The Lessons Of Clovis And His Anti-Arian Army: Part I– Guest Post by Ianto Watt

The Lessons Of Clovis And His Anti-Arian Army: Part I– Guest Post by Ianto Watt

Did you ever play bumper-cars? Where you could make all kinds of idiot turns and cross all lanes, and ram people head on, without fear of any real damage? Where all rules of the road were tossed out, as low-speed mayhem ensued. Where you could have a 4-way crash, with giggles? Fun!

But have you ever done it at 100 mph?

Get ready, because I think that’s what’s coming. We’re about to experience maximum impact. You think I’m talking about our fractured political state> Yes, but not exclusively. Politics is bad enough these days, certainly so. There seems to be no end to the vitriol. No allegation is beneath the media’s dignity, let alone their capacity for self-hypnosis. Whores everywhere. And in more places than you’d think.

The political situation, in and of itself, is not enough to push things over the edge. People can be deeply wedded to an idea or bias without losing their ability to allow their neighbor his own space. Unless they have decided that politics is all there is. That only one side can have a monopoly on the truth. That salvation comes from the Party.

Which brings me to the first point. As Americans, we must now decide whether we truly want to be a Nation, or conversely, The Empire. You can’t be both. You can’t be both Romulus and Remus. One of them has to die.

What am I saying? That we’re looking at a high-speed crack-up? Absolutely. The Great Game is still playing on Broadway. Just as Imperial Rome never really fell, Imperial Britain didn’t either. At least, their financiers didn’t. They all made their way here. Anyone with one eye and half a brain can see that the drumbeat for war with Russia still animates those who direct the Empire. Same Empire, same desire, same result.

Is it as simple as that? Are there really just two cars in this giant game of chicken? Or are there more cars on other roads leading to that same intersection? And do they have the same intentions as these two political vehicles? Let’s stop and think about this for a minute. What can motivate men to want to go to war, and perhaps, total war? Patriotism, for sure. Anything else? Sure. The unmentionable subject. Because of that, I won’t mention it. At least not yet.

Who are the owners of these cars? We have The Empire, which, SOP, is at war with everyone. See that Humvee moving at top speed? Recognize the driver? The guy with the orange hair? Sure you do. But the driver isn’t the real Emperor. Because the Emperor is not in the car. He never is. Too dangerous, you know. He only watches things from a distance. If he wants something, he has it delivered to the mansion.

Besides, there’s not a real singular Emperor. Yes, Presidents seem to think they are the real Emperor. But history has disabused us of that notion. The real Imperial power resides with the financiers. They hold the lien on everything of value. Whoever the chairman of the board is, at any given moment, is not really important. The important thing is that they have no allegiance to any particular country. None. They have houses in every nation, but homes in none. Keep that in mind as you survey the field.

These lien-holders seem to think that Donald stole that Presidential Limo back in 2016 and now he’s trying to get across the state line (re-election) to relative safety, where he can, in his mind, return the car to its original owners. In other words, there seems to be a dispute about who really owns this car. But there’s no question about who’s held the lien on it for the last hundred and three years that led up to Donald hot-wiring it in 2016. For a little bit of time, it looked as if he might get away with it.

Meanwhile, in this dash for safety, Donald’s CIA ‘bodyguard’ in the passenger seat has suddenly slid left and jammed his foot on top of Donald’s, pressing the gas pedal to the floor. The brake pedal is mush. Want out of Syria? Forget it, Donald. Want out of Afghanistan? And NATO? Forget them too. Want out of Ukraine? Ha! Nice try, chump. Want out of anything? Fuggedaboutit. The Empire’s RePo men ain’t giving up without a fight. A fight to the death. Your death, that is.

Here’s the first problem for everyone inside this car. There’s a fight for the wheel going on, and the car is swerving violently across all lanes even as it barrels ahead. It’ll be a miracle if it even makes it to the intersection, let alone the state line. But I believe in miracles. And for Donald to have survived this long, under this kind of assault, qualifies as a miracle for me.

