Time To Donate!

Time To Donate!

Time for the semi-annual call to contribute!

Do this

The best way to ensure the continued existence of this backwater block is to pass on articles that you like, or even loathe, to friends and especially to enemies. Use the buttons to share on Facebook, Twitter, email. Print them out and paste them on trees in the park. Read them to passersby on crowded street corners. Turn them into rap lyrics.

At the least, you have to forward this to at least one friend. If you do not, John Bolton will come to your house and tell you tales of woe. The compensation will be that he will let you stroke his moustache.

Then do this

Second best way is to use these buttons, which you see daily:

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They work! I had a team of elite psychologists monitor my bodily functions. Every time I received a donation my euphoria score soared by 32.3%, plus my disgruntlement index dropped by almost two full points. These findings have been confirmed by the first ever legitimate use of p-values.

Subscribing is the easiest for you. That way you don’t burden your memory with indications it’s time to give again.

It takes a great deal of time to provide this content—for well over a decade! There is no advertising on the site and I rely entirely on your generosity. Grateful and humble thanks to those who have been subscribers, some for years.

Finally do this

Hire me. Use the Contact Page. Let’s bring the predictive way to the masses! Restore proper levels of uncertainty.

There are enormous opportunities to turn research around and do it properly. All it takes is time, which I have, and money, which you have.

Besides consulting, which is how I make my living, I’m also available for talks. My most popular one is “Why I Am Right And You Are Wrong.”

The “wholly independent” part from above is true. I have no institutional affiliations whatsoever. I belong to no professional organizations. I take no government money.

This freedom allows me to speak my mind, about whatever subject. But it also requires I have to periodically hold my hat out.

Do this again

You’ve probably at least two copies already, but it never hurts to have more. Buy this award-eligible, international-selling book. Give them as Christmas gifts. Use them as projectiles when salesmen come knocking (they have sharp corners).

What’s coming?

I now have a camera! Of sorts. I am trying to make short videos. The first, appearing tomorrow, will explain the epidemiologist fallacy, so fecund in generating academic papers.

My video editing skills are nil, and production values non-existent. But if there are enough viewers, I may move on to shooting unboxing videos, which I understand are popular. This is inexplicable to me, but far be it from me not to embrace trendy madnesses.

My new book is still being flogged around. I can now reveal the title which I’ve been using:

Everything You Know Is Wrong.

I’m hoping this will be part of the Doubleday arrogance series.

Finally, here are those donation buttons again, in case you missed them.

To support this site and its wholly independent host using credit card or PayPal (in any amount) click here

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  1. Yonason

    “You’ve probably at least two copies already,…”

    Not yet, though if you come out with a larger print edition, I’ll snag one of those. Old eyes + small print = slow reading. Good news – as annoying as the small print is (very), I’d have quit by now if it wasn’t any good. //;o]

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