I Smell Victory — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

I Smell Victory — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

Thank God for this Corona catastrophe. Yes, indeed, do thank Him! Why? Because this was the only way, short of an actual bullets-and-bombs blood-and-guts struggle, to wake the world up. Not from a simple nap. From a coma.

Yes, we are starting to witness a miracle, and I’m not speaking figuratively here. I’m dead serious. We, that is the entire world of Little People, were just a few years away from being literally decimated. That is, reduced by a tenth. But that wouldn’t have really satisfied our Overlords. They would have been happy to do it again. And again. And again. Ask Bill Gates, he’s already said it. Soros too.

I hear the Harpies calling. Calling me a heartless bastard. For seemingly having no concern for those who have fallen to the viral sword in this ‘most dangerous’ time. Having no concern about its ‘guaranteed’ return this Fall. The wailing is endless. As was the same case when Aeneas tried to get his Trojan refugees moving again after a short respite in Sicily.

The wailing women, fearing further danger, refused to go. He knew these weak sisters were poison, so he left them there. That’s what they wanted, right? Just like today, they wanted the rest of us to stay and share their miserable fear. They’re begging us to torch our ships, as those idiot women tried to do on the Sicilian shore. I say, leave them behind. It looks like we’re beginning to do it. Hallelujah! We can get new wives, right?

How do we leave them behind? Simple. Get back to work, like Aeneas did. Get back to your life, and enjoy it. Don’t look behind you, as Lot’s wife did as they left Sodom. Leave them to God’s mercy. If they don’t believe in Him, well, sayonara, suckers. Rot’sa Ruck.

But back to my thesis. I contend that this insanity was the only way to awaken Little Mankind from its Soma-coma. Without literally destroying us, that is. It was like a weak neutron bomb that destroyed some lives but left the infrastructure intact for the invaders.

Sure, we’re going to be poorer, but we’re finally awake. We can re-build whatever we’ve lost, because we haven’t lost anything of eternal value. As for all those ‘Corona-deaths’, let’s be honest—almost all of them were to be expected in the near-term future, given the age and comorbidities in most of them. In fact, we could actually have expected to see this whole thing play out again and again in the future, if we continued to live lives that were devoid of true physical exertion and sensible nutrition.

Face it: compared to our forefathers, so many of us labor at jobs that only mildly exhaust us, and we’ve happily traded our time for mindless and increasingly isolated leisure. At the expense of our families (if we have them) and our God (again, if we have One.) We’ve frittered away our lives in pursuit of nothing. And we’ve finally caught it.

We deserve all of this (and more, actually), given the choices we have all made these past hundred years. And not just that. We’ve been delighted, actually, to hand over so many important decisions in our lives to our eager Overlords. It’s been a mutual admiration society (as they used to sing), as we congratulate ourselves on having chosen the ‘best and brightest’ amongst us to pilot the ship of state. Our pilots, equally convinced of their godhood, graciously took up this task, as they prepared one final feast for us. On the menu, that is.

John Wynne has said all of this so succinctly in his tome The Fall of Darwin’s Last Icon, where he says “we have loved our servitude”. Wynne has laid bare the plot. The Narrative of the Cartesian-Darwinian myth has been with us so long that, like the ancients reciting Homer from memory, we have no need to read. Why? Because we have no speaking parts in this play. Why? Because we’re all asleep. Or at least, we were. The dream sequence became so nightmarish that a great number of us have awoken, drenched in sweat, hoping that The Narrative is not a reality we must passively accept. Hoping that we are real, and The Matrix is not.

It’s funny, in a way, that we’ve dreamed away our lives in scenes of never-ending physical gratification. Lives that were quietly disconnected from the spiritual half of our early selves. But when the dream went bad in the Lockdown Scenes, we started to remember the true memories of our actual past. Memories that were gratifying because they involved others we loved, and not just ourselves.

Now we’re back with Aeneas on the beaches of Sicily. Trying to re-establish our uprooted lives, trying to reason with maddened women. Like Bitchin’ Whitmer. And Lock-down Kelley. And Leadfoot Lori. And Botox Nancy, of course. And a hundred thousand others power-mad wenches. Notice how cute they all are? Me neither.

