The Real Tragedy of the Central Park “Karen” — Guest Post by Gertie Unstein

The Real Tragedy of the Central Park “Karen” — Guest Post by Gertie Unstein

The story of the middle-aged white woman who told a black man that she would call the police and tell the police that there is an “African-American man…threatening myself and my dog.” Most people, upon first hearing the story of the dog walker and the bird watcher would think “goodness gracious” and would not be surprised to find out that the woman’s life was unraveling—that her job had gone into hiding, and that her dog was confiscated. Not only that there were other media reports that she was involved with a married man whose wife was pregnant, and there might have been another girlfriend or an abortion, or a loan for $65,000 that was never paid back, and a lawsuit. These details are murky, but it doesn’t look good for Karen.

So, here she is, 41 years old, and until last month, was a prototypical career woman with a good job at a good firm, but with no husband, and no children. She was sold a bill a goods, from teachers, professors, friends, colleagues, and perhaps even parents other family members that “a woman is just as good as a man”—and in fact, needs, no man at all to make her way in the world. Feminism continues to make life miserable for women. Its supports try to bolster “girl power” with feeble attempts at humor—reinventing the honest-to-goodness spinster as the “wine aunt.” There is no attempt to hide the fact that many women—with their birthright taken from them—turn to drink.

The sad and sorry truth is that females and males were meant for companionship. They were meant to be man and wife. They were meant to have families. The triumph of feminism in the last 50 years is that they were able to shame, cadge, and cajole women into the workforce in large numbers. Why is working for “the man” 40 hours a week much better for one’s health and well being than working for “a man”–that is, keeping a home, preparing the meals, and taking care of the children. Wither the value of the Excel spreadsheet updates?

There is this myth that feminists have managed to propagate—that the woman, as wife, is the slave to the man. Really? She gets to enjoy her home and eat the meals she prepared. She may get an hour or two to put up her feet and indulge in a hobby. How many employers are as generous? Hubby isn’t making her take her meals in the pantry. The entire family—including the female—benefits from her presence and efforts. There has been very little honest public comment on what is lost—and has been lost—by prodding generations of women into the workforce and denying them—as in the case of the Central Park dog walker—a husband and a chance to have a family.

“A family” is not just an assemblage of a group of individuals. “My friends are my family,” some people like to say. Well, maybe they are, but when real trouble strikes, and when real help is needed, it is pretty easy for the fake family members to split and find better things to do with their time. Robert Frost famously remarked, “Home is where, when you go there, they have to take you in.” “They” in this case is the family—the timeworn parents or grandparents. “They” know their obligation. The others have no such obligation.

What is the future of our protagonist? She is getting a bit long in the tooth. Her future, which was once rosy and bright, is shadowed. If she has savings and investments, she may be able to weather the storm, maybe take some time out and get another degree, and eventually put herself back on the career track. If she doesn’t have resources, she may have to go somewhere where they will let her in. She might have to find some kind of work, but whatever it is, it will be drudgery compared to having one’s own husband, and one’s own children to care for and to enjoy. And, in the end, she will die, likely alone. With no one to hold her hand in theirs and tell her that they love her.

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  1. John B()

    I’m reminded of one of the “saddest” comedies on television …

    Where “everybody” knows your name … but do “They” know their obligation?

  2. Sheri

    Wow, fairy tales on Briggs. The “DNA enslavement” that forces people to back evil DNA related persons to support their unibomber sibling (no, wait, there was not support there….an outlier and fool, one supposes) no matter what because he’s “family”. You do so remind me of my mother, who when she tried to live the fairy tale life, not one child had those cute family anecdotes for the minister to use in his eulogy. One child did not come to the funeral or back home at all. My mother beat us over the head with the DNA club and the “family unity” club for decades. Less than a decade after both my parents were gone, I disowned all my “DNA enslaving” con-artist siblings. Things got much better since two were con artists, one married a registered sex offender, and bastard offspring were the norm. THIS is what you get when you follow the fairy tale.

