Special Pre-Doom Friday — Bloated Tranny Edition

Special Pre-Doom Friday — Bloated Tranny Edition

Once again, I am overwhelmed with Doom. Once a week isn’t enough for all the items; all I can do is highlight the items that move us fastest toward our Doom.

Item New Michigan rules allow transgender people to easily change gender on driver’s license

In a major boost to Michigan’s transgender community, it’s going to be a whole lot easier for people to change their gender identity on driver’s licenses and state-issued IDs under new rules Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson announced Monday.

Effective immediately, people who would like to correct the sex designation on their driver’s license or ID card will now only need to fill out a form, go to a Secretary of State branch to have their photo taken and pay the $9 correction fee for a driver’s license, or $10 for a state ID. They will no longer need to provide a birth certificate, passport or court order, as was required under the old policy for changing the sex-indicator on a driver’s license.

“The government must work for everyone,” Benson said at a news conference at the Affirmations center in Ferndale, stressing she is committed to making Michigan an “inclusive, welcoming environment” for all.

“One of my goals is to reduce barriers for marginalized communities to participate fully in our society,” Benson said. “The transgender community has faced both marginalization and violence without proper identification.”

The picture of the lunatic who started the ruckus is pictured above, an individual people used to call a land-whale, back in the days when it was recognized discrimination could be good. Not only does this man pretend to be a woman, but, we can only suppose, a thin woman. It says so on his driver’s license.

By “inclusive, welcoming environment” the government lady who introduced the new form of tyranny means, as we all know, exclusive, non-welcoming environment for those we don’t agree with transanity.

Transanity in Michigan, once the home of hardy, manly men, has not become the official law of the land.

Item Alberta bill proposes ‘presumed consent’ for organ donations to reduce lengthy transplant waitlists

The bill proposes a presumed consent or “opt-out” organ donation system to replace the existing opt-in system. Alberta would be the second province in Canada after Nova Scotia to adopt the opt-out system.

In other words, the State presumes it owns you and your remains, and it will graciously, for now, allow you to opt-out, but only if you fill out the proper form and (we imagine) hand over the proper fee.

Quackery is not yet the rule in medicine, but it is rapidly becoming so. Medicine has moved from swearing to heal to promising to follow utilitarianism. Some of you are worth more dead than alive.

Item Open letter to federal scientists from Sen. Hirono

Dear scientists of the federal government,

At the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), science is under constant attack. There are rumors of red teams and blue teams being assembled as an effort to sow distrust in the fact that our climate is changing at an unprecedented rate and humans are to blame. Attacks on science are going so far as to put children’s health at risk.

A paraphrase: “Hi, scientists, this is your Deep State authority reminding you that Trump won’t always be in office, and if you don’t start proving us the ‘results’ we want, you’ll be fired next regime change. Thanks you for your service.”

Item First male birth control injection almost ready for penises

Would men endure a shot in the penis to prevent pregnancy? Indian researchers think so…

The birth control method, which lasts approximately 13 years, involves injecting a polymer, called styrene maleic anhydride, into the vas deferens, effectively blocking sperm from leaving the testicles. The shot, preceded by a dose of local anesthesia, is designed to supplant a traditional vasectomy.

What’s the over-under before the first freaked out editorial from a major media organization complaining not enough men are signing up for this “voluntary” injection?

Item Group of teens storms Georgia elementary school bus, attacks children inside, officials say (Thanks to Sheri for the tip)

The headline is sufficient. There’s been upsurge of “teen” attacks across the country lately. Public health specialists are recommending people stay far away from “teens.” Researchers are still unclear on what causes “teenness”.

Item Climate change: Firms failing to tackle crisis will be delisted from stock exchange, Labour says

Companies that fail to act on the climate change they cause will be axed from the stock exchange, under radical Labour plans.

John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, pledged his government would ensure firms are “pulling their weight” to tackle the “existential threat” to the planet.

And he warned: “For those companies not taking adequate steps under Labour they will be delisted from the London Stock Exchange.”

Brilliant idea, this. The actual evidence of global warming was nonexistent, such that no company had to do anything about it. But companies not doing anything about it cut off sure and certain sources of money and opportunities for state control. This act of extortion puts the money back in flow and the State back in charge. Since the climate will never cease changing, this extortion racket can work forever.


  1. Sheri

    “The government must work for everyone,” Benson said at a news conference.” No, the government must work AGAINST most is what he really means and especially against reality.

    Delisting companies from stock exchanges, as well as shadow-banning or outright banning of reality on Twitter, Facebook, etc, is the new yellow star. Where have we seen that before? Of course, we never have because if you know history, you can learn from it. HA HA HA HA HA. I am always blown away by the totally insane reasoning that people who don’t know history cannot learn from it. Of course they can’t. That’s tautology. However, the implication is that knowing allows us to learn. Seriously, HUMANS DO NOT EVER LEARN FROM HISTORY. Ever. Humans don’t really learn anything on a species-wide basis. Individually, yes. We’re the same stupid, selfish, irresponsible people we have been from day one. Doom? Yeah, or just being our own stupid selves……One day God will explain why, which should be more fascinating that God explaining the “theory of everything”. Forget physics. Human insanity, that’s what I want to know the purpose of.

    Amateur: I’d say “cute remark”, but it wasn’t even close. Sigh.

  2. Sander van der Wal

    The Netherlands has a similar organ-harvesting law. Opting-out, is free however. For now.

  3. Sander van der Wal

    If its only nine bucks to switch official gender, you can make a habit of it. And sue, when the government sends you a letter using the wrong gender.

  4. c matt

    Some lessons can only be learned by experiencing the thing, good and hard.

  5. Frederic

    One can can only marvel at the mechanism of mass indoctrination
    that could drive civilization to this level of insanity. Our only hope
    is to remove the broadcasting licenses of the perpetrators who operating
    under the guise of free speech have abrogated the mandate of a
    ‘free press’. Iniquity set down in law is the handmaiden of tyranny.

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