The Week In Doom — Transanity Update Edition

The Week In Doom — Transanity Update Edition


LGBTQ education is now mandatory in N.J. schools

For a high school history assignment on the Holocaust, Olivia Loesch chose the pink triangle, used by the Nazis to persecute gay men in concentration camps and decades later a symbol of pride for the gay rights movement.

“I never knew about it,” said Loesch, 15, a sophomore at Haddon Heights High who came out in seventh grade and now identifies as gender-queer. “I feel that the topic should be talked about and people should know about me.”

Educators in her public school district — and 11 others in New Jersey — are now testing a pilot curriculum to include instruction about the contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

They have made amazing contributions in the fields of perversion and degeneracy! Kids should know about the scarring destabilizing family-destroying health-ravaging effects of LGBTQERTY advocacy. Get these facts in the hands of the kiddies now.


Oxford University professor given security guards for lectures after threats from transgender activists

An Oxford University professor has been given security guards to accompany her to lectures after receiving threats from transgender activists.

Prof Selina Todd, a historian who specialises in the lives of women and the working class, said that she has now been provided with “routine security” to ensure she is not attacked.

The academic – who has been accused of being a “transphobe” for her involvement in women’s rights advocacy — was told by her students that she was potentially in danger.

Men in skirts can be just as violent, irrational, and angry as men in jeans, especially if you criticize the shade of their lipstick.


Oakland Becomes First California City To Ban Background Checks For Prospective Renters

Following a unanimous vote by the city council Tuesday night, Oakland has now become the first city in California to ban criminal background checks on potential renters…

The California Apartment Association (CAA), which represents landlords, opposed the measure, but a spokesperson said there were no plans to challenge it in court.

“This ordinance is the most extreme law in the state. Federal Fair housing laws expressly exclude individuals convicted of illegal drug distribution and manufacture from protections. Landlords who may have used criminal background checks consistent with this law will now be prohibited,” said Debra Carlton, spokesperson for the CAA.

Oakland landlords will still be able to verify income, employment, rental history and prior landlord references.

Your application looks fine, Mr Manson. And to answer your question, yes, the floors are linoleum and wipe clean easily.


Faced With Gender Propaganda at the Hockey Rink, One Coach Says No

“I can’t coach. I can’t be on the bench. I can’t help on the ice—Even just to help on the ice, you need this training,” he explains. After having assisted on his son’s hockey team for three years, the father has been removed from all positions because he questioned the necessity of a mandatory Gender Identity training course imposed by Hockey Eastern Ontario (formerly the Ottawa District Hockey Association) following a 2017 legal settlement involving a transgender hockey player.

Transanity means that not only must the men who pretend to be women be allowed to think they are women, we must swear they are women, too. Transanity is mandatory insanity. Transanity is worst than a four-minute penalty for high sticking a guy who had it coming: transanity is death.

And all men who pretend or who believe they are women are men.


Michigan Pedophile Claims Child Porn Collection Is His ‘Constitutional Right’ Because He Identifies As 8-Year-Old Girl

A convicted sex offender who says he identifies as an eight-year-old girl will spend at least a decade in prison for dozens of images of child pornography found on his home computer.

Joseph Gobrick, 45, claims the images were computer-animated and protected under the First Amendment.

If a man can pretend to be a woman, a man can pretend to be an eight-year-old girl. The standard or proof is the same in each claim. You can scoff if you like, but since Reality has been ruled illegal, the only evidence that counts is desire. And this pervert’s desire is stronger than yours.


Is it time the all-white period drama was made extinct? (This is BBC)

The popularity of the genre has traditionally been an obstacle for BAME performers, who have been excluded from lead roles. But this may not hold much longer, writes Hanna Flint.

I couldn’t discover in that article just what a “BAME” performer was, though it’s obvious people of no-color should no longer be allowed representation. Funny thing. Whites are evil, and only did evil things, which is a given. So why would we want a TV show that depicts times in which whites were the only race in their localities?

Wouldn’t this be promulgating the special evil that is white only? I mean, even if you had black men play every part, including those of the women (as men did in Shakespeare’s day), of Macbeth, wouldn’t this be a subtle form of white supremacy after all? Think about it.

Anyway, BAME? Brutish Anti-Male Emoters? Your guess?


