What The Heck Is Going On — Guest Post by A. Dismas

What The Heck Is Going On — Guest Post by A. Dismas

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is just one of many extreme theories making the rounds. Even though half the damned planet is locked down, I still don’t believe the theory below. I post it because I thought it was interesting enough for a discussion in this time of great stress, both for the content and to how these theories come about. The author of the piece wishes to remain anonymous. Regular readers: no Doom post tomorrow; I’m just too busy, and we’ve had enough Doom.

The casual observer may not have noticed, but something big is afoot. It isn’t just a virus. And if it were “just a virus”—then why the massive shutdowns and lockdowns that are spanning the globe? As a species, we’ve made it through H1N1, Swine Flu, SARS, MERS, Ebola, West Nile virus, Spanish Flu, polio, and plagues of all kinds. While perhaps there were local restrictions and calls to be prudent, the reaction was nothing on the current scale. Even in the height of polio season, children were told not to swim, but they weren’t told not to leave the house.

What makes the current case more interesting or more fearful is that is pretty likely it did not stem from a steaming bowl of bat soup, but was created in a laboratory and on purpose. Someone or someones had an idea of creating a virus that could knock out a sizable portion of the population. Was this just a ploy to come up with a vaccine or a cure that would counteract the virus? Was it just another dirty money-making opportunity that got out of hand? Or was it a deliberate attempt at population control—both literally and figuratively?

Who would want to get rid of people? Among the obvious suspects are Bill Gates, who is on record as touting vaccines as “reducing sickness, reducing population growth,” or someone who travels in the high-born circles of Prince Philip who gets wistful at the thought of reincarnating as a virus to “solve” overpopulation. China’s leaders may have thought to themselves, how can we get rid of those pesky protesters in Hong Kong? A virus could be just the ticket for not only rubbing people out, but also to keep those left cowering inside their shelters. Macron may have had a similar idea when he signed the stay-at-home order that had the side effect of preventing the troublesome gilets jaunes from congregating. This is not to suggest that any of the above engineered the virus, but it is to suggest that there are some clear winners in the COVID-19 game.

In any case, now that testing has found its feet, and fewer false positives, isn’t it a bit unusual that kits tainted with COVID-19 were heading to UK? If you can’t wipe them out with the virus spread naturally, you can speed the contagion by having people stick compromised swabs into their nasal cavity. Positively brilliant, if you’re a eugenicist.

There is some evidence that the virus originated in Wuhan. There are other factors that point to Canada or the US. Was this a trilateral effort? We don’t know, and we don’t even know for sure that it should be called a “Chinese virus.” People would be wise not to jump on the #CCPvirus bandwagon unless they are in personal possession of irrefutable evidence that a lab somewhere else might not have played a role in the development of this virus.

While citizens are staying six feet apart from each other in social situations—is anyone else amazed at how quickly the “six feet away” propaganda has been manufactured and pushed out? It is almost as someone planned it, and stockpiled stacks of brochures and posters ready to be distributed.

The other curiosity is how quickly the churches closed. Without blinking, cardinals and bishops rolled over to the will of the state, and announced closures. Who is in charge of the flock? An amoral governor? Or the men who are allegedly in persona Christi? The Divine Praises concludes with this line:

May the heart of Jesus, in the Most Blessed Sacrament, be praised, adored, and loved with grateful affection, at every moment, in all the tabernacles of the world, even to the end of time.

As it turns out, talk is cheap. Some churches manage to have private or online masses, and more power to them. One thing that the cardinals and bishops forgot to do was to mind-game what happens after? If the churches are to re-open Easter Sunday, it is fairly likely there will be a flood of relief, and there could be record attendance. If the churches re-open one second later, they will have lost their flock. According to popular wisdom, it takes 21 days to build a habit, and that includes a good habits as well as bad habits. Not going to mass is a bad habit, and one that will be fairly easy to pick up, and many have eased into the routine of Sunday at home (just as every-other-day-of-the-week at home). Sad to say, out of sight, out of mind, and pop goes the offertory.

What about the earthquakes? In March 2020, there were a fair number clustered in the eastern part of the United States. It is not as active as other parts of the globe, but much more than was reported in the US in January 2020. Sometimes there are earthquakes, and sometimes there aren’t. But there is such a thing as Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs). Everyone who has seen War Games remembers Cheyenne Mountain, but there is nothing that says that is the only one, or that there isn’t a network of underground bases, or that maybe some of them are not connected by tunnels.