All of them, along with all their self-emasculated Skoptsy wanna-be-women like Pritzker and Cuomo and Biden and nearly every ‘male’ news anchor on the continent, are stridently screaming at us. Telling us we must sacrifice everything to save just one! And that if we venture back out upon the waves, we will surely be destroyed. Yet anyone who’s read the original story knows that the only real danger was from the goddess Juno, the original feminist, the epitome of a crazed woman. She was out to destroy Aeneas from the beginning. Her middle name was Eve, I think. Definitely not Mary.

Anyway, we must now decide. In fact, it looks as if we have begun to do exactly that. We’ve decided that a hard life is better than a soft coma. Or even death. That all-work is better than all-play. Here is the best part—we have rediscovered so much of our lives, starting with our families. We’ve discovered we can actually mix our families and our work, and enjoy both.

Sure, there are so many that can’t take it. Locked down at home with the kids. Pure torture for guys my age. But I’ve seen so many couples my kids’ age who actually like working from home with the kids running wild behind them. Their kids are loving it too! Even my sons-in-law say they’re just fine with working from home. Who needs the office?

Now I understand that this only applies to those who can actually remain economically productive from home, and that leaves a whole lot of others sitting in the icebox. Starving. They have no choice. Break out or die. And they’re breaking out. Everywhere. But especially in the South. She is rising again. Which, according to my chronology, makes this Round VI of the Anglish Civil War (see my book for the explanation of that concept). Once you make the connection between Serfs and The Empire, you’ll be able to understand the real essence of the concept of ‘bloodthirsty’ men. And women.

It is simply exquisite justice that the South would rise again in defense of liberty against Caesar. Why? Because contrary to all the common wisdom of both sides, the Civil War was not fought to free the Blacks. No, friend, it was fought to enslave the Whites. And once we were all equally enslaved, our equal slavery would be said to be equal freedom. I’ve said it a million times. Slaves are equal, citizens are free. You can’t be both. Everything the Overlords have done since Abe bit the turf has been done to finish the operation. Bill Gates and Friends thought now was that time. Before Orange Spartacus could offer us our political freedom again.

Donald alone is not enough to stir the soul to action. Yes, he’s done yeoman’s work in this regard. But it has taken another element to finally stir us from our coma. It has taken the astoundingly galactic hubris of the Overlords telling us, gleefully, that only ‘essential services’ may remain open. And, oh, by the way, that doesn’t include your God!

Holy crap, how stupid could they be? Even if they don’t believe in God, are they so truly clueless that they have totally dismissed the willingness of Little Men to resist this most egregious insult to all they (finally) hold dear? Were they actually trying, in their ultimate stupidity, to awaken us? For what? To laugh at us?

Yes, they were doing exactly that.

The icing on this still-baking cake is the men who’re leading the jailbreak. Little Men, totally despised by the Overlords. Who are they? Pastors! Little old country pastors. God bless Baptist pastors! True guts on display throughout the South. Coming right behind them, in case you haven’t noticed, are the legions of believers in the other (secular) religion of the South. Football!

It’s this simple, friend. Nobody’s gonna go without football this Fall, south of The Line that is. Friday’s are for High School, Saturday’s are for College, and Sunday’s are for the Lord. Who likes football, if you weren’t aware.

California schools may decide to play virtual games, but it will be strictly intramurals. They play with themselves anyway in California. Everyone is already snickering at them. Hell, even Notre Dame announced today they are having a Fall semester this coming year. And we know why—football! Any other proffered excuse is exactly that, an excuse. After all, who goes to South Bend for an education anymore?

As all those prisoners still in Lockdown north of The Line look longingly at their screens and see the glorious fun the Scotch-Reb’s and The Whiskey-Irish are having, there will be a swelling tide of resentment against their captors. Long-held loyalty to political royalty is already starting to wane. You could see it before the crisis began as the Trumpian crowds reveled in their rallies. Which is why the Overlords had to march when they did. He was too dangerous to leave him loose. But they forgot others are dangerous as well. They’re called martyrs, and they come in different guises. And often with a drawl.

