The Lessons Of Clovis And His Anti-Arian Army: Part II– Guest Post by Ianto Watt

The Lessons Of Clovis And His Anti-Arian Army: Part II– Guest Post by Ianto Watt

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Who are in these other unmentionable vehicles mentioned last time? Who else could be headed to the same GPS co-ordinates as the Humvee and the Falkatus? And why does no one seem to be aware of them and their potential for destruction? Primarily, it’s because no one talks about them. Because they are un-mentionable. Like so much in Imperial life anymore, das ist verboten!

Let’s break the taboo. Let’s speak of the spiritual territory that motivated Clovis’s men. Let’s talk about religion. Then let’s talk about these other cars and who is behind the wheel.

The first car on this second (and usually unseen) axis is the Pope-mobile. Moving from West to East, which is a totally un-natural direction for Holy Rome. Just like the Imperial Humvee, it’s swerving all over the road. But there’s no struggle going on in the front seat. Francis is alone at the wheel. And he seems to be enjoying his joy ride, even though all his passengers in back are carsick. Everyone, Modernists and Traddy’s alike. Everyone is choking back the vomit as he swerves from left to right and then back again. And again. Meanwhile, he’s giggling as he says the most idiotic and self-contradictory things, one after another.

The other car heading towards the same four-way from the opposite direction? That would be the Cheka Sedan. The one driven by Francis’ nemesis, Patriarch Kyrill. The guy Francis tried to buy off in Havana a few years ago. The guy who evidently won’t make a deal. Francis offered him the Uniates, but Kyrill said no.

There’s another car on this same road, again from East to West. This driver is ahead of the Cheka, but he driving a Yugo, the the Patriarch of Constantinople. Not just the Patriarch. The Ecumenical Patriarch. Ecumenical is the empowering word that has allowed Bartholomew to hijack the car he’s in, which is Eastern Orthodoxy outside of Russia (and Ukraine).

Before Bart came along, there was no such thing as an Eastern Pope. There was no such office. After all, the defining belief of Eastern Orthodoxy is that there is no such legitimate thing called The Pope, East or West. This thing I have called the Eastern Papacy would actually be more offensive to Eastern Orthodox ears than the Roman concept of a global Papacy. Until recently, Western (Latin) Christians wouldn’t take kindly to the idea of a less-than-global Papacy. But all of this, eastern and western, is out the window now. Nothing from the past is relevant anymore. Here’s why.

We know the current Latin situation. The blossoming of the long-gestating modernist Rose was followed by its immediate wilting. It’s Raskolnik-time Raskolnik-time in the West. (That you likely don’t know what that last sentence means says everything about the state of (dis)belief in the formerly-Latin West today.)

The Eastern world is being rocked by the claim of Bartholomew, the Patriarch of Constantinople, that he and he alone holds the authentic role of leadership in the Orthodox world. ‘Ecumenical’ leadership. Meaning the authority to boss the other Orthodox Churches around. This makes him in fact (if not in actual title) the Pope of the East.

Bartholomew seems intent, by all accounts, on the re-unification of the Church, both East and West. In order to accomplish this, he will need to be in league with Francis, the Pope of the West. The problem is, this re-unification will be political in nature. Not spiritual.

This situation is mind-numbing, on many levels. In the first place, the meaning of the office of the Papacy is based on the idea that there can only be one head of the Church. If Francis were to accept the concept that there is an Eastern Pope, he would effectively say he his role is diminished to that of a lesser, Western-only Pope.

Conversely, if Bartholomew says there is such a thing as an Eastern Papacy, then he has just repudiated the core belief of Eastern Orthodoxy. He would be denying the autonomous (and autocephalous) nature of the fourteen ‘Local’ churches in the Orthodox world.

In effect, Bartholomew is Lincoln trying to preserve the Union. Except, there never was a union in the East.

The idea of an overall unitary entity, to these Local Churches, is anathema. Each Local Church was answerable to no one outside of its own canonical territory. Not answerable to The Pope, that is. This independence was the true basis of Eastern Orthodoxy, as distinguished before the time of Photius from simple Orthodoxy. Which is what Catholicism was known as in the East before the Great Schism was formalized in 1054.