Maybe it is conspiracy talk, but China is working on having their own, and the Army is coughing up a lot of dough to train soldiers in underground fighting, which would be a tremendous waste of taxpayer money if DUMBs were merely a fiction dreamed up by tin-foil hat wearers. The larger question is: Is there a connection between the earthquakes and the DUMBs? Who can we ask?

While the idea of interconnecting underground tunnels seems ludicrous, one such tunnel was recently discovered between Tijuana and San Diego. The tunnel was a mere half-mile long, but had its own train. If this is something that your average drug ring can engineer, imagine what could be done with the resources of the US military. What kind of materiel could be shuttled from location to location? And for what purpose? Who can we ask?

President Trump has named April 2020 National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Child trafficking is a form of child abuse, and in the US, according to some estimates, 800,000 children in the United States alone go missing every year (this link is to ABC news). This is a staggering number of children—somewhere between the entire population of Seattle, WA and Austin, TX. Where does this city-full of children go? Where do they end up? Are they bought and sold like chattel? Who can we ask?

The other interesting thing is when the president talks about the virus, he uses language suited for battle: “critical phase in our war against the Coronavirus”; “the sacrifices we make over the next four weeks”; “we are going to save a lot of American lives”; “win the war and escape danger.” Without meaning any disrespect to anyone who has come down the virus, these words are very strong when describing a disease for which the course of treatment for many is stay quietly at home and away from other people.

What if the enemy is not the Coronavirus? What if the real enemy is something else entirely and has a human form? What if the enemy traffics children? What if children are being shuttled underground across to the United States and sold to the highest bidder? What if the virus is a cover to root out the dangerous and depraved who bring harm to children everywhere? What if their crimes are much more serious and much more dreadful than what any of us can imagine? Who can we ask?

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  1. Dan Diego

    This wasn’t an informative article so much as a cobbled together sampling of conspiracy theories.

    I know there are these kinds of people out there—we all try to avoid them—but why provide them with a platform such as this?

    If you were a crazy uncle posting this on FB, I’d unfriend and block you.

  2. pK

    The earthquake link doesn’t show anything in the Eastern USA. What am I missing?

  3. James

    “I post it because I thought it was interesting enough for a discussion in this time of great stress.”

    If only this were meant ironically.

    I think you meant to publish this on April 1st, no? An understandable mistake.

  4. Peter Morris

    I like to try to keep up with conspiracy theories, and I remember first reading about DUMBs a few years ago. Maybe ten?

    Anyway I laughed so loud when I first read about them. DUMBs?!? Really?!? It made me develop my own conspiracy theory: someone on Reddit or 4chan deliberately developed the idea and acronym just to see how far it would spread amongst the tinfoil hat crowd. And it worked like a charm.

  5. Alan B

    Just when I convinced people to approach Briggs’ work in the Coronavirus with an open mind, he provides a platform for this, this…I can’t even find the words to describe the idiocy of this post, and it’s not worth the effort to consult a thesaurus.

  6. Briggs

    Good grief, people, have a sense of humor.

    If you can’t even try to understand what a great many people are thinking without getting upset, you’ve got to calm down.

    The whole thing is preposterous, but many find comfort in it. Why? And why would you angry about such a harmless belief?

  7. Michael Dowd

    Yes, it is difficult to separate scientific fact and fabrication. But for sure the economic and cultural fall-out from Covid-19 will be with us for a long time with more devastating results. The remedy for the disease is the true pandemic.

  8. pK

    Mr. Briggs,
    Agreed. The lack of humor is as stunning as the failure of almost everyone to recognize the actions being taken are “crimes . . . much more serious and much more dreadful than what [most] of us can imagine?”

  9. Briggs

    pK,a lot, and I mean a lot of people believe this stuff. Look up the whole q anon stuff.

    This crisis is driving more people to extreme beliefs. Ain’t you amazed?

    Why even our own government first promised 1.5 to 2.5 MILLION people would die. Mighty extreme, that, and no less crazy than abduction tunnels.

    My point is that everybody is losing their minds.

  10. Jerry

    So…do you by chance know the guy who wrecked the train beside the Mercy Hospital ship?
    He said it was obvious what was going on, but neglected to state the obvious…

  11. Sheri

    Briggs: How can you be busy? You are supposed to be locked down watching “Tiger King” (all seven painful episodes).