    The fairy tale is as damaging as the having no one around. The expection of “Father Knows Best” when father is an alcoholic loser probably would work today when people have zero touch with reality, but literally living in the home and no escape to the fantasy would make that hard to maintain. Of course, as noted, no one really wants that anyway. Dying alone and miserable is the hoped for outcome to one’s life, preferably dying in a riot “for the cause” or “for the gang” (a Klingon’s honorable death). I hope we get the other side of this where gangs of fatherless youth kill each other and anyone who gets in the way. Equal time, and all that. Males as sperm donors or distant “dads”.

    The solution was never to kill the system that worked for centuries, leaving fatherless children (or worse yet, stupid fake “parents” of the same sex—an abomination to all of humanity) and gangs of violent males, expecting the government to raise your kids, but rather to chase out the fairy tale, the “Father Knows Best” GARBAGE and teach kids reality. Marriage is hard. All things worth having in life take work and are hard. Looting is easy and a hollow activity that cries out for bigger and bigger fixes to keep the adreline going. Things worth having are not adreneline filled hits, but lifetime foundations for living through the good and the bad. There is no recognition of this. Now live is not worth living, immediate gratification the norm and death and violence the daily way of life in big cities and Democrat states. Had anyone burned those stupid fairy tales and taught their children reality, their children’s reality would now not be hell on earth. It was too much work, too little love for the DNA matches and easier to just “let the government do it”.

    I guess the summary would be “Humans are lazy idiots who make their lives hell by kissing up to the government and denying reality”. Thus, the poor state of humanity throughout most of history.

    Brought to you by a fairy-tale free source who lives in Real Ville, as Limbaugh says. (I owned Real Ville long before Limbaugh, but it makes him happy to think he’s the mayor….)

  3. John B()

    Wow! My condolences!

    I was going to mention the very saddest comedy on TV (beside Father Knows Best 😉 ).

    The show that downright DEPRESSED an otherwise happy 4 or 5 year old boy … The Honeymooners (must’ve been in syndication). Your life perhaps reflects the time after Ralph and Alice had kids.

  4. Joy

    These kinds of posts are proxies.
    Snares, to get people to say what they really think.

    There is only one kind of idealism to live by that works (in a fashion).

    That is Christianity.

    There’s no such thing as an ideal family. I have yet to hear of a perfect family. Even ones I admires turned out to be excellent verniers. The most perfect female I ever knew apart from my Mum, had three girls. Lovely, but all families have problems. Siblings grow up and realise they really DO hate each other. I don’t hate my siblings. One of them hates me and I think, always did.

    The “ideal”Family?is a fairytale. Sheri is correct. I got a bit lost through the middle of the comment though with all the opposite talk. I do the same, so not a criticism.

    Someone once said to me at a certain juncture:
    “What do you want rug rats for?” This was a friend giving advice, someone I am very grateful for giving me strength and inspiration, but he wasn’t right about rug rats, though I knew what he meant. People, as well as family, are my inspiration.

    A patient’s wife demanded to know “who’s that woman” my husband’s gone into that room with? The receptionist had to break it to her that I was in an official capacity. I think God must have a sense of humour. I don’t notice people that way.

    My grandmother, in her last few months with my Grandad, *who was a sweetie, told the carer off
    because she sat next to him on the bed in the care home and put her arm round him one day when he was upset: Depression happens to all age groups. Elderly are just blamed for being old.


    It wasn’t at all clear that she knew who he, or anybody was by that stage.
    She hadn’t always got a good word to say about him. They started fighting like toddlers and had to be taken in for their own good.
    She famously quoted that the secret of a happy marriage is to learn to turn a blind eye. My Grandad boasted that he could have a row, fall out and make friends again without having said a word…

    What they say about each other once the memory goes is nobody’s business. It’s the memories that keep people together. FAMILiarity.

    If you marry someone, you have to mea it, forever.
    THAT is the fairytale which I subscribe to. Christianity has a lot to answer for.
    Since almost nobody truly believes that and I was absent the day everybody else got told.