The Overlords over-reached and marched too soon, as I have already said. Because, given the timing of ‘flu season’, it was now or never. As powerful as they are, we now have irrefutable proof that their power has actual and finite limits. By seeking to go beyond their reach, they have lost their grasp.

Donald just delivered the coup de’ grace with his announcement that he himself has taken the ‘un-tested and possibly dangerous’ hydroxychloroquine! What balls.

Donald has pounded the enemy for almost four years now. But now it’s time for the Normandy of our time. It’s time to hit the beaches. Truth be told, we’re going to win. I can smell it!

Someone has to lose if we win. And who would that be? The Overlords? Well, no. They never lose. They are only beaten back for a time. We know this because Scripture tells us it will be Caesar versus Jesus in the final round. Sure, Caesar will have his wizard, and all his trappings. But still, it will be the man Caesar, claiming godhood, versus God, claiming Manhood. May the best man win. Any bets? I’ll take any odds.

But there will be another loser before the end. Who would that be? Well, I’ve told you before that I think Donald is the Clovis of our day. Ultimately, who did he defeat? Sure, the Arian Generals. But who else? Who did these Generals support, in their efforts to subdue the Little Men of that day? It was the Arian Bishops. The heretic Bishops that abandoned the True Faith, and scattered the flock.

That’s who’s going to lose big when the Jailbreak is over. The feckless Bishops of the Catholic Church, who turned tail when Caesar appeared, declaring our Heavenly Liege to be non-essential. Have you seen a single martyred Bishop lately? Outside of the Islamic world, that is? No, these hirelings threw away their golden opportunity to make this a Catholic moment, and convert the nation, and the world, by yelling in unison, that faith is the only essential part of life!

I know, you think I’m schizo. I praise those Protestant Baptist pastors, but cling to my Catholic faith. In spite of the faithless shepherds we’ve earned. No, I won’t be going to meeting next Sunday, as I look for a Mass to attend. When it comes to the Sacramental Pie, I want it all, not just one slice.

What is it I’m really saying here, brother? Simple. We Catholics may all be on a sacramental diet for a while. Maybe we’ll learn how this works from our Samaritan Cousins south of The Line. And maybe we’ll make common cause. To rebuild our faith. And our nation. But one thing is perfectly clear to everyone now. You don’t need a Bishop to keep your faith (or nation).

You just need balls.

Oremus, ya’ll!

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  1. Michael Dowd

    Bravo Ianto!
    “Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord;
    He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored;
    He hath loosed the fateful lightning of His terrible swift sword;
    His truth is marching on”

  2. Russ the Rus

    I know not the rooftop from which you shout, Ianto, but please continue doing so! One underlying message of your, ahem, message, is the importance of knowing and appreciating the classics. Educate on, brother!

  3. Sheri

    “He knew these weak sisters were poison, so he left them there. That’s what they wanted, right?” Yep. They are adults and if stupidity, misery, whatever, is what people want, they have that right.

    Some of those who produced the Matrix were angry at the “take the red pill” statement by Elon Musk. I don’t think these people actually watch the movies they produce….

    “Telling us we must sacrifice everything to save just one!” They decide WHICH one, of course.

    I’m not sure God loves America-hating, communist football, but if you say so. The communist manifesto played out beautifully in that “take a knee against HORRIBLE America” crap. God had odd taste….

    The possibly dangerous but thoroughly tested (to say otherwise is a complete lie) drug is only maligned because we had to have a NEW expensive drug, as seen in the resurrection of an orphan ebola drug as the new savior. It is a sin to be old and inexpensive.

    Let’s discuss odds on how long before the “victors” go back into the Soma Coma. I don’t give it a year. The Donald was elected to walk on water so everyone could do nothing and still win. That won’t save a nation or anything else for that matter. Humans just love sin and being subjects, not freedom and winning. History proves that.

