The Week In Doom — No True Scandinavian Edition

The Week In Doom — No True Scandinavian Edition



Today in BC Supreme Court I heard one of the scariest things ever: a judge ordering a father to not call his female child his daughter. The judge has compelled him to lie.

It’s not only judges. It’s quacks, professors, bureaucrats, theologians, in fact every elite. They want you to lie because they know lying brakes and enslaves you.

What can you do about it anyway? Bend over and take it, deplorables.


Something to cry about.

It’s likely this was for university class credit. Wait until they ask your kids to do the same. Or, better still, wait until you have the urge to join them.


CIA secretly owned world’s top encryption supplier, read enemy and ally messages for decades

For more than half a century, governments all over the world trusted a single company to keep the communications of their spies, soldiers and diplomats secret. That company was secretly run by the CIA, which had the ability to read all those communications for decades…

Conspiracies, cabals, secret organizations, assassinations, plots and intrigues only existed in history. Only conspiracy theorists believe otherwise. All real conspiracies stopped about 100 years before you were born.


Major med school exam will move to pass/fail scoring

The USMLE Step 1 examination will move from a numerical score to the simpler binary of pass/fail in 2022. The change comes after a push from professionals and students who argued the numerical scale played too large a role in determining a student’s education and career trajectory.

Merit can’t compete with Diversity. And did I ever tell you not to get sick? Medicine is increasingly staffed with quacks, like those who for large fees do maiming surgery for persons seeking sexual thrills. Add these quacks to quota hires and you have every reason to avoid going to the doctor.


Episcopal Diocese of Michigan consecrates its first lesbian bishop

The Episcopal Diocese of Michigan has consecrated its first openly lesbian bishop, in a move that the liberal mainline regional body is confident will not lead to further large-scale departures from the denomination.

Further? Yes, further. Meaning there are so few faithful left that there can no longer be mass exoduses.

Incidentally, Perry, the priestess-cum-bishop, believes she is married to a woman.


‘Nothing is truly Scandinavian’ top Nordic airline SAS declares in ad

SAS, the leading airline of Denmark, Norway and Sweden had to quietly remove a video commercial, which declared entire Scandinavian culture borrowed and featured a black guy saying he is no better than his ‘Viking ancestors.’

Hijacking a hot button social topic to generate some good publicity is a tricky task. Just ask Gillette with their last year take on ‘toxic masculinity,’ or Pepsi equating drinking its soda with fighting for justice in street protests a few years ago. Scandinavian Airlilnes, or SAS, had its own tone deaf disaster of a commercial pulled after public outcry.

The ad published on Monday starts with a punchline that nothing is “truly Scandinavian” before going down the list of things that people in Denmark, Norway and Sweden take pride of — wind power plants, popularity of bicycles, parental care rights and democracy — and declares them “copied.”

“It gets worse. Rumor has it that the oh-so-sweet Swedish meatballs might not be as Swedish as you think, but Turkish,” the video goes on.

The video is at the link. It’s clear to anyone that there is at least one thing truly Scandinavian, modern Scandinavian: cucking. They are now master cucks, teaching the rest of Europe and leading the way.

Setting aside the master cuckery and thinking of this in a purely monetary sense, how did they think it was a good idea to advertise Scandinavia by saying there’s nothing do see here? Why bother to come when you can stay home and have “genuine” meatballs?


Swiss voters back LGBT discrimination proposal

Swiss voters on Sunday endorsed a proposed law that would make it a crime to discriminate against individuals on the basis of their sexual orientation or sexual identity.

Opponents of the law argued that it could restrict free speech, while those of Switzerland’s LGBT community say that their sexual identities should be protected under the law in the same way that racial and religious identities are protected.

By the time they realize what “sexual orientation” really means—pedos, freaks, animal lovers, necrophialiacs, etc.—it won’t matter. They’ll already be dead inside.


‘The only solution for climate change is letting the human race become extinct’

A Cambridge academic has proposed a radical new way to solve climate change — letting humanity become extinct.

Patricia MacCormack, a professor of continental philosophy at Anglia Ruskin University, has just released her new book The Ahuman Manifesto, which will officially be launched in Cambridge today (Wednesday, February 5).

Lunatics in academia are not story. So this is only notable for three reasons: (1) the picture of the broad has to be seen, she looks like she just left a Wiccan brew-up party; (2) she isn’t killing herself but will be happy if your kids die; and (3) the newspaper didn’t laugh but chose to run the story.

Do you really need any more examples of the utter necessity of closing universities?


