The Political Corruption Of Science — Sex Assigned At Birth Edition

The Political Corruption Of Science — Sex Assigned At Birth Edition

A peer-reviewed paper that caused a ripple in awareness before Christmas is worth investigating. Outlets ran headlines like this: “Trans children sense their gender identities at young ages, study suggests.

Researchers asked the children how much they felt like a boy or girl or something else. They also asked about preferences for toys and clothes that are stereotypically associated with one gender.

The transgender kids showed strong preferences for toys and clothing typically associated with their gender identity, not their assigned sex, the study found. Their preferences didn’t appear to differ based on how long they had lived as their current gender.

Toys are forever and permanently “gendered”, whereas children are fluid. Catch your little girl playing with a truck, slice her tits off. Johnny have a doll in his hand? Then the same surgery can be performed on his pertinents. Because trucks are for males and dolls are for girls—only. It must be that a boy playing with an apron is really a girl, because aprons can only be enjoyed by girls. Everybody knows this indisputable unquestionable scientific fact. Something deep inside a child’s “gendered” body reaches for the sex inside the toy, a sex which is not inside them in any concrete way, but which is fluid.


The paper is “Similarity in transgender and cisgender children’s gender development” by a female named Selin Gulgoz and a bunch of others, mostly females. This identification of sex of the authors is important, because people have been clamoring for more ladies in STEM. Well, now that we have them, we can see the effects. Science has become feelz.

The journal is one of our best. The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Gaze upon what has happened to science.


Gender is one of the central categories organizing children’s social world. Clear patterns of gender development have been well-documented among cisgender children (i.e., children who identify as a gender that is typically associated with their sex assigned at birth). We present a comprehensive study of gender development [of kids who] are identifying and living as a gender different from their assigned sex….their sex assigned at birth….early sex assignment and parental rearing based on that sex assignment…

Any scientist who writes “sex assigned at birth” is lost. Sex is not “assigned” at birth. Assigned at birth forsooth! If anything, sex is “assigned”—an asinine word—at conception. Sex is caused by conception. Once caused, it is unchangeable; it is permanent. It becomes what you are.

You may rail against this law, but here is nothing you can do about it except to exit Reality and enter Gnostic Phantasy Land.

To illustrate, due to biological factors, a prototypical girl has XX sex chromosomes and feminized genitalia. Because of these attributes, she is labeled as a girl at birth, and is treated by people around her as a girl. She likely will develop an internal sense of being a girl (i.e., gender identity). [etc. etc.]

Notice how the ladies, and likely effeminate men, who wrote this article paint normality as if it is somehow entirely cultural, as if they, the researchers, didn’t have fathers who sired them with their mothers. Skip all that and let’s get to their “study”.

They asked kids about feelz.

One question (all questions here) was on toy feelz:

Toy preference scores will be computed by recoding items on each trial so that items most associated with a participant’s gender is coded as a 5, those least associated with a participant’s gender (i.e., most associated with the opposite gender) will be coded as 1, and scores 2 through 4 will represent the spectrum between. The items completed will be averaged, and scores will be recoded on a 0-100 scale, such that 100 means a participant consistently selected items most associated with their own gender, and 0 means a participant consistently selected items most associated with the opposite gender.

There it is: toys have adamantine fixed sexual characteristics, and therefore can be used to predict with perfection the “gender” of live human beings.

The results show that normal kids had a mean toy “score” of 68.42 (and not 68.41), whereas those kids being raised by virtue-signalling mothers or gay men (the majority, I am guessing) scored a mean 67.64. Same kind of thing for the clothing “score”. Etc. All the kids were also asked feelz about their “gender.”

Notice—and this is most important—that feelings are the only evidence there is for trannydom. All objective evidence is ruled everywhere inadmissible. Evidence of a person’s biology is said not to count. It must not count! For if it did, and as is obvious to everybody, all manner of trannydom would be reassigned to the psychiatric wing where it belongs.

All that matters is what one feelz. This is the triumph of the feminine in science.

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  1. Sheri

    You men are going to have to grow a set and send women packing, back to the kitchen (to cook, or remodel, or read a book, I’m not particular). IF you want to survive. If you want to be endlessly flogged, have your offspring mutilated by Mama (someone told me only psychotic parents hate their children—no, most do now), and be used as a doormat, do nothing. Women will not give up being flaming idiots unless you rip the power back from their hands. So, men are going to have decide if they want to be (word omitted on family blog) or if they want a life and give a rat’s behind about their offspring. Life and freedom or captivity and pain. It’s your call, men.

  2. It is entirely possible to raise insane children by filling their heads with nonsense from an early age. It’s even easier if you simply ignore them and don’t show them what reality is, and never show them any love.

    I say this in all sincerity – the psychological profession is the enemy of not just sanity but civilization.

  3. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    I say this in all sincerity – the psychological profession is the enemy of not just sanity but civilization.

    When the sexual freak Freud was sailing to America with his whackiness, Carl Jung, he said something to the effect that If America knew the poison we are bringing them , they’d kill us.”

  4. Hoyos

    In fairness they’re not even measuring feelings.

    Feelings are usually occasioned by some other thing, they don’t typically arise out of the ether. They’re contingent typically on some mental or physical state.

    For example the combination of horror and disgust I feel at what they’re doing to these kids is contingent on me not being a total monster.
    Feelings aren’t triumphing over facts, lies are triumphing over facts.

