The Month In Doom — End Of Civilization Edition

The Month In Doom — End Of Civilization Edition

It’s been a while since our last Doom. It wasn’t needed. We had three solid months of the coronavirus of Doom. Then ten days of Riot Doom and the people in charge of us selling us out. How much more Doom do we need?

Well, there’s been plenty. Too much. What follows are only some of the hotter items over the last month, most in headline form only. Way it looks like it’s progressing, we might have to move to daily Dooms.


And the Oscar for best cynical performance goes to…


In pictures: Remembering George Floyd

“This was the first of several memorial services for Floyd.” Minneapolis, North Carolina, Houston. Probably more to come.

They’re carting his body around like he wasn’t a violent felon and was a saint. Which he is, in the Cult of Racism.


This man Jenkins is the Minneapolis City Council VP. Minneapolis is now the Detroit of Minnesota.


Mentruators Day.

I don’t know what wrong with women in Canada that they need a day to emphasize hygiene in their periods, but I do know that silence around menstruation is not my lived experience.


Canadian TV promotes drag kids.


Told you a eight hundred and thirty two times they are coming for meat. Listen to warning #833.



Some broad over-promoted at some university with some dumb theory. Which, unfortunately, you can’t ignore.


NZ PM rushes world’s most extreme abortion legislation into law while country distracted with pandemic

You can now kill babies until the moment of birth. Probably sometime after, too, if nobody is looking. The matriarchy is bloodthirsty.


The Judge In That Connecticut Transgender Athlete Case Needs To Go

Judge refuses participants to call a man a man. Reality itself is illegal.


UK Education Office Argues Christians Should Limit Their Beliefs to Church

The government hates all competitors to the state religion. We’ve predicted the outlawing of orthodox Christianity. We predict it again.


Mandatory diversity training at all major corporations is about to ramp up. Swear to be racist or be disciplined or fired.


Ken Griffin Buys Basquiat Painting for More Than $100 Million

This is, I believe, a record amount of money paid by an individual to virtue signal, and to buy a satanically ugly painting.


University prof urges families in lockdown to mix assisted suicide drugs for relatives wanting to die

Anita Hannig, associate professor of Anthropology at Brandeis University, a Jewish private research university in Massachusetts, says in a June 2 article titled “Dying virtually: Pandemic drives medically assisted deaths online” that family members of people wishing to end their lives by assisted suicide “must now take a more active role in their loved one’s final act.”

Again, the matriarchy is bloodthirsty.


Slate now authorized political violence. Which is good. Many scores to settle out there.


Autopsies are now white supremacist. You heard right: autopsies.


Great Reset: Why LGBT+ inclusion is the secret to cities’ post-pandemic success

The have a graph with numbers, which is not connected to the coronadoom in any way, but which has some measure of sexual perversion acceptance. This is what Science is now.


Covid-19 Is Straining the Concept of the Family. Let’s Break It.

Families are not racist. Or something.


There Is No Climate Justice Without Defunding the Police

I like the idea of defunding the police. It will solve our progressives problem. Jay’s Sporting Goods is having a sale on shotguns, incidentally.


In case you were inclined to be in a good mood.


Let’s close out the Doom with some class-a anti-Doom. Both articles are mandatory reading. Thy’re about coronadoom, but it applies to Riot Doom, too.

John Rao: Pandemic Reaction Is a ‘Horrifying Illustration’ of the ‘Diabolical Disorientation’ Accompanying Ravages of Modernity

John Rao: “Committing Suicide in the War of All Against All”

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  1. Kenan

    and we haven’t even reached summer solstice….

  2. Sheri

    How disgusting. The cops are criminals and subservient ones at that. I guess we really are well on the way to becoming North Korea.

    John Tory apparently dropped in from the 18th century, unaware of the reality of the 20th (yes, I mean 20th, not 21st—that’s all fantasy and nothing more) century.

    Remember, kids are not sexual beings. LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR. Now, shut up and add pedophile to NORMAL behavior like all the other perversions, you flaming hypocrites, or crawl back in your damn caves. Neanderthals. Get enlightened. Sex with children is NORMAL as sex male on male, drag queens and sex like animals with hundreds of mates is all perfectly normal. I’m tired of your hated against a sexual orientation you don’t like. It’s all okay and you better get on board with that now.

