Set up your recorders: tomorrow’s the day!

For those readers in the States and Canada (and elsewhere?) who get the History channel, tomorrow, Tuesday 23 December, is The Big Day.

I’ll be on the show Weird US twice. Once at 11 am Eastern, and the next at 5 pm Eastern. The link to the History channel page is here; for details on the episode, click here.

For Mark and Mark, the season begins at Florida’s Kennedy Space Center, where NASA with NORAD air support, tracks Santa’s gift-delivery mission. How does he do it in one night? A math and weather wiz at NYC’s Cornell University helps crunch the numbers.

I’m the “wiz”. My four minutes of fame comes near the end of the show, so you have plenty of time to pop some corn before my big moment.

If you like to hear statisticians babble, then this is the show for you! To all my friends in India and China, I can only apologize—I had no idea what I was saying.

It will be obvious that this was my on-camera debut: you won’t again see anybody else as stiff as me, except maybe that Bob guy from Enzyte.

I’ll only take credit for one thing: when you see Mark & Mark swatting away a swarm of white equations, know that I made those. Using Latex, of course.

Merry Christmas!


  1. JH

    Aaaah, four-minute fame!

    We wish you a Merry Christmas and a H..a.. ppy.. N…ew Year!

    No, no.. nooooo “Let it Snow” please. It could incorrectly lead people to believe that snow is nothing but fun.

  2. Joy

    Shame we won’t get it n England.
    Is snow anything but fun?

  3. bill-tb

    Aren’t you supposed to get your full 15 minutes?

  4. PaulH

    We have different programming on the History Channel in Canada. 🙁 It looks like your show won’t be on here.

  5. Ari


    Snow is only fun if you can escape it. Otherwise, it’s diabolically evil. Especially when it evolves into its more dangerous form: “black ice.”


    I’ll set the show on my DVR. I wonder if I get History in HD?

  6. JH

    Joy, I only wish I knew how to ski. Snow is pretty though… beautiful snow covered trees!

  7. papertiger

    That’s right. They owe you another 11 minutes. It’s in the rulebook.

  8. Joy

    Yes, that’s one of the best things to do in the snow. But just walking in it or looking at it from inside is almost as good. Of course you could try the lorry tyre inner tube with nine other people piled up down the piste and no proper way of stopping! Makes ski-ing feel tame.
    That was stupid.

  9. papertiger

    Joy – First bump is a doozie. Still got a crick in my neck from that one.

  10. D Johnson

    Watched the show this afternoon, and thought you did very well. Not only that, but I learned all about ludefisk and haggis, and got to see Santa burned in effigy. A very informative hour, leading up to your four minutes of fame.

  11. Briggs


    At least I didn’t fall over anything, and I spoke mostly English.

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