The Week In Doom — Extreme Transphobia Edition

The Week In Doom — Extreme Transphobia Edition


A man preferring a woman over a man pretending to a woman, and vice versa, is now “transphobic”. This ramping up of insanity was expected, at least among the elite. If there is to be a virtue spiral, there has to be an active motive force pushing the descent into ever lower levels of madness.

As of this moment, we only have this lunatic and a handful of sycophants agreeing that a normal man is abnormal. To be truly part of the virtue spiral, this has to catch on with the majority. There are signs it will. Watch for it.

Item Anti-racism event hosted by Edinburgh University bans white people from asking questions

The conference has been organised by the Resisting Whiteness group which opposes racism and describes itself as a QTPOC (queer and trans people of colour) organisation.

There will be two “safe spaces” at the event one of which white people will be barred from entering.

The safe places are meant for those who feel “overwhelmed/overstimulated or uncomfortable”.

A blurb for the “conference, talks and workshops” at the city’s Pleasance Theatre, which aim to “amplify the voices of people of colour, says: “We will therefore not be giving the microphone to white people during the Q&As, not because we don’t think white people have anything to offer to the discussion, but because we want to amplify the voices of people of colour…”

White people will be given their own sound-proofed room where they can freely say the N-word.

Item The world’s first transgender pro boxer is now the face of iconic boxing brand Everlast. Here’s how [s]he did it

On Sept. 26 he made history again when iconic boxing brand Everlast named him the face of its company — a position previously held by boxing legends Jack Dempsey, Sugar Ray Robinson and Canelo Álvarez.

Everlast, which launched in 1910, is the world’s leading manufacturer and licensor of boxing, mixed martial arts and fitness equipment. The company says Manuel is part of its “new crop of trailblazers,” which also includes an amputee fighter and a family of immigrants from Mexico who are amateur boxers.

This ugly woman decided she was a man, pumped herself full of drugs, which is acceptable when sexual insanity is involved, and became a boxer. The social justice warriors at Everlast saw the opportunity for a publicity stunt, the love of money being the root of all evil. May it rot their soul.

Item Columnist Wonders: Is It Time To Cancel The Duke?

Writing in the Orange County Register over the weekend, columnist David Whiting argued that the local airport needs a new name in light of Wayne’s expressions of support for white supremacy.

“For many people it’s worse. Being forced to buy and carry around an airline ticket that unavoidably honors someone’s racism is an insult.”

Well, how bad was it? Um … pretty bad, actually, and not really all that secret.

John Wayne’s comments were, of course, innocuous and in line with Reality. The interest in this story is not the quote SJWs virtue signaling words. Of course they would come after John Wayne eventually. To the progressive, the past must become the future.

The interest is instead with the conservative Ed Morrissey, who wrote the “pretty bad.” He gives tepid support for keeping the airport name, which again is not interesting. It’s still that “pretty bad.”

That “pretty bad” shows why conservatives lose every battle. They always concede all their opponents’ major premises. Conservatives are therefore progressives. Just slow ones. I don’t know how Morrissey can’t see that if you tacitly or openly accept Wayne was a (Lord help us) “white supremacist” everything about him will have to go, not just airport names.

Item Judge Rules Harvard’s Race-Conscious Admissions Policy Constitutional

In a 130-page ruling on Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Allison Burroughs found that Harvard’s practices were “not perfect” and could use improvements, including implicit bias training for admissions officers, but said “the Court will not dismantle a very fine admissions program that passes constitutional…

(The story ends there because I don’t have a subscription.)

Sorry, Asians! You did too well, and now you must pay the price in the great quest to Equality. Harvard’s problem, indeed many problems, could be solved Harvard is made into an all female, all black college.

Item Transgender patients can choose to be treated on male or female wards, new NHS guidance says

Transgender patients can choose whether they want to be treated on male or female wards, new NHS guidance stipulates.

I got twenty bucks that says the NHS by year’s end will have to give a prostate exam for a woman pretending to be a man, or a PAP schmear for a man pretending to be a woman.

Classic Item

Remember when the Air Forces’s twitter feed was hacked by our enemies?


  1. Our enemies, the Democrats and other Leftists, prove the adage, “Rust never sleeps.”

  2. BrianH

    The general shows he is a filthy racist by using the term “flesh colored band aids”. The implication – people of color do not have flesh on their bones.

  3. Sheri

    This is what people WANT. If they did not, they’d stop it.

  4. Gary

    David Whiting? Whiting? Really? Oh, the self-loathing…

  5. Dave

    Sheri, what normies “want” is to not be seen taking a position to the right of anyone else, because they don’t want to be un-friended, disemployed, and cast out of polite society. The net effect is something no one wants but no one* can stop: A holiness spiral toward infinite leftism, wherein everyone desperately races to out-left everyone else.

    *Washington, Cromwell, Napoleon, and Stalin all stopped holiness spirals. How easily and bloodlessly they did so depended on how widely respected they were beforehand.

  6. Frederich

    White people will be given their own sound-proofed room where they can freely say the N-word
    Thanks Briggs laughed so hard that blew coffee right out of my nose.

  7. Nate

    Oh my, this “Dr. Rachel McKinnon” is something else. I continue to be amazed at our collective insanity.

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