There’s the first car, the one in which the patriotic Imperial troopers (us) are trapped in the back, as the front-seat death-struggle continues. It’s dark as Hell outside and there hasn’t been a road sign for a long time. Where are we? And are those headlights approaching up ahead?

They’re moving as fast as we are. But they aren’t swerving at all. It’s dead-ahead for that Falkatus beast on wheels. It’s roaring down the center lane with no intention of turning. The Komrade at the wheel has a gun to his head. That’s how they operate over there. He’s not about to trade his possible last-seconds for a certain micro-second of sanity by doing something stupid, like hitting the brakes. He knows his history. He knows, just like people think Imperial Rome is gone, that the Soviet Union is gone. But not it’s leaders. It’s better to play chicken now than to permanently play possum later. Better to listen to the ‘former’ KGB guy in the rear-view mirror than to look ahead out the windshield.

So what, you say? Just another episode of the typical face-off of The Empire and the wannabe Empire of Russia? We’ve done this for 75 years, and nobody’s ever beat the Empire. A few draws, maybe. Korea. Cuba. Berlin. Saigon. Kabul. Damascus.

All those previous standoffs and face-downs were manned by American Nationals. Done in service to the American Imperials. Most of those past events occurred when American fighting men were overwhelmingly Christian. The problem here is that while most considered themselves Christian, there are a million different flavors of this professed confession. With new flavors added daily.

America has always been a Protestant nation, from its very beginnings. Which ensures that there will never be an orthodoxy in belief. In fact, quite the opposite. Which is exactly how our Imperial masters control us. If we aren’t united in belief, we can’t decide how to become united in action. So we fall prey to the Imperial mantra that says America is Christianity. And vice-versa. Thus, serving Caesar is next to (or even better than) serving God. Just ask Max Boot. Or Bill Kristol. Or Hillary. Or all those in the Deep (and Broad) State.

Ask Bill Buckley too, if you see him. No, he wasn’t a Catholic American. He was an American Catholic. That’s the same as Protestant. All the variations of which are usually just some version of Arianism. Probably watered down, but the essential element of exceptionalism is still there. It expresses itself in American Exceptionalism, which is what The Empire is built upon. And which all those mentioned above approved of. All of which keeps us subservient to Caesar.

The roots of the Protestant religious variations amongst Little Americans (including American Catholics, a.k.a. Buckley-ites) are the result of our lack of historical knowledge about them. Thus, left to our own devices, the Little Men of America are incapable of coordinated action. They have no single leader they can coalesce around. We’re easy pickings for anyone else who has a singular plan of action. Too many religions mean too many Chiefs and never enough Indians.

Thus, we are totally unlike the troops that willingly served the pagan King Clovis. In case you don’t know who this historically significant person was, and what he accomplished, it’s time to read up. Quit being a slug. It’s the only way to figure out who Donald really is. Or could be. Who he’s really fighting against. And who he’s fighting for.

Clovis is the model here? We’d better hope so. He won. How’d he do it? First, he united himself with the common beliefs of his own troops against the beliefs of the common enemy. In this case, against the Deep State of Imperial Rome. And then he enlarged his forces after each victory by welcoming the troops that had fought against him. But only the troops. Not their leaders.

Clovis was an Auxiliary General in the Roman Legions in the late 400’s. This would be the time when the central power of Rome had faltered under the attacks from my cousins, the Barbarians. In fact, Clovis was a Barbarian himself, as were most of his men. That’s the basic definition of the Auxiliaries. Barbarians in the pay of Rome. They were all that was left in the regions as the Italic Legions had been gradually pulled back towards the capitols of Rome and Constantinople . Meanwhile, the payroll kept getting delayed. Tempers got short.

That meant, in effect, that Clovis was now a warlord, and he might or might not be able to control the Frankish turf he was left with as his Patrician overlords skated from the scene. (Here’s a picture of it happening elsewhere in the current Empire.) It also meant that all the surrounding territories were in the same position, each with its own Auxiliary forces headed by a Barbarian General of the same type.

