The New Scientific Case For Pedophilia

The New Scientific Case For Pedophilia

You know it was coming. They weren’t satisfied with sodomy—who could be? And it wasn’t enough to force you to say a man is a woman, if that is the man’s desire.

They already made you believe in the idea of gender, even though gender is the phlogiston of biology.

Too many surrendered on these too quickly. So they had to invent a new outrage, the older ones growing banal.

Why must they outrage you? To control you. Every time they get you to admit what is not true they own you a little bit more. You become effeminate by degree. Given enough outrages, you ability to object evaporates and you will be led like pig to the bacon factory, oinking “Well, I guess this is for the best.”

It’s now pedophilia. You must say it is good, or if you can’t swallow “good” at first, then neutral. James Cantor, who is it least pushing transanity, and perhaps also the normalization of pedophilia, and who is an enjoyer of sodomy himself, is saying “neutral“.

He hooked up an electronic phrenology device to take statistically interpolated pictures of pedophile brains, and, lo, he discovered these were different, in some statistically arcane way, than the brains of normal people. Therefore pedophiles are born that way.

The faith scientists have in fMRI is stronger than a child has in Santa Claus, and with less justification. At least kids see presents under trees, whereas many fMRI results are nothing but hopeful inventions. (See this series for a detailed case study. We’ve talked about the weaknesses of fMRI many times; use the search box.)

He said: “All the evidence suggests that paedophilia begins in the womb.” His evidence, not all evidence. All of history suggests otherwise (and biology and metaphysics, see below).

“Discussing his findings, Dr Cantor revealed that his research found that paedophiles are products of nature, not nurture, and a majority of them do not want to act on their urges.”

Once a pervert has been identified, and there is no proof of any crime, the thing to do is, if possible and appropriate (but see the example below), get them help. Since, contra Cantor, many people talk or work themselves into perversions either through abuse or use of pron, they can be talked out of it, too. Many people who once claimed to “be” gay, realized the lie. Same thing with people who claim to “be” a pedophile.

Cantor doesn’t realize a most important thing:

It does not matter if pedophiles are “born that way”. They still ought to, if “active”, be purged from society. We are now so nice that if we hear of a biological or sexual affliction, true or not, we reason the affected can’t help themselves, and thus whatever they do should not only be unpunished, but indulged and, eventually, celebrated with Pride.

This is a class-A horseshit argument, whoever makes it. It’s easy to see why.

You’re on a spaceship, fleeing the planet, and the last person trying to board announces he has Double-Acting Ugly Ebola, 100% incurably fatal in every case, and communicable by breathing shared air. It’s not his fault he has this terrible disease: he does not want it, and does not desire to harm others.

Do you let him on the spaceship, or do you hold your breath and fight him off, plugging him if he grows violent?

We do not have to listen to scientists. We only have to list to Truth and Reality. Scientists should make these twin objects their sole motivation. Alas, as we have seen far too often, they do not. Their minds may be clouded with politics or eve bad metaphysics.

There are no such things as gays: it’s a biological and metaphysical impossibility. Likewise, there are no such things as more than two genders, or there is no such thing as zoophiles or necrophiliacs or trannies or pedophiles.

Cantor speaks of trannies “transitioning”, a strict biological impossibility. It’s not just unlikely, it’s impossible. No matter how many self- or quack-inflicted injuries a man endures, he will always be a man. There is no point at which a “transition” occurs. Thus trannies will even chase a receding horizon, whose only destination is pain.

A man like Cantor who is that wrong about metaphysics can’t be trusted on what he says about pedophiles. They are “born”, he says, as if they are separate kind of creatures. Cantor thus believes in the impossible.

Nevertheless, watch for his “research” to become a standard argument why pedophiles should not be punished when they are caught acting on their urges.

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  1. The only response to pedophiles should be to ask them “Lead or hemp?” I believe people should have choices.

  2. DAV

    He hooked up an [fMRI] and, lo, he discovered these were differnt … than the brains of normal people. Therefore pedophiles are born that way.

    More likely it means they developed differently through constant reinforcement. Einstein’s brain had a structure found in violin players but he wasn’t born a violin player.

    I don’t think there’s a weakness in fMRI tech. The weakness is in the interpretation of fMRI images.

  3. Hoyos

    To kind of continue DAVs point, you can actually tell the brain of a London cab driver, it’s that specific because in order to drive a cab there requires a lengthy and rigorous learning and testing process; it’s actually quite difficult. Our brains aren’t static, my understanding is there is even evidence that something as simple as walking more can even partially rejuvenate elderly brains. So brain changes aren’t even all that fixed going into old age.