    Reality has been illegal for decades. People were just pretending that wasn’t true and hoping. There’s a lot of damning hoping going on out there. I suggesting learning to hope you can scrounge garbage for lunch better than your neighbor as a useful survival skill for a life based on blind, ignorant, lazy hope.

    If Christians weren’t so much into showmanship, fancy buildings and the SIN OF GREED, they would survive well. The Jehovah Witnesses have a very plain building, can meet in member’s homes if necessary. They survive and do it well. Because their goal is to serve God. Sadly, MOST churches goal is to increase membership and donations. The deadly sin of GREED. So, don’t blame the government. It’s the churches, not the government. (Like when the pandemic “mattered”, churches could have met in small groups. That would have meant even more emphasis on God and worship, the exact opposite of the hoped effect. But no, they had to throw a fit and have NO services.)

    Working for a corporation now clearly makes you the enemy. If you’ll swear allegiance to a corporation and to fantasy, you’d make a great brown shirt and should be marked as such.

    There is NO SUCH THING as assisted suicide. Suicide is killing YOURSELF. There can be no assistance. It is a LIE and cover for MURDER. Like “suicide by cop” is actually forcing someone to kill you in self-defense. It’s NOT suicide, it’s forced killing of someone. Suicide: YOU DO TO YOURSELF, ALONE. ALL BY YOURSELF. All others are homicide of various sorts: self-defense, wanting a relative dead, outright murder, etc.

    Perversion is the path to death and destruction, so I assume all these people want to live in hell, fighting, destroying and barely surviving. Not a path the rational would chose, but very common. Especially since only the poor, the stupid, etc are going to live that way. The Overlords live in castles. Humans are stupid….

    Yes, no one to enforce the law, gun-owners willing to use the weapons will become the rulers. Interesting position for the Left to take…..put the gun owners as rulers.

    “Frank question: where do conservatives think they will go if the left controls the government?” No where. The conservatives WANT THIS, ENABLE THIS AND GO ALONG WITH IT. It’s their utopia, too. Really. They had 50 years to act and did nothing. THEY WANT THIS.

  3. GR

    BLM: Bolshevik Liberation Movement

  4. Joy

    Keep calm and carry on.

  5. Dean Ericson

    Joy writes,

    “Keep calm and carry on.

    Excellent advice. Satan wants us frightened, angry, and despairing. Refuse. Be of good cheer, confident the Lord is in charge, as always.

    Archbishop Viganò, that incorruptible Lion of the Church, has penned a letter to President Trump, well worth reading in full, as is every word of that worthy man. This thought of his struck me:

    ”We will also discover that the riots in these days were provoked by those who, seeing that the virus is inevitably fading and that the social alarm of the pandemic is waning, necessarily have had to provoke civil disturbances, because they would be followed by repression which, although legitimate, could be condemned as an unjustified aggression against the population.”

    He’s describing Lefty’s classic tactic of staging outrageous provocations in hopes of getting one or more of their pawns killed so they can play the victim card. It is one of their most successful gambits. “Oh, we are such victims, powerless and innocent, and you are such monsters, powerful and guilty”. This works against foolish white Christian peoples only, as does the “racism” weapon, while leaving all other people unscathed.

    “Victim Power” has been one of the most astonishingly successful weapons of psychological warfare ever deployed against us. The amoral enemy who invented this weapon have keen insight into this weakness of ours. Then they sold Victim Franchises nationwide; for women, for blacks, for homosexuals, for lgbqwxyz. Everyone can have a franchise and get rich while acquiring power over guilty whites. Astonishing growth in the Victim Industry, but only slow growth in whitey figuring out the scam being playing against him. We’re smart in many ways but this is a curious and dangerous chink of stupid in our savvy. Hopefully, we’re wising up before the endgame.

  6. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    As a peace and environmental activist, ABS is willing to concede that life can return to the squalid and retarded state that existed prior to the great saint’s martyrdom in Minnesota (Land of 10,000 languages, cultures, races, and religions) but only if the Fly Boys in the Space Shuttle blast the detritus of the toilet at The White House.

    Sure, it is likely to fall from the sky as frozen poop – This has happened before, in Kansas?

    A very warm day in the middle of May
    Frozen poop fell from the sky
    It tumbled out of an air-o-plane
    That was jetting across the sky.