    “Who would want to get rid of people?” That question does not apply. If we wanted to get rid of people, we would not be locking down the system and trying to “flatten the peak”. There are much more efficient ways to get rid of people. This is about “how stupid and sheep-like are humans”, not population reduction. I suppose it could be testing the sheep-like characterists so as to start a war and reduce the population, leaving compliant people. It’s a stretch though. Usually war alone leaves disoriented, unfocused people and serves to allow easy takeover. No need to add another layer.

    As for the conspiracy stuff, I noted in a different thread that Gateway Pundit was noting that David Icke was being discussed because he “predicted” this. So stop jumping on Briggs. Conspiracies are always part of any government breakdown and societal breakdown. It helps facilitate the increase in stupid needed for the desired outcome. (Note: Author may feel free to be angry at my characterization. I don’t care. I spent years with a brother who believes this crap and lives in his car. I am experienced and unafraid.)

    What is really needed to know is HOW DID BILLIONS OF PEOPLE TURN INTO STUPID, BLEATING SHEEP OVERNIGHT????? Who engineered that massive change??? Even Hitler, Stalin and Mao were not that good. This is a case of humans being told to jump off a cliff and that this probably that will save them from the fire coming toward them (which will only kill maybe a tenth) but will absolutely break bones and kill possibly half of them. BUT THEY WON’T DIE FROM THE FIRE. Who trained humans to be so utterly ignorant and suicidal???? Seriously, everyone, how did this happen? I’ll take realistic and conspiratorial answers, but you must address how people were made stupid so fast or the stupid so well camouflaged. How dictatorial, hateful, evil governors of the US states destroyed the lives of their people with just a couple of words and why the people went along with the evil acts. These CANNOT be the decendents of the original colonists who fought a war over a tea tax. Body snatching must be involved.

    My best “theory” is it’s real-life Stephen King’s “The End of the Whole Mess” (Google it. If you can’t manage that, you will not understand the story anyway.) It IS in the water……

  12. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Establishments conspire to label all conspiratorialists as blackguards but, for instance, The American, French, and Russian Revolutions were preceded by conspiracies.

    Was there no Masonic conspiracy to wrest control of Mexico from Spain?

    The New Theologinas and revolutionaries conspired prior to Vatican Two so when they arrived there they were prepared to change doctrine ;all identified and sourced in a secular examination of the Council in
    Vatican 11, a sociological analysis of religious change” by Melissa Wilde and in a book by a famous Thomist, “The Ecumenical Vatican Council II, a much needed discussion” by Brunero Gherardini.

    Conspiracies arise naturally after the establishment conspires to keep information out of the hands of the people.

    Who believes in what Trump is doing and saying?

    What about Tiny Tony Fauci? Is he believable and when was he believable, when he co-authored the New Journal of Medicine article or two months after?

  13. Dr. Bruce A. Wineman

    Dr. Briggs, you have done it again. It does stimulate conversation. Perhaps more appropriate would be if there is an ulterior motive what might that be? As a Physician and Science oriented person, I recoil at the poor use of statistics that is being highly publicized and tends to create “Panic”. The first Physician I have listened to discussing this virus can be viewed in the following YouTube: https://youtu.be/d6MZy-2fcBw
    I was leary of the period between the “u” and “b” so if it does not go to the interview, take out that period.
    Back to “Motives”, I believe all comes to those who WAIT!

  14. Chad Jessup

    “…created in a laboratory and on purpose.”

    NOPE. Not buying that fantasy.

  15. John B()


    What with martial law (lite to heavy), millions of unemployed, hundreds of thousand small businesses that might never come back, Nancy Pelosi not letting a crisis go to waste, you can understand people having little patience with more stupid.

    DUMB from War Games? What about Dr Strangelove taking over mineshafts to outwait that Armegedan.

    Speaking of Armegedan, Good Omens had the Tibetans digging tunnel systems throughout the world (for reasons)

    Speaking of Stephen King Covid-19 has nothing on Captain Trips, nor does it ascend to the agent released in 12 Monkeys.

    My old neighbor kept trying to tell me about q anon singing its praises

    I speak of Martial Law (lite to heavy) and more burning stupid

    Our New York community announced to people that the police would NOT stop people ennquiring about their business; however, over at real climate science they were discussing somewhere out west NURSES being stopped and questioned about their business and despite their uniform, ID badges, equipment and the like were not believed until the cop could check in with the hospital – they needed papers! (Vere are tour papers?)