  4. acricketchirps

    Stop saying two genders. There are three genders. Two sexes.

  5. Ken

    Re scientists, truth and reality

    Those ought not be contradictory. If some scientist(s) get it wrong (whatever “it” is) there can be something learned in correcting the errors. Dismissing the discipline is an extreme overreaction.

    As for MRI showing brain patterns of abnormality related to a particular condition, to be expected. Any repeated thought or behavior pattern alters the brain.

    Look up neuroplasticity online—the London Cabbie study is on famous example. Doidge has a book about how dramatically neuroplasticity can offset major brain traumas.

    Responsible reporting ought to have pointed that out — if pedophile brains show an outcome (unique recurring MEI pattern) that shows a severe “hardwired” condition. Maybe due to a variety of causes, but neuroplasticity studies have long established that one cannot infer “born that way” from such a current state.

    Such a hardwired condition indicates the person should be treated as compelled to that behavior uncontrollably, like a rabid family pet dog- -treated or caged, not left to run free because the condition is “natural” and not the afflicted’s fault via choice.

  6. John B()

    Did Jeffrey Epstein donate his brain?

    What were the P-Values (Pedophile Values?)

  7. Tim

    Make pedophilia legal and make killing pedophiles legal as well. Win-Win!

  8. Sheri

    Just as predicted. Want to know what comes next? Sorry, you get to enjoy the horrid outcome with no guidance since previous claims were called “nasty”, “stupid”, “never happening”, etc. Humans wanted Hell on earth and they are going to get it.

  9. Sander van der Wal

    Cantor did not prove anything about pedo’s being born that way. To prove that, or at least make it plausible, you will need to follow the development of the brain of lots of people, and check whether the brains of adult pedophiles were already different when these people were newly born infants, and it is that difference that persisted, and it is that difference that gave rise to pedophilia.

  10. For biological organisms that propagate via sexual reproduction, there are only two sexes. That Is The Way It Is.

    Gender, though, applies as a concept to immaterial things (thoughts), then the physical words that represent physical things. There are three (English): Masculine, feminine, and neuter. That Is The Way It Is.

    “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but *words* will never hurt me”, is the way to be.

  11. Dave

    Jim Donald has a good point: If your crusade against “pedophilia” targets normal heterosexual men who desire females at the bloom of sexual maturity, our demographic decline will continue until every church has a minaret. Women who are or soon will be capable of bearing children need to be paired with men who are capable of supporting them. (Jim is fine with executing homos, pedo or not).

    Jeffrey Epstein, who never touched anyone under 14, was neither homo nor pedo. His contribution to society was giving teen sluts the chance to bang wealthy, famous men instead of their local drug dealers. Were he a better person in a better world, he would have instead arranged for them to marry those men.

    Calling on men to be sexually continent is stupid, pointless, and feminist. ~90% of male cats are chaste because their owners neuter them, but whenever my queen wants nookie, she gets it. And we live in a deep forest with severe winters, little shelter, and many cat-eating predators!

  12. Briggs


    Excellent point. And our good doctor makes it, too. He mean true pedophilia, the sexual desire of pre-pubescent children and infants. He lists and discusses Jim’s point separately.

  13. Hoyos

    My two cents, because I’m really bothered by Jim of Jim’s Blog and a bit of what Dave is saying; there’s a reason we have an age of consent that happens past the age of puberty.

    First, just because a girl “looks ready” doesn’t mean she is. I have a family member who is a longtime OBGYN near a gypsy encampment. They marry young and a girl can look ready on the surface and not have everything internally mature enough to have a safe pregnancy. Setting the age at 18 or maybe even 16 hits the broad stats for a more safe pregnancy. We also overestimate the youth of brides in previous cultures, in the Middle Ages women usually didn’t get married until their twenties, albeit early twenties because they knew through trial and error that was safer.

    Second, Epstein is at least a rapist. When you’re 14 you’re dumb as fuck, immature and vulnerable. Slamming his victims as teen sluts, who would have been turned out somehow anyway when he straight up raped some of them, sounds like something Muslim grooming gangsters would say. Nobody needs to be having sex with fourteen year olds, shit I can’t believe that has to be said out loud. Epstein could have had all the 22 year olds he wanted with his money, but even that wasn’t young enough for someone who would believe his bullshit and buy into his power games.

    Jim acts like not being allowed to bang 14 year olds is some sort of burden and he brings it up often enough it’s unsettling. Is waiting for 18 so difficult?

