Wrestlers sponsor “earth hour”

I got an email—a press release—from a guy named Dan Forman from the WWF asking me to get the word out about “earth hour.” Up till now, I had no idea pro wrestlers (from the World Wrestling Federation) could care so much about the environment.

Anyway, true to wrestle mania form, Dan is a bit prone to exaggeration. Dan sent me this note about some video (ellipsis in original):

If you haven’t watched the video already I encourage you to. It’s very fast paced and still pumps me up every time I watch it, and I’ve seen it over 300 times…today.


Thanks for your consideration.


Now, I watched the video and I can’t recommend it. It’s a montage of a bunch of people turning off various light switches, set to the dulcet sounds of some bad pop song. Dan, though, as you can see, is pretty enthusiastic about it. I replied to his note:

Say, Dan, that’s an awful large number of times to watch a video in one day. Are you sure it was really “over 300 times”?


William Briggs

Dan shot right back with:

What can I say, I’m addicted to the movie. I know I have a problem and am seeking help. It will be a long, tough road but I will make it. Hopefully some kind journalists will take pitty on me and cover the event so I don’t have to be the only one with this problem…

Just joking around. Have a happy holidays and thanks for your note.


Dan is a regular guy and can joke about his love of the video clip. But I think he is still a little prone to fibbing; oh, let’s be generous and say he suffers from excess enthusiasm instead. Well, we’ve all seen vast quantities of bodacious bluster emanating from the ring, so this is just his normal way of talking.

Because that video is 3 minutes 13 seconds long, or 3.22 minutes. Watching “over 300 times” thus means he spent over 3.22 x 300 = 965 minutes in front of the computer, which translates into just over 16 hours. 16 hours of watching people switch off lights! All in one day!

I didn’t write Dan back because, frankly, I didn’t want to confuse him or, worse, have him threaten to bash my face in with a horse pipe or some other similar painful sounding object.

Also, I didn’t want to hurt his feelings because asking people to switch off their lights for an hour to celebrate some kind of earth-wrestling thing seems kind of silly.

I originally, idiotically, left a typo in when I wrote “3 minutes 13 seconds” as “13.22 minutes”. Not enough egg nog in my system, I guess. Thanks Iain!


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  2. Iain

    “Because that video is 3 minutes 13 seconds long, or 13.22 minutes. Watching “over 300 times” thus means he spent over 13.22 x 300 = 965 minutes”

    13.22 should be 3.22


  3. Briggs


    Holy moley! I guess it only seemed like 13 minutes!

    Another idiotic typo on my part. I accidentally typed an extra “1”, which I’ll remove. Thanks!

    3 minutes 13 seconds is 3.22 minutes, and 3.22 * 300 = 965 minutes, or 16 hours and 5 minutes.

    If the video was 13.22 minutes long it would take him almost three solid days to watch over 300 times.

  4. Aaron

    Wait… didn’t the World Wrestling Federation have to change their name because the acronym WWF now belongs to the World Wildlife Foundation?

  5. Joy

    I Thought it was World wildlife too when I started reading it.

  6. My favorite wrestler is Hornswaggle. I root for the little guy.

  7. Briggs


    Wildlife? You mean these are the guys who wrestle alligators? No wonder they want to switch off the lights.

  8. Rich

    “Horse pipe”. My usually fertile imagination has failed to provide an image.


  9. Briggs


    Well, sure. Horse pipe. Everybody knows about these. For example,


    steelcasingpipe.com is a division of Iron Horse Pipe & Steel Company. Our website has been designed to help the modern day buyer or purchasing agent access and order most nominal pipe size material in a consistent #1 construction grade steel pipe.

    Painful looking, no?

  10. JH


    Time: March 28, 2009.

    Worf (Klingon): “It is a good day to die.”

    Dan: “Don’t die sometime between 20:30 to 21:30. There will be no light at the end of the tunnel.”

  11. Joy

    Mr. Briggs:
    Would it be wise for me to admit that I actually DID think this was from the world wrestling federation?
    I wasn’t being funny when I said that I was mistaken to Aron!
    I am gullible, or else things are so silly now with the climate thing, that nothing surprises me any more. I wondered what some strange wrestler was on!
    I only just watched the video and saw the panda at the end! I’m still laughing.

  12. grumpy

    Surely Dan’s message would be better served by him not watching the video for 16 hrs. Imagine the CO2 he would have saved by turning off his computer!!!

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