Week In Doom — Compelled Speech Edition

Week In Doom — Compelled Speech Edition

Item Ontario’s law society is tying itself in knots over diversity and compelled speech

In June, the Law Society of Ontario’s board of directors held a meeting to discuss a controversial requirement that practising lawyers file annual paperwork with the provincial regulator acknowledging their obligation to promote diversity and inclusion.

The requirement also known as a statement of principles was one of 13 recommendations that came out of the law society’s own report on the challenges racialized lawyers and paralegals face in their profession.

The positive aspect of this is that it is clear that Canada is still a deeply religious country. True, they worship the god Diversity and not God. But you have to start somewhere. Or, rather, end somewhere.

The other good news is that I humbly accept my victory in having predicted this back on 1 January, for our guesses of the coming year.

The bad side is that since Diversity is driven by the false hope of Equality, mandating professional associations and companies to take continuous active steps toward Diversity, and therefore toward Equality, we are all doomed. Equality is death, just as entropy is death. If everything were equal, truly equal, then nothing would happen.

Diversity is also, as everybody knows, a mechanism of punishing of-no-color people, of the government handing out patronage positions one step removed.

Human rights lawyer Anthony Morgan says he doesn’t buy the compelled speech argument against the statement of principles.

“We’re talking about people’s humanity and the inherent rights that we all have to be equal people,” he said.

What did I tell you about rights? You have the “right” of free association. People have the “right” of equality. Both rights cannot co-exist. One must emerge victorious. Slavery is the only possible result.

Item Apology to our readers (From the Vancouver Sun)

An opinion article by Mark Hecht published in Saturday’s Weekend Review section and online contained views that do not meet the journalistic standards of The Vancouver Sun and do not represent the views of our editors and journalists.

The Vancouver Sun is committed to promoting and celebrating diversity, tolerance and inclusion. Our vibrant community and nation are built on these important pillars.

We apologize for the publication of the article. We are reviewing our local workflow and editorial processes to ensure greater oversight and accountability so that this does not happen again.

In other words, they let a little Truth or Reality slip through. And immediately had to apologize for it. More details here from a source which said “neo Nazis” liked the forbidden op-ed.

Archive Item Sex, sheep and terror: the scandalous theatre of Milo Rau

Regardless, Rau praises Belgium’s open-mindedness, and says one controversial scene in Lam Gods — in which one of two couples appearing as Adam and Eve simulate sex in front of a semi-circle of choir children, who double as the Altarpiece’s angels — wouldn’t have been possible in many countries. (In truth, the youngsters mostly looked bored.)

You know it’s art because it’s ugly.

Item Bosnians march in first Gay Pride under tight police protection

Bosnia is the last Balkan country to hold a Pride parade, seen as a test of tolerance of minority rights as it seeks to join the European Union. EU diplomats and the U.S Ambassador to Bosnia, who is gay, joined the march in support of LGBT people.

And they said nothing bad would come out of the Bosnian war.



There ya go. As our elites admit, Diversity = Non-white.

Unconfirmed Item Victoria councillors look to reduce Christmas decorations, broaden diversity

Victoria shouldn’t be decking public property with boughs of holly, lighting up Christmas trees or handing out poinsettias, says Coun. Ben Isitt, who has won council support for a review of the city’s seasonal decorations…

“Muslims, unless they are mixed families, they don’t have Christmas trees in their homes. Jewish people, like me, don’t have Christmas trees in their homes,” Isitt said while acknowledging that overtly religious symbolism has been “dialled back” over the years.

What makes this unconfirmed is a new tweet which says (in part) “The mayor of Victoria just decided to take down all the Christmas lights this year not to offend the Muslims and all of Somalians there…”

Curiously, neither story has any Muslim spokesmen. Perhaps Doom lovers out there can help confirm this. A quick search of news produced no results, except for the above story.