Signs of white supremacy, extremism up again in poll of active-duty troops

More than one-third of all active-duty troops and more than half of minority service members say they have personally witnessed examples of white nationalism or ideological-driven racism within the ranks in recent months, according to the latest survey of active-duty Military Times readers.

The poll surveyed 1,630 active-duty Military Times subscribers last fall on their views about political leaders, global threats and domestic policy priorities. It offers a troubling snapshot of troops’ exposure to extremist views while serving despite efforts from military leaders to promote diversity and respect for all races.

The 2019 survey found that 36 percent of troops who responded have seen evidence of white supremacist and racist ideologies in the military, a significant rise from the year before, when only 22 percent — about 1 in 5 — reported the same in the 2018 poll.

Since actual racism is all but non-existent, except against whites, this result proves that racism madness which has increased. Propaganda works!

Bonus Good News!

‘There Will Be Dad and Mum’: Putin Rules out Russia Legalizing Gay Marriage

President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday Russia would not legalize gay marriage as long as he was in the Kremlin.

He made clear he would not allow the traditional notion of mother and father to be subverted by what he called “parent number 1” and “parent number 2”.

“As far as ‘parent number 1’ and ‘parent number 2’ goes, I’ve already spoken publicly about this and I’ll repeat it again: as long as I’m president this will not happen. There will be dad and mum,” Putin said.

We can now see why they hate and fear Vlad so much. He still believes in Reality.


‘No Room for Push Back by Other Athletes’: Male Marathon Runner Will Compete in U.S. Women’s Olympic Trials

A male marathon runner will become the first transgender athlete to compete in the U.S. women’s Olympic marathon trials later this month.

28-year-old Megan Youngren…

The delay caused USATF’s head of women’s long-distance, Kimberly Keenan-Kirkpatrick, to apologize to Youngren by email.

“USATF wants to get everything right so there is no room for push back by other athletes, which will make the process easier for you,” wrote Keenan-Kirkpatrick.

Dissent shall be crushed officially, in other words. Don’t think you’ll be able to make any money on this. What bookie would give odds of this man beating the women?

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  1. You can’t out-parody the Left. It is impossible to come up with something so stupidly insane that they won’t proudly do.

  2. Sheri

    “All real conspiracies stopped about 100 years before you were born.” No, it’s just that conspiracies went underground and developed better tech.

    Removal of reality maybe part of the reason for the insanity, but Soros learned from Hitler you don’t rule the world through force. YOU REMOVE THE BORDERS–in morality, in reality, etc. It amazes me no one sees how world domination for Soros and others will be so very, very easy with with bunch of dolts wondering around in anarchy and fantasy with no bounds whatsoever. The destruction of reality is just more of removing the borders, and thus the path to world domination, without the messiness of a war. So much neater and you get a huge supply of Soylent Green in the process.

    No need to use climate change to destroy humans–again, Soros and the world dictators are doing a bangup job all by themselves with blurring reality. Climate change is just one more destraction. The good news? Mayor Pervert and Hollywood are the first to go when the useful idiots go and they will. Understand, people that far from reality are too difficult to control and have to be destroyed. Ironic, isn’t it?

  3. DAV

    CIA secretly owned world’s top encryption supplier … For more than half a century, governments all over the world trusted a single company to keep the communications of their spies, soldiers and diplomats secret.

    Wow! What a coup. Just what they’re paid to do, of course.

  4. From the photo, I’m led to suspect that Patricia MacCormack is actually Patrick MacCormack.

  5. C-Marie

    Run, women, run!! No, men ought not to be allowed in a women’s race, ahd hpw little they might think of their abilities to do so.

    A big Yay for President Putin!!! He may yet become a true Catholic. So sad that some Catholic Bishops are in line with Parent number 1 and Parent number 2.

    Well, the CIA’s business is secrecy…spying….etc.
    God bless, C-Marie

  6. Dave

    The only solution for climate change is letting white liberals go extinct. The climate will probably change anyway, as it always does, but the weeping and wailing about it will gradually quiet down as white liberals die without issue, stabbed in the streets and pillowed in nursing homes by their beloved diversity.

    And the only solution for feminism is letting men identify as women and smash everything that strong, independent women think they’ve achieved. The only women worthy of respect are those who marry white men, make white babies, and stay married. Satan says your husband is an abusive creep and you should divorce him. Are you listening?

  7. Mark Millward

    Sheri, I usually greatly admire your comments and I know the cultural buffoonery is getting us all down, but Mr Briggs was being droll / ironic when he observed that “all conspiracies ended 100 years before you were born”.

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