    Karen’s fate is the same as most women. Their husbands die first. Generally.

  5. Joy

    In case that comment seemed strange i any way, I intended to respond to your comment but wasn’t aiming any of the content at you at all. I wouldn’t put things the same way but pretty much think you’re right.

  6. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    The story of the middle-aged white woman who told a black man that she would call the police and tell the police that there is an “African-American man…threatening myself and my dog..

    ABS immediately thought of the Very Reverend and Very Holy Jesse Jackson who once said he’d not be afraid of white men following him down a street in the dark but he would be afraid if it were black men following him down a street in the dark.

    Sure, as a waiter he used so spit on the plates of the food he delivered to whites but as one who pretended he cradled the head of the Uber Holy All American Saint, MLK, as he died, we can’t dare to disagree with the Reverend’s observation.

    O and Father does know best.

  7. c matt

    The ideal family I suppose is like Plato’s forms. But just because there may not be a perfect circle in nature, does not mean some can’t come pretty darn close, and close enough.

  8. Kathleen

    Absolutely. Spot. On. Truth.

    Trading the traditional role of wife and mother for being a cog in the machine is an outrageously bad deal.

    This item does an admirable job of introducing the topic.

    There is a lot more ground to cover on the topic. And really for all our sakes it needs to be a primary front in this ongoing demonic war.

    On that note, I’d like to point out another aspect that I have not seen discussed when this topic comes up.

    Please be patient, this takes a bit of ground laying.

    God has put certain inclinations in all of us. Rightly ordered, these inclinations are good. But they can also, obviously, be disordered.

    It seems to me that one such inclination is the inclination in women to be a bit of a “police officer.”

    Given almost six decades of observations of both myself and others I believe we women pretty much all have this inclination/impulse.

    What makes it “work” though is motherhood. It is necessary that women have this inclination (in a well ordered, benevolent way) when dealing with a big flock of children.

    It gets exercised and used to good effect.

    And then the woman generally has neither the energy or impulse to exercise it anywhere else. All the happy woman wants is to put up her feet up with a cool drink!

    But “Karens” aren’t using this inclination in a well ordered way.

    And hence it gets channeled into efforts to exert tyrannical power. Like this woman and women like Michigan Governor Whitmer.

    Just one aspect of many, but I believe the implications are significant.

  9. John B()


    It’s rather simple to send me off on a tangent (ask anyone how not difficult it is)

    Your idea of women playing the role of “police officer”
    We usually consider policing at any level peace keeping
    The implication of what you said about successful women in that role was one of a woman making peace rather than keeping it.

    I believe there’s a distinction to be made between peace maker and peace keeper
    Jesus said Blessed are the Peace Makers and I don’t believe that’s an accident of translation

    I need to stop spinning here – need to cogitate some more on the implication.

    I think it has implications on the MPLS incident (officers called in as peace keepers or peace makers and what those look like and when one or another is appropriate or necessarily possible), the protests and then riots in response and the response or lack of response to the protests and riots.

    The saga of Amy Cooper and Christian Cooper (who was trying to keep peace or make peace.

    But I gotta stop for now, head spinning

    Thanks for joining the conversation Kathleen

  10. John B()

    There’s always the Colt 45 Peace Maker

    The UN “Police Action” in Korea.

    Remembering the UN Peace “Keeping” forces in the Middle East

    Keeping One’s Peace when one wants to say something, is it Peace Keeping or Peace Making

