The Week In Doom — USS Harvey Milk Edition

The Week In Doom — USS Harvey Milk Edition

Item The Navy made Harvey Milk resign for being gay. Now they’re going to name a ship after him.

By the time Harvey Milk’s supervisors in the U.S. Navy officially questioned him about his sexuality, he had graduated from officer school and served as a diving officer on a submarine rescue ship during the Korean War.

Then his superiors caught him in a park that was popular with gay men, his nephew said. The sighting raised questions about Milk’s sexual orientation in an era when the military banned gay, lesbian and bisexual service members. Milk was forced to resign.

In a move that signaled an about-face on the issue of gay rights, the Navy on Friday began to construct the USNS Harvey Milk, a fleet oiler that will provide fuel to ships and aircraft. The Navy announced in 2016 that Milk’s name would appear on a ship, along with other civil rights leaders, including abolitionist Sojourner Truth and suffragist Lucy Stone.

The jokes write themselves, so I will resist all temptation and leave out all in-the-navy soap-on-a-rope faqqot jokes. I won’t even point out that child-chaser Milk will be an oiler. I will say that the US Navy has opted for pozzing itself in the name of Diversity and Equality and Pride.

Item West Point opens investigation into controversial hand gestures flashed by Army, Navy cadets

The West Point superintendent has launched an administrative investigation into hand gestures used by a few cadets during the Army-Navy Game on Saturday that are sometimes associated with white supremacists.

The “OK” hand sign was seen flashed by both Army and Navy cadets at the game in Philadelphia this weekend. The symbol has long been used to signal understanding and compliance or that “everything is okay.”

Add this to the first story and it must be that the Chinese or Russians or somebody has thoroughly infiltrated the services. They are being destroyed more successfully, cheaply, and safely than any enemy could have openly done.

Item Parents Lose Custody Of Child For Refusing Gender Transition

…The parents moved to an undisclosed European Union country from Finland when their daughter was thirteen.

Two years later, at fifteen-years-old, the daughter claimed to feel uncomfortable in her body as a girl and was demanding to begin a gender transition.

When parents denied her request to transition into a boy–a procedure which would require powerful hormones and cosmetic surgery–authorities moved in to remove the girl from her parents’ custody, according to YLE.

According to Breitbart, the mother told the outlet: “from having dressed very provocatively and feminine just a few months before, she had now started to use more masculine clothes just like the others in her new gang of friends.”…

When the girl’s parents denied her request to begin her transition, a criminal charge was filed against her parents.

State-mandated insanity. The children belong to the state, not the parents.

Item Supremacy is for racists — use ‘quantum advantage’

We take issue with the use of ‘supremacy’ when referring to quantum computers that can out-calculate even the fastest supercomputers (F. Arute et al. Nature 574, 505–510; 2019). We consider it irresponsible to override the historical context of this descriptor, which risks sustaining divisions in race, gender and class. We call for the community to use ‘quantum advantage’ instead…

In our view, ‘supremacy’ has overtones of violence, neocolonialism and racism through its association with ‘white supremacy’. Inherently violent language has crept into other branches of science as well — in human and robotic spaceflight, for example, terms such as ‘conquest’, ‘colonization’ and’settlement’ evoke the terra nullius arguments of settler colonialism and must be contextualized against ongoing issues of neocolonialism.

This is Nature magazine! They’ll be coming after > next.

Item Marines’ obsession with pull-ups may be hurting the Corps, according to a new study

Marines are putting an “extreme emphasis” on the number of pull-ups leathernecks can do, a recently published internal study found. And that, some fear, could result in other important qualities that are vital to the Corps’ mission being overlooked.

Participants in a study on Marine Corps culture were often focused on pull-ups as a best measure of a person’s value and worth, researchers found. Marines’ ability to lift their own body weight on a pull-up bar was “routinely what Marines referenced when discussing physical standards, a Marine’s value, and physical readiness,” the report’s authors wrote.

Remember how I’ve been telling you (many, many times) about how mandatory quotas under Equality always lead to a lowering of standards? First the standard is lowered, then it is denied the standard has been lowered, then it is announced the standard was harmful or unnecessary. Every single time.

Item Diversify or Die: The National Hockey League Has a Demography Problem

About a year ago, the National Hockey League brought in an outside expert to tell them about an existential threat. That expert was a demographer.

[Blah blah blah blah blah…]

Why is it only people of no color who are told they have a Diversity problem?

Item Washington Post tweet

It’s time to ditch the SAT if we care about diversity and providing those from underrepresented backgrounds in academe a fair shot at higher education, writes Stacy Torres

We don’t care about Diversity.

Item Trump administration pushing for worldwide decriminalization of homosexuality

It’s a video, which you can watch if you’re hard up. Maybe the headline’s wrong. Maybe it’s a typo. Maybe the Trump administration is pushing for REcriminalization of sodomy!

Wouldn’t be the first presidential typo.

Item Iowa man sentenced to 16 years for setting LGBTQ flag on fire

Adolfo Martinez, 30, of Ames, last month was found guilty of a hate crime — a class “D” felony — third-degree harassment and reckless use of fire. Police said he stole a pride banner hanging at Ames United Church of Christ, 217 6th St., and burned it early June 11 outside Dangerous Curves Gentleman’s Club, 111 5th St.

Martinez admitted to police that he lit the banner on fire with lighter fluid and a lighter after stealing it from the church, according to court documents.

Story County Attorney Jessica Reynolds said hate crime charges were added because Martinez is suspected of criminal mischief against someone’s property because of “what it represents as far as sexual orientation.”

Suspected. Well, as packs of “teens” and others run through stores stealing what they can, and with man other crimes being given a pass or small sentences, this man swipes and torches a pervert pennant and he gets 16 years.

You now see who is in charge.

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  1. Sheri

    The Navy and Milk: Re-enactment of Salem witch trials. Nothing more, other than mass stupidity. I think “it’s in the water”…..

    Sorry, but I have never found pull-ups correlate to any real world activity. Skip that and have the Marine drag out a comrade who is feigning injury and unconsciousness. If a woman can drag a 200 lb man out of the line of fire, fine. As you say, why use “models” when we can use actual data? (Better yet, if she/he/it can drag out a frantic, hysterical comrade fighting her, she can be promoted immediately.)

    Iowa sold its soul decades ago. I left but there’s really no way to hide. Wyoming is “gay hell” now and insanity runs wild here too. The state is not really red, it’s bright blue. There is no safe haven for the sane. Remember “Zombie Apocalypse”? The zombies don’t really look like portrayed—they look like CEOs, media and most Democrats. It’s here and it’s real.

    It’s important to note we have the EXACT opposite of democracy—Minoritarianism, plus communism and a dictatorship by the media and Democrats. You can pretend it’s not true, but you can’t make it so. Communists and the minorities OWN you and you LET them do this. As always, I have zero sympathy and am staying out of the way as people destroy themselves. I warned them. They buried their heads in the sand. So fine, the government pulls you out of your fake sand haven and drags you in. It’s what the normal people WANTED and ALLOWED to happen or it would have been stopped. People always act the direction of their desires. Actions prove your actual beliefs and inaction proves you don’t disapprove.

  2. Leftists always get everything backwards.

    Quantum computers perform much, much more slowly and poorly than normal computers, at enormous expense. They operate entirely upon false principles of “science”. The only thing they have an advantage at is removing funding and effort from other, more worthwhile projects while granting a false sense of achievement and superiority.

    In this way, they are the perfect symbol of Leftist and Progressive thought.

  3. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    It is sad that The Ivy League is not being credited for its historic Pro-Nazi proclivities, especially considering its activities long predated affirmative action and so it was Whiteyville. Talk about White Supremacy and White Privilege

  4. Michael Ozanne

    “The symbol has long been used to signal understanding and compliance or that “everything is okay.””

    Particularly in environments where the “thumbs up” OK sign is used for something else…. e’g in SCUBA diving “thumbs up” means “I’m declaring an emergency and need to surface now…”

    The OK hate thing first appeared as a spoof on 4chan, someone in the DoD needs to bake off some hash and chill down…

  5. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    ABS would have been fine had they named a Ferry after Harvey Milk

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