The Week In Doom — California School Free-For-All Edition

The Week In Doom — California School Free-For-All Edition

Here are two weeks of Doom crammed into one.


Bombs away!

Either it’s WWIII or just one more dead body in the Mideast pleasing the usual suspects. Ben Shapiro had to be hospitalized briefly for ecstatic delirium. He’s okay now.


Methodists couldn’t agree to approve same-sex marriages. Instead, they’ve announced a plan to split the church in half

Church leaders from around the world announced a plan to split the United Methodist Church in half over disagreements on LGBT clergy members and same-sex marriages. The plan calls for the creation of a “traditionalist Methodist denomination” to be spun off from the existing church.

Those for sodomy keep the United Methodist name; the traddies, with no announced name as yet that I could see, take a cash payment of $25 mil. “Individual churches would have to vote to join the traditionalist church but would not have to vote to remain as a United Methodist Church.”


Israeli settlers set Catholic Church in Galilee on fire

The Galilee church where Jesus was believed to have performed miracle of feeding 5,000 followers was set alight in arson attack carried out by extremist Jewish settlers.

Hebrew graffiti was also scrawled across the walls of Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fish.

An adviser to the Catholic Church blamed Jewish extremists for the “deplorable” attack after Israeli police said there is a “strong possibility” the fire was started deliberately…

In recent years, mosques and churches have been targeted by vandals in similar attacks. They are always attributed to extremist Jews in West Bank settlements.

Such attacks have been on the rise because the perpetrators, who are being backed directly by the Israeli government, go unpunished.

Say, I wonder if these firebugs have ever visited Notre Dame.


Transgender woman known as Tiamat Dragon Lady spends thousands to turn herself into a dragon (Thanks to Jim Fedako for the tip.)

An HIV diagnosis changed everything for Richard Hernandez, who has since become Eva Tiamat Medusa, the Tiamat Dragon Lady.

In 1997, Hernandez was working as the vice president at an American bank when she received the grim diagnosis. However, the Texas native was “determined not to die a human,” according to The Daily Mail.

Eva believes that after being abandoned by her parents at the age of 5, she was a born-again diamondback snake. It’s called trans-speciesism.

“I have two mothers: One is my original birth mother and my second birth is to my reptilian parents, which are the rattlesnakes,” she explained.

A picture follows, but it is only for pathologists of insane behavior. Anyway, since it is only belief that defines who you are, then if you believe you are a snake, you are a snake. Objective evidence, as we have discussed, is ruled inadmissible. Only believe counts.


California public schools can’t suspend students for disobeying teachers, new law says

New laws taking effect in 2020 will impact schools across California.

Starting next school year, it will be illegal for public schools in the state to suspend students in first through fifth grade for willfully defying teachers or administrators.

Then, from 2021 through 2025, it will be temporarily extended to kids in grades six through eight.

Supporters say suspensions for willful defiance are disproportionately used against students of color.

Parents of students of no color should explore home schooling as soon as possible. As long as it’s still legal. Once the State discover homeschooled kids don’t worship Diversity and sodomy, the crackdown will begin.

As I’ve long said, a fantastic way of eliminating crimes and misdeeds is to redefine what these acts are, and aren’t. If beating up a teacher, say, is no longer called a crime, then crime necessarily will decrease. Equality between the races can, and will, be had by the stroke of a pen.


21 sex orientation choices in next census

Adults will be able to choose between 21 sexual orientation options in the next Scottish census under plans to expand the categories.

Sexual orientation will be featured for the first time in the 2021 census. The National Records of Scotland (NRS) has suggested increasing the range of categories from four: straight or heterosexual, gay or lesbian, bisexual, or other orientation.

The new choices include: androphilic, androsexual, asexual, bicurious, bisexual, demiromantic, demisexual, fluid, gay, gynephilic, gynesexual, homosexual, heterosexual, lesbian, pansexual, polysexual, queer, questioning, skoliosexual, straight, unsure.

Tell the government what kind of pervert you are. What could go wrong? It will never be used against you. The government only loves you and wants what is best for you.

If any reader can let us know just what in the Sodom a skoliosexual is, please do so. I refuse to look it up.


Colleges are turning students’ phones into surveillance machines, tracking the locations of hundreds of thousands

Syracuse University is among the dozens of schools in the United States that use tracking systems to monitor students’ academic performance, analyze their conduct or assess their mental health.

When Syracuse University freshmen walk into professor Jeff Rubin’s Introduction to Information Technologies class, seven small Bluetooth beacons hidden around the Grant Auditorium lecture hall connect with an app on their smartphones and boost their “attendance points.”

Mental health?

Anyway, like I’ve been saying for years, everywhere you go, everybody you meet, and everything you do is being tracked, and being used. And you’re paying for it. The NYT—yes, even the NYT—ran a series recently showing how much is revealed about your habits just from cellphone meta data. When most hear this, their reaction is “Meh.”


