Catholic Bishop McElroy Endorses Trump, Criticizes Buttgieg

Catholic Bishop McElroy Endorses Trump, Criticizes Buttgieg

It’s being reported Bishop Robert W. McElroy of San Diego has endorsed President Trump for re-election. McElroy didn’t mention Trump by name, but he gave the following hints that Trump is is candidate in a recent speech:

With California’s presidential primaries less than a month away, what are voters’ moral responsibilities?

Catholics, insisted Bishop Robert W. McElroy, head of the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego, cannot be single-issue voters, focused exclusively on abortion, say, or climate change, immigration, religious liberty or poverty.

Also important, the bishop insisted: the personalities of candidates. He urged voters to examine politicians’ character, intelligence and even political abilities.

“It does little good to elect a saint who echoes Catholic social teaching on every issue,” he said, “if that candidate does not have the competence to carry out his duties effectively and thereby enhance the common good.”

Meanwhile, the National Catholic (they say) Reporter all but declare Democrat front-runner Pete Buttghey a saint. They state he would be a President who “advances the reign of God on Earth.” One who would, they suggest, echo Catholic social teaching on every “issue.”

McElroy’s warning about electing saints is appropriate here.

Donald Trump, as the elites tell us daily, is no saint. He doesn’t always “echo” Catholic teaching. He is imperfect and inconsistent. And even though his elite enemies in the deep state do their best to thwart him, nobody disputes he has the competence to carry out his duties, often effectively. And thereby enhance the common good.

Thus, McElroy endorses, tacitly anyway, Donald Trump.

That vigorous thumbs up for Trump wasn’t the only thing notable about the good bishop’s speech. Like many a skilled toastmaster, McElroy mixed humor into his serious content. Take these thigh-slappers:

Those two hot-button issues, abortion and climate change, were compared several times in the speech.

Catholics often regard the former, McElroy said, as “the pre-eminent political imperative at stake in 2020.” The nation seems divided, he said, “with half of our country moving toward laws safeguarding the unborn and the other half of our country adopting ever more extreme laws that allow the killing of children on the verge of birth.”

Abortion annually results in the deaths of 750,000 fetuses, the bishop said, yet “the long-term death toll from unchecked climate change is larger and threatens the very future of humanity.”

With perfect timing, just as the laughter from that unchecked-climate-change zinger was dying down, the Bish unleashed this followup:

And while he called contraception “intrinsically evil … it is a far greater moral evil for our country to abandon the Paris Climate Accord than to provide contraceptives in federal health centers.”

There were gales of laughter from the crowd. Witnesses report celebrity priest James Martin choked on his cocktail, overcome with mirth.

Harvey Weinstein was quick to signal his appreciation. “His excellency’s Planned Parenthood joke was better than the one I used for my defense,” he tweeted, “Mazel tov.”

Word about the speech spread fast. “I liked most the funny fallacy about how providing contraception is now okay because we left the Paris global warming agreement,” said Lucien Greaves, spokesman for The Satanic Temple. “We use those kind of rhetorical ploys all the time, too, because they really work. We envy McElroy for his humorous skill.”

After warning that keying on any one subject could be “hijacked by partisan forces to propose that Catholics have an overriding duty to vote for candidates who espouse that position”, like global warming, McElroy called out the increasing hatred of whites and white culture. He admonished the audience about “the culture of exclusion that has grown so dramatically in our nation in the past three years.”

He specifically noted “racial injustice” was “on the rise”, though he stopped short of repeating his well known catch phrase “It’s okay to be white.”

“Today,” McElroy said, “leaders in government embrace corrosive tactics and language, fostering division rather than unity. The notion of truth itself has lost its footing in our public debate.”

Commentators suggest McElroy has recent harsh comments Peter Buttghey made about President Trump in mind. Buttghey said “that he ‘can’t imagine’ why anyone of faith would be ‘anywhere near’ Trump”.

These comments are perhaps why at the end of his speech, Bishop McElroy said “people of faith must vote their conscience, ‘the voice of God which lies deep within each of us.'”

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  1. Uncle Mike

    A sodomizing abortionist is okay with Catholics as long as he is also a climate alarmist? The Paris Climate Accord outweighs mass abortion? Truly nuts …

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