These Are The People Giving You Health Advice

These Are The People Giving You Health Advice

This man is in charge of Pennsylvania’s health department. He likes to flounce around in dresses and bad makeup. He almost surely shoots himself up, or in otherwise medicates himself, to continue and strengthen his delusions.

He gives people what he considers good advice on their health.

You might not believe it, but this body is peak world domination.

The purple surge.

(I gather the female on the left has been misidentified, but that waffle on the right is correct.)

At least the fabulous Fauci, error-ridden as he is, is in good shape. The rest resemble castoffs from a medical experiment gone awry. The Belgian minister looks like a walrus that has washed up on a hot beach many hours ago and is ready to explode.

Now it’s not a logical impossibility that these physical wrecks can deliver useful and accurate information on health. After all, I, a great sinner and lazy thinker, have been right once or twice about epistemology. The chance these sickly overlords say something valuable on fitness, however, is the same as the couple on the right in this picture given good marital advice.

It’s obvious these bags of blubber care nothing for the matters over which they have been given suzerainty. If they did, they would not look so bad. The point is not that they should lead by example. The point is they lead you. They’re in charge, you’re not.

This marks the stage where the elites that rule over us are giving up on appearances for the sake of form, and moving to open tyranny. Think about the petty martinets lording over Michigan and New Zealand. The attitude of both women is: I am in charge: Do as you are told and shut up. Neither will brook questioning their authority, or even the reasons for their decrees. You must obey, and that’s that.

Well, the oligarchy must come. Who could doubt it? It is here now, in many ways. The rich create the laws and direct allowable thought. We’re not a full oligarchy, of course. We still race toward limited-choice democracy, with the occasional tyrant outpost. There isn’t a arresting demarcation between any of these. The Empire is too vast for fully centralized control. Things will just gradually grow worse.

On the other hand, see tomorrow’s guest post, which takes an opposite and happier view.

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  1. Maixiu

    This is completely in line with what you witness as most hospitals. The days of a trim nurse in a crisp white uniform are long gone. Today’s nurses are far more often than not lumpy bags of flesh inside hideous pajama-like scrubs. My own primary doctor carries around a sizable gut. I’m always left asking myself why health care “professionals” don’t seem willing to demonstrate an expertise in their field.

    The L.A. Health Director has to take the cake, though. Has she been exsanguinated?

  2. Pluribus

    “This marks the stage where the elites that rule over us are giving up on appearances for the sake of form, and moving to open tyranny.”

    Or it may be a case of the situation exposing their true nature, as it seduces them with what they have always wanted, unfettered power and control.

    I’m not sure the normies are experiencing it the same way.

    The rabble clamoring for more authoritarianism and control are getting what they ordered, and more than a few must be struggling to swallow what’s being stuffed down their throats.

  3. Sheri

    Seriously, it is reported they are selling Fauci, Newson and Cuamo labelled panties and masks, as new sex symbols and GODS of the universe. There is NO HOPE WHATSOEVER for a country THAT INCREDIBLY STUPID. NONE. ZERO. ZIP. Your youths will worship North Korea-type dictators and scrounge the streets. You hated them. You failed to protect them. You did NOTHING. So little junior there will live in hell on earth, as you so wanted. Good lord, the stupid boundless and eternal. We should be starving in the wilderness. And yes, God owes Sodom and Gomorrah several apologies.

  4. c matt

    That LA one looks like she moonlights on Walking Dead.

  5. Fredo

    Garbage in garbage out…

  6. MikeW

    More evidence that COVID-19 originated in a laboratory:
    Most likely, a team at the Wuhan virology lab extracted a colony of coronaviruses from a sick animal, and then cultured the colony in human cell-based nutrients to “human-enhance” them for viral-vector vaccine research. This is exactly the objective of their NIH-financed research. The most incriminating evidence is that the Chinese communist government won’t allow NIH to analyze the data and lab notes from this research, even though it was NIH-financed.

  7. Joy

    Mike W.
    There will be cases brought forward of a criminal nature in time, I’m sure.
    It’s more than just negligent.