    (I may need to add another alias in the future – one with q anon)

  16. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    How will we know when Trump is serious about the putative unique, dire and deadly consequences of this pandemic?

    When he brings the troops home from all over hell and creation and puts them on our southern border to prevent the poor, ignorant, and disease infected from continuing their invasion.

    I pledge allegiance to the Fauci and to the epidemiological models upon which he stands, One Virus, Uber Alles, Under fear, with rebarbative restrictions and assumed criminality for all

    When will Tiny Tony publicly confess that “social distancing” is really an insane idea while America keeps open borders?

    Said otherwise, who is crazier. the conspiracy theorist or Trump who is Tony’s sock puppet who praised China and keeps our borders open?

  17. Sander van der Wal

    Even though there are plenty of real conspiracies, executing a real conspiracy is a lot harder than making one up. Hence there are many more imaginary ones than real ones.

    Which makes it fun to tell about a real conspiracy, publicly, in the open. After all, who’s going to know the difference between a real one that is being executed compared to the gazillions people just made up.

  18. Fredo

    Well it’s not like this has never happened before shortly after
    911 an highly refined nano grade anthrax strain grew legs and walked
    out of Ft. Detrick’s P-4 lab in Maryland. It made the rounds by mail
    with return addresses pretty much signed ‘The Arab’. One scientist
    there was investigated for several years by the FBI eventually winning
    a five million dollar law suit and his case was dropped. The FBI then
    went on to investigate a second scientist who killed himself in the
    middle of the investigation. Given the suicide it was obvious, at least
    to the FBI, that he did it and the incident ended there. It really didn’t
    suck much air out of the MSM news cycle either though there are
    independent amateur investigative sources that have pursued this
    remarkable incident right up to date. The public started to forgot,
    (kudos to Pavlov), about a week after the suicide a curious thing in and
    of itself given the potential catastrophic threat to public health. Google
    it, it reads like a Nancy Drew version of a Tom Clancy novel.

  19. Eric Brown

    The links in this article don’t say what the article says they say. The US certainly has a bioterror research organization (as it should); but there’s nothing in that article about Coronavirus. Saying that the US has a bioterror research organization, therefore the US created COVID-19 is, quite frankly, nonsense on stilts.

  20. Veronica

    While I think that dismissing ideas as conspiracy theories is a mistake in the opposite direction (occasionally there ARE conspiracies), it’s probably not the way to bet in this situation. What’s that line, never attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity? It is being brought home to us that our leaders are bungling this entire situation monumentally. No one knows what they are doing; it’s like they’re just throwing plates at walls to see if they’ll stick. And most of the population is in a panic induced stress trance (that is not meant as exaggeration!) and cannot take a step back and see things realistically.

    I am hopeful that this kind of collective hysteria cannot sustain itself for too long. In the meantime, what can we do?

  21. Douglas

    The basis of conspiracy thinking is: “there is something wrong here that they are not telling us, but I’m not sure what it is.” Which leads to guessing things like “Aliens”, or “CIA”. But this thinking is still a lot more insightful than the automatic reaction of mindless obedience that most people give.

    Personally, I think the cause of the problem is the mindset of Socialism. Is that conspiracy thinking too?

  22. Uncle Mike

    The definition of conspiracy: 1. a secret plan or agreement to carry out an illegal or harmful act, esp with political motivation; plot. 2. the act of making such plans in secret.

    What’s secret here? Is the destruction of the economy by our lovely authoritarian Death Cult a secret?

    Since when? Are 2,300 abortions per day in the US a secret? When Chuckie railed against the SCOTUS in a public mob, spitting out death threats with a megaphone, was that a secret?

    The Farce Left has been trying to rip this country a new one (or 5, or 1,000) for decades. Is that a secret? Did you miss the memo?

    The Commie19 virus is a fake. It shouldn’t be a death sentence for the society or our economy. It’s just the flu. Big deal. Get over it.

    Conspiracy my a$$. It’s as plain as the nose on your face. Under your mask. But don’t touch it.

