The Fading Of Christianity In Numbers. Embracing The Dying Of The Light?

The Fading Of Christianity In Numbers. Embracing The Dying Of The Light?

An interesting statistic, the source of which I do not know and therefore cannot verify, shows that those who claim they are “not religious” is increasing in North Africa.

Libya had about 12% in 2012, doubling to 25% in six years. Among millennials, it’s 36%. Same kind of thing for Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, and so on.

If these numbers are accurate, they are matched in direction in rate of change in former Christian countries.

Before we get to that, it is well to remind readers that there is no such thing as being areligious, not in any metaphysical sense. Everybody has ideas of right and wrong, moral and immoral, sacred and profane. These senses may be provided in a formal, which is to say open, religious way, or they will be be provided in other ways. No matter what, they will be provided.

Therefore, people are not becoming less religious, they are changing religions. That does not necessarily mean that people are moving from Christianity and Islam into the same new religion, though it sure seems like it, but they are shifting away from traditions and inventing for themselves news ones.

Just as a for-instance, take tranny-dom. It is a purely metaphysical belief that says a man who says he’s a woman is a woman. It is the belief itself that causes the transformation. It is that belief which all must bow to. You cannot question it. It is divine. This is why I say the predominate religion people are transferring into is man-as-god. Call it humanism if you like, but that is a rather tepid label for such an astonishing phenomenon.

At any rate, those calling themselves Christians, and the fewer who practice traditional Christianity, are shrinking fast in the once United States. We saw earlier that Christianity is all but kaput in Europe, as low as 9% practicing, and going lower.

Here are the latest Pew numbers, all with the standard cautionary plus-or-minuses, for the US.

…65% of American adults describe themselves as Christians when asked about their religion, down 12 percentage points over the past decade. Meanwhile, the religiously unaffiliated share of the population, consisting of people who describe their religious identity as atheist, agnostic or “nothing in particular,” now stands at 26%, up from 17% in 2009

These are huge changes. There is an acceleration, but it represents a change which can only go so fast. I mean, the descent probably will slow when the numbers get near 0%. As an example, Protesting Christians are falling at a faster rate than Catholics, but there are still more of them.

Just under half of Milennials say they are Christians.

That 65% is self-acknowledged Christians, which is of course different than practicing Christians. Only 44% say they attend services at least weekly. That’s a better estimate, then, than the 65%.

It’s still not the best estimate, though, because even among those who go to mass, there are a good chunk who hold beliefs that cannot be reconciled with Christianity, mostly those having to do with sexuality. It’s just a guess, but based on all the other similar surveys we’ve seen. the actual numbers are probably between a quarter and a third of Americans remain Christians, most of whom are older.

The US seems to be about a decade or so behind Europe in disbelief. Another not-so-wild guess puts the number of traditional Christians at 10% or fewer in a decade, and in Europe maybe a tenth of that. Poll numbers will be double that.

Better get used to the idea now.

The religion of man-as-god is not everywhere triumphant. Eastern Europe and the Slavic countries are a pointed contrast to the West. Lithuania is particularly based, if these Pew numbers can be believed.

For example, only about 25% of Lithuanians say “homosexuality should be accepted by society”, whereas it’s 72% of Americans, and a median of 86% in Western Europe.

Lithuanians are also the least likely to agree with “marriages where both the husband and wife have jobs and together take care of the house and family”.

Most based of all:

On the issue of men and women having the same rights, Americans are as likely to say this is very important (91%) as Western Europeans (median of 90%), and more likely to say so than Central and Eastern Europeans (median of 70%).

Lithuanians again take the lead at only about 60%. Way more than the true answer of 0%, but that this is the lowest rate in any country is telling.

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  1. Larry Geiger

    So are the people in Libya, Algeria, Morocco and Egypt telling the truth.

    So if a pollster comes along and asks you what religion you are and most all of your neighbors are Muslim are you going to say Christian? Hmmmmmmmmm. Maybe not. Oh, there’s an option that says “not religious”. Ok, maybe that sounds good.

  2. Sheri

    “Therefore, people are not becoming less religious, they are changing religions.” And contrary to the snotty atheists that seem to find it necessary to claim they are “rational” (only agnosticism qualifies as rational, so an upfront lie from the start). PROOF that they are not emerges more and more as traditional religions die and worship of the fantasy of progressives increases. It’s complete fantasy that there is “gender”, that boys and girls are equal, the entire idea of “equality” is 100% fantasy, etc. It’s interesting that the concept of “evil” is very dominate among the supposed non-believers, seen in TDS and other such value judgements. Atheist religions are also among the most violent and intolerant out there. Maybe evil masquerades as atheist religion? Humans will always have a religion, will at times actively and violently try to impose it on others, and so forth. It is who we are. Deny away, but reality is unbending. Boys are not girls, humans ALWAYS worship something and you CANNOT change that no matter how you try. Get over it. (Yes, veiled reference a certain t-shirt out there….)

  3. Dave

    Three globalist, universalist religions are vying for supremacy, and they have a rock-paper-scissors relationship:

    Christianity defeats Islam by producing smarter offspring. Though Islam keeps its females pumping out babies from puberty to menopause, those kids receive so little parental investment that they aren’t good for much besides raping and pillaging soft targets.

    Liberalism defeats Christianity because it’s a heresy of Christianity, a cluster of quasi-Christian memes selected for their ability to undermine and destroy Christian faith from within.

    Islam defeats Liberalism by beheading its men and raping its women. Liberal mind tricks don’t work on Muslims.

    Does this portend an endless cycle of C-L-I-C-L-I… ? No, because Liberalism also defeats itself. A religion that rejects marriage and gives its adherents no compelling reason to reproduce is not viable if contraception and abortion are readily available. So Liberalism dies of old age, Islam surges into the vacuum, and the few surviving sects of Christianity purge themselves of all traces of liberal heresy and gradually reconquer and repopulate the planet.

    The Christian doctrines of AD 2800 would seem rather peculiar to us at first glance — they would cause a Liberal to drop dead from horror — but after further study you would say, yeah, these guys got it right.

  4. swordfishtrombone

    (Typos: “the predominate religion”, “Most based of all”, “Lithuania is particularly based”, “for themselves news ones”)

    “there is no such thing as being areligious, not in any metaphysical sense. Everybody has ideas of right and wrong”

    Of course we can be areligious! Who says ideas about right and wrong should be the province of religion anyway? Answer: religions. In fact, religions have done a rubbish job of coming up with rational moral systems. The Ten Commandments, for instance, are arbitrary and largely irrelevant rules.

    “On the issue of men and women having the same rights…”

    Does your wife read your blog?

  5. C-Marie

    Christ, Who is the Light of the world, will be with us forever, but how many will be with and remain with Him???
    God bless, C-Marie

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