Let’s Talk About The Trans Movement: Part I — Guest Post by Gaudia Certaminis

Let’s Talk About The Trans Movement: Part I — Guest Post by Gaudia Certaminis

The transgender movement has hit an unsuspecting public like a ton of bricks. There have been harbingers, but they were easily dismissed. How many tourists have innocently wandered into a discount show in Las Vegas only be assaulted by a full complement of drag queens? Oh, two-drink minimum, sounds like a good idea. Plus, they are entertainers, what’s the harm in that?

Cross dressers historically have been goldmine for laughs, from Some Like It Hot to The Birdcage to Bosom Buddies. Trans activists often use the example of the practice of using male actors in female roles in Shakespeare’s time as evidence of trans “always” having been in existence. This is such sacred dogma to the movement that it is not even worth mentioning that in the days before electronic amplification that it was better to have an actor with physical presence and a voice that would carry rather than to cast a smaller-framed but role-appropriate female who did not possess the necessary lung capacity needed to project in Renaissance theatres.

The public has been subject to the drip-drip-drip of perversity to the point where it doesn’t seem so bad. Notable actors have been made to dress like women: Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Robin Williams, and Johnny Depp—for starters. Old timers like Bob Hope, Cary Grant, and Anthony Perkins have taken their turn in a skirt. Julie Andrews and Cate Blanchett have done man thing. Why? Are there that many story lines that pivot on gender misidentification?

The popular mid-century advice columnist Ann Landers was a proponent of “whatever floats your boat” line of thinking that casually dismissed the fears of readers who found out that their dear husband had a secret stash of lingerie. The long-suffering wife was the one with the problem, not the mixed-up spouse. This type of salacious behavior was stealthily introduced to Americans, who were taught by their betters that they mustn’t judge.

And since no one is judging, there was no one to stop the current parade of transgendered personalities presented on television and in advertising—as reality show participants, guests on daytime roundtables, and as actors or models. On television, the male-to-female trans person is more frequently spotlighted, but the female-to-male trans person does generate some curiosity.

Many people, especially those with limited media consumption, are not aware of the legion of YouTube videos and other social media dedicated to providing resources and instructions for becoming trans. Boys and men are advised on hair removal and makeup application and girls and women are given instructions on chest binding—and they may be invited to enter a drawing for their very own corset! The lessons of history have been lost on these poor souls. There are trans message boards dotted with variations of the catchphrase, “I feel pretty” accompanied by an image of man’s dour face glistening with makeup. Social media is the tool that is being used to actively groom a generation of children and young adults into becoming trans.

A controversial but validated study suggested that social media is a primary driver of a young person’s interest in becoming a transgendered person. Drawing on parental observations of children who insisted they were the “wrong sex,” researcher Lisa Littman noted the correlation of increased social media use with the desire to “transition.” As there is a relatively tight timeframe from being introduced to trans propaganda to making the big announcement, she called this trend “Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria.” There was an immediate reaction from the trans community, as their secrets were being revealed. Because of Littman’s research, it was less easy for them to claim that a person becoming trans was organic or from birth rather than a result of directed suggestion.

The DSM-5 strives to acknowledge that while gender dysphoria is a mental disorder that should be treated, it should be done so in a way that “avoids stigma.” In practice, avoiding stigma means rushing trans-questioning patients on opposite-sex hormones and encouraging the immediate use of their new pronouns. It had been standard protocol for doctors treating gender confused people to ask them to present in public as their preferred gender before starting meds or entering into serious discussions about surgery. That was the old way of thinking. Now there is a heightened sense of urgency to hustle the trans prospect onto hormones. The need for speed is attributed to the fact that the patient has spent their whole life in the wrong body, and it would be a cruel disservice to ask them to remain in their “gender assigned at birth” for one second longer. Asking people to wait or reconsider leads to headlines such as this: Nearly 200,000 trans people have been exposed to conversion therapy.