  23. Tracy Platt

    I used to work with a nice older lady who would tell me conspiracy stories like these. She mostly stopped when one day I explained that these just weren’t good ways to kill a lot of people. By good I mean efficient for the money. I went through a couple of scenarios I had thought of earlier (note 1). I didn’t convince her to give up her theories completely but it was a fun exercise to explore how to evaluate evidence and think things through. She was sincere and her ideas were pretty harmless (note 2). Taking some time to talk through her ideas was more fun and productive than berating her on her ignorance. I hope more people will see the humor and opportunity in a post like this.

    Note 1: One day a friend and I started into a discussion about how to kill the most people for the least amount of money. After a few minutes we spooked ourselves so badly we had to stop. That the things we thought of haven’t been tried gives me a bit of hope in humanity.

    Note 2:
    Last year a coworker came to me concerned about some friends of his who moved to a rural area, did what they could to go off grid, and stockpiled food and other survival items. I asked him if they stopped working – no, stopped interacting with other friends and neighbors – no, tried to sell some kind of multi level marketing prepper kit – no. I just said if they are going to go overboard on something that is about as good as it get. Doesn’t hurt them or anyone else. Mind your own business and let them be.

  24. Fredo

    Haven’t you heard the public is so infantile they can’t possibly
    figure out how to put a mask on. Our finest minds after much scientific
    study have already determined this. Actually we no longer stockpile
    or manufacture them that’s how unnecessary they are. Pay no mind
    to those superstitious country’s where everyone seems to be wearing
    one. Americans so sexualized by Hollywood would don them as cod

  25. Dr. Briggs, at one point would you admit you were wrong and this wasn’t overblown?

    I said 100,000 deaths.

  26. Uncle Mike

    Dear Malcolm,

    There will be 850,000 abortions this year in the US. That’s dead babies. Are you cynical about that? Or okay with it? There will be an additional 2.85 million other deaths. Your 100,000 raises the death toll by 3.5%. I don’t mean to be ghoulish, or even cynical, but so what?

    Is this a math test? Did you drink the paranoia Koolaid? Should we Jonestown the country over the Wu Flu so you can win the prediction game? How many jelly beans in the jar?

    btw, did you include in your calculations HCQ, remdesivir, green tea, vitamin zinc, bed rest, chicken soup, or any other remedy? Are you a doctor? An epidemiologist? Or just a Useful Idiot yahoo pimping for Big Brother authoritarian CCP drone screw-the-economy political blood parasites?

    Sorry to be abrupt with you, but may I please have my country back Mr. Math Whiz?

  27. Uncle Mike,

    I haven’t the foggiest idea what you’re raving about. I was asking a question because I was curious about the answer.

    I am an anti-abortion Catholic with a degree in Christian Religion if that makes you feel better, not that it matters.

  28. DG

    Ah a bit of more interesting and fun article here Briggs! And ya Briggs you’re right, a lot of people don’t have a sense of humor. As for conspiracies, they happen about all the time among governments and corporations and organized crime rings. Simply because you have a conspiracy theory doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Maybe the Chinese communist government did plan to spread the virus to help stop protests. I wouldnt discount it knowing that we’re talking about a very corrupt government system here in a foreign country. Either way they’re responsible for not taking measures to prevent the spread of the disease. As for theories of reptilian aliens, underground centers that cause earthquakes, or flat earth, no. Those ideas may be entertaining but nothing backing them.

  29. Kalif

    So, our ‘gummint’ has no money to provide cheek swabs (a wooden stick with a little cotton ball) for its citizens, but it has unlimited resources to dig earthquake-producing tunnels :-)))

    We really do have a winner. Iannto Watt has nothing on this guy. He covered just about every conspiracy ‘theory’ there is.
    Hats down.

  30. Fredo

    Dear Mike,
    You are completely correct irregardless of where this thing came from
    it’s riding the back of the common cold and since there is no cure all
    a quarantine will do is slow it down a little. When we all emerge from our
    cellars this thing will pop back up here and there and it will continue it’s
    inexorable spread throughout the population. What will stop it is the
    ‘spread of infection itself’ leading to herd immunity. Setting our hair on
    fire, trying to affix blame, and collapsing the economy will not kill a couple
    hundred thousand but millions, the effects will be felt for decades to come.
    Since the high fatality rate of about .1% is in the 65+ year old’s there is
    good reason to protect them and allow the younger people to return to
    productive work armed with the best PPD’s we can provide. The path
    we are on is the sure road to serfdom.

  31. Uncle Mike

    Dear Malcolm,

    Here is your question: Dr. Briggs, at one point would you admit you were wrong and this wasn’t overblown?