  5. Ken

    Well, well, we’ll … if that’s the criteria that applies I’m relieved. As a kid I played with dinosaur toys and always felt I was a T-Rex. Now I know I AM a T-Rex. Like Senator W. Hatch.

    For a stats blog this sure does bring out the Sweeping Generalization fallacy.

    The psychological profession is not an enemy any more or less than any other. Bad practitioners – in any profession – are the problems. To extrapolate from the lunacy of individuals to an entire profession is every bit as stupid as any quack in any profession.

    Listen to psychologist & author Nathaniel Brandon on you tube talk about self esteem. Or anything else by him. Or read Dr Sanity blog by former NASA psychiatrist Dr. Santy.

    Any sane rational person hearing Branden’s views or reading the “sanity” blog cannot help conclude rationality exists in that profession … not withstanding the ludicrous and damaging perversions some of the concepts have been twisted into by nitwits with the same credential.

  6. Michael Ozanne

    “people have been clamoring for more ladies in STEM.”

    TBF the lady only has tickets in Psychology… It’s not really STEM….

  7. Hun

    Briggs, *very often*, when I come to your website, I get this error:

    I think it’s related to your WordPress software running cron and/or mixing up of plugins. Please fix it. Other people are probably often getting the same error too.

  8. Briggs


    Many thanks. A real pain in the ass. Working on it.

  9. Hoyos


    Regarding Branden, it’s a shame self esteem is so bastardized, it was originally was about building character and courage, you got self esteem by earning it. He also had the only secular argument for virtue that made any sense, namely that guilt and shame even if “irrational” are so stressful that it’s not worth it and contrariwise virtuous acts are fulfilling.

  10. Chad Jessup

    The concept concerning the use of toys to mark categories is plainly ridiculous. My daughter was raised/participated with boys who got to play with what she considered fun toys, my oldest sister was raised in similar circumstances, and they became normal straight females who appreciate the opposite sex.

  11. C-Marie

    So glad for this blog!! I am now very aware when I read the words “expert”, “the official position is”, “the paper, confirmed by a peer review”, etc. Does the article hold water, or???

    As for the children being raised in the confusion of trannyism and more, there will be much to answer to God for. Also, have come up with a name for all of the versions of counterfeit sex identification…..and it is: counterfeit sex identification. “Counterfeit” because God only created male and female, for each other….see Genesis and Matthew.

    With all of the information reported on the Catholic Church and counterfeit sex identification, it is becoming understandable as to why Healing through Jesus for the so very confused people seems to be rarely offered, if at all, for the JPII catechism offers no release from such at all.

    And Francis’ own apparent confusion (can one actually believe that he is not aware of what he is about…..think not, actually) as to whether he is to “save the people unto Jesus Christ” or to “save the planet” with a new humanism which includes, declared and signed with the Imam, by him, that God willed the diversity of religions…….no wonder confusion is growing in its reign of terror.

    Hold onto Jesus for the ride will be rough, but He will see us who are His, and hopefully many others, through to Heaven.

    God bless, C-Marie

  12. Bilge_Pump


    If women are being “flaming idiots”, maybe you should stop? This perverse desire women have, to be punished when they know they’re doing something wrong, instead of simply not doing something wrong, is frankly disgusting imo.

  13. JTLiuzza

    I agree with Sheri. I call it “Adam’s Choice.” You either become a [word omitted from family blog] and let Eve assume a headship to which she was not ordained, thereby lousing it all up for you both and for your entire race. Or you exercise your God given, God mandated duty (not privilege) to headship, and tell Eve to cool it and mind her p’s and q’s.

    That’s not punishing her. That’s properly restoring the right order. Allowing the disorder, as Adam did, is the real punishment – not only for Eve but for everyone.

  14. Alan D. McIntire

    “Female” roles and “male” roles are also fluid,
    My great grandfather on my mother’s side came from Scotland, I was told by my grandmother that he would NOT milk cows because he considered it “women’s work”, In his home country, Scotland, the job was performed by milkmaids,

  15. Ray

    “The transgender kids showed strong preferences for toys and clothing typically associated with their gender identity, not their assigned sex,”
    What’s a gender and how do you trans it? Who knew that sex was assigned at birth? Does the sex assigner get to take a peek before assigning a baby’s sex?

  16. mc

    How has no-one commented on this yet?:

    Average gender:toy preference score for non-trans children = 68.42 / 100
    Average gender:toy preference score for “trans” children = 67.64 / 100

    So — even if I were a True Believer who was fully prepared to accept the methodology and “data” completely at face value here, the reported difference between these groups of children amounts to less than a single point on a 100-point scale…

    And from this is concluded — somehow — that “trans children” display a meaningful early-life preference for toys associated with their subsequently-chosen gender?

    Perhaps I’m missing something here (although I refuse to read the original “scientific paper” to find out), but even if this tiny effect size was compensated for by a truly massive sample size — which I doubt — I don’t see how such a trivial difference in the childrens’ behavior could possibly be used to arrive at the authors’ stated conclusions.

    Surely this can’t be right? If this mathematical absurdity passed peer review then academia is now truly beyond saving.

  17. C-Marie

    Trans-children do not exist.
    Lied to children do exist.
    What a price to pay later on for telling and pushing these lies into the innocents’ hearts and minds.
    God bless, C-Marie

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