Case Study In Why Conservatism Will Continue To Fail

Case Study In Why Conservatism Will Continue To Fail

Conservatism, as we have long discussed, is dead. Though perhaps it doesn’t seem that way, because its corpse is seen ambling about with a caring look on its decomposing face.

I do not speak of neoconservativism, which was always colonial progressivism, which spoke the conservative dialect, but only as a mechanism to gather more arms for its side. With the rise of Trump, neoconservatives threw off the mask and have rejoined their comrades.

Let’s instead look at a small slice of applied conservatism. Actually, two such slices, since they reinforce one another.

Trump recently appointed Richard Grenell as acting director of national intelligence. He was up til then the Ambassador for Germany. Grenell is open about his preference for sodomy, and as reported by the NYT, he was the one leading the “global push to decriminalize homosexuality.”

This in itself is neither here nor there, except to show Trump is in the conservative camp, at least partially. The real example is in this tweet about Grenell by Guy Benson, who identifies as a conservative journalist.

NYT: “Mr. Grenell, who has pushed to advance gay rights in his current post, would apparently also be the first openly gay cabinet member.”

Ever. In US history. Appointed by Trump.

Ric’s identity isn’t a qualification, of course, but this is historic & significant. [Flag of United States Rainbow flag emojii]

The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was also “historic & significant.”

Benson, like Grenell, favors sodomy, which, as tradition has it, is a most vile sin that cries out to Heaven for justice. Benson is also under the delusion that he is married to a man.

Conservativism therefore isn’t aligned with tradition.

Now the second slice, this time from another self-identifying conservative, who has a piece in the Washington Examiner about a celebrity who is touting his child (the celebrity’s child) as a “transgender”.

A transgender is a person everybody knows is pretending to be or is delusional enough to believe he or she is the opposite sex. To say transgender woman of a person instead of just woman is to acknowledge the truth. If people really believed a transgender woman was a woman, they would not use the prefix.

Polumbo says this:

It’s a very difficult thing for a young person to experience profound gender identity confusion. It’s a good thing that the Wade family has responded with love, rather than hate or rejection, to its child’s pronouncement. But in his public acceptance of Zaya’s gender identity, Dwyane Wade has taken things way, way too far.

This is effeminacy, a characteristic trait of zombie conservatism. Of course the father should have reacted with hate: hate the sin, hate the loss of sanity in his child, hate the culture that supports the lie. The father should in no way countenance the lie. If the child is truly delusional, then get the child help.

As an aside, we can ask: help from whom? Therapists? Recall the “recovered memory” panic of the late 1990s, a panic that led to jailings, loss of families, heartbreak, all because of idiot therapists who entertained the asinine theory that people can “recover” memories. The memories were always of a terrible nature, of course. And it’s now those same therapists driving tranny madness.


The athlete has now come out and said that Zaya internally identified as transgender as young as 3 years old. Wade and his family appear to have uncritically accepted that a pre-teen can have completely figured out his or her gender, sexuality, and identity, all before even entering high school. This is irresponsible. It’s also harmful to the acceptance of gay and transgender people more broadly.

Internally identified? Skip that, and focus instead on Polumbo’s implict acceptance that older people can be “transgender”, or even can be “gay”, as if these were different kinds of creatures. People are similar to normal human beings, but have a different essence or nature, that difference in being “transgender” or “gay” is just like difference between male and female.

Polumbo—and Benson, too—thus has lost the argument. He is a progressive. He does not disagree with any progressive idea, he only quibbles about timing, about when a person’s madness becomes real.

That thing that unites Benson and Polumbo, and conservatives in general, is that they have bought the progressive idea that truth can only be known by appealing to the masses. They don’t see, as reactionaries or neo-reactionaries do, that human nature is fixed and not fluid, that human nature cannot be legislated away.

This crisis, like all crises, is spiritual. Conservatives don’t see that. Reactionaries do. This is why conservativism fails, and will continue to fail. It accepts the same basic premises as progressivism.

Addendum I don’t know where else to put this, but everybody should read this most important article on autogynephilia, which is responsible for much of tranny madness.

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  1. Karl

    You mention “idiot therapists” in connectin with the “recovered memory” panic. I see no evidence that they were idiots, but plently that they were evil.

  2. Gary

    The closest to authentic conservatism disappeared when Bill Buckley passed in 2008.

  3. The conservative movement failed because it never stood for anything, and never demanded anything.

    I stand for the America that was and may be again. I demand that the Progressives (socialists, communists, Leftists, etc.) and their fifth column immigrants shut up and leave.

    I am no longer interested in “freedom of speech” and I could not care less about “equality.” I want victory. I want my beautiful country back. I want nothing less than the restoration of a homogeneous, mono-cultural, God-fearing nation.

  4. Sheri

    Kudos for slogging through Medium. I gave that up a long time ago.

    What all of this boils down to three easy sentences: “There are no rules except the rules ‘we’ say exist and ‘we’ can change them at will. This is about power. Reality is forbidden completely.”

    Much of what goes on in perversions is selfish and evil. It’s why perversions are forbidden. To make them allowed is no different than legalizing murder, which we actually are well on our way to if you use an illegal alien. Anarchy is what Americans now live for–either creating it, or hiding under a desk and hoping it goes away. Should have stopped them at the dinner roll.*
    *(Obama era email moral tale.)

  5. You are cherry-picking articles to support a position that you hold for emotional rather than rational reasons. You clearly have no idea what conservativsm is.

  6. Briggs


    Cherry? Picking fruits, anyway.

  7. Mocheirge

    “You clearly have no idea what conservativsm is.”
    Isn’t that one of the points of this article? No one knows what conservatism is because so many claim it. What we do know is that the people who embrace the conservative label consistently lose. The only times they “win” is when they accept the enemy’s victory condition as their own.

  8. John B()

    What is that FAUX Russian sign supposed to mean?

    (If it’s supposed to mean what I THINK it does …)

  9. GamecockJerry

    Bill Buckley liked sodomy also.
    I gave up ‘conservatism’ years ago. When you can’t even conserve a bathroom you’re worthless.
    I now call my self an Alt-right Anarchist. I wish the whole thing to fall apart and break down, which it will soon. Only way to get back on the true path.

  10. ” What we do know is that the people who embrace the conservative label consistently lose.”

    Conservatives are battling a behemoth that has controlled the entertainment, news, and education industries since before there was a conservative movement. Of course when you battle a behemoth, you are going to lose more than you win, but conservatives have won plenty. Name another group that has any success at all against the Leftist behemoth. The Alt-right? What have they accomplished? Gamergate? Computer games are continuing to be taken over by the woke. Hugo-gate? The Hugos are now completely controlled by the woke and the biggest publishers are even more woke than before. Trump? He was supported by the Alt-right, but the votes that put him in office came from conservatives.

    “When you can’t even conserve a bathroom you’re worthless.”

    You didn’t conserve the bathroom either, did you? So you are just as worthless.

  11. David Badman-
    You are actively aiding the enemy. Begone with you, Wormtongue.

  12. “The closest to authentic conservatism disappeared when Bill Buckley passed in 2008.”

    Buckley was a neocon poser. No loss whatsoever. He and his acolytes set the bombs that have gravely wounded American Conservatism.

    Real, actual, American conservatism is alive (ok, I had to delete “and well.”)

    American Conservatism is personified by Pat Buchanan.

    Details, and an excellent column a couple times a week:

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