    Wrapping up, most men don’t have to be celibate, in a sane society with monogamy you’d assortatively mate sometime in your early twenties and done. Men should be chaste as well though. There’s nothing manly about the “sexual emergency” mindset, it’s for barbarians.

  14. Frederic h

    “(Magnetic Resonance Imaging), improving our ability to identify brain mechanisms potentially involved in the development of pedophilia. ” James M. Cantor, PhD

    Next abstract:

  15. info


    You could discuss this subject with him at:

  16. Uncle Mike

    When former Oregon Governor Neil Goldschmidt was exposed as a pedophile — see:

    an acquaintance of mine informed me that he grew up in the same neighborhood as Neil, and that it was all Neil’s mother’s fault. “Neil’s mother was very controlling,” he told me.

    So that’s a nurture argument. To my knowledge nobody has scanned Neil’s brain, nor that of my acquaintance. I am interested to see the fMRI results for both of them, however, if such tests can be arranged.

  17. Dave

    Hoyos, age-of-consent law doesn’t prevent young girls having sex, it only prevents them having sex with decent men who are likely to marry them and provide for their offspring. Ditch that law and instead find some sort of custodial arrangement that keeps wayward girls under tight supervision until marriageable age.

    Men very much need virgin brides, as non-virgins are far more likely to divorce them. “Is waiting for 18 so difficult?” Yes, because if you wait, she’ll bang someone else. Late virgin marriage was possible in the Middle Ages because women were closely watched and knew that great shame would befall them if they weren’t virgins on their wedding night.

    Outside of marriage, men should be chaste, for their own benefit, because super-STDs that eat all known antibiotics for lunch are here and spreading like wildfire.

  18. Hoyos

    @info, I addressed it here because it was brought up here.

    @Dave, I’m totally on board with virgin marriage, I’m probably even overboard because I think it’s important for men as well, just in a different way. The stats say 30% are virgins at 18, which is not an insignificant number. I’d even be open to the UK situation where you’re functionally a legal adult at 16, that’s the way it was for decades and their country didn’t fall apart. Incidentally the average age of loss is still around 17, so that might work practically. The point is adult decisions with adult consequences should only be made when you’re an adult. And going full Muslim on controlling women wasn’t necessary in the West before and it’s not necessary now.

    Dave, if I could restore the patriarchy I would. I’m just saying pump the brakes on the 14 year old talk, there are good reasons why the law is where it is.

  19. DAV

    there are good reasons why the law is where it is.

    Are there? Here’s a brief history of age of consent laws:

    At one time in the U.S, 16 was the age of consent in most states with only a few (notably CA and NY at 18). Ever hear of Sweet 16 Parties? The origins for them are debutante parties to essentially announce the availability of a young girl for marriage.

    Age of consent is now becoming 18 in a lot more than a couple of states. The major influence has been television. Most of the programming originated in CA and NY and the idea was propagated effectively through social engineering by repeated references to 18 being the age of consent (which it was in the originating states).

  20. Dave

    “pump the brakes on the 14 year old talk”

    … despite the fact that seven E.U. member states, including really backward ones like Germany and Austria, set the AoC at fourteen.

    We should require prior judicial approval for under-18 marriage against the wishes of the minor’s parents, and for any marriage under 14, presuming a “no” ruling in both cases.

  21. swordfishtrombone

    *Sigh* Since no one has made the most obvious comment, I suppose I’ll have to make it: This article misrepresents Cantor’s position so badly that it’s little more than an outright lie. Cantor isn’t making a scientific case FOR paedophilia, he’s trying to use science to understand and prevent it.

    “All of history suggests otherwise (and biology and metaphysics, see below).”

    What are you talking about? How does ANY history suggest otherwise? But since you bring it up, what history DOES suggest is that being a representative of the Christian religion causes one to abuse children.

    “There are no such things as gays:”

    There are no such things as Christians.

    “A man like Cantor who is that wrong about metaphysics”

    WTF has metaphysics got to do with it?

  22. Yonason

    RHC’s anti-Semitic garbage is easily shown to be wrong.

    Jewish law is to protect the child, who, if raped will still be able to be considered physically a “virgin.” Otherwise, her character could be tarnished and future marriage rights and prospects more limited. When it says that whoever raped her “has done nothing,” it means she needn’t be ashamed of it. He, however, should be, and would be severely punished for violating the laws that prohibit rape. Contrast that with how Democrats reward some criminals by assisting them in avoiding punishment.

    The world has a way to go yet before it’s fully civilized, judging by the hateful malicious lies that are still being shamelessly told by so many willfully ignorant buffoons.

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