  4. What a wonderful article – wow – thanks for writing it and to the Doctor for posting it – speaking of Baptist pastors – don’t forget the Deacons too – here is the theme song from Gunblast.com – this guy with the awesome crazy beard is a gun expert – hunter – doer of manly things – who has a gun channel – and a Deacon in his church some where south of “the Line” – the theme song was performed by his friend Boge Quinn (what a fantastic name eh)- the big guy – check out his channel sometime to – learn about guns – check out this video to experience what this article was all about in music and images – God bless

  5. Gary Mullennix

    You might have something. In 1076, Pope Gregory VII began the Catholic revolution to separate the Church from the Monarch, The State. Many died of course. And it took awhile. However, after a 1,000 years, we find again that the ongoing battle with the State has once again shifted to the State’s favor. And, our thin line of defense isn’t the Catholic Church but those inheritors of Martin Luther who broke from the Catholic Church who moved from Revolution to defending (their favored) status quo.

    To the ramparts!

  6. c matt

    Sad day when a female hairdresser as more balls than the entire episcopate.

  7. Ken

    Given that numerous church congregations willingly stopped congregating in close packed groups and have at the same time still continued congregating by other means, including in-person but spread out and via social media …

    because they willingly apply Christ’s ‘do unto others’”Golden Rule” to not put each other at risk of infection …

    the argument (or claim) that faith or even the “Heavenly Liege” itself are in some way singled out for discrimination or some other bias such as being nonessential is nonsense. Especially when state & local Govt officials overtly endorse those other means of group worship (and why is such evidence being ignored by Watt & like minded?).

    As for wanting,

    ‘all and not just a slice of the sacramental pie,’


    If one’s perspective on, and exercise of, faith is such that a defining characteristic one chooses to express is WIIFM — getting spiritual freebies — you’ve completely missed what being a Catholic, or Christian, is really about.

    One does not need to be much of a Catholic historian to research, find and learn that among the most exalted saints and martyrs are those who were completely isolated from society, by choice or by force. Some both. What they endured makes this transient situation look like a summer vacation.

    If you are a Catholic you learn to venerate (follow example of) such role models. Not whine about how some transient situation, one not even remotely close to what Catholicism’s saintly role models contended with, a situation that the so-called “overlords” have NOT prohibited the exercise of faith, is crimping your style.

    If Watt is a Catholic, the sniveling self-serving outlook expressed reveals him a shameful specimen.

  8. John Watkins


    Thanks for meeting expectations. You should be a Catholic Bishop. You’d fit right in. Wimp.

  9. Fredo

    Glad to see your meds. finally kicked in Watt: Good 1…
    The good news; the Demoncrap apparatchik mask is off and most
    will never win an election again. Francis? well all you have to do is look
    at his pedigree. He may have been damaged at birth he has that vacant,
    nebulous, nodding, bobble headed quality about him.
    We’re gonna come outta this war rich!

  10. Mark Millward

    Very good Mr Watt, I hope you’re right. Here in Lewes UK, it’s hard to say, the overwhelmingly boomer demographic has been all-in, clapping like seals, letting off fireworks on Thursday. Not me though, halfway through Brexit, the awful realisation that the politicians are empty suits and not in charge caused me to can all MSM and the final handful of red pills went down. Two years since I packed in the Novus Ordo for Tradition – hat tip Michael Dowd. Dawning realisation that BXVI remains Pope etc. Hardcore but life never felt more lived.

    I’ve written a six part series on LinkedIn exposing the scamdemic as a rerun of The Stanford Prison Experiment and could do with more views and shares:


    Thanks and God bless all!

  11. Rudolph Harrier


    In Minnesota more and more stores are being allowed to open up. Restaurants will again be able to serve on site. The Largest Candy Store in Minnesota, which is still quite cramped due to being stuffed with merchandise, is allowed to have up to 200 customers.

    And yet churches are not allowed to have more than 10 people in them. This includes the Cathedral of St. Paul, which has seating for over 2000. The Governor has given no timeline as to when these restrictions could be lifted.

    How much clearer do want specific targeting of religions to be?

    As for your attempt to use Catholic theology, which you clearly neither understand nor believe, to convince others to do what you want, no one is convinced.

  12. acricketchirps

    “As for your attempt to use Catholic theology, which you clearly neither understand nor believe, to convince others to do what you want, no one is convinced.”