Now Constantinople, via Bartholomew, the first and foremost proponent of this schismatic ideal of ecclesial autonomy/autocephaly, is trying to enforce a Romanesque version of the Papacy on the other thirteen Local Churches of the East. This is, to say the least, the most astounding and outrageous thing anyone with Eastern ears could possibly hear.

And it’s not going down too well. Which explains a few things in this scenario.

How do you express the concept of an Eastern Papacy to your ‘Ecumenical brethren’ in the Eastern world? Simple. Steal his car, and tell him it’s really yours. After all, you’re his Papa. He wouldn’t have anything if it wasn’t for you, right? So get over it, children. We’re not really siblings without a real Father. We’re a family, and Bart is your long-lost Father-figure finally revealed.

If you thirteen little kids don’t like that, then Bart will adopt some other orphans and give them the rest of your stuff.

That, basically, is what has transpired in the East, as Bart has begun ‘rescinding’ all those long-ago ‘grants’ of autonomy and autocephaly. Never mind that most of these thirteen other Local Churches, since the time of Photius, simply did unto Constantinople what Photius had done unto Rome. Which is to say, swipe the Old Man’s car (the Patriarch’s local Church properties) and run away from home.

Anyway, who’s in the Yugo with Bartholomew? One person is Epiphany Dumenko, the Metropolitan of the faux Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU). The other is Ieronymous II, the Archbishop of Athens, the Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church.

Here’s the short story. Bartholomew, as the First among Equals in Orthodoxy, extended his reach by assuming the title of First Without Equal. He did this by unilaterally extending recognition to a new church in Ukraine made up of two schismatic churches that had defected years ago from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC). The UOC had been the one recognized by all the other thirteen Local Churches in Eastern Orthodoxy. Including by Bartholomew, in Constantinople.

That’s like McDonalds granting a new franchise right next to an existing franchisee. The new church (The Orthodox Church of Ukraine, OCU), now claims ownership of all the property and parishioners the original franchisee, the UOC.

Do you see why all the other Local Churches are nervous about Pope Bart? What happens if they oppose him? He may grant some bums a new franchise right next to you, and then solemnly swear they own your stuff.

Guess who has signed off on this incredible scam? The Uniates!

The property Bart tried to steal this time (the UOC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC). Which happens to be the single greatest segment of Eastern Orthodoxy. The 800 lb. gorilla in the room with the other thirteen local chimps of Eastern Orthodoxy. The gorilla that, for 400 some years, financially supported all the other Local Churches that fell under the thumb of the Sultan.

Bart and his ventriloquist dummy Dumenko tried to heist one of Kyrill’s summer homes in Ukraine. Making Kyrill mad as Hell. That made Vlad mad, too. Especially since the success of all of Vlad’s plans center upon the re-integration of Ukraine into the Russian orbit.

Is this starting to make any sense to you yet?

Here’s the most important point: the ROC happens to be the fundamental element of support of the legitimacy of Vladimir Putin in Russia. Who do you think Vlad, the sheriff of Moscow, is going to believe when Kyrill calls in this complaint of an attempted theft of Church property? If Kyrill’s Ukrainian subsidiary collapses towards the West, Vlad may never get what he wants.

The Big Party

Do you now see what the War-Party Westerners are planning at the intersection of the sacred and the profane? If it happens like they want, it will all be profane. Because everyone I’ve named that is involved in this upcoming terrorist event is evil. Except Donald. He’s just a Pagan hoping to clear the intersection before all the other cars arrive.

Let’s stop for a second and remember what I talked about in Part I. Who were the bad guys in that post? The Arians. Both the Bishops and their Generals. Guess what. They’re back. Zombies never die.

Who are the Generals? The various military/political elements in this four-way scenario are all deeply inter-woven into the various religious bureaucracies described above, both East and West. It’s pretty simple to know who the Generals are in the East. They hang around Moscow, and they are very tight with their Bishop, Kyrill, the head of the Russian (and Ukrainian) Orthodox Churches. They all have the same interest: Slavic hegemony. And the same tactics. They think like Vlad. Like the KGB.

At the other end of this political axis are the State Department boys and their Generals, all deeply wedded to the idea of Endless Imperial War. The concept that has them totally opposed to Donald as he tries to extricate us from those quagmires and return America to a state of nationhood instead of Imperial supremacy.