The real difference was that all the surrounding Generals considered themselves to be civilized Romans. After all, had they not converted to the official new religion of Rome, Catholicism? Well, yes and no. Primarily, no. They had, in fact, converted. But not to true Catholicism. Instead, they opted for one of the original flavors of Protestantism, called Arianism.

This is the heresy that said Jesus wasn’t existent from all eternity. Rather, that he had achieved Godhood during His exemplary and exceptional human life. If He could do it, why couldn’t they? As a matter of fact, hadn’t they already reached that point? Weren’t these Generals just as exceptional? They sure thought so. By the way, it made things look like they were now congruent with the newly Christianized Emperors, starting with Constantine. How politically convenient. Great camouflage.

All the Generals but one were Arians: Clovis the Pagan stood alone. But most of his troops weren’t pagans. Nor Arians. They were actual Catholics. Little men. Little Catholics. Men who gathered around one spiritual leader on earth. And even though the Church had been wracked with this Arian heresy since before the Council of Nicea in 325, this infection had not claimed the vast majority of the people. No: it was most of the Bishops who had strayed from right belief, and the Arian Auxiliary Generals enforced their will. After all, it was their ticket to legitimacy, in the Generals’ eyes. If the Bishop said you were blessed, why doubt it? No Bishops were denying communion to heretical Generals in those days. Nor to each other.

Sound familiar?

When Clovis went to war against these neighboring Generals, his troops were energized not only by a patriotism (for their locale), but more importantly by a common creed. A creed that gave them a human dignity that neither Paganism nor Arianism did. Who cared if Clovis was Pagan, as long as he effectively battled the Roman Deep State (Bishops and Generals alike)?

The majority of the Church hierarchy today is part of the Imperial Deep State. Just look at their Income Statement. Guess who gets paid to run government ‘charities’?

Any more similarities here? Think about the Republican primary season of 2016, when Donald rolled up seventeen Arian RINO’s. Romans In Name Only. All were supposedly Christian, but all were far from the original (and still extant) dogmas of the Church. I am criticizing Protestantism, if for no other reason than it lacks cohesion. Too much room for disagreement. Practically speaking, it can’t work together as one, because it isn’t one.

There is the Achilles Heel of our Nation. The Shining City Upon The Hill. We can’t resist the Empire, because we’re always arguing amongst ourselves about doctrine. That means we have no ability to unite in strategy, let alone tactics. Let’s face it. Were there any actual practicing Catholic in that field of seventeen RINOs? Anyone who was actually and aggressively defending orthodoxy? No, friend, the only one who could unite us under those confusingly divisive circumstances was a Pagan Barbarian. With flaming hair. And a Catholic wife. Who would then (and maybe will now) eventually convert him to the Faith. Just like Clotilde did with Clovis.

Citizen, ask yourself this: who, besides Donald, has stood more firmly against the Arian insanities of our time? Who has been more aggressive in defending America, the Nation? And Americans, the People? And Christianity, in pro-life belief? No, no, don’t compare him to a saint (and then reject him for his obvious shortcomings). Compare him to what you get without him. What would that be? An Arian ruler. Arianism is all about ‘evolving’, and we know where that leads. Just look at your new transgendered city councilman. And every one of the Democratic field. And, truth be told, a Hell of a lot of RINO’s.

Clovis may have fought against his fellow Roman Generals, but not because they were Romans. It was because they were Arians. Arrogant Imperial Arians. Men claiming to be Roman who had no allegiance to the original concept of Republican Rome, before she transgender transitioned into the Empire. Real men never fall for this ‘evolving’ crap. They know who they are. They know who God is. And they don’t confuse the two. Does that mean anything to you? Do you have any clue what this is all about? Do you think God and Caesar are friends?