    Forgive me if I cut and paste someplace safe this paragraph. It’s gonna come in handy in so many places.

  13. Fredo

    This is one of the most balanced discussions on the catastrophe to date.
    Criticisms of Trump while so avant-garde and continental dissipate when
    one considers the vile pustule on the Republic his opponent incubated.

    Niall Ferguson: Covid-19 is China’s Chernobyl moment

  14. Dean Ericson

    Ken, you’re being a fag.

  15. C-Marie

    Excellent article!!

    And Jesus Christ is the most exalted of all and HE definitely did not isolate Himself but for prayer with His Father and when the Apostles needed a rest, but even then the people found them.

    Jesus said Go out into the world making disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit….and signs and wonders and miracles shall accompany you.

    Definitely not a recipe for isolation!!!

    God bless, C-Marie

  16. Romanus Sum

    WM Briggs,

    I love your statistical coverage of the crisis, but I think you are trying to square Donald, who is a circle and turns as serves himself. After all we cannot deny that it was his decision and his alone which shut down the nation and inflicted more economic damage than the Great Depression or any War. He showed himself intellectually challenged and is still to see the reality through the hype.

  17. MyronM

    Football will not save America or any other nation. God is the Lord of History and reveals His intentions to His friends. Here’s what Jesus said to Luisa Piccarreta** 101 years ago [January 29, 1919]:
    “My beloved daughter, I want to let you know the order of my Providence. Every two thousand years I have renewed the world. In the first two thousand years I renewed it with the Deluge; in the second two thousand I renewed it with my coming upon earth when I manifested my Humanity, from which, as if from many fissures, my Divinity shone forth. The good ones and the very Saints of the following two thousand years have lived from the fruits of my Humanity and, in drops, they have enjoyed my Divinity. Now we are around the third two thousand years, and there will be a third renewal. This is the reason for the general confusion: it is nothing other than the preparation of the third renewal. If in the second renewal I manifested what my Humanity did and suffered, and very little of what my Divinity was operating, now, in this third renewal, after the earth will be purged and a great part of the current generation destroyed, I will be even more generous with creatures, and I will accomplish the renewal by manifesting what my Divinity did within my Humanity; how my Divine Will acted with my human will; how everything remaining linked within Me; how I did and redid everything, and how even each thought of each creature was redone by Me, and sealed with my Divine Volition. ”
    “The world finds itself in the precise situation that existed when I [i.e. Jesus] was about to come upon the earth. All were in expectation of a Great Event, of a New Era; as in fact did come to pass. And so it is now. With the Great Event which must come to pass – the New Era in which the Will of God is done on earth as in Heaven – all are in expectation of this New Era, weary of the present, but without knowing what this New Thing will be – this change – as they did not know it when I came upon the earth. ”
    5 February 1928,
    “My very praying to the Celestial Father: ‘Let It come- let Your Kingdom come; Your Will be done on eart as It is in Heaven, ‘meant that with My coming upon earth the Kingdom of My Will was not established in the midst of creatures; otherwise I would have said: ‘My Father, let Our Kingdom, that I have already established on earth, be confirmed, and let Our Will dominate and reign.’ Instead, I said: ‘Let It come.’ This meant that It must come, and creatures must await It with that certainty with which they awaited the future Redeemer, because there is My Divine Will, bound and committed, in those words of the ‘Our Father’; and when It binds Itself, whatever It promises is more than certain. More so, since everything was prepared by Me; nothing else was needed but the manifestation of My Kingdom – and this I am doing. ”

    Me: Bishops in communion with Jorge Apostate in the Vatican are apostates just like Arian Bishop. The time of the Church as we knew it has come to an end. Before us is a reborn Church, already in the form of God’s Kingdom on earth. This is the reason for my hope and joy.

    * Personally, I prefer playing badminton.
    ** Source: https://luisapiccarreta.me/book-of-heaven

  18. Tour de Force!

    Thank you, Brother Briggs, plus a great combox.

