Summary Against Modern Thought: Divine Law Orders Man Toward God

Summary Against Modern Thought: Divine Law Orders Man Toward God

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1 From this conclusion we may gather what it is to which the divinely given law principally tends.

2 It is evident that every lawmaker intends to direct men by means of laws toward his own end, principally. Thus, the leader of an army intends victory and the ruler of a state intends peace. But the end which God intends is God Himself. Therefore, the divine law principally looks to the ordering of man toward God.

3 Again, as we have said, law is a rational plan of divine providence, in its governing capacity, proposed to the rational creature. But the governance of God, as providence, conducts individual beings to their own ends. Therefore, man is chiefly ordered to his end by the divinely given law. Now, the end for the human creature is to cling to God, for his felicity consists in this, as we have shown above. So, the divine law primarily directs man to this end: that he may cling to God.

4 Besides, the intention of every legislator is to make those to whom he gives the law good; as a consequence, the precepts of law should be concerned with acts of virtue. So, those acts which are best are chiefly intended by divine law. But of all human acts, those whereby man clings to God are best, in the sense that they are nearer to the end. Therefore, the divine law primarily orders men in regard to those acts.

5 Moreover, that from which the law derives its efficacy should be the most important thing in the law. But the divinely given law derives its efficacy among men from the fact that man is subject to God, for no one is bound by the law of a ruler if he is not subject to him. Therefore, this should be of primary importance in divine law: that the human mind must cling to God.

6 Hence it is said in Deuteronomy (10:3.2): “And now, Israel, what does the Lord Your God require of You: but that You fear the Lord Your God, and walk in His ways, and love Him, and serve the Lord Your God, with all your heart and with all your soul?”

Notes You will also of course recognize these as the words of our Lord to form the greatest commandment.


  1. Gary

    Amen. Amen. Amen.

    Curiously, the comment filter said one Amen was too short so now it gets three.

  2. C-Marie

    All laws are made towards a particular desire of the
    lawmaker. All thanks be to God that all of His laws
    are made for our good. Well said. Thank you!
    God bless, C-Marie

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