Just to be clear: “conversion therapy” is bad when it asks a patient to consider having an allegiance to his or her birth sex. But when a doctor prescribes medications and performs surgeries to cause a “conversion” or transformation to take place—this is good medicine? The modern treatment, in most cases, appears to feed the disorder and its associated delusions.

In an effort to avoid stigma, trans is presented as normal behavior, and of course, a person can say with a straight face (no pun intended) that they were “born into the wrong body.” This is a fallacy on its face. No one is “born into the wrong body.” The proper reaction, as conditioned by television, when faced with the announcement of a person deciding that he or she is trans is to say, “Yay!” and to search for ways to truly validate this person and to let them know how “brave” they are.

If a beleaguered parent does not support the narrative of, “Yay, I’m not losing a son but gaining daughter”—then he or she is ostracized. Their media-addled friends and family will say, “But you have to accept it.” “There is nothing you can do.” “You should go into counseling so you can accept this perversion of reality.”

There is no room for a mom to say, “I am heartbroken that my son has casually tossed over the life that I struggled to give him,” or a spouse to cry out “This isn’t the person I married.” Instead, in the poetry of Ann Landers, confused, wounded, and passionate dissenters are urged to “suck it up, buttercup.” And the full weight of the medical establishment seems to agree.

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  1. Briggs

    Wiki says the “Ann Landers” you mean was “Born in Sioux City, Iowa, Esther Pauline and her identical twin sister Pauline Esther (‘Popo’, who was 17 minutes younger) were daughters of Russian Jewish immigrants Rebecca Friedman (nee Rushall) and Abraham B. Friedman…Sometimes she expressed unpopular opinions. She repeatedly favored legalization of prostitution and was pro-choice on abortion, yet denounced atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair. In 1973, she wrote in support of the legalization of homosexual acts, saying that she had been ‘pleading for compassion and understanding and equal rights for homosexuals’ for 18 years, and wrote in 1976 that she ‘fought for the civil rights of homosexuals 20 years ago and argued that they should be regarded as full and equal citizens’.”


  2. Further note on the “Ann Landers” influence operator: her twin sister, referenced in the Wiki article above, was “Dear Abby,” the rival nationally syndicated “advice columnist.”

    By masquerading as Normal-Americans, and dispensing “advice” on social/moral/ethical questions, they quietly and effectively undermined Normal-American culture.

    Willing Accomplices.


  3. Ken

    Those who actually read the “controversial but validated study” will observe the conclusions are hypotheses.


    For further study.

    Which begs some questions, such as when those collections (“hypotheses”) are studied will they show causation?

    And, in a blog that purports to emphasize, repeatedly upon repeatedly, that correlation is not causation why was such flimsy supporting material allowed to be cited so authoritatively?

    You human beings, almost to a person, drop personal standards and objectivity — critical thinking—in an instant when a personal value can be supported.

    Posting, as a constant reminder, a paraphrasing of an ancient sages words might help mitigate this: “Hell’s hottest fires burn for hypocrites.” There’s also something said about being ice cold better than luke warm, throwing the first stone, and judging.

  4. Cross dressing, to me, isn’t the same as trans-sexuality. For an actor performing, I’d not sweat cross dressing necessary for a part. Trans-sexuality is a wholly different beast.

    Stigma is powerful, as is ridicule, or laughter. Dead end behaviors must be ostracized, or your culture gets destroyed. Be fruitful and multiply, folk; and eschew evil. Start with yourself, even though you may fail at times.

  5. Sander van der Wal

    Regarding a husband wanting to be a woman instead of a man, one of the mayor complaints in American society expressed on the internet, is the effects of no-fault divorce and the man having to pay their ex-wife’s lifestyle for the rest of his life.

    One can imagine then that stating you are a tranny will get you of the hook.

  6. Yonason

    “Cross dressers historically have been goldmine for laughs, from ‘Some Like It Hot’ to ‘The Birdcage’ to ‘Bosom Buddies’. “

    Bugs Bunny.

    You know, for kids.

