Cultural Appropriation Guarantees Tribal Politics, Anti-People-Of-No-Colorism

Cultural Appropriation Guarantees Tribal Politics, Anti-People-Of-No-Colorism

It is interesting to examine to what extent the progressive, SJW idea of “cultural appropriation” is unique and in how it fits in with their overall narrative.

As an example of the concept, we have an ideology factory warning its students against Halloween, to the point of banning “acts of intolerance”. Incidentally, memorize this term. Watch for localities like Sodom-on-Sea to pass legislation using it. Those college students don’t just fade away, you know. They carry their ideology with them.

At any rate, this like many ideology factories banned all “conduct that serves no scholarly purpose appropriate to the educational experience and demonstrates bias against others”, which would seem to argue against Diversity, which serves no scholarly purpose. But let that pass for a moment.

“Cultural appropriation” was forsworn in the document. Then there follows a long list of forbidden speech—followed by the mandatory Orwellian boilerplate “Students are guaranteed freedom of inquiry and expression.”

What cultural appropriation is, is never defined. We first need to figure that out.

We know immediately what it cannot be. It can’t be foreign students and students-of-color appropriating Western, i.e. persons-of-no-color, culture.

That is, those outside the people-of-no-color-sphere are welcomed and encouraged to use all aspects of that culture, such as universities, electricity, computers, automobiles, planes, medicine and such like marvels. Hamburgers, pizzas, french fries and coke are on the menu. Jeans, golf caps, and tennis shoes and even suits are worn. Music, for good or for ill, is listened to, as is radio; movies are watched. Sprechen sie Englisch?

Come One, Come All: Appropriate Us! is the motto.

Since this type of appropriation is never complained about by SJWs, it must be that they see people-of-no-color culture as universal, even to the extent that they would mandate its imposition. This is true for parts of people-of-no-color culture, which is foisted on others whether they want it or not. Such as they do with democracy and LGBTQWERTY “rights”. They also declare things like internet access a “human right”. You know the list.

All everywhere are also said to be welcome to come at any time for any reason to live and be cared for in any people-of-no-color land, lands which are said not to be of people-of-no-color, but lands for all. Indeed, it is “racist” to suggest there is any such thing as people-of-no-color lands. Whereas most of the dry earth is openly acknowledged to naturally belong to people-of-color, as their land. Zimbabwe, Israel, Chile, Japan, et cetera, et cetera.

Opposite this, elements from other cultures are increasingly forbidden to people-of-no-color. Yoga classes are out—proving that SJW ideology is not all bad. Clothing of various sorts are verboten. Remember that female of-no-color who wore a Chinese dress and was made to suffer for it?

Some foods can’t be served to people-of-no-color. Taco Bell hasn’t made the hate list yet, but we do learn that “popularizing ‘ethnic’ food can be one way to harm a group of people while taking from their traditions.” How serving, say, sushi takes from a culture rather than celebrates it is an argument only an SJW can understand. Should the Japanese forgo curry?

The theory for the one-way condemnation of appropriation is the same as it is for one-way accusations of racism. Only people-of-no-color can be racists because they, and only they, have some mysterious power, either now or at some time in the past. Only people-of-no-color can appropriate because of this same power. Which even if they don’t have this power now, somehow its residue lingers and taints people-of-no-color at a genetic level.

There is only one way to eradicate the stain of this power. Justin Trudeau can appear in black face and in more different costumes than a Bulgarian circus clown. But he is a man of the left, strong on abortion and sodomy, so he is indulged—and even re-elected! Only a constant race to the left holds of-no-colorness at bay. Stop for a moment athwart history, and one instantly becomes a x-ist and x-ophobe.

Naturally, the idea of cultural appropriation, like racism, causes separation in tribes to become more routine, rigorous and institutional. Only Mexicans can wear sombreros, only Moroccan’s can don the fez, only “native” people can drape their skulls with feathers—or with the scalps of people-of-no-color, if they can still manage to cut them free from their original owners. The next time you see somebody wearing a sombrero, fez, or scalp you know immediately who is under it.

The items said to belong to a tribe must and will expand. There will arise disputes over who truly owns sandals or corn. The fight, that is, won’t always be against people-of-no-color, but will expand among the various tribes of of-colors when any is seen to be gaining power another group wants. Stridency must increase.

Well, so much has always been so. Politics is always tribal. It is only the increase in mandatory Diversity that causes tribes to focus less on ideas and more on characteristics and behaviors. The difference is that only one culture, or rather characteristic, is open game. People-of-no-color are everywhere derided, and if they complain, they are accused of fretting about “white genocide”. Call a person-of-no-color a “racist” and if he objects he’s obviously a “white supremacist” evincing “white fragility.”