    Destroying the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass has long been the goal of Cardinal Bergoglio, whom you may know as Antipope Francis. Virtual Mass doesn’t count, except to bluepilled milquetoast novus ordo types. If the corona virus is fakenews, the supine shutdown PRIOR TO STATE MANDATE of the Mass by our fag & fem bishops is–and must be seen as–an attack by Antipope Francis and the globalist perpetrators on humanity.

    Football is a metaphor, my dear Myron. What our author says about the South is true.

    Jeff Quinn lives in Tennessee. Nice to see a shout out to him here. The Good converges!

  19. Mike Heim

    Excellent article and I hope Ianto is correct–I am not convinced at this point.

    We are a “soft” people not used to deprivation and the real deprivation is yet to come I’m afraid. When 3,500 people showed up at a Catholic Charities office before it opened in New York City to get food the other day I took that as a signal that real social unrest is just a step away.
    Urban living has become more and more mindless–we divorced from God, nature and ourselves.

    Pray the rosary–the Queen of Heaven can intercede for us–without Her we will not recover our humanity.

  20. Ta

    Praying a rosary May not help people that are hungry. They need to work the soil grow their own food get a job work every day for 45 yrs sacrifice everything for your children and teach them to work etc…………… every one do this don’t stand in line for food get a job

  21. MyronM

    Badminton is also a metaphor, my dear Beowulf. It is better, however, to consider the Lord Jesus’ direct statements. Besides, I prefer Tour de France than Tour de Force.

  22. C-Marie

    So many of us are so very grateful to God for His leading and guiding by His Holy Spirit of President Trump throughout his whole presidency. It is God strengthening President Trump as to why he has and is surviving the lies and falsehoods which are issued on a daily basis at him. With gratefulness, our thanksgiving unto God fills our hearts in full trust to our Heavenly Father for all of His fathering of us all, to His only begotten Son Who is Jesus Christ for His saving us, and to the Holy Spirit for His continual work in sanctifying us.

    May President Trump continue in the office of the Presidency of the United States of America, as long as it is God’s will that he be in that office.

    With what is now known about corona virus, President Trump may well not have shut down most of the economy, for what is known now, may well not have been known then or if known, was not revealed to the President nor to us all. He did what appeared best to do, at the time. Let us all Turn to God for all of our needs. He will supply as we do His will.

    God bless, C-Marie

  23. Fredo

    Romanus Sum: What a fallacious argument can you imagine what
    would have happened if Trump had opposed that grand loquitur Fauci or
    the milque toast Brix? They’re the presumptive ‘experts’ and Trump, as
    did everyone else, deferred to their pronouncements. Their expertise
    ensured a complete lack of critical equipment as well as tests that could
    have guided a quasi informed response to this debacle. Your post clearly
    demonstrates the political calculus of the mendacious left, which by
    November will again be in tears. A calculus which has resulted in the deaths
    of tens of thousands in nursing homes by luminaries the likes of Whitmer
    and Cuomo. There will be a reckoning but it won’t be on Trump it will be on
    the rabid policies imposed upon the huddled masses in the predominantly
    blue states run by wannabe commissars, landslide will enter the vernacular
    come November.

  24. Susan Grace

    What an awesome blog! I have been praying hard every single day. Yes, God leads, inspires and guides but we have to take the steps. I can’t live my life without prayer nor can I live without a belief in a Creator. I feel I am living in a nightmare every day and it only gets worse. My inner connection to something greater than myself keeps me going. I’ve always known what’s valuable so this scam-demic did not wake me up; I was already awake, but the draconian measures taken by our so-called world leaders have left me shaken, no doubt.

    If I hear one more time, “stay home, wear a mask” again, I might tear my hair out. There have been old and new friendships in my life that have been ruptured, possibly irreparably, because I did not believe in locking down healthy people or shutting down an entire economy. Those who think it’s okay are those sitting home with a pension and social security coming in.

    As a nod above to Mike Heim, my daily prayer is “Oh Blessed Mother, Queen of Heaven, have mercy on the world, have mercy on us.” Again, although we as humanity need to exercise our own resolve, it would be folly not to solicit the power of Heaven. And speaking of that, I’ve been asking St. Michael the Archangel to vanquish the devils and demons who hoax, lie, steal, and fake (overlords? sure works for me) and send them packing.