  8. Plantagenet

    I take your point Briggs…on the other hand if you want to know about drink, and the potential dangers thereof an alcoholic seems a good place to start.i am currently in the UK but must return to Canada for the start of the academic year in August where I will have to spend the first two weeks in quarantine. The penalty for breaking quarantine is 750k! Yup cross the street for some bread and its three quarters of a million dollars, your financial life over, family destitute, kids not going to University etc… Thanks again a Justin.

  9. Fredo

    Mike I think the principal players who built and funded the Wuhan lab
    the NIH and DOD were as aware as the CCP that this was a lab produced
    virus. The real criminal fingerprint of intention and forethought was when
    the CCP allowed international flights to continue out of Wuhan to infect
    the world while restricting all domestic travel. Dr. Fauci’s NIH funded the
    Wuhan lab’s gain of function research specifically to increase viral infection
    of human cells to the tune of some 7.5 million dollars in the last two calendar
    years. The DOD through various third parties and Universities funded initial construction costs of the P-4 lab in Wuhan and other bio weapon programs in China going back to 2003. Amounts and conduits are murky but this might
    give you a glimpse into the sewer we’ve all been collectively thrown.

    COVER-UP: ‘Strange Bedfellows’, Wuhan Coronavirus, Harvard University & Jeffrey Epstein

    COVID-19: A wake-up call for biosafety

  10. MikeW

    Fredo, the CCP domestic flight restrictions do indeed indicate that the pandemic originated in Wuhan, but the CCP could have been taking advantage of a natural or wet market source, which they then spread to the rest of the world. The evidences for a lab origination are the activities at the lab, and the subsequent CCP cover-up there. The release itself was probably accidental. If the CCP had been planning a deliberate release, they would have done it near a lab site in a western country.

  11. Joy

    “On the other hand, see tomorrow’s guest post, which takes an opposite and happier view.”

    I hope so, You’ve been waiting for doom for so long, when you get it you’re STILL not happy. There’s no pleasing some people.
    Have you seen nothing positive out of any of the tragedy?
    Aren’t people smiling sweetly at you and saying hello “when they didn’t used to? All old fashioned-like? That’s been my experience “when out there among the English. ” It won’t last, but maybe some of it will.

  12. Fredo

    I agree it probably was accidental, the fact that Event 201 and the 2010
    Rockefeller paper ‘Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development’ demonstrates foresight and good preparation to control and manipulate most outcomes is purely coincidental. This has been gamed
    for sixty years in movies and lavishly funded scenario think tank formats in preparation for the main event which as it turns out, thankfully, has been a
    bit of a dud. I suspect this was an accidental sneak peek, a not ready for
    prime time stillbirth of what was to be an up coming feature film. It does
    however, just coincidentally, seem to be hitting all the high points outlined in those meticulous and brilliantly executed scenarios now so maligned and
    misconstrued in conspiracy-centric enclaves online. I mean really Iran
    the building seven of this theatrical trailer?

    Ready for the deep end? JUMP!
    Lab-Made? SARS-CoV-2 Genealogy Through the Lens of Gain-of-Function Research

  13. John B()


    In NY, we mostly have masks on.
    A friend posted: I’ve decided everyone I see with a mask on has a big ol’ smile under it. So far Life’s getting better!
    I commented: We’re all Irish with eyes a smilin’, ’tis like the morn in Spring

    A Berlitz/Noah question … is ‘figure’ or ?

    Asking for a friend

  14. John B()

    whoops – gotta watch out using brackets:

    If ‘figure’ pronounced fig-yur or fig-er?

