The Week In Doom — Hurry Up & Die & Give Us Your Liver Edition


Medically assisted deaths prove a growing boon to organ donation in Ontario

Ontarians who opt for medically assisted deaths (MAiD) are increasingly saving or improving other people’s lives by also including organ and tissue donation as part of their final wishes.

In the first 11 months of 2019, MAiD patients in the province accounted for 18 organ and 95 tissue donors, a 14 per cent increase over 2018 and a 109 per cent increase over 2017. (Figures for December 2019 are not yet available.)

According to Trillium Gift of Life Network, which oversees organ and tissue donation in Ontario, the 113 MAiD-related donations in 2019 accounted for five per cent of overall donations in Ontario, a share that has also been increasing. In 2018, MAiD-related donations made up 3.6 per cent of the province’s total donations, and in 2017 just 2.1 per cent.

“The decision to pursue MAiD is totally separate from the decision to donate organs,” cautions Ronnie Gavsie, Trillium’s chief executive officer, “but we do want patients to have their last will carried out.”

No one saw that coming—except for us, dear readers, as we have been predicting this for years. They won’t deny any of this. They’ll soon start shaming people for living when they could be donating their organs. “Hey. Why do you want an extra year. Don’t you know how much you could get for your spleen. Think of what the money will mean to your kids. Besides, they need a vacation.”

You have to love that the organization in charge of the killing and harvesting has as part of its name “Life Network”. Everything in the near future will have as its slogan the opposite of what it does, kind of like advertising.


City Council passes resolution to ask General Assembly for authority over Confederate statues

Richmond City Council passed a resolution Monday to ask the General Assembly for authority over Confederate monuments in the city.

The resolution passed in a 6-2 vote during a special meeting Monday evening.

Now that the resolution has passed, the council will petition the state legislature for permission to take down or modify its Confederate statues. Richmond is the former capital of the Confederacy and large memorials to Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee line Monument Avenue a few miles from the state capitol.

The Civil War never happened, and all the southerners were Nazis. And racists.

It’s still unclear what a racist is, but it appears to be a person who thinks there are races, which is why all people of no color are racists, because they are of a different race than people of color, which people of color are always saying to people of color. Denounced for thinking they are different, then denounced for thinking they are the same.

There is no winning answer for a person of no color.


China announces new crackdown on religious freedom

China will enforce new restrictions on religious groups, organizations, meetings, and other related events starting on Feb 1.

The country’s state-controlled media announced the new policy on Dec. 30, after Chinese authorities moved to further suppress Catholics in the Archdiocese of Fuzhou who are refusing to join the state-run Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association.

According to UCA News, the new “Administrative Measures for Religious Groups,” which consists of six sections and 41 articles, will control every aspect of religious activity within China, and will mandate that all religions and believers in China comply with regulations issued by the Chinese Communist Party, which must be acknowledged as the higher authority.

“Religious organizations must adhere to the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, observe the constitution, laws, regulations, ordinances and policies, adhere to the principle of independence and self-government, adhere to the directives on religions in China, implementing the values of socialism,” says Article 5 of the new policies.

The Pope must be happy. Catholicism with Chinese characteristics.


White, Married Christians Decline in U.S.

RRI conducted trend analysis of General Social Survey findings and PRRI’s American Values Atlas, one of the largest collections of survey data on religion and demographics in existence. As the table below demonstrates, the percentage of the U.S. population who is white, married, and Christian has dropped by more than half over the last four decades—from a high of 62 percent in 1974 to 28 percent in 2015. This decline is fueled by a variety of factors, including an aging white population, immigration patterns, and the delay in marrying as well as religious disaffiliation among young people.

“Immigration patterns.”

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  1. Organ donation has hit Dr. Mengele level, which is not surprising with Hitler-lover Soros pushing hell-on-earth, death and destruction. Considering what we do to children when we wanted a girl, not a boy, there is apparently nothing we won’t do to other human beings. Dr. Mengele LIVES and is called BLESSED.

    Can we tear down and rename all Byrd avenues and Democrats who hated blacks and tried desperately to keep blacks down. Former KKK member monuments and namings like those of Byrd should be torn down IMMEDIATELY. Probably murderers like Kennedy, too. Just do the right thing and tear down ALL monuments. That’ll cut tourism, save gas and the planet and no teeny, tiny, brain-dead snowflake or murderous billionaire can control people using the monuments.

    Of course there is no winning for people of color—they are not people, they are political footballs, used by the mostly the Left to advance agenda. Footballs have no rights.

    Marriage decreases as chaos increases. It’s why people HATE their children, gangs are growing, etc. No rules, no lives, no joy, nothing. IT’S WHAT PEOPLE WANT. You will not win this. Only when they are eating leaves and hiding in caves will they wake up and then life will be hell for decades as they live with the consequences of stupidity and immorality. HUMANS ARE IDIOTS. They always have been and there is no evidence that will ever change.

  2. Hey, I live in Organ. That’s how it’s pronounced anyway.

    PS — you don’t want my liver. Nuff said.

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