Now look at the forbidden religious axis. See that guy named Francis? Watch him as he cavorts in the Amazon, with his Pachamama idol in his fervor to introduced naturalistic elements to the supernatural corps of the Church.

Specifically, the priesthood. He’s out to change it. Time to let the Ladies in. And all the Witch Doctors too. Why? Because the Goddess Gaia demands it. Surely Gaia is the same as Holy Mother Church. How can we show our respect for her? By going Green, of course! We only have a few years left if we don’t. Don’t take my word for it. The entire media and Deep State world are saying so. So it must be so.

Francis has the same Generals and Deep-Staters supporting him as the political axis of the West. And their tactics are somewhat similar. Keep the populace divided. Keep them confused. Make sure that every other thing you say contradicts what you just said before. And see to it that the only discernible theme that emerges is that the world has only a physical, secular meaning. We can sum it up in two words: The Environment.

That’s all there is. Forget about Heaven and Hell. Unless you don’t support Going Green, in which case you’re going to Hell. No wonder the West is in disarray, religiously speaking. This mirrors our political turmoil. Same Generals, same agenda, same tactics, same goal. Deliberate confusion leading to an exhausted flock. Who will either surrender on cue, or desert the Church. Which is exactly Francis’ goal. Induced schism. Get the ones who are holding on to the true faith to leave.

This is a reversal of Luther’s strategy. He disagreed with doctrine, and left the Church. Today, those who agree with it are leaving. How brilliant of Francis. Force everyone who disagrees with you off the bus. Make them the schismatics. Just like Bartholomew is doing in the East. Great minds think alike.

You may think I’m over-simplifying, but you’d be wrong. There are generally only two sides to any conflict. Regardless of the various local shadings of the fray, all players have a basic allegiance to one side or the other. But oftentimes not all the players are seen. That’s the case when it comes to the Generals advising Bart. This is where things get weird.

Guess who has made numerous visits to Constantinople in the past few years? Go here, here, here, and here for a small, small taste of what the Orthodox world has been reporting. Who has been visiting the Greek Church in Athens lately? And to Mt. Athos, the spiritual center of Orthodoxy? And the schismatics in Macedonia? And Bartholomew in Constantinople, multiple times over the past few years?

Mike Pompeo, for one. And numerous other high State Department functionaries. Go here and here, here, and here for confirmation.

Given the state of political affairs in the world, why would these people take the time to go visiting foreign religious dignitaries? What’s so important that they must make supposed courtesy calls while they are in the middle of so many other political crises that surround us? What is it they see in religion that makes it so important to our foreign policy? I’m curious. How many people in the various departments of the Deep State do you figure actually believe anything religious? Other than Wicca, of course.

Unless it’s that they see religion as a vehicle that commands a lot of respect among the Little Men of this world. In which case, it makes sense to try and hijack that vehicle for your own purposes. Which is exactly what these men are trying to do. Yes, I count Pompeo as a member of the Deep State. Just like Bolton. And all the other functionaries of the bureaucracy that are dependent upon the Endless Wars to keep their Imperial positions secure. There is no policy differences between Hillary and Pompeo. Both belong to the War Party.

The War Party and their Generals want to keep the Empire’s military footprint intact. Their goal is to expand the footprint, not contract it. That’s why they oppose Donald at every diplomatic turn. The Bishops want the same thing. At least, two of them do. The two that count, Francis and Bartholomew. They are looking to expand their ‘spiritual’ Empire by joining forces.

They are seeking to re-unify the Church, but they can’t do it based on dogmatic positions. That’s already set in stone. Just ask Kyrill. So, Francis and Bart have to deflect your attention elsewhere to keep you from objecting to this re-unification that is based on falsehood. A re-unification that is based on politics, not dogma.

There is the conundrum. Little Men continually getting dragooned into serving the Empire as Arian Caesar and his Arian Bishops (on both sides) beat a Nationalistic tune on the Imperial drum. These patriotic (but confused) citizens then readily die, hoping their sacrifice will keep their nation (and family) safe. Safe from whom? From Caesar’s enemies, of course. But are they really our enemies? Or is Caesar the real enemy?