  15. Joy

    Like Tiggah’ Tea eye double ger ER.
    only with an F.
    They say vee hickle in America instead of viercal. Someone should teach them to speak!
    We do like to take the Micky. Little things…

  16. John B()

    Thanks Joy

    Worked with a gal back in Minnesota who said “eff eye double gee ER”. No ‘idear’ where she was originally from, don’t think it was Minnesota. (she also said idear)

    Haven’t thought of her in ages, I figgered it was probably a UK thing as well

  17. Joy

    It took a few minute to work out what’s ‘wrong’ with idear.
    Then I remembered the Americans say EYEdier. Think that’s what you’re saying.
    Often think it must take some effort to speak with an American accent. Just stop it!
    Was recently trying to imagine what it would be like to hear the English accent as ‘different’. Strangely I don;’t think that about English/Irish/Scots dialects.
    Last thing, so don’t encourage me.
    If you want to sound posh, or learn to sing (assuming you didn’t know),
    1. slacken your jaw and tongue until they’re really floppy, in the pose of a yawn,
    2. keep the same shape and tension as you allow the sound out.
    (That’s hard if you’re from Essex.)

  18. Gary Mullennix

    Health ministers…nothing like unchecked expense accounts and being entertained by petitioners to increase obesity. It’s beyond odd that so many are focused on C19 and it’s dangers rather than the elephant in the ICU (and elsewhere, which is killing far many more people. Sugar, zero nutritional, has been rotting teeth, piling on fat and creating a booming business in plus size clothing, diabetes treatment and unhappiness softened only by another quart of ice cream. And, nothing of any consequence has been done to correct that. Education isn’t used, obese people are seen as victims and $Billions in medical profits continue to rise.

  19. Grima Squeakersen

    Mr. Melinda Gates is one of those mediocre talents who prospered as the sole result of the happenstance of accidentally being in exactly the right place, at exactly the right time. He created a new dialect of the BASIC computer language that was reasonably well-done. That is the sum total of his technical contributions to the computing art. His hired guns modified an existing OS to create MS-DOS, and built the Windows environment on top of it (an achievement of highly debatable value). As a long-time (retired) IT pro, I can tell you that his technical talents were not particularly well thought of at the time, and his introduction of “embrace and destroy” tactics to the industry were largely despised. Anyone who looks to this pussy-whipped twunt for intelligent insight or guidance on issues of major importance is stupid, deluded, intellectually bankrupt, or some combination of those attributes.

  20. patrick healy

    Professor Briggs,
    I have a serious complaint to make.
    You have ignored Scotland.
    Here in the Scottish Gulag we have a little woman in charge called Nichola Sturgeon – I know, a bit fishy, but then she succeeded a clown call Alex Salmon – she is the epitome of one being promoted beyond her level of competence.
    She stands before the compliant sheeple every night on the fake news TV lecturing us on how to wash our hands.
    She is a fully paid up member of the Global Warming religion and a disciple of the Chinese Communist Party. So what could go wrong?

  21. patrick healy

    Joy if you are still here,
    A little bit of light banter for you and all my Essex friends,
    Who put the diner in Diana
    Who put the f in piano
    Who put the er in saw
    Who put the of in could have
    Who put the cel in Glasgow Keltic
    Who put the honey in Eddie Mahoney
    Who put the ker in Liam Gallagher
    Who put the ring in drawings
    Who put the dock in Docherty.

    Who took the ass out of grass
    Who took the ruar out of February
    Who took the ular our of particularly
    Who took the th out of sixth
    Who took the sps out of crisps
    Who took the entertainment out of TV
    Who took the truth out of the media

    Who took the f out of bath


  22. Joy

    You’re right about Nicola, “It’s the Tour’eeeeze fault!”

    “Who put the ape in apricot?”
    “what’ve they got that I ain’t got?”

    (I say ape-ricot): One p, therefore long ‘A’ sound.
    Vowel sounds are SO important. These things really matter.

    I say a couple of those things in your list but “draw wings”? does sound like you can’t say your R’s.
    You see the trick is to say:
    Drau’ings. No R at all!
    It IS Grarce. Sonne or sowne depending.
    And never drop th’s to insert random F’s.
    I speak properly. It’s all the uvverz.

  23. Joy

    sconne or scoan?
    I don’t mind but cream goes on top of jam (unless it’s clotted then it’s the other way round.)
    Americans put them in the stew, nobody told them what they’re doing wrong.

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