ADL Lists 100%, Boots, Okay Sign, Bowl Cuts As “Hate” Symbols

ADL Lists 100%, Boots, Okay Sign, Bowl Cuts As “Hate” Symbols

The fund raising organization known as the Anti-Defamation League defamed basketball coaches the world over for their use of “100%”, which is now an official “hate” symbol, and therefore “anti-Semitic”.

Football coaches are exempt from the ADL’s calumny because they always call for giving “110%”.

I do not joke nor jest. It really is true, and beyond all belief, that the fund-raising group has condemned 100% as a hate symbol.

The fund-raising group says that “100%”, which before today you thought was an indicator for all or complete, is instead “shorthand for ‘100% white’ among white supremacists.”

How do we identify “white supremacists”? Well, we’ll come to that.

Meanwhile, let’s go through the fund-raising group’s “Hate on Display™ Hate Symbols Database“. Pardon the silly “™”, but it is there in the original, and I wouldn’t want to be sued for ignoring it.

The ADL says about their trademarked list: “This database provides an overview of many of the symbols most frequently used by a variety of white supremacist groups and movements, as well as some other types of hate groups.”

We met 100%, but that isn’t the only number now trademarked as hateful. There is also “12”. Whatever you do, don’t ask for this number of donuts and risk being labeled an “anti-Semite”. Don’t think you can get away with a baker’s dozen, either, because “13” is also hate.

“Why not 14, then Briggs? Which is more donuts for me? Is that okay?”

Sorry, pal. “14” made the list, too. And it isn’t just 12. It’s also 1 and 2. “The number 12 is a numeric symbol for Aryan Brotherhood groups (as are the numbers 1 and 2 separately)…”

“Okay! Got it!”

How dare you use “okay!” It is an obvious “white power symbol”!

14 is not equal to 13, which all mathematicians known. But what they did not know until last week was that the “not equal” symbol is white supremacist. Yes, ≠ is hate.

“18” obviously means “Adolph Hitler” (can’t you see it?), and “28” is ten more than that, so it is “white supremacist”.

I could go on listing all the numbers (“83”, “88”, …), but there’s so many I may come to the total of 43, which is numerologically hateful. “If one substitutes numbers for the letters in [Supreme White Alliance]’s initials (19, 23, 1), then adds those numbers together, the total is 43.”

Let’s move on. To “Anti Antifa” images, which are not anti “anti-Semitic”, but just plain “anti-Semitic”. Being against Antifa is hate because Antifa “are left-wing and anarchist activists who focus on directly confronting white supremacists”, and who could be against that?

Boots with laces are now hate because “Racist skinheads prefer wearing steel-toed workboots,” which so do construction workers, many of whom are white, and therefore under suspicion of white supremacy.

“Bowlcuts” you heard about on the mainstream news. Which means Moe is a hater. After all, how many times did he poke his brother in the eye?

The Confederate Flag is hate times two, and has to go. To all progressives, the past must become the future. Parts of the past that do not conform to modern insights, therefore did not happen.

Fasces is hate. It is true that “Fasces are an ancient Roman symbol for authority”, a symbold which the fund-raising ADL says has been co-opted by both Mussolini and white supremacists. But also, apparently to their ignorance, has the United States Government. For instance on the old Mercury Dime. And currently in an enormous bas-relief behind the Speaker’s rostrum in the House of Representatives. Which must mean Nancy Pelosi is an “anti-Semitic” white supremacist.

Pictures of German soldiers are white supremacist. There goes The History Channel.

“It’s Okay To Be White” is obviously hateful, because it’s most certainly not okay to be white.

“‘Muh Holocaust’ is an anti-Semitic phrase popular with the alt right used to convey the bigoted notion that Jews routinely bring up the Holocaust to gain attention or to deflect negative attention.” Which certainly won’t happen in the comments.

The biggest self-own is—are you ready? drum roll please—hate. Yes, hate, the word hate, is now a symbol of hate. You can’t use hate without being a hater and (of course) a white supremacist.

It is common for white supremacists to deny being racists or to claim to that the groups to which they belong are not hate groups, but in fact the word “hate” itself is commonly used as a white supremacist symbol for tattoos and clothing. Many white supremacists use the word to openly proclaim their hatred of people unlike them.

