Naming Your Pronouns In Business: Reader Help Requested

Naming Your Pronouns In Business: Reader Help Requested

Rod Dreher (I know, I know) had an article in which he explains his forbidden love with Moldbug, concluding “A couple of things he said made me realize that his politics aren’t mine, and couldn’t be mine. But he’s the one I’m thinking about this morning.”

In my mind’s eye I see Dreher writing that, lying on his bed, belly down, propped up on his elbows, his legs in the air to facilitate the pedicure drying, as he types on his phone.

Never mind!

What I found of interest was a missive from “A Soviet-born US academic” who wrote:

Yesterday I spoke with my sister. She’s not in academia. She’s an entrepreneur, a hot-shot business woman, very successful. She called me to rant about how this woke rot is conquering the world of business. It’s now becoming pretty much obligatory to list your pronouns in business correspondence, and she says it’s getting to the place where you will become a pariah in business circles if you don’t. She routinely speaks to people like herself, owners of multi-million dollar businesses, CEOs of successful companies who confess to her in private that they routinely self-censor and are terrified of linking to any story on their LinkedIn profiles that isn’t completely woke.

I understand why people want to believe that this won’t touch them but they are in for a rude awakening.

Now for two years I have been predicting Diversity Oaths would move out of academia and into the boardroom. We’ve already seen some evidence of that, most notably with the greed-based firm Goldman Sachs, who will require Diversity (i.e. non-whites) in company boards before they take their money. But what I didn’t know was what Dreher’s pen pal said about pronouns.

The self-censoring is obvious. And if you want to keep your job, necessary. Diversity and Equality are anti-Reality, against natural law; therefore, you are under no obligation to follow them. And just like when the Bolshevik hit squad is banging on the door where you are not obligated to tell the truth about hiding the Christian, you are not obliged to tell the truth to Diversity commissars, either.

On the other hand, if there wasn’t the mass of cowardice in reacting to these things at the beginning, we wouldn’t be in the position we are now.

Anyway, it wasn’t a difficult prediction to make about the pronouns. Yet at this time it still appears voluntary. Though I wonder if it everywhere is. So I need your help.

Does anybody know any company that is requiring Diversity Oaths or naming pronouns as part of its official policy? If that policy is announced as “voluntary”.

Use the comments below, or the contact page to email. Please share this post! Use the links below. Especially share with those that might know about these things.

Dreher goes on to note:

This is like the case that rocked the software development community Stack Exchange, which fired a moderator for declining to use preferred pronouns. Increasingly, you are going to have to accept that lie and obey its commands if you want to work in industry.

It’s not surprising younger tech companies are the most susceptible to the gender, Diversity, and tranny madness, they being staffed by the most recent college graduates, and college being the epicenter of the infection.

So those places are the first to look. However, my spies at some very large, household name companies say Diversity, Inclusion & Equity (DIE) is being pushed with some vigor by their HRs. Pervert pennants, cucked pics, and all the usual propaganda festoon corporate literature and websites, as Woke Capital has well documented.

We do know of certain firings, like James Damore at Google and so on. But these firings were all for breaking unwritten laws. What we want to know is the level of written laws.

Please share!

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  1. My preferred pronouns are:
    “Your most serene Majesty” and “Die, commie mutant traitor scum”.

  2. Sheri

    I personally prefer never using pronouns. Use “Head of HR”, or “Department Head”, etc. In schools, use name tags and only use the names. Same for business. NO PRONOUNS. Outlaw pronouns. If a boy wants to be called “Sue”, fine. You already know he’s stupid and never to call on him in class unless you’re asking something you don’t care about the answer to.

    This will bite the next generation when they DIE from doctors, engineers, etc who are “woke”. Death is the only cure in many cases and we don’t have to do anything because God made natural consequences for denial of reality. They take a while, but they will cascade when they kick in, much as woke did. The rational folks need to insulate themselves as much as possible, with their own doctors, etc and not fly or drive if possible.

    If you want to speed nature up, non-woke people go to trade school, then LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH when the divas want their toilets unclogged, their lights turned back on, etc. “Woke” people are not going to be intelligent enough to do what it takes to keep modern society going and will collapse under said reality.

    So far, Wyoming is not very “woke”, but we started the “everyone for gays” garbage, so count on us to provide examples soon. I have not heard of anyone fired or denied employment, but with oil booming, I can tell you where oil hands tell people to shove their “wokeness”. Again, if you want your oil out of the ground, you should really keep that woke mouth shut.

  3. Hun

    Briggs, I am still getting the “Too Many Redirects” error on your site a lot. Home page works, then when I click the first article, I get the error several times before I can get in.

  4. Briggs


    Thanks. I thought I had it fixed. Guess not. I’ll keep checking.

  5. Hun

    >Does anybody know any company that is requiring Diversity Oaths or naming pronouns as part of its official policy? If that policy is announced as “voluntary”.

    Asana maybe? I am not sure if it’s mandatory, but it sure is encouraged and also used in their external communications.

    There is probably a lot of small startups that do this bullshit.

  6. Ray

    “God made natural consequences for denial of reality”
    That doesn’t seem to be working very well. I’m an engineer and we used to joke that you can’t make anything foolproof because the fools are too numerous and too ingenious. Now you would think that Darwinian selection would reduce the fools numbers, but I haven’t noticed any reduction. I’m beginning to think that the fools have developed an immunity to Darwinian selection or else they breed like rabbits.

  7. C-Marie

    Finally, I understand what woke means??? Seems it must be shorthand for awoke. Then, awoke to what? On the one hand, all people need to be awoke to the fact that all people from conception forwards are human beings created by God, and therefore are not to be killed while in the womb by their mothers, or killed just out of the womb where it seems the some or many of the wokes consider the just born of abortion to still be fetuses, and therefore fair game for killing.

    And pronouns……do not use them. We know that God only created male and female…..and each of us is only male or female.

    Well, we are only here for a time and then we go to Heaven…..let us pray for those who persecute us and despitefully use us……forgive so we are forgiven……do and loe as Jesus did and does……He will keep us.

    God bless, C-Marie

  8. Miss Molly

    Could we address them by an identifier plus their chromosome makeup? I have suggested elsewhere that, rather than having male and female competitions, to prevent trans-cheating classing sports by that…

    BTW has anyone ever heard of a female who claims to be a male wishing to compete against men? It seems that it only goes the other way.

  9. Jeff Melcher

    What happens when one chooses pronounces that are homophones for other words that might be mistaken to designate, for example, status or race rather than gender?

    Job applicant: “Good morning. My pronouns are Danig, Datnig, and Daniggs.”
    Employer: “How interesting! My pronouns are Sah, Massah, and Massaz. ”

    If such amendment to language is unthinkable, why would it be thinkable, and even privileged, to allow those with gender identity issues to request accommodation?

  10. C-Marie

    Well done!!! We need to all solve this together. Candace Olson is working very hard to bring a solution forward. God bless, C-Marie

  11. Jason Emrich

    Amen C-MARIE!

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