Let’s get down to the core of Imperial belief. Let’s go to Syria, the land that has produced the only and amazing bipartisan political rebuke of Donald as he has tried (for the umpteenth time) to exit this vestibule of Hell. Both sides of the supposed political divide instantly leaped to heap scorn and rebuke upon Donald for even thinking it might be in our true interest to leave this Mohammedan mess.

Both political ‘sides’ are in total agreement. Mitch McConnel and Charles Schumer. Nancy Pelosi and Lindsey Graham. Max Boot and Karl Rove. I could go on, but why would I? Show me I’m wrong. Show me, rationally, why our Nation needs to fear anything at all that occurs in Syria. Or anywhere else in the God-forsaken sands of the Mohammedan deserts.

What are we to do? How do we get out of this mess with our souls intact? How can we help Donald as he attempts to help us? Time is running out. But there’s still a chance to do what all men finally do at the end, instead of the beginning. Which is why they always find themselves in these perilous times.

I began this piece by relating to you what Clovis did to attain victory. I’ll close by relating what his men did. Listen up, fellow citizens. If you want a real Nation, for you and your family, you’d better get into shape. You’ll need to, if you want to join the battle formation that can withstand anything the Emperor (and their Arian Bishops) can throw at you.

Do what David and Joshua did. Do what Constantine and Patton did. Prepare for battle. Because there will be one. We can’t escape that fact. Get ready. By praying. Pray boldly. Most importantly, pray to the same God. Unify your prayers and you will gain His strength. Join ranks around a single God. And be led by a single true Bishop. Follow Peter, by rejecting the Arian vision of God and Man.

Stand together on Clovis’ shoulders. But stand on your knees. That’s why you have them. That’s what Clovis’ men did. Start using them for what God intended them for. It’s the ultimate fighting position. It girds you against whatever comes. It can truly disarm your enemies. Any true Pagan knows this. Just ask Maximus how he survived.

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  1. Hoyos

    We keep acting like God isn’t real and it’s up to us to figure it all out solo. Except the Lord build the house they labor in vain, and if God is real then prayer has got to be step one.

    Let God guide you, while allowing that you might get it a bit wrong, and also knowing that He knows your limitations. Call me crazy but the history of the church is the history of the unexpected.

  2. DG

    Well, they certainly are pushing for that global warming or “climate change” agenda – if leftists even know what they’re predicting for the future. I guess Pope Francis thinks that global warming is a fact, which is fine, but I don’t think there’s any evidence for it.

    I figured that global warming was a scam some years ago. Back in the 90s they were predicting like Armageddon with over heating due to carbon emissions, global greenhouse effect, etc. and then by the early 2000s when countries around the Earth started to cool down, I was then hearing all kinds of mixed and confused arguments on how CO2 emissions cause cooler weather. It was like they couldn’t make up their minds on what exactly is the scientific hypothesis and prediction with the man made emissions – which why they switched it to the more ambiguous term “climate change.” Heck, Hollywood even came out with a movie “The Day After Tomorrow” about how emissions can cause a cooler climate.
    And so when the left couldn’t even clarify their global warming or climate change ideas I figured it was a bunch of bunk. And when you have theory that can never be dis-confirmed or overridden by evidence then you don’t have theory in science at all.

  3. Seth

    Athanasius was an Egyptian, so he inherited his understanding of YHWH from the pharaoh tradition (Being both man on Earth while still a god in the heavens). Don’t believe this pagan corruption. Arius had it right and was poisoned for it. If you believe in evil, you’ll know from that point forward worked, evil forces have worked to make YHWH obscure, confusing, and distant with this nonsense. If you get curious, you’ll find that even those Trinity-affirming scriptures you cling to are mistranslated through this satanic bias.

  4. Tietonian

    Ieronymos II? The Church of Greece is just as independent as any other autocephalous Orthodox church and no more friendly than the others to the EP’s recent doings. The biggest roadblock at Bartholomew’s “Holy and Great Council” was a CoG bishop (Hierotheos of Naupaktos). All the Greek bishops who support the EP’s agenda are from its own subsidiaries (e.g., Elpidophoros, Emmanuel, Augustine) or titular “Hierarchs of the Throne” bishops, not the CoG.

    As for State Department involvement outside Constantinople, Athos gets its financial support from Russia, not America, so even if they only followed worldly (their spiritual ones are solid) decision making processes that’s most likely the way they would go.

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