No, my friend. Clovis’ fight was all about breaking free from an Empire that placed Man equal to God. About re-establishing a state where men pledged their true allegiance above the King. It was about having a leader that agreed with that ideal. That was the original Roman ideal. Which is why so many of the armies Clovis defeated willingly joined his ranks as he readied for battle against the next Arian General. Eventually, Charlemagne stood on Clovis’s shoulders. We would be wise to understand and emulate this fact.

Almost nobody in the American heartland understands that there is an actual intersection ahead. They all think it’s simply a head-to-head political game of chicken. They can’t even imagine that there could be two (or more) other vehicles, with exactly the same intentions, racing perpendicularly, towards that same intersecting point.

American Nationals have spent the last hundred years (and more) ingesting the Imperial Soma that says our true religion is Arianism. Spelled as Americanism. It’s right there in front of you: Arianism. As in, American Exceptionalism. Or as we now say, Democracy. Our true neo-con religion.

This same political system insists that our original religion (Protestant Christianity) must be subservient to this supposedly over-riding truth that salvation comes from politics. From the Party. Which party? Take your pick, it’s all the same. Just sign here, and report to the Party barracks.

We’ve had our faith hijacked by the Erastian notion of false patriotism. This version of ‘patriotism’ places the Nation above God. All the while as we proclaim we are one Nation under God. Have you noticed the only place that that God is allowed to appear in the Empire is on our money? Which should tell us who we are really worshiping, whether we understand it or not. All the while forgetting that our nation was conceived as a Republic, and not as a Democracy. Democracy (a.k.a. Arianism, where all men are, or can become, gods) is the road to ruin, just as Aristotle told us. It will lead only to tyranny. If we continue on this downward trajectory towards full anarchy, tyranny is our last stop. There may be a layover once we get there. A prudent man would plan on it.


  1. DG

    Oh don’t worry Ianto Watt, once the socialists take over America with their offer of “free stuff”, America won’t be able to function as a nation or as an “empire” that’s always at war in the world. America and other countries have formed an entitlement culture where people expect to be automatically given whatever they want, whenever they want it, however they want it and the old American work ethic and virtue is gone in a lot of people anymore. That old American idea that you had to work hard and merit something to get anywhere is not commonplace anymore. The new entitlement culture is a perfect recipe for getting degenerate socialist politicians promising a utopia while gaining a lot of power and control for themselves in the process.

    If we get some space cadet democrat for president that’s like Sanders or AOC that will be the end of a functional economy and other factors in the nation. And I live in a town in the midwest where the majority of the people in town think that socialism, communism and highly centralized government is a good idea as you may know. I don’t know how this country is going to last and I think Trump is only a temporary fix for now.

  2. Dave

    It will lead to some military misadventure where our army of fags, trannies, blue-haired lesbians, low-IQ immigrants, and goldbricking sluts who get pregnant just before deployment then abort as soon as their ship is over the horizon, gets its clock cleaned.

    Then shit gets Darwinian fast. Men will fight, women will breed, and those who can’t will die. Numbers matter, so loners lose to tribes and tribes lose to states, except that states need a strong, manly religion to maintain coherence or they devolve into tribal kleptocracies.

    Islam looks strong and manly but fails horribly as a state religion for reasons listed here:

  3. Uncle Mike

    The notion that American socialism will engender an armed and violent counter-revolution is a teenage fantasy. The push-back you dream of will never take place. Nobody is going to shoot the commies. Warlord armies roaming the streets of America fighting for “freedom” is not going to happen.

    The sheeple have already capitulated. The war is over. Marxism is the new normal. Corrupt crony neo-Big Brotherism pervades every aspect of life from cradle to grave, as it promised. They have your number. Resistance is futile.

    Observe the Hong Kongers. Observe the pup tent junkies. Observe the Congress of Perverts, the Deep State Circumspectors General, the Secret Police Brotherhood of Stab You in the Back With a Shiv, the Weatherman-trained judges, the omni-present proudly autistic World Wide Spider Web. They are observing you 24-7-365. They know if you’ve been naughty or nice.