    So much grist

    Stop, Dave!
    Please Stop!
    My mind is going … I can feel it

  11. Evangeline

    Well it appears the full story of the Central Park “Karen” is still not being told, because nobody here seems to know the full facts.
    The man who baited the white lady “Karen”, admitted he routinely goes to the park with dog treats in his pocket. He does this so that if anyone should dare not to follow his rules regarding the leashing of dogs, he will exact his own form of social justice. He did that. He told the woman, whose dog was off-leash (a small cocker type dog) that after she said she didn’t want to leash the dog, “Ok, but you’re not going to like what I do”, which to me, alone in a park with a man, is threat enough, but he then proceeded to take a “treat” out of his pocket and call her dog to him.
    If you are not a dog owner, you may not realize, but at that point I would be very unnerved, and would definitely be hitting my own alarm button. She did. She called the police and gave what in any other generation would be, in police parlance a “description”. He IS an African-American man, is he not, but today, just by noticing that detail, she is doxed as a racist for sure, and must be driven from polite society, which she has been. The non-bigots came out in force to de-job and de-dog this woman, who was threatened by a man who trolls for people he can harass in the park, and he was rewarded with the Victim of the Year Award, until George Floyd came along.
    Mission Accomplished = Woman’s life over, and public scorn hits such high levels it will be a miracle if she doesn’t commit suicide. Job done, John Q Public, which has hit the heights of obnoxious virtue signaling and just being overall judgmental jackasses.

  12. Evangeline

    And it was reported this man is a known homosexual who hangs around in the park, but I can’t speak to that, just saying what I’ve read. To me any guy who admits he routinely carries dog treats which he admits he gives to the dogs of people who refuse to obey his rules is a freak and it’s a pity this guy has gotten cast as the put upon victim of racism.
    Now shouldn’t we all stop the instant race to judgment we are all now practicing in this insane “string em up quick” world of social media. If we don’t have all the facts, maybe we all need to demur from judgment and just practice some shuttie.
    These are people’s lives we’re fooling with.

  13. Evangeline

    Sorry, clarification needed. I am NOT referring to posting an article such as this one. I am referring to the social media and regular media blitz that people suffer when the public makes a rash judgment and everybody piles on. I should have clarified.

  14. Doghouse Riley

    You’re alone in a desolate area of a New York park and a large man threatens to kill your dog. You 1. drop to your knees and whimper repeatedly “Black lives matter;” 2. Call the NYPD; 3. Take your Glock 9 from your purse and say “touch my dog and I’ll do something you won’t like.” The correct answer is 3.

  15. Uncle Mike

    Innocent woman with small dog encounters predatory crazy guy in city park during the riots. PC judgement: woman gets fired, loses dog, life ruined. Score one for the crazy predator.

    She needed a bodyguard, possibly a husband but better yet an armed equally crazy guy sworn to protect her. Or a can of mace and a taser.

    The city is not a safe space these days. No one should venture out alone and unarmed. That’s just asking for trouble.

    Where I live women go for walks with their dogs and the neighbors wave hello. The neighborhood protects its own. We’re not a tribe, just neighbors. Everybody knows everybody. We have some sinners and some saints, some losers and some very kind and helpful folks. The sheriff and deputies don’t patrol and never show up unless called — generally for auto accidents — although I see one or two once in awhile at barbecues, as guests, not in uniform. You wouldn’t know they were cops unless it comes up in conversation. We don’t have stalkers; if we did they wouldn’t last long here.

    A woman (or a man) can have a happy and fulfilling life without children. It can be difficult, however, if the locale in which they live is dangerous and crawling with predators, and that’s true whether or not they have a mate.

  16. Joy

    Karen’s going to be fine.
    I’ve never told this story either.
    Age fifteen, day before maths exam, which I always WALKED, whatever the professor thinks,
    I had an encounter with a man with a dog chain and no dog. Next to the river Chess.
    Next day, after giving police statements and being made to feel foolish for wearing shorts, I sat daydreaming through the exam. Wondering if that really happened yesterday.

    Latterly, while walking alone in the woods on hollow common in the middle of the day. I had a sudden uneasy feeling and also realised I was ‘lost’ (just lost my. Sense of direction). My wonderful dog showed me the way out of the wood back to the lake by the road.
    After that day I never went there alone again. I learned that a girl had been murdered by a man on the footbridge nearby. It made the national news because she was speaking to her mother at the time. I knew something bad was nearby. Out of nowhere, having felt my usual happy go lucky.

    …and other horrendous fairy tales. As opposed to furry tails and shaggy dog stories…

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