    If this forced lockdown (I’m in California) has taught me anything, it’s taught me that I can not live without faith or a spiritual practice. On another positive front, my grandkids aren’t being brainwashed in public schools either about how a first grader can change his/her sex based only on feelings that come, or how it’s probably okay to dispense with the Constitution during a pandemic/plannedemic. Right now talk in the schools revolves around kids wearing masks in the fall, and no doubt social distancing. If this doesn’t reverse, there will be a whole generation of traumatized kids. What does it mean to be human? Wearing masks and being afraid doesn’t sound like a good way of being human, would you agree?

    God Bless you All,

    Susan Grace

  25. Big Momma

    I agree with Mr. Watt, that the Globalists have tried to take control of the United States prematurely. Jeffery Sachs of the Earth Institute speaking before the United Nations stated the United States had always been dangerous, but that it would be “absolutely dangerous if Trump got re-elected.”President Trump has played havoc with the Globalist agenda both nationally and internationally. Therefore the crash of the economy, the implementation the Sanders platform,, and regaining control of the political structure is imperative.
    In the study of history I found that God allows us to experience/or see a microcosm of something and what will happen if we continue down a certain path. If we wanted to know what the American Civil War was going to be like we would have looked at Bleeding Kansas. If we wanted to see a prelude to the horrors of the Bolshevik Revolution we would study the Paris Commune of 1870. And if we wanted to see Medicare For All in action we would look at the Veteran’s Administration scandal in 2014 under Obama. Secret wait lists averaging 115 days killed thousands of veterans.
    For anyone who has eyes to see, and ears to hear, God has given us an opportunity to experience, to a certain degree, what it would be like to live in a Global Communist police state. The destruction of economic independence through massive job loss; the destruction of the food supply; the Draconian rules by blue state governors that are justified by the claim they are “following the science”, although they are not forthcoming with supportive scientific data. And, of course, the suspension of our Constitutional rights.
    Communism is based on hatred of everything that is natural for human beings to love: our God, our nation, and our family. They have taken away our ability to worship our God in the way He instructed us to worship Him. And the churches look like they are going to be the last entities to be opened in the blue states. We are not allowed to criticize China, but it’s open season on our own President and our own country. But the most sobering to me is what the Globalists have done, and our doing with our families.
    The statistics say it all. Candance Owens put up a chart on the Covid 19 deaths. As of 5/19 there were a total of 92,478 deaths. Ten Republican states with a total population of 103.1 M reported 9,107 deaths. These included states like Texas and Florida. She contrasted this with ten democratic states with a total population of 104.8 M. The total number of deaths reported by these states was 70,144. Even though the numbers were deliberately inflated by the criteria used for reporting Covid deaths, this contrast is stark. These states included New York, New Jersey, and Michigan. These blue state governors deliberately put Covid-19 patients in nursing homes. The nursing homes have reported the largest percentage of Covid deaths across the nation. These death ethic governors’ policies were aided and abetted by the fact that family members were not allowed to see their loved ones in hospitals or nursing homes.( And still aren’t). Currently several states are moving to protect nursing homes from litigation.
    What’s next? A WHO employee has recommended that health officials go into individual homes and remove family members, and place the infected members in a facility. . California health officials have echoed this recommendation.

    The Globalists use science to justify their every position. They never use actual accurate data, however–only bogus models that they feed information to get the results they want. In the process they imply that we are to defer to “science” in awe. It’s time to recall that the cold intellectuals, who called themselves “scientists” and “doctors” were among the most vicious monsters in the Third Reich. Their horrific experiments on concentration camp inmates rivaled or surpassed the Gestapo torturers.

    President Trump has risked not only himself, but his family. He was wise to allow us to experience what he has had to suffer for almost four years, by allowing the governors free reign. Now the ball is in our court.

    I liked this essay and responses because they were done in the light of hope. I too thank God for this window of opportunity, and the many blessings He has given us; and the mercy He has shown us.

  26. Bobcat

    Well Ianto, I sure hope things get better and that America does something different other than depend on China for our products and equipment. Interesting article.

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