    You don’t stand a chance against the New World Order. It’s over. Past tense. Stick a fork in you. Stick a fork in all of us.

  4. Dave

    Uncle Mike, there surely will be warlord armies roaming the streets of America, but they won’t be fighting for anyone’s freedom but their own. The concept of freedom as an abstract, universal good dies with the USA. You could even argue that it died in the 1800s under the first wave of Irish immigrants.

  5. Uncle Mike

    …the Mansonite Cult of Genocidal Baby Brain Suckers, the Morality Rectors of Mutilated Trans Humans, the Invasion of the Children of the Ratlands, the Gay Army of Hit You With a Stick and Run Away, the Kill the Cows Hotpocalyptoids, the Child Molester Quacks of Academe, the Bug Eyed Bobbleheads of Mass Media Dementia, the Red Baron Aristoklepts of Billionairity, the whistling pilgrims on the trains to death camps, the peasantry, the sub-peasantry, the mud hutters huddled in the cold and dark as the holocausts rage…

    Doom is not coming. It’s here

  6. Uncle Mike

    For Joy: God Knows by Bob Dylan

    God knows I love you
    God knows it’s true
    God knows there ain’t anybody
    Ever gonna take the place of you …

    God knows that when you see it
    God knows you’ve got to weep
    God knows the secrets of your heart
    He tells them to you when you’re asleep

    God knows there’s a river
    God knows how to make it flow
    God knows you ain’t gonna be taking
    Nothing with you when you go

    God knows there’s a purpose
    God knows there’s a chance
    God knows you can rise above the darkest
    Hour of any circumstance

    God knows there’s a heaven
    God knows it’s out of sight
    God knows we can get all the way from here to there
    Even if we’ve got to walk a million miles by candlelight

  7. C-Marie

    President Trump is sustained by God. His administration overall, is the mercy of God for America. However it all comes down, it is coming down. How long can the United States possibly continue expecting God to bless America, when the law of the land, and if that goes at some time, the law of many states, is that mothers can legally kill their born, probably up to an hour or so old, and their unborn children.
    And now California’s Governor is working to give university students free abortion pills if he can get the financing.

    And the Catholic Church’s Vatican’s latest display of paganism……(I am Catholic)…..

    The world is watching….seeing all of the wonderful good happening in our country….and still there are those who are working to bring it all down….for the One World Government and the One World Religion. Amazing the times God is having us live in, in which to give our witness to His Son Jesus Christ, according to true Catholicism.

    Pray for strength to come through in Christ. God loves you!,

    And thank you Uncle Mike for the poem by Bob Dylan.

    God bless, C-Marie

  8. E.Z. Mark

    God knows why your version of Dylan’s lyric is different (and abridged) than the one posted on his website. But I’m glad you posted your redacted version, because i was unfamiliar with the tune altogether. I like the fuller, original version better though.
    Sticking forks only in one bite at a time here. I often need to remind myself that “The temptation to fall from uncertain truth to certain untruth is stronger in the clarity of the Christian faith than in other spiritual structures. But the absence of a secure hold on reality and the demanding spiritual strain are generally characteristic of border experiences in which man’s knowledge of transcendent being, and thereby of the origin and meaning of mundane being, is constituted.”
    (Eric Voegelin)
    For now, I’m off to reread the essay posted above, having done a little independent research into Mr. Clovis. Check back with ya later.
    C-Marie, have a great day!

  9. Briggs, you asshole, how dare you think up and write this article before me. How dare you.

    I love it.

    This piece is absolutely fantastic, and deserves a lot of eyes. Your writing here is great. Will try contacting you soon. Well done, this.

  10. Nate

    Uncle Mike, stop with the Black Pills!

  11. Briggs


    It wasn’t I, but Ianto.

  12. Gail Finke

    Well that’s a string of ideas, all right.

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