The Political Corruption Of Science– U Michigan Inserts Zampolit Into Every Office Edition

The Political Corruption Of Science– U Michigan Inserts Zampolit Into Every Office Edition

This happened a little while back, but it’s still of great importance. The University of Michigan inserted zampolit (political officers) into each and “every academic and administrative unit.”

According to the Inside Higher Ed story (my emphasis):

You’ve heard of chief diversity officers, but what about academic diversity officers? Four years into its innovative plan to put diversity officers into every academic and administrative unit, to carry out program-specific diversity plans, the University of Michigan has some thoughts.

More precisely, the campus’s National Center for Institutional Diversity just published a report on the experiences of these academic diversity officers, or ADOs. Beyond making various recommendations for academic deans and academic diversity officers, the report finds that ADOs require special skills.

They sure do. Like being zealots.

Based on their backgrounds, ADOs tended to draw on different “logics,” according to the report. Community organizers-turned-ADOs generally valued accountability and even some tension to create diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) change, and used language that was “value laden and personal.”

Different “logics” means here different “truths”, meaning things which are not true, but desired. (In mathematics, there is a field with a similar name, but it has nothing to do with this, which is pure political muscle.)

As one staff member ADO observed about working with faculty members, “It’s different when you have students or staff where you can say, ‘Here’s what we expect from you,’ whereas with the faculty it’s a very different dynamic. How do you engage with a group that has a lot of leeway in terms of how they do their work? That’s where I think it’s helpful to have a faculty member be that champion.”

Rephrasing, “How to we indoctrinate when some faculty are still allowed to think for themselves? Recruit a spy!”

In 2015, Michigan began an institutionwide, five-year diversity strategic planning process. It came up with centralized goals for improving diversity, equity and inclusion, but also tasked all 51 academic and administrative units with developing DEI plans. As a result of this process, academic units created diversity officer positions to “lead, coordinate, support, execute and create structures of accountability” for these plans.

It goes on and on like this, a discussion with all appearance of sincerity about how quotas for “marginalized” groups can be instituted. There is no sense from anybody that any of this is insane.

And having different plans for different academic units only makes sense, given their different needs. Engineering and nursing, for example, both have gender-diversity concerns, but obviously different approaches to balancing the scales.

There is no reason to expect or desire Equality of sexes anywhere. Equality does nothing in an of itself; it certainly doesn’t improve bridges or healing rates or in discovering new solutions to PDEs. Anyway, once you have achieved through the coercion of the zampolit, and backed by official policy, the mandatory quotas in sex, then somebody will notice you haven’t reached it in race. Or in sexual “orientation” or in an endless series of political categories. The original intent of the departments, which was to concentrate study of some thing, must be forgotten or will be seriously downgraded.

This isn’t only UM. It’s spreading. Gaze upon this gibberish:

Gene T. Parker III, assistant professor of higher education administration at the University of Kansas, recently published a qualitative study of how chief — not academic-level — diversity officers were appointed at two unnamed research-intensive universities. While the study was limited, it found that these positions were “structural” responses to what were really “cultural” issues and related crises.

Crises of non-diversity. Crises. As in crises.

Diversity is a cult. How can you talk a cult member out of his obsession? Answer: you cannot, not easily. You usually have to let the thing burn itself out, like a tire fire. The spread of this cult is going to have, and already has had, dramatic consequences for culture as a whole.

Obviously, the cult has made inroads in HR departments in most (all?) major corporations. But it must increase beyond those bounds and into government itself. It has done so in many forms already, in so-called “non-discrimination” laws and the purposeful recruiting of diverse foreigners into our lands, and the planting of these foreigners into non-diverse areas.

The result must be that identity politics will be the main, or even sole, politics. You might not have wanted to be identified everywhere as a person of no color, or to wear a label of a person who is not interested in perverted sex, but you’ll soon have to.

All the nonsense and insanity we see at universities doesn’t stay in universities. The infection spreads. The kids exposed to all these zampolit and their many, many programs come away to at least some extent indoctrinated.

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  1. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Man, their football team is bad enough – nearly the sole economic justification for a university is to be a successful minor league program for professional sports and rake in the TV revenue – but now the marxist cult has become a suicidal one.

    It would be hilarious if the cult demanded that more tiny asians and cripples be represented on the Michigan sports teams

  2. Sheri

    Okay, PARENTS PAY FOR THIS ROT. WISE UP. PARENTS HATE THEIR KIDS. They hate the life their kids could have if they didn’t sell them out to the government for a few extra years of not having the brat living in the basement.


    Yes, a lot of capital letters, but apparently no one can comprehend the simple fact that hatred of children causes this and the only cure is if parents actually gave a damn. It IS NOT THE UNIVERSITIES THAT CAUSE THIS. So, your kids and grandkids and greatgrandkids will get the hell you want them to get. Congrats, your hatred of life and your children is working. You’re getting laid and tossing morality out—they live in the hell you create. How you must hate the little maggots.

  3. trigger warning

    Placement of political officers has been going on for a long time… to my knowledge, at least since the restructuring of the Fed under Clinton/Cuomo regs that strongarmed banks into making dodgy loans via the Community Reinvestment Act (yes, yet another Jimmah Carter tar baby). The Fed still has political officers burrowed in.

  4. Sander Van Der Wal

    Given that they already have a professor studying zampolits in University (Gene T. Parker III) being an associate professor in university managament whatever), this is going to be a rich field of employment for even the stupidest of stupid students. Which will give you an opportunity to get even more students.

  5. Fredo

    Next item … loyalty oaths.

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