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  1. Sheri

    Whites no longer represent the majority BECAUSE THE LYING *&*&*^% THAT IDIOTS ELECTED REDEFINED THE TERM “WHITE”. How in the world do people so stupid and idiotic and retarded and and and and ever even breathe on their own???? More importantly, why do remaining people replay “Adam” (as in Adam and Eve) and just stand there with their stupid useless mouths shut and not do a thing. You all deserve Hell on earth and you are going to get it (and how you must HATE HATE HATE your offspring to wish this one them). Hitler is clapping himself silly watching this. As are Lenin, Mao, Stalin……..

    (Yes, I am horrified to identify as the retarded, stupid, sheep that now call themselves humans. I am now identifying as an alien and you must address me as such hereafter. I want NO part of this whatsoever. Humans are deplorable.)

  2. trigger warning

    I’ve said it here before, and I’ll say it again: if we were just more like penguins, this would be a better world. Who knew that in the 21st Century, science would reveal the true beauty, authenticity, self-actualization potentialities, and ways of knowing inherent in Aptenodytical social mores?

  3. Ye Olde Statistician

    Data point: my former son-in-law, a Jordanian muslim, tells me that in Jordan everyone celebrates everyone else’s feasts. Devout muslims, he said, honor Jesus and Mary, and find the denaturing of Christmas to be offensive.

  4. Chad Jessup

    Of all the homosexuals I have encountered and conversed with, I have not found one who was not a bigot, i.e. the gays loathed women and the lesbians loathed men, although they did tolerate each other to a certain extent.

  5. C-Marie

    So glad that God chose the colour that we each are! Bless His holy Name. Muslims and Jews cannot celebrate Christmas because their religions do not accept that the Messiah has already come, lived, suffered, died, and has risen from the dead, and is sitting at the right hand of God, far above all principalities and authorities, proving in fullness that He, Jesus Christ, is, Who He said that He was/is.

    So sad for those who refuse Him, and so sad for many in the Catholic hierarchy who are not strongly evangelizing the peoples of those religions…and yes, it could provoke a bit of martyrdom…but Jesus did say for those who would be His and who would follow Him, to count the cost….”If they persecute Me, they will persecute you.”

    So these are types of persecutions, all committed against Him and His followers, Him, Who is Saviour, Lord of all, and Who is God.

    God bless, C- Marie

  6. Gail Finke

    From the Lam Gods article: “In the end… Rau opted not to cast former jihadists, although one appears in video. Instead, Lam Gods features Fatima Ezzarhouni, the Muslim mother of a Belgian Isis fighter who was killed last month. “What’s important is the milieu they come from. Suddenly you understand: these are the sons of our country. It’s a Belgian family story.” At the end of her powerful, dignified testimony, Ezzarhouni donned a veil to represent the Altarpiece’s Virgin Mary – before pulling out of further performances.”
    What the Hell is wrong with people???

  7. Ken

    “The Political Paranoia of the Left – Parts I and II”

    Look that up on Dr. Sanity’s blog. It’s long, with links to additional info. But explains a lot in accessible terms.

    The cannot be reached via appeals to rational logic using facts.

  8. C-Marie

    Islam actually does not honor Jesus, as Islam fully denies Who Jesus is, that Jesus Christ is true God and true man, that He is the Saviour of the world, that He is the Son of God, that He is God.

    Islam accepts that Mother Mary is the mother of the man named Jesus of Galilee, but Islam denies Who her Son is, and that she is the mother of God, and so do her no honor either.

    The denials are not honorings.

    Judaism cannot in truth celebrate Christmas, for Christmas is the celebration that the Messiah has come, and Judaism is yet awaiting His coming.

    Islam cannot in truth celebrate Christmas, for Christmas is the celebration of the birth of the one and only Saviour, which need for a saviour, Islam completely denies the need for.

    Pray for Muslims and Jews to receive The real Jesus and thus convert to Christianity.

    God bless, C-Marie

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