    So you seek to feed your ego by pressing others to admit they were wrong and you were right. Good for you! You could win the kewpie doll if all goes according to your model.

    Except for the “overblown” part. It’s way overblown. Even 100,000 deaths are not significant, not worth wrecking the economy, not worth abusing civil liberties, not worth frightening the entire country into paralysis.

    There will be consequences. Even more will die from suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, untended medical conditions, tooth decay, etc etc and of course abortion while we are locked up under house arrest.

    Did you notice nobody has called for suspending abortions so the masks, gloves, PPE, sterilizers, sanitizers, etc. at abortion clinics can be used for treating virus sufferers? Did you notice how Needle Park Nancy tried to include funding for Planned Parenthood (by suspending the Hyde Amendment) into the ginormous “stimulus” bill?

    Did you notice nobody advocated shutting down the economy to save 850,000 babies?

    Glad you have a degree. Now go out and practice your faith instead of practicing mass hysteria and ego gratification.

  32. Sheri

    Malcolm: Total deaths: 5,443 USA April 3, 2020 We have 94,557 to go. At that point, you will be right.

  33. Uncle Mike,

    Can you stop with the ranting? I wanted to know what it would take for Dr. Briggs to admit he was wrong. I gave a number because I agreed with him that it was overblown but found it a bit churlish to say so without defining what “overblown” means.

    Take a deep breath and relax. We’re not enemies.

  34. Briggs


    Excellent question! Sheri gave the answer.

  35. Thanks. It works well as a marker because it was Fauci’s LOW number for deaths. So if it doesn’t hit that we know the models we’re using to guide our decisions were wrong.

  36. Chinahand

    Very sad, wmbriggs.com becomes a platform for conspiracy nuttery, but then Professor Briggs asks this:

    “The whole thing is preposterous, but many find comfort in it. Why?”

    Ah, the divine mystery summed up in two simple sentences.

  37. Anon

    The problem is a lot of people are in slumber. It is comfortable to be spoon-fed information, even by the shrieking reporters who are “working from home.” Who made them the authority on anything? Do they have a greater degree of native intelligence than you do? The same goes for the anti-Trump bashing “stars.” Are they towers of intellectual curiosity? What is their agenda? In whose pay are they? Former CIA director William Colby, who was conveniently found dead along a river near his home, once said: “We’ll know our disinformation program
    is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” (Source: https://archive.org/stream/FamilyJewelsFullDOCUMENTSOFOPERATIONMOCKINGBIRD703_201610/CIA%20Propaganda%20and%20Disinformation%20integratingdarkandlight.com-6_djvu.txt —-Note this document is riddled with presumed OCR errors to make searching difficult; This is a known technique used to hide information in official documents.)

    So Americas are told point-blank that everything they hear is a lie, but they choose to believe it anyhow. This is even before the Obama era, where the government was allowed to propagandize Americans: https://foreignpolicy.com/2013/07/14/u-s-repeals-propaganda-ban-spreads-government-made-news-to-americans/

    Now, if you ask Snopes or any other “fact-checking” site, they will tell you that what you read in black and white is not true. They are in the business of gaslighting Americans. Who runs them? Who pays the bills?

    And, I will end with this clip from Barney Miller–that even if the truth is revealed for all to see, it is dealt with by mockery and derision. This is how everyone is kept in line.

  38. amirlach

    Is it possible that governments that cannot turn a profit selling weed, somehow flawlessly pull off all of these super complex, super secret plans and plots that would involve a cast of thousands without a single leak to the media?

  39. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Prof. Roberto Mattei , ” The Second Vatican Council (an unwritten story)”:

    Minorities, when they organize, always do so discretely, and sometimes secretly. It is not inappropriate to speak, in this sense, about conventicles and conspiracies. Today, in order to belittle a historical study, critics accuse it of leaning toward a “conspiracy theory.” To admit the existence of conspiracies is simply to admit that history is shaped by men’s freedom and it is not the result of a World Spirit or Reason that is immanent in history, of which men are only the instruments. Actually, there is no major historical event, starting from the two major revolutions of the modern era, the French and the Russian, that was not started by more or less successful “conspiracies….

  40. John B()


    So Americas are told point-blank that everything they hear is a lie, but they choose to believe it anyhow.

    It’s really quite logical


    * Logic is little tweeting bird – a whole new slant on twitter – hmmm

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