Summary Against Modern Thought: Incest Is Out

Summary Against Modern Thought: Incest Is Out

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Notice carefully that none of the arguments below are related to genetics or biology, which is important because some wag will always claim it is possible to “cure” genetic deficiencies caused by, say, first cousin marriages.


1 Moreover, because of reasonable considerations of this kind it has been ordered by the laws that certain persons, related by their origin, are excluded from matrimony.

2 In fact, since there is in matrimony a union of diverse persons, those persons who should already regard themselves as one because of having the same origin are properly excluded from matrimony, so that in recognizing themselves as one in this way they may love each other with greater fervor.

3 Again, because the acts performed by husband and wife are associated with a certain natural shame, it is necessary that those persons to whom respect is due because of the bond of blood should be prohibited from performing such actions with each other. Indeed, this reason seems to have been suggested in the Old Testament law, in the text which states: “You shall not uncover the nakedness of your sister” (Lev. 18:9), and also in other texts.

4 Besides, for man to be much given to sexual pleasures contributes to the dissolution of good moral behavior; because, since this pleasure greatly occupies the mind, reason is withdrawn from things which should be done rightly. Now, if a man were permitted sexual relations with those persons with whom he must live, such as sisters and other relatives, excessive indulgence in this pleasure would result, for the occasion for sexual relations with such persons could not be removed. Therefore, it was suitable to good moral behavior for such union to be prohibited by laws.

5 Furthermore, the enjoyment of sexual relations “greatly corrupts the judgment of prudence.” So, the multiplication of such pleasure is opposed to good behavior. Now, such enjoyment is increased through the love of the persons who are thus united. Therefore, intermarriage between relatives would be contrary to good behavior, for, in their case, the love which springs from community of origin and upbringing would be added to the love of concupiscence, and, with such an increase of love, the soul would necessarily become more dominated by these pleasures.

Notes Make that excessive enjoyment.

6 Moreover, in human society it is most necessary that there be friendship among many people. But friendship is increased among men when unrelated persons are bound together by matrimony. Therefore, it was proper for it to be prescribed by laws that matrimony should be contracted with persons outside one’s family and not with relatives.

7 Besides, it is unfitting for one to be conjugally united with persons to whom one should naturally be subject. But it is natural to be subject to one’s parents. Therefore, it would not be fitting to contract matrimony with one’s parents, since in matrimony there is a conjugal union.

8 Hence it is said: “No man shall approach to her that is near of kin to him” (Lev. 18:6).

9 By these arguments the custom of those who practice carnal relations with their relatives is refuted.

10 Moreover, we should note that just as natural inclination tends toward things which happen in most cases, so also positive law depends on what happens in most cases. It is not contrary to the foregoing arguments if in a particular case the outcome might be otherwise, for the good of many should not be sacrificed for the sake of one person’s good, because “the good of many is always more divine than the good of one person.”

However, lest the disadvantage which could occur in the individual case be altogether without remedy, there remains with lawmakers and others of similar function the authority to grant a dispensation from what is generally required by law, in view of what is necessary in any particular case. For, if the law be a human one, it can be dispensed by men who have such power. But, if the law be divinely given, dispensation can be granted by divine authority; as, in the Old Law, permission seems to have been granted by dispensation to have several wives and concubines and to put away one’s wife.


  1. Fredo

    Characters in scripture who participated in incest:
    Adam and his family
    Noah and his family
    Lot and his daughters Genesis 19:30-38
    Abraham with Sarah his half-sister Genesis 20:12
    Judah, with his daughter-in-law Tamar Genesis 38:6ff
    Amnon who raped his half-sister 2 Samuel 13:1-20

    This was nothing new and these practices date back to Sumer 7kBC where
    the preferred conjunction was with a half sister of royal lineage. These
    practices can be traced through Canaanite, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman
    dynasties right up till today among the reigning royal/ financial houses of

    The guiding principal of incest was to keep wealth and power in the family
    but this has also lead to a high incidence of mental and genetic occurrence
    illnesses in subsequent generations. The ability to control for this having been lost long ago with the Anuna gods of Sumer who ‘brought kingship to earth’
    at about 7000 BC. Thus began the era of conflict between their progeny
    so colorfully illustrated throughout world mythology. Conflict between
    kings, gods, demigods, and men of renown obsessed with cosmology the
    portents of stars and pyramids. Fortunately wiser heads have prevailed and this
    is all dismissed as nonsense except for that ever present occult nexus that
    seems to reside within the power centers of the world.
    Skull and Bones it’s all just harmless quaint sophomoric fun and games
    but with a 9,000 year old tradition.

    Mauro Biglino “Elohim, the lords of the mountain”

  2. PK

    You do not address the argument at all.

  3. Dave

    Western culture actually pushes immigrants into incestuous relationships. One guy told of a female co-worker from Iraq who wanted her kids to marry their first cousins because she was afraid her daughters would date Negroes and her sons would get pillaged in divorce court, horrors unimaginable in her home country.

    In a broken, un-Christian, tribalized society, you marry your kids to your brother’s kids because family are the only people you can trust.

  4. Fredo

    What argument all I was pointing out was despite that proscription in
    Leviticus elites have engaged in the practice of inbreeding for millennia
    right up to today. All the Royal families of Europe are products of extensive inbreeding. There are many instances of this practice in the Old Testament
    that are described without admonition and appear to have been
    commonplace, unremarkable, and expected among kings.

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