    Folks wouldn’t have believed it
    Had they not seen it with their own two eyes
    It took out the farmer’s bunnies
    Sent ’em to that warren in the sky.

    – But The White House is a hardened target, right?

  7. Veteranos

    Honestly, I find Rao posts kinda shitty. Like he has a sort of axe to grind and then goes to straw-man Enlightenment, Locke and Hobbes. And while Locke advocated against toleration of Catholics because of allegiance to the foreign prince (he also advocated death penalty for atheists), it is not like Catholic figures of the era are any better with regards to the Church. Marquis of Pombal, Louis XIV, Joseph II, etc. all tyrants who sought ways for State to usurp prerogatives of the Church.
    As for the materialist Modern American hierarchy, well so was Medieval European hierarchy, as can be attested by still-standing palaces of bishops, as well as stories of their courtesans and bastard children. By accounts of St. Peter Damian, priests had their way with little boys back then too.
    So, after all is said and done, the more things change, the more they stay the same. There was no Golden Age of Faith before Modernity. There was no golden age at all, ever, apart from Garden of Eden. This is a Fallen world and will remain so until end of days.

  8. Veteranos

    Remember Becket Controversy? With or without the Reformation, England was going the way of State over Church, like on the Continent (and Becket Controversy was before Iron King in France, but during Investuture Controversy tha plagued the German lands). Once England became Protestant the internal debate was who shall be the supreme authority (the Parlament or the King) and whether low-church groups (non-Anglican Protestantism) will be tolerated. So yeah, Catholic England was superior to Protestant England, but in the same way pre-absolutist France was superior to absolutist France. And the same goes for Spain, Portugal, etc. Fact that these Continental powers remained Catholic did not change their direction one iota. In fact, had the popes not relented, and let them have their absolutism, these countries would have ended up Protestant too. The same happened in non-Catholic countries as well. In Russia Peter I plundered churches and monasteries, heavily protestantized the Russian Orthodox Church, abolished the Moscow Patriarchy, and put the Church under State control. At some points in time it would appear that Christians were more free under the Ottomans than they were under their supposedly own rulers. Given the current political climate, perhaps it shall be so again, once Mahometans take over the Occident.

  9. Joy

    Dean Ericson,
    “Victim Power” has been one of the most astonishingly successful weapons of psychological warfare ever deployed against us.”

    “they”, have been doing this to Britain for many years. It’s what sunk us into Europe. That and other fake promises. It started years ago. It seems it starts with children’s TV. It begins in schools which are used as political nurseries.

    The thing is that people have learned the lingo now.

    Intelligent people on the right have learned how to manoeuvre. Some on the right daren’t hope this might be true. Rest assured it is…!

    I don’t see the endgame as happening yet. There will be trouble though and I think them who need to know are fully prepared.

    In the US, if the wrong person wins, that’s when the real trouble will start. Never again will the post of President be respected until true justice is restored.

    On a positive note I was encouraged to see Ben Carson has been allowed to speak through the microphone. It was probably an accident so they won’t let him do it again but it was priceless.

    I had a soft spot for him before the last election and think he would make a good member of team Trump! We had a female commentator who is black yesterday in a fabulously cathartic interview with TV regarding the truth about black criminality. Still looking for the interview on line but they *maybe deliberately said her name wrong, I think. She is in some official Conservative capacity. Ie, she talks sense.

    Dear Donal Trump:
    Pleas feel free to contact me for advice regarding your forthcoming reelection bout. I would be happy to be of assistance! If you’re not lucky enough to get me because I’m a bit busy, ask Dr. Ben Carson what we do with patients when they talk hysterical nonsense.

  10. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Trump will err badly by trying to “reach out” to those who hate him.

    The cops, including the one who iced Floyd, remain in their job because of the inaction of the Democrats who control the cities and municipalities; they refuse to police the cops.

    Republicans will step in to take the blame for the inaction of the democrats who control all the big cities.

    Why would republicans do this?

    They are known as The Stupid Party for a reason

  11. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Dear Veteranos. You make some good points but history happens because of the actions of people whereas the way you were writing about it makes it seems as though history has its own will and object.

    We do know that nation/peoples are punished/rewarded owing to the morality our immorality of its leaders and look who it is that has been the leaders in America.

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