But you are free to appropriate all the best parts of his culture. Or claim that all the best ideas really came from Wakanda, or wherever, like math. Or when those best parts turn out to be too hard to appropriate, redefine them so that they’re easier, like math.

Addendum I wrote the post before I saw BAP’s response to Anton in American Mind. A must-read. I mean by “must” must. Do it. My review of Bronze Age Mindset is coming soon!

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  1. Michael Ozanne

    ” based on their sex, national origin, age, etc.”

    So that’s the 4th of July out then… As a British Subject i am outraged OOUUTTTRRRAAGGEEED!!! by this triumphalist Nationalistic abuse of my ancestors….. 😛 🙂

  2. Michael Ozanne

    “Should the Japanese forgo curry?”

    Or bread or woollen clothes or deep fried seafood?…. the Japanese words for Bread (Pan) Wool (Rasha) and Tempura, all come from Portugese….

  3. Michael Ozanne

    “”Seattle is definitely on the forefront with this,” said Robert Q. Berry III, the president of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. ”

    I would have picked a different phrase than “on the forefront”…

    it’s like I never expected this discussion to happen at any university anywhere ever..

  4. Michael Dowd

    Thanks Briggs. Outstanding piece of analysis, BAP review was the best I have read on the subject of Cultural Marxism, and I ordered BAP’s books.

    You do good work.

  5. Ray

    “Seattle Public Schools Will Start Teaching That Math Is Oppressive”
    That is so true. When I had the advanced calculus course the professor swore all of us to secrecy before he told us the Newton and Leibnitz actually invented the calculus just to confuse and frustrate women and people of color. Women and people of color should refuse to take calculus until it is made more welcoming and inclusive.

  6. Sander van der Wal

    PoNCs appropriating other PoNCs should be forbidden too. We would like to get our Brooklin, Harlem, Santa Claus, Yankee, Coleslaw and so on and so forth back, if you could be so kind.

  7. JTLiuzza

    Westerners are not people of “no color.” Our God given raiment of eyes, hair are naturally of many splendid colors. And anyone who paid attention in elementary school science class knows that white is the simultaneous presence of all colors as viewed in the rainbow (the real one), while black is the absence of color. Europeans are the “people of color,” by God’s design.

  8. Uncle Mike

    BAP’s “space” is territory. The struggle over control of territory is, by definition, war. War is not just military conflict between tribes or nations — war is any struggle over territory.

    For instance, consider the farmers in the Netherlands who blocked the roads with their tractors in protest over EU Ammonia Laws that threatened to wrest control of the farms from the farmers. The roads and the farms are territory. Or consider the USFS and BLM who firebomb watersheds. Control includes the capacity to destroy territory.

    But I’m jumping the gun. Read BAP. Please note, however, that “race” is not the only battlefield. Real (physical territorial) battlefields also qualify.

  9. C-Marie

    How we came to be people of no color and people of color, I believe:

    At the Tower of Babbel, all people were of the only race that there was at the time. All spoke only the same language as there was only the one language. All desired to build a city with a tower up to the heavens to make a name for themselves.
    Genesis 11.

    God did not approve of what they were about, so He confused their language causing them to speak different languages, and scattered the people all over the earth, establishing separate nations, and I believe at that very time, God also changed physical characteristics as skin color, facial features, hair texture, physique as in height, stature, and more.

    If one, which I do, accepts that Genesis and the rest of the Bible are true . . . .

    (Adam is responsible for Original Sin, though Eve sinned first) . . . . and so Jesus had to come and redeem us)

    then there was only one man and one woman in the beginning of God’s creation of human beings. It is possible that He placed in their DNA and more, ever so many possibilities of physical characteristics so that one might not have a clue as to how one’s child would appear. But I do not think that happened as that would not be orderly, and God is wholly orderly.

    So back to the happenings at the Babbel Tower. All of the people are sent by God over the earth with the changes that He gave to them. They are not made aware of the changes because now they are still surrounded by people who look, act, and speak as each other, just as life always has been.

    Some or maybe most think the Tower is a fable or a myth, but if there was only Adam and Eve, how else can the peoples of color and the peoples of no color be explained with all of their outward differences of color of skin and shapes of features, round eyes, slanted eyes, etc., and sameness of two eyes, mouth, ears, nose, etc.) and the exact sameness interiorly (heart, stomach, etc.).

    So we all started out in sameness, got divied up all over the earth by God, went forward with our creative abilities and established cultures, differing from each other but with ever so much sameness in thought and expression, using the raw materials about us (water, earth, animals, plants, rocks, and more).

    May God continue to help us so that we share and live fairly with each other, rather than pursue the divisiveness that is now so prominent.

    God bless, C-Marie

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