. Dang, that was cold! But, the washouts DID get to say that they “went to college at so-and-so university” for the rest of their lives.

  5. Ray

    Stanford is starting diversity courses in physics. It’s about time. I had some physics courses and they were not the least bit inclusive. Instead, they threw people out. When I had analytical mechanics, a senior course, we started the course with 36 people in class and ended it with 6 people in class. I was so unPC I bragged about surviving analytical mechanics. https://news.stanford.edu/2019/08/14/making-physics-inclusive/

  6. C-Marie

    Am sending this on to our daughter….a bonafide PhD who taught at university for ten years and then went on to research as the “theys” at the university and much of elsewhere, did not want the students to be educated, but to become parrots!!
    God bless, C-Marie

  7. C-Marie

    P.S. Aren’t people who are identified as “white”, actually people “of all color” and not of “no color”?? We, who are “whites”, Caucasians, ….which name actually belongs to the people of the Caucasus Mountains……have more color shades and variants than others…..and in light, white is all colors combined. Perhaps there is the exception of those of “pure” Scandinavian descent.

    Plus, one day when a Mom was talking with her little girl of three, that their skin color was white, the little girl very indignantly poked her finger into her arm and fiercely declared, “No, mommy! I’m pink!!” And that was that!!

    God bless, C-Marie

  8. Yonason

    GI – W = E

    Good Intentions (GI) minus Wisdom (W) leads to Evil (E).” – Dennis Prager

    H.T. – John Ray

    Despite their pretensions, Leftists have no more good intentions than than Conservatives, but their lack of wisdom invariably leads them, and everyone they can cajole or coerce into following them, to fail.

    I don’t see how one can say it any more clearly than Evan Sayet (from where it starts thru 2:52, though the entire talk is worth listening to).

    From what I’ve read by this crowd so far, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve already heard that, but if you haven’t I thought you might want to.

  9. Gail Finke

    Who was that kid who got into Stanford, or a similar university, by writing one phrase (I think it was “Black Lives Matter”) over and over again for his entrance essay? A pretty awful essay, which should have angered every other kid ever accepted there, but it was also a brilliant reading of what the school is REALLY looking for.

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