  7. Yonason

    There is some evidence that gender dysphoria may be linked to poor sleep and poor nutrition (see last section here)
    Normal Sexual Development is linked to Sleep:

    If the data support the assertion that there has been a dramatic increase in gender dysphoria recently, this would imply that external rather than internal factors are causative.

  8. DAV

    Sites that are ads (such as the one in https://www.wmbriggs.com/post/28112/#comment-182381 selling the RightSleep® Workbook) should be viewed with a skeptical eye.

    Beware of the word linked. Many things are linked (such as New England preacher salaries and the price of rum) but the links are purely coincidental or the result of a common cause which is neither of the linked variables. The so-called Hypothesis Test will almost always find a link between X and Y.

  9. C-Marie

    Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye cross-dressed for a number in the movie White Christmas, and it was hilarious to watch! They were laughing through the whole song. The ridiculousness of it was so obvious.

    A misnomer has been stated. When complaining about the body one has, one must needs remember that the body was determined at conception and not when one was born. So, one is not “born into the wrong body”, ever, but if one desires to say something, conception is the timeline.

    Hormones will never give a male human being the interior uterus, eggs, et all, that female human beings have. Likewise, female human beings will not be able to produce as male human beings can. So male humans can never become female, no matter the attempts at outer appearance, and the same goes for female humans.

    It s all a very, very bad, sad, comeuppance upon people who desire to change what God has created……which is impossible.

    The feelings that are fed with social media regarding transgenderism and more, are real, and those who say they have always “felt” to be the other sex, or to be same sex attracted, even when a little child, could well be expressing that which they have genuinely experienced. But from whence did those feelings come when young or now? It appears that the spiritual entities of evil may well have been and be at work in those situations, along with “well-meaning” people or “full of harm” people, besides feeding people lies about all of this by way of social medias.

    A part of the solution is for the Catholic hierarchy to no longer take the easy way out, and for them to admit there are gifts of the Holy Spirit which they could use if they were truly ready to accept becoming outcasts as Jesus was, for certainly the social medias, news outlets, government, and more, would be on them so quickly for changing people, and as not honoring people troubled in this way. But using those gifts would be so worth the joy of people being freed!!

    God bless, C-Mari

  10. Yonason

    In this interview with Dr. Gominak she covers a lot of material, so I have set it to start at the point where she discusses sexual development.
    If you watch from there thru about 43:00 you’ll get a picture of what could well be a “cause” of sexual dysphoria in children, due to impaired development resulting from a combination of poor nutrition and sleep, not underlying genetic predisposition. (The whole interview is well worth the time, IMO.)

    But Leftists can’t impose a destructive agenda if they allow physicians to look for and administer curative therapy, so I expect them to continue to interfere and the problem to worsen before it gets better. I just wish there were a way to sue politicians for practicing medicine without a license. It’s illegal for everyone else. Why not also for them?!

  11. Yonason

    RE – Ken’s objections

    They don’t appear to be relevant

    “Those who actually read the “controversial but validated study” will observe the conclusions are hypotheses.” – Ken

    Is anyone claiming otherwise?

    “Whenever I write a paper, review a paper or edit a paper, a key item that I look for is whether the methodology and equipment has been validated, demonstrating the effectiveness (accuracy and reliability) of the research.”

    While the interpretation of the data and conclusions depend on the quality of the data, they are not what is “validated.” A good study, even one that may later be found to have come to incorrect conclusions, for whatever reason, will always have materials and methods that meet rigorous standards. I can’t say for sure that’s what Briggs means, but I can’t imagine it would be otherwise.

  12. Sudden onset gender dysphoria did not exist 10 years ago. Now it affects up to 5% of middle and high school students, especially girls. One school in England had 20% of the girls.

    This is a fad, not a real medical malady. Although it is reasonable to say the fad was created by the psycho community as job security and a political ploy.

    Keep the queers, trannies, and Democrats away from our children. It’s the only way to keep them safe, healthy, and normal.

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