A white who shows any emotion while denying he is a white supremacist is displaying white fragility, which is proof he is a white supremacist.

“White supremacy” to the small extent it is real in part advocates for whites to have their own homeland constructed on racial grounds, an idea which the fund-raising ADL decries. Thus, to be consistent, which I’m sure they will be, they would not support, and would indeed condemn, all other racial groups which seek to have their own homelands constructed on racial grounds. Right?


  1. Brian (bulaoren)

    What about thespians? They have been known to perform the act in public!

  2. Kevin

    Simple solution. The so-called hate groups should start using ADL as their symbol of solidarity. Then the ADL will have to censor itself. End of story.

  3. DAV

    hate, is now a symbol of hate. You can’t use hate without being a hater and (of course) a white supremacist.

    So then targets of hate by white supremacists by must also be white supremacists unless they love being hated? Considering the rising reports of victimhood, maybe they do love it.

  4. Sheri

    Kevin—love that idea! I figure if this continues, those “hate” groups will erupt in hate having been told that’s what they are, and burn the ADL to the ground everywhere. It’s that self-fulfulling prophecy thing. Which was wrong to do with everyone but whites, though no one ever really explained why….Oh, I remember, civil war re-enactment with real guns and real war is the desired outcome. (Yes, Trump has that in a campaign ad now and should. It seems indoctrination and dumbing down was just too slow, as the election of Trump showed.)

    Remember pizzagate? And you thought THAT was out landlish. Really, people, the ADL has achieved a level of sanity heretofore thought impossible in modern society. A toddler temper tantrum.

    Not only is the History Channel out, but Granny on the Beverly Hillbillies is a HATER. Yes, that charming old woman is a HATER because she still thinks the South won and carries around a Confederate flag. Insanity. (Note: one of my neighbors flew a Confederate flag. In spite of most of the area being fully armed—can’t say 100%—no problems erupted. I suppose that means we are all white supremicists, but no one tormented or went after my niece when she was here….she’s black the same way Obama was. Maybe an armed society IS a polite society. I have a neighbor who called his Obama welfare check his n**ger check, but he was here after my niece went home. Good thing…..)

  5. Bill L

    It is clear that all language is white supremacist and so silence must be imposed. Also we have noticed that white supremacists wear pants. Pants must be banned as an expression of white supremacy.

  6. “Pizza gate” was never disproven. The media just proclaimed the investigation (which never occurred) complete, and that there was no “there” there, move along, nothing to see here, SQUIRREL!

    Kind of like how they complained yesterday that the State Department report on Ukraine was “a batch of lies and disproven conspiracy theories about Biden.”

    It’s 100% OK for the ADL to hate my white, anti-antifa behind 13 or 14 times.

  7. Frederic

    It’s interesting how society can be made to jump lick spittle
    through the hoops, who says we aren’t all cloned slaves?
    Just look at Eve’s creation. I’m not at all curious why the crimes of the
    USSR and PRC are conspicuously absent in the master narrative?

  8. Ken

    Would these clowns recognize hateful numbers when depicted in another “language” such as Roman Numerals. That is, while “12” might be verboten, might “XII” be permissible? Or, do these hate-filled depictions extend to all language formats?

    I’ve heard the Russian alphabet was invented by a monk … might now be the time to craft a whole new language symbology? To start fresh and harmonious with emotion-neutral symbols….

    Just thought – the eagle was depicted on Nazi pharaphernalia. Must be hateful. Eagle symbology and eagles. Ditto for the logo of the U.S. Suggests we slaughter all those birds, and ….

  9. C- Marie

    Well, I went to the hate symbols database and saw that there is no way that I could possibly memorize nor remember all of those signs and definitions….and that was only half way through the “A”s.

    Some appeared to be valid as having been appropriated as hate symbols, but it is not fair to hijack numerals and letters, as did the same sex attraction who took and wholly misuse the word “gay”.

    In childhood, the word “gay” had a lovely meaning, but now if one uses it with its original meaning, the hearers only hear the same sex meaning. So let us not allow others to disrupt our letters, numerals, and words.

    But maybe it is too late??

    God bless, C-Marie

  10. C-Marie

    Is comment moderation new, or was it always, but some of us did not know that moderation was occurring?

    God bless, C-Marie

  11. john


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