Netflix Show Features 10-Year-Old Trans Kid as a “Top” in Sexual Terms

Netflix premiered a new show co-created by drag queen RuPaul, titled AJ and the Queen where a ten-year-old accompanies a drag queen to perform in mostly gay clubs around the country. In one scene, the prepubescent child is referred to as a ‘top’ which means the person who penetrates during gay intercourse.

Hey, who are you to judge.

Seriously, though. Your being entertained is paramount. So keep shoving your bucks to Netflix and don’t feel bad. You deserve it. So what if a few kids have to take it up the Weinstein.


Lesbian couple left ‘overwhelmed with anger’ as South Africa venue declines their wedding

I stopped reading after “overwhelmed with anger”, because this is the natural state of lesbians, so how is this news?


For transgender men, pain of menstruation is more than just physical

Safety concerns and a lack of access to menstruation products are among the issues trans and gender-nonconforming people face during “that time of the month.”

Alternate headline: Women who pretend to men forget how to buy tampons.


  1. Diversity is death.
    Inclusivity is death.
    Equality is death.

    Truth is life.

  2. Sheri

    Parents in New Jersey hate their children. But we already knew that. They are human-hating progressives who worship Mengele. Expect courses on sex with children, squirrels, inanimate objects, etc. Progressive, object all you want to that prediction—we were RIGHT on the perversion same-sex marriage wrought. Your 5 year old is now a sexual being. Congrats. You just justified pedophilia.

    “THE VIOLENT PROGRESSIVES, the true fascists.” Repeat every hour or so until it takes.

    I would NEVER own real estate or be a landlord. In spite of Dave Ramsey’s claims, it’s anti-Christian, anti-God and anti-humanity. (Californians already have to rent to registered sex offenders on Meghan’s list.) Actually, it’s not as big a deal as you think. Heck, I live next to a drug dealer. What’s the problem????? He hasn’t blown up the barn making meth yet.

    Humans go along with the stupidity of the progressives and their draconian, hateful, controlling, bigotted ideology of doublethink. That’s how Hitler rose, Stalin and all the great dictators. Progressives, your end is coming soon. Congrats. You will eat yourselves….

    I identify as Ghangis Khan—be prepared to be conquered and eliminated. It is my right.

    It’s not about race—it’s about destroying reality and then humanity and people LOVE the idea. Rooting for your own destruction. Yep, the IQ of people is dropping like a rock.

    Children ARE sexual creatures and pedophilia IS CONSENSUAL. Get over it. (Proven by the child being the “top”, of course.)

    MEN do not menstruate. EVER. In any universe. The pain is due to complete insanity and some moron playing into it. I hope a certain part of their anatomy falls off if they forgot to have it removed……Any BRAINDEAD IDIOT that cannot handle paying for and buying tampons as needed should be removed from the gene pool as an act of self-defense for humanity. Really, these people just said women are stupidier than mudworms. Remarkable. And the stupidier than mudworms are running around celebrating their stupidity. Humans deserve extinction.

  3. Gail Finke

    I think “BAME” is like “POC” (“people of color”) here, but I don’t know what it stands for. I’m going to guess black, asian, middle-eastern. (Often the British press calls Pakistani and or/Indian people “Asian” — as they did in the awful Rotherham girl sex trafficking story.)

  4. Tmatsci

    BAME = Bugger all mental equipment

  5. Mark

    I see David beat me to the punch WRT the “BAME” / “BME” acronym.

    Anyway, it’s not all Doom this week – the dear old (dear young?) Anglican Church reaffirmed its teaching that sex should only be for married heterosexual couples. There was of course much wailing and gnashing of teeth from the usual suspects, but I’ll take what I can get from the C of E these days.

  6. swordfishtrombone

    “Kids should know about the scarring destabilizing family-destroying health-ravaging effects of LGBTQERTY advocacy.”

    Is teaching kids about WWII advocating naziism? (Might as well go full Godwin!) Also, if you want to criticise something for destroying families, I would have thought divorce would be a more accurate target.

  7. Michael Ozanne

    “just what a “BAME” performer ”

    It’s a UK term for Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic…

  8. acricketchirps

    I think I agree with. SFTB for once. We should teach children that LGBTQ ideology, Divorce, and Naziism are all bad things! Can we agree to add communism to that list as well?

  9. c matt

    My guess is they teach LGBTQ as a thing to be embraced, and in WW II teach Naziism as a thing to be shunned. And therein lies the problem.

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