UK academics set to launch ‘virus’ software for online ‘hate speech’ in time for 2020 election

Researchers at one of the world’s oldest universities hope to launch a technology that allows users to block online “hate speech” much like a computer virus. Users will be able to decide whether or not they want to view content with the help of a handy “Hate O’Meter.”

Thanks to researchers at the University of Cambridge, the largest social media companies in the world may soon have the ability to preemptively quarantine content classified by an algorithm as “hate speech”. On October 14, 2019, researcher Stephanie Ullmann and professor Marcus Tomalin published a proposal in the Ethics and Information Technology journal promoting an invention that they claim could accomplish this goal without infringing on individual rights of free speech. Their proposal involves software that uses an algorithm to identify “hate speech” in much the same way an antivirus program detects malware. It would then be up to the viewer of such content to either leave it in quarantine or view it.

Ullmann and Tomalin argue that exposure to online “hate speech” is a type of harm which “is [as] serious as other sub-types [of harm] (e.g., physical, financial)” and social media users deserve protection from such harm. The proposal states that social media companies’ attempts to combat “hate speech” have been inaccurate, untimely, and leaves the companies open to claims of free speech violations. Tomalin argues a middle ground can be found between those who wish to stop all “hate speech” and those who want to protect uninhibited First Amendment speech.

A Blue Cheka having his liver cut out with a dull knife, which most would agree is a sort of violence, is milder than that elite being called a bad name after he attempts to push a narrative that is (as they used to say) at variance with the Truth.

The oligarchs are unhappy with you for supporting Trump and other non-establishment candidates. Frankly, they are plain tired of you. Yet they’re going to try one more time to deal with you by restricting your access to Truth and Reality. After that, who knows.

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  1. DAV

    Either it’s WWIII or just one more dead body in the Mideast pleasing the usual suspects. Ben Shapiro had to be hospitalized briefly for ecstatic delirium

    Does this mean you share Ilhan Omar’s outrage ??

  2. Sheri

    Wow, who knew there were enough Methodists with morals to split?????


    Only COMPLETE MORONS will now teach in California. Teachers deserve any and everything they get for staying in the land of the insane. And, contrary to popular belief, YOU CANNOT CHANGE THE SYSTEM FROM WITHIN. As Briggs says, nuke them from space. It’s the only way to be safe. When the crazies number this high, it calls for nuclear solution if we are to survive. Good news, though. California is losing at a least one seat in the house. Keep fleeing the state, people. I hear Idaho is very welcoming and you can be raped and killed by those wonderful “refugees” you loved in California in the great state of Idaho too, with lower taxes. A win-win.

    Chase the censor-taking moron off after telling them there are “x” number of people at your residence. He is ONLY allowed to enumerate LEGAL citizens, so everything else is just a nosy government. I suggest a doberman or Belgian malinois.

    “Skoliosexual” is reportedly someone attracted to a transexual or non-binary, genderqueer according to Wiktionary. You can also spell it “CRAZY”. The terms are equal. Now, where the heck on the census can I put I’m a non-binary, surgically altered alien from the Moron galaxy and identify as a German Shepard and should have the right to vote. Where is the box for that?????? Oh, and I’m reincarnated from a slug 2 million years ago, so I need a box for that, too. And my first and second reincarnations…….I might be able to drive the census taker to running away if I ramble on enough!

    College students should be tracked. They are the first to go when the utopia they preach about arrives. Makes it much easier for the utopian leaders to enslave them. It’s just practical.

    Everything we have done forever was tracked, just not always in one place. You’d be amazed how easy it was to skip trace people even before smart phones. Getting someone committed–piece of cake if you understand the system. (The truly crazy or truly believed-to-be-crazy will not be touched. No one wants to deal with a lunatic. Only the weak and cowardly will be attacked. It’s the rule of the jungle, you know.)

    As for blocking hate speech, these hollow heads are just going to be fodder for the new regime, so who cares? They want violence, raping, pillaging and hatred, as long as you call it something different. They will get it. Just stay out of the way. They are first to go and there are plenty available to the regime. You can last for years if you’re quiet.

  3. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Israeli settlers set Catholic Church in Galilee on fire

    Pope Francis will strive mightily to avoid mention of this whereas the Judeo-Christian ideologists will display their whataboutism in full throated opposition to any untoward thoughts about how Israel may not be our friend in any sense of the word.

  4. The thing about education schools is that they are first and foremost *filters*, designed to select out anyone clear-thinking or merely empathetic enough to object to what the schools do to kids. The filter is the training: Education schools first do to teachers what they are training them to do in the classroom, driving out those who won’t submit. Do you notice the miserable boredom of the little kid who already reads and gets 1st grade math yet has to sit through it being poorly taught AGAIN since he’s six, and all the six year olds MUST stay with their class? (staying with the class to which you’ve been arbitrarily assigned IS THE LESSON – arithmetic and reading are merely excuses.) Do you sympathize with the little boy for whom it is torture to sit at a desk for hours on end, who just needs to run around like millions of little boys before him? Or do you follow along, disciplining the first and sedating the second? THAT’s what education school is about: weeding out anyone who won’t follow arbitrary and stupid orders, because the job their training for is to enforce arbitrary and stupid directives, the welfare and happiness of the children be damned.

    That disobedience cannot be punished by suspension, and that this is THE LAW handed down from on high, is another example of how teaching anything as mundane as reading, writing, and arithmetic (let alone history and science, and God forbid! philosophy) has never been the goal of public schooling. The idea that a student whose disobedient behavior prevents other students from learning might be suspended for the sake of that learning is here being rejected at the point of a gun: state law!

    California is run by the teacher’s union, to the extent that nothing happens, and virtually no one gets elected, to which they strongly object. Years ago, I had a job that required me to work with the hierarchy of the CA Teacher’s Union – thugs, intent on reinforcing the ‘power dynamic’ as the kids say these days: we needed them, they were helping us, and they were not for a moment going to let us forget it. Nothing I’ve seen since suggests my sample was not representative.

    The current exercise is not so much about Social Justice, to which only the Useful Idiots subscribe, but about CONTROL. As Orwell explains, you only have complete control when the subject will do what you want even though they know (on some level) that it’s nonsense. Truth can’t be the standard, because then you, the order-giver, might be judged against it. No, only compliance with something everyone knows to be false is proof of true control; that a few nuts might actually believe it is just noise and can (and will be) ignored.

  5. David Gudeman

    So when a foreign country attacks one of our embassies, we should do nothing in response?

  6. Mike Ozanne

    “A picture follows, but it is only for pathologists of insane behavior.”

    Well Tiamat is a Babylonian representation of primordial chaos in Dragon form.. Medusa was a Greek offspring of two sea deities who took the form of a human with vipers for hair… Dragons are not snakes and neither are human… You’d sort this shit out before paying for surgery and picking a stupis name…

  7. Mike Ozanne

    “If any reader can let us know just what in the Sodom a skoliosexual is, please do so. I refuse to look it up.”

    One of those Shibboleths that’s argued over by those seeking to nail down their own territory in the LGBTXYZ@%&…. intersection.

    Originally those who preferred transexual/Intersex partners but now a Humpty Dumpty word…..*

    “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.” “The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.” “The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master—that’s all.”

  8. Gary-in-Erko

    Briggs has great concern for Christians in the Middle East . . . but only those in Israel.

    The report focused on 12 countries where Christian persecution was most severe: Iraq, Egypt, Nigeria, Central African Republic, Sudan, India, Pakistan, Burma, Sri Lanka, China, the Philippines, and North Korea.

  9. Gail Finke

    The attack on the church in Israel happened in 2015. Not sure why it is making the news now. Unfortunately, there really are extremist Jewish settlers who harass
    Christians. I don’t think they are supported by the Israeli government — I think the government tries to keep them out of the news so that tourism doesnt’ suffer.

  10. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    There are two things America could do in response to an attack on our embassy in Hell Hole, Satan’s Sand Trap

    Or, send in a few troops to stabilise the situation for a few days, then declare victory and remove all troops from Hell Hole, Satan’s Sand Trap, and sell the embassy to a Used Camel dealer.

  11. Cans

    Be wary of quoting sources which (accidentally-on-purpose?) do not tell the whole story … re Catholic church burned. Not exactly condoned and supported by the Israeli government when, first the Israeli PM immediately and categorically condemned the act and then a jewish settler was convicted and jailed for four years, plus the government apparently contributed a large amount to reconstruction of the church. cf with an embedded link giving details on the extremist arsonist cf

  12. “The Israeli Jewish Rabbi Benzi Gopstein has said that Christian churches in Israel must be burnt because Christians worship idols and idols must be destroyed.

    “Gopstein, the head of Lehava group, made his remarks at a panel discussion for Jewish yeshiva students when asked by a fellow panellist if he believed burning down churches in Israel was justified.

    “Did the Rambam [Maimonides] rule to destroy [idol worship] or not? Idol worship must be destroyed. It’s simply yes – what’s the question?” Gopstein told the panel. ”

    “In 2015, Shin Bet – Israel’s domestic intelligence agency – concluded that there are no legal grounds for outlawing Lehava, despite a request from the then Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Ya’alon to consider doing so. ”

    “The group held a demonstration at which members chanted “death to the Arabs” outside a wedding between a Muslim and Jewish